Approved Game Modifications 

The in-game rules can be found at: 

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in punishment. 


Please be aware that all use of any modifications or non-vanilla clients on the Advancius Network are used at your own risk. Using any mods or macros that provide an unfair advantage to players is not allowed. Additionally, abuse/misuse of approved modifications will be punished. We cannot review every version of every modification/client, and as such, we cannot provide any guarantees of modifications being within our server rules.  

Please also note that if you are downloading modifications, you should always download them from the official source of that modification. Unofficial downloads may result in the modifications not performing as expected and may result in punishment on our server.

Note: All Vanilla Minecraft functions are allowed. 

Unlisted Modifications: 


If the modification/client you are using is not listed on this document please ask our Moderation team about it, so it can be reviewed and added. If you are using a modification not listed on this document it is at your own risk. Any modifications not listed will be subject to Moderator discretion and may be punishable.

Approved Modifications: 

Aesthetic Mods (e.g., Shaders)


Armor & Status Effect Mods

Brightness & Gamma Mods

Chat Aesthetic Mods

Client Performance Mods (e.g., FPS Improvement Mods)

Combat HUD Mods (e.g., Armor Status, Effect Statuses, Potion Counter)

Cosmetic Mods

Dependency Mods (Mods that are required by other mods to work)

Freelook (360° Perspective)

Hitboxes (including Reach Display)

Hit Delay Fix



Replay Mod

Replication Mods (e.g., 1.7 Replication Mod)

Schematica/ Litematica (Printer is not allowed in any Mini Games)

Third Party Chat Apps (MineChat and ChatCraft) - Advertising messages

from these apps are not punishable!

Toggle Sneak/Sprint Mods


Zoom (Optifine)

Denied Modifications: 

Auto Clicker


AutoText/ Commands

Auto Sorter

Console Clients

Damage Indicators (+ Opponent Health Displays)

Extended Hotbars

Fly Boosters

Fog Density

Ghost Placing



Printer (Printer is not allowed in any Mini Games)

Unapproved Clients

World Downloader


Hacked Clients:


Clicking Methods: 


USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! There are little to no restrictions to clicking methods on our network and may be used with caution. You may be punished if a Moderator or another Staff Member believes that your method(s) is not legitimate or generally unfair against other players.

However, you must be present at all times whilst using these methods.

*Note: This does not mean auto clickers are allowed. 

Auto clicking is not considered as a legitimate clicking method (this is also listed above as a denied modification). 

What if I am punished for using a clicking method?

If you are punished for using your preferred clicking method, you may appeal on our site. We ask that you fill out the form completely and list any method that you were using; providing proof of this method increases your chance of being unbanned but is not required. You can provide proof by either:


A) Record in-game footage of you using your method (in a private world or server).


B) Record a video of you physically using the method (i.e., use your phone to record a video of you clicking).

You can send this proof in a “Report a User” ticket, via our support channel  on our Discord Server.