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The Coat

The woobie is a simple nylon and polyester blanket, often called The Greatest Military Invention Ever Fielded. People have been cutting them into smoking jackets or other garments for years. I got curious, and ordered one from a Chinese factory which makes woobies and many other things. 

They made me prototype with some special features I wanted, and it is great, and now you can order them online directly from China for £25 each, or less in bulk.

You’re buying directly from a Chinese wholesale manufacturer. They’d rather you bought a minimum of ten - or three hundred. They can make them in a variety of sizes, and optionally they can leave off the pockets, which is ideal for jackets that will get shared or left in piles at a venue. There are lots of variants.

The coats are insanely warm, because they cover so much of your body - it’s like wearing a sleeping bag. They’re very light - it weighs like nothing. The fabric feels very soft. Detailing is excellent - note the buttons, sleeves, and collar. There is a full hood.

My hope is that you can order online, and work with the manufacturers to refine and customize the design. For larger production runs they can custom-print the fabric. They tell me that you can order a “mixed batch” of garments - different sizes in a single run, and they’ll work with you to make it convenient.

My hope is that for the next Burning Man, theme camps will get a run of coats made right out of the camp dues, one coat per person and some extras for guests, so folks will be warm in the middle of the night when they’re out there in their party clothes. Remember to order the “no pockets” option - order without pockets, and folks won’t lose their IDs if they leave their coat somewhere and then forget where it is when they’re out dancing.

Once we get pretty good at these, we can start manufacturing them for homeless folks. That’s step two.

Brought to you by the same folks who brought you the hexayurt.