Compilation of all past issues of Daniel’s newsletter 

#85 February 17th 19


Amazon doubled profits (to $10B) in 2018, paid -1% tax, link, i.e. money back; #MAGA

Facebook negotiating billion dollar fine with US Gov, link

Apple fails to block porn & gambling ‘Enterprise’ apps, link

AR, and the 'mirrorworld'… "The first big technology platform was the web, which digitized information, subjecting knowledge to the power of algorithms; it came to be dominated by Google. The second great platform was social media, running primarily on mobile phones. It digitized people and subjected human behavior and relationships to the power of algorithms, and it is ruled by Facebook and WeChat. We are now at the dawn of the third platform, which will digitize the rest of the world. On this platform, all things and places will be machine-­readable, subject to the power of algorithms. Whoever dominates this grand third platform will become among the wealthiest and most powerful people and companies in history, just as those who now dominate the first two platforms have."

In November, proposal to raise value of homes that could be bought/sold from $250K to $400K without visit from licensed appraisal, link; now piece on rise on iBuyers— tech RE companies, like Zillow, using their data to buy and sell houses themselves, link; why can't flipping houses be scaled? (It probably can) "The three main iBuyers in Phoenix—Zillow, Opendoor, and Offerpad—bought roughly 4,700 homes last year, or about 4.5 percent of the market"; Zillow started with a 14% median error on price estimates, now ~4%, aiming for 1.5%; they charge 6.5% (vs 6% traditional buyer/seller broker) but pay all cash; key: new (millennial) sellers want to be able to sell at the click of a button, vs. tedious physical broker process

Months on from Khashoggi's murder, Saudi unlikely to lose US investments, link

SV's firms are preaching "diversity and inclusion" but hiding actual stats, using the excuse that they're 'trade secrets,' link

17 months from biggest hack (Equifax), the prevailing theory today is that the data was stolen by a nation-state for spying purposes, link

Researcher accesses unsecured database of 2.5M Uyghurs belonging to Chinese company; data contains detailed info and updated GPS coordinates (6.7M updates in 24h), link

India proposes internet censorship, link; government would be able to demand Google/ FB/etc. remove anything deemed "libelous, invasive of privacy, hateful or deceptive," and messages on WA (encrypted by design) would be made traceable

Understanding The Big Tech Stocks (Podcast): a Capex super cycle is driving SaaS, Apples biggest risk factor: somebody else creating software ecosystem, like WeChat that obviates the need for Apple's hardware

JPMorgan launches "cryptocurrency", but “If JPM Coin is a cryptocurrency, then Facebook credits and World of Warcraft money are cryptocurrencies,” Jerry Brito of the blockchain-focused policy group Coin Center told Motherboard. Problem: runs on private blockchain.


Goldman Sachs asks in biotech research report: 'Is curing patients a sustainable business model?' (April 2018): "GILD is a case in point, where the success of its hepatitis C franchise has gradually exhausted the available pool of treatable patients, the analyst wrote. "In the case of infectious diseases such as hepatitis C, curing existing patients also decreases the number of carriers able to transmit the virus to new patients, thus the incident pool also declines … Where an incident pool remains stable (eg, in cancer) the potential for a cure poses less risk to the sustainability of a franchise.""

Emojis in court: “Judges need to be aware of the importance of the emojis to the overall communication when we run into these odd evidentiary issues,” Goldman says. “We need to make sure that the emoji get proper credit.”

7M car loans were past due by at least 90 days in Q4, according to data released this week from the New York Fed. 1.3 million more past-due loans than during the previous peak in 2011, which followed the Great Recession when unemployment rate in 2011 was double current rates. Key: people usually prioritize car payments, so could be sign of economic fragility

#84 February 10th 19

FB makes first blockchain acquisition, Chainspace, link, a smart contract platform trying to enable sharding

Microsoft acquires DataSense management from BrightBytes to step up its education play in Azure, link

Twitter has 126 million daily users compared to Snap’s 186 million, stock fell as a result despite Q4 , ad revenue of $791M, up 23% YoY, net income of $244M, link

At $2.3B/m investment rate, SoftBank VF has 1.5 years left, link; this week: 1.5B in Chinese used car platform Guazi, link, and first European fintech bet in $440M round in OakNorth, link, approved in 2015, 2017 pre-tax profit of $14M, first UK bank to have its infrastructure all moved to the cloud (AWS)

Match Group fully acquires relationship-focused app Hinge, portfolio includes: OkCupid, Tinder, PlentyofFish,, and now Hinge, link

Uber Eats started as Uber Everything, an experiment to find the next thing that could be as big as ride-hailing — it wasn't diaper delivery, apparently; second key insight: people would wait longer if they could order anything; also, credit to GrubHub for proving food delivery was a profitable market, link

Aurora, an AV startup founded by Alphabet's ex-head of AV, raises money from investors including Amazon, link; Amazon's first (?) external investment in AV space, link

Why Spotify is making a $500 million bet on podcasting, link; Ek, portraying video as a trillion dollar market and audio as a $100 billion market, said "I always come back to the same question: Are our eyes really worth 10 times more than our ears? I firmly believe this is not the case." Spotify already dominates the music-streaming market—it has 96m monthly paid subscribers, nearly 2x Apple Music

BB&T and SunTrust announce $66 billion merger, creating the sixth-largest US bank, link

(Artificial) Emotional intelligence, Affectiva's AI detects emotion in voice in seconds, link

Gmail is now blocking 100 million extra spam messages every day with AI, link

How FB/YT spread anti-vaxxer propaganda, link

Startup Pioneer aims to find and nurture the world's hidden genii, link

Shroup, the UCLA parking guru's, 3 recommendations for urban parking updated for AV, link: (1) remove requirements for off-street parking; (2) charge the right prices for on-street parking, surge pricing, basically; (3) and spend parking revenue to improve public services on metered streets.

The North Pole is moving, link

#83 February 3rd 19

Facebook reports Q4 net income of $6.9B, up 61% YoY, revenue of $16.9B, up 30% YoY, DAUs of 1.52B, up 9% YoY, and headcount of 35,587, up 42% YoY; stock up 11%+, link


Nadella + growth mindset = today's Microsoft, link, apparently; also, doesn't Nadella sound a lot like Nutella (you're welcome)


Facial recognition isn’t a product feature: It’s a superpower. (WaPo paywall)


Extrapolating rise of in-game virtual currency use as a medium of exchange, will video games soon need KYC/AML, link


Option for NFL to exit current Sunday Football deal w/ DirecTV may open floodgate to tech-sports partnership, link


Netflix raised prices by 18% (11->13), no significant user attrition, AT&T's DirecTV Now raised prices by  14% (35->40), lost 14% of their customers, link


George Soros labeled President Xi the world’s “most dangerous opponent of open societies,” warning of the “mortal danger” in China’s use of artificial intelligence to repress its people, link


Kik, which marketed and launched an ICO for their utility token, doesn't believe their token is a security  (as the SEC is saying) and is bringing the case to court, link


Man who's edited 1/3 of all English Wikipedia articles, link


Guy falls asleep while streaming on Twitch, wakes up to hundreds of streamers, link; clip of him waking up reaches 2.8M views, link, the comments are amazing and positively dystopic


Celebrities being sued for posting copyright pictures… of themselves, link

#82 January 27th 19


Amazon's ad business, MS estimates worth $125B, link, because it's really effective

Facebook plans to let Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp users message each other, link

Apple just dismissed more than 200 employees from Project Titan, its autonomous vehicle group, link

Google fine ‘just first brick to fall’, link, Google was fined $5B last summer for antitrust reasons; this $50M is a slap on the wrist in comparison, but is a record fine for privacy-related violations

Hulu lowers their ad-based plan subscription costs (and raises their ad-free plan price), link

How Jyve secretly raised $35M & built a $400M retail gig economy, link; gamifies the gig economy. on-demand labor platform that’s coming out of stealth today after 3.5 years; has 6,000 workers doing tasks for 4,000 stores across the country.  When someone signs up for Jyve, they start with easier tasks like moving boxes in the backroom. If they do that well, they could unlock higher-paying shelf stocking and display arrangement, then product ordering and brand ambassadorship.

The Tech Revolt, link; stories from disenfranchised tech workers (public mission =/= reality)

Businesses that will benefit from climate change, link

Zynga founder Mark Pincus is raising up to $700 million for an investment fund; in Lab Rats, Pincus was mentioned for forcing former employees to give back options, and also changed stock option plans at the twelfth hour so he and Hoffman (Reid) could sell theirs earlier

exponent: EPISODE 159 — INVERTED PYRAMIDS, link; “AWS won mobile and move to cloud... meanwhile, Azure predicting edge compute (instigated by IoT) and investing in cheap microprocessors that synergize


Meituan to invest $1.7 billion in push to digitize merchant partners, link; meanwhile Indonesia's Warung Pintar raises $27.5M to digitize Indonesia’s street vendors, link

Latest WeChat update hints at its ‘operating system’ ambitions, link

US to formally seek extradition of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, link

Samsung Galaxy S10 Could Expose Crypto to Millions of Tech Savvy Users, link

Hainan is the latest Chinese free-trade zone with tech hub ambitions, link; designated China's 12 FEZ, goal is to attract tech startups with lenient tax policies and incubator like strategies; Microsoft signed a development (i.e. to develop the island) project MOU in 2013; poised to attract SEA-targeting companies


Great (aged) article discussing how even an eminent thinker such as Sam Harris exhibits cognitive bias in his arguments (2018), link

Meet the World’s Cheapest Venture Capitalist (2012), link; gave $37 to 6 winners, providing publicity, with goal of "remaking the tech investment pipeline from a glorified money hose into a system for primarily distributing social capital like prestige, attention, taste, and advice." By the end of day 1, he had upward of 40 applications, as well as offers to supplement each of his investments, to the tune of $50 apiece, from venture capitalist Marc Andreessen (of the aforementioned Andreessen Horowitz) and tech entrepreneur Thomas Ptacek.

35d shutdown leads to 1y backlog for IRS, link

#81 January 20th 19


Facebook is launching a petitions feature, link


Netflix increased their subscription costs, link

SCOTUS ended forced arb for truck drivers, link; next, Google?


Scientists have figured out how to synthesize an extra genetic base pair (ATCG, XY), making it possible to synthesize new proteins, link


Chicken consumption has grown 70% in the OECD since 1990 while pork/beef remain unchanged, link


Consolidation in gold: Newmont buys Goldcorp, only a few months after Barrick-Rangold, link


Spotify to release voice-controlled music player for cars, link; >125m new cars that can connect to digital services will ship between 2018 and 2022, “A very real possibility exists for the in-car dashboard to be the stage of a new content battle, in which radio might find it difficult to maintain positioning,” said Larry Miller, professor of music business at NYU… duh, also video

Slack Plans to Follow Spotify on Unconventional IPO (direct listing) route, link

How open-source (third-generation) got here and how it'll take over the world, link; 90% developed in-house appealing to developers who now decide what products to use, not management


AI + oil = striking results; add in all the tech advances since 2015, and Shellsays it can now drill oil wells in 60% of the time for 40% of the cost, link


Thiel-Backed Fintech N26 Valued at $2.7 Billion to Take on U.S., link


A Japanese hotel that opened in 2015 as the “world's first robot hotel” has fired most of its robots after they frustrated guests and made more work for staff, link


DaDa, a Chinese online tutoring service that helps children aged 4 to 16 learn English from native speakers, raises $255M Series D led by Warburg Pincus, link




MMT (sov governments have an unlimited ability to fulfill future payments) is picking up in popularity, link, likened to Laffer Curve, a post-hoc rationalization


Living with a corn allergy is pretty hard, link


This story about a rowdy family on holiday in NZ is pretty entertaining, link


Why every ski trail map looks the same... Since 1988, James Niehues has hand-painted 255 trail maps for 175 ski mountains all over the world, link


Talking about mental models/maps, "Add to Cart" doesn't really translate well for Indian Amazon customers who have never even seen a cart before, link


93/113 valedictorians from 2005-07 tracked down and: "1 in 4 failed to get a bachelor's degree within six years." "40% make less than $50,000." "Nearly a quarter aspired to be doctors ... but none has earned a medical degree.", link

#80 January 13th 19

Jeff Bezos is getting divorced after ~25y, link; wife may become richest woman in the world (WA is a community property state)

How Zuckerberg's annual challenges have changed from PR stunts to crisis management, link

In response to Google's payouts to executives accused of sexual harassment, shareholders have filed a lawsuit, demanding to create 3 independent board positions and end the dual-class share system, link

Amazon's IMDb launches free, ad-supported movie streaming service, link

Microsoft and Kroger to create data-driven connected grocery stores, link; in addition to dynamic pricing, digital shelves could point shoppers to the items they're looking for

Starting February, Twitter will soon stream the second half of some NBA games, link — but the camera will focus on a single player. During the first half of the game — the half you can’t watch on Twitter — users on the social network can vote at the @NBAonTNT Twitter account on which player they want the camera to focus on in the second half — the half you can watch on Twitter. Whichever player “wins” will be the sole focus of the second-half live stream, which the NBA is calling “iso-cam.”

At CES19, Baidu announced an update to their Apollo program, their open-sourced autonomous vehicle tech platform which has ~130 partners; startup Udelv is testing vehicles with it in Arizona to fulfill Walmart deliveries, link, while Volvo/Ford have committed to testing it in their vehicles this year in China; meanwhile Nvidia partners with Mercedes, link

WeWork's SoftBank funding came in at $2B, a little shy of the $20B that everybody thought they might be getting; pivoting from acquisition-based strategy to more internal/organic, and rebranding as The We Company: co-working, living, and school (for your kids)... interesting the last option offers Nursery-6th grade with Hebrew or Mandarin immersion, or English with exposure to either... i.e. targeting high achieving/affluent Jews/Asians

Telcolms sell our mobile location data, link, to people who sell it to people who random strangers could buy it from

Trump = Big Dairy + schools, link; under Obama nutrition rules were rewritten for schools, an attack on dairy— rules even told schools to make water available with every meal—after decades when the only beverage kids were routinely offered was milk; but Trump's Sec of Agri (an ex-consultant to milk producers) is rewriting these rules; schools are important because kids aged 2 to 17 represent 40 percent of consumption; meanwhile US cheese surplus at work highs, link; also government sponsored dairy marketing group, link

Elwood, Illinois (Pop. 2,200), Has Become a Vital Hub of America’s Consumer Economy. And It’s Hell, link;  $623 billion worth of freight traversed Will County infrastructure in 2015 alone, roughly equivalent to 3.5%of the U.S.’s total GDP.

The world’s first foldable phone is real, link

Holoride may be the future of in-car entertainment, and it's VR, link

Pentagon's approach to future AI: in-house, link

Benioff: Facebook=poison, and Prop C, link


Tencent's WeChat launches integrated credit scoring system, link

Xiaomi's $1.5B bet on AI+IoT (AIoT?), link

Chinese Twitch Huya hit 100MAU, #1 streaming site in the country, link

China's human censors, link, mostly fresh college graduates who never learnt of Tiananmen, often discover such things through their work, but believe that they are 'cleansing' cyberspace; tested on knowledge of banned memes, references, etc. (often quite obscure, including any non-official depiction of Standing Committee members, or empty chair = liu xiaobo, link, frog =  jiangzemin, link)

AR startup Nreal, ex-Magic Leap engineer, with Chinese consumer AR glasses priced cheaper ($1000 vs $2300) and lighter, and 52deg FOV vs Leap's 40deg... human binocular vision stands at 114 (then there's peripheral of 40)... VR headsets like HTC Vive = 110... other Chinese startup ANTVR has a ~$400 AR headset that's clunkier but with 96deg FOV

#79 January 8th 19

Letter from Tim Cook to Apple investors, link, "In fact, most of our revenue shortfall to our guidance, and over 100 percent of our year-over-year worldwide revenue decline, occurred in Greater China across iPhone, Mac and iPad."

People are talking about Amazon opening up to 3000 Amazon Go (cashierless stores) by 2021, link; referring to a September Bloomberg piece

Alphabet's Verily gets $1 billion in funding, link, signals closer to independence


Facebook’s suicide algorithm, link, first responders were activated 3500 times in 2018


The Bird Box Effect: How Memes Drive Users to Netflix, link


AI Index 2018 Annual Report, link

AI Can Detect Alzheimer’s Disease in Brain Scans Six Years Before a Diagnosis, link


Banks are pulling back on credit card reward programs, link


Ninja, a Fortnite streamer made $10M in 2018, 70% from YT/Twitch, link


Norway's electric cars zip to new record: almost a third of all sales, link; goal to end sales of fossil-fuel vehicles by 2025


US Commerce Dept has been considering barring foreign nationals from working on AI, would backfire disastrously, link




China landed a spacecraft on the far side of the moon, a first, link


China's Didi launches credit, crowdfunding services in diversification push, link


China’s thirst for coffee underlies the rapid rise of Luckin Coffee, link, first shop opened January 2018, since expanded to 2,000 stores in 21 cities, 85 million cups of coffee served to a customer base ~12M . Market potential: the average Chinese consumer drank just 5 cups of coffee last year vs 400 for average American.


Year in search 2018: Here’s what China was ‘Baidu-ing’ this year, link; compare to Google, link


Hong Kong Has a $64 Billion Plan to Build Islands for New Homes, link


Elon Musk breaks ground on Tesla's Shanghai factory, link; meanwhile


Electric car startup Byton on track to complete China factory by May with capacity to produce 300,000 cars/y, link


Why China could be first with self-driving cars: 1 shift towards EVs, 2 permissive regulation,  and 3 more culturally open (because car ownership culture in China is short compared to the West), link

#78 December 30th 18


Facebook Is Developing a Stablecoin for WhatsApp Transfers, link

Amazon Plans to Add Whole Foods Stores, link, which will widen their Prime distribution range... "WFM are really a distribution center that snuck around zoning hurdles."

What is a book? Link, distribution/funding have meaningfully changed, which means content has changed; not much innovation in digital books, but increasingly consolidation: ~45% (37% 2015) of all print sales and 83% of all ebook sales through Amazon channels; rise of the newsletter as a defence against social networks

ML and new data (esp satellite data) can answer questions like "how many Brazilian favela buildings have new roofs," link, which can be used as alternative economic signals; similar to link

Evan Spiegel's imperious management style (which we only hear about because of recent headwinds re: performance and lots of executives leaving), link; also related: Huawei's 'wolf culture', link

Netflix says over 45m accounts watched Bird Box link; views counted if >70% running time watched and “each ‘account’ may include multiple views and viewers but is only counted once

Fortnite ARPU $96, vs… Google: $27 Facebook: $19 Twitter: $8 Snapchat: $3... => Fortnite = 2*SUM(Google + Facebook + Twitter + Snapchat), link

GM's decline, link's recovery, link, and new strategy: 90% of profits ex-US, focus is on synergies/partnerships b/c non-US customers often don't start travel search with a search engine but with apps

Quant hedge funds comprise~30% of stock trading, 2x since 2013; computerized trading up to 85%, appears to have amplified the downturn, link

Shopee overtakes Lazada and Tokopedia to claim Southeast Asia’s ecommerce crown’s, link


Big data is not necessarily strong data, lessons from China's use of alternative data in credit scoring, link

How online learning is failing to fill China’s tech-skill gap, link; government is doubling down on MOOCs

Huawei security concerns in the UK, link; Huawei funds labs in Germany and UK where its software is meant to be built from scratch and tested for security bugs, but the UK facility couldn't replicate operational software so essentially they were "vetting software that was different than the software actually running in equipment across the country."... software being removed from emergency 4G network, link, despite O2 testing their 5G equipment, link; meanwhile HSBC/StanChart won't provide additional services to Huawei, link which is ironic for the former considering past Mexican cartel dealings


"I Used to Write for Sports Illustrated (and I even interviewed presidents). Now I Deliver Packages for Amazon", link, well-written, funny

a16z Podcast: Talent, Tech Trends, and Culture, link,

#77 December 23rd 18

Amazon's Marketplace sales are 2x Amazon Retail, but vendors are getting hurt by opaque rules and competition playing dirty (and exploiting Amazon's safeguards, long read), link; "Amazon’s ability to hide the chaos of its Marketplace from consumers is part of what made the company successful early on. While eBay is obviously a bazaar, Amazon looks like a traditional retailer."

Google Has Effectively Shuttered Project Dragonfly, Its Planned Chinese Censored Search Engine, link

NYT piece wrongly concluded that Facebook gave private message access to Spotify/Netflix/RBC, link; nefarious interpretation of this just goes to show how little public trust Facebook has left; also Sandberg profile, link

SoftBank leads $1.3bn fundraising for 3 US startups, link; Fair, a car-leasing service for Uber drivers, raises $385M. Drug design biotech company Relay Therapeutics, $400M , Cambridge Mobile Telematics, which analyzes driving behavior to help insurers asses risk, $500M

Juul’s Instant Millionaires: How $2 Billion From Altria Is Being Divvied Up, link

Self-driving car startup Zoox gets first permit to transport passengers in California, link

How far AI has advanced in terms of generating faces, link; AI trained to detect solar panels using satellite imagery, link

More than half of the 50 most popular shows on Netflix are owned by companies planning to launch their own streaming services — Disney (and its to-be-acquired Fox), NBCUniversal and WarnerMedia, link

Since 2014, China's APT10 unit has been hacking managed service providers, the companies whose services others use to manage their own IT; one example: sending malware-loaded documents; >90% DoJ's economic espionage cases over past 7y involve China, link

Inside Shenzhen’s race to outdo Silicon Valley, link; Faster iteration cycles: "A product that took 12 to 18 months for a Western company to bring to market might take only four to six weeks within the shanzhai ecosystem. "

Indian edtech startup Byju’s rakes in $540m funding at valuation of $3.6b (4th most valuable Indian startup behind Paytm, Ola, and Oyo), link; also Moonbug nabs $145M to buy up kids’ digital media brands, link; interesting because as screens proliferate, parents are going to want to be able to plonk their kids down in front of the content they deem the most constructive... then constructive content + monitoring = monopoly

Record-breaking $405M US offshore wind leasing auction shows 'bullish' interest, this deal will create 3 facilities off the Massachusetts coast that are predicted to produce 4.1 giga-watts -- 6x as much energy as today’s largest facility, link

Grab's mapping spree of SEA, link

#76 December 16th 18


Sundar Pichai's Congressional hearing, link, which only went to highlight again, how little Congress knows about how tech works:

Another week, another Facebook bug; photos of <10m users, link

Amazon (and other FANG) chip development threatens Intel's 97% share of server chips, link

Wired's history of the iPhone, link, didn't know App Store only came out with the 3G; most recent phones first to use mass-market mobile 7nm chip; key insight: phones are all starting to look alike, so the differentiator is what's inside: the chips, and how they might synergize with OS/software

Bird, link, 120 cities, >$100M runrate and >$2B valuation in just 14 months; CEO was PM @ Qualcomm -> ex-COO of Lyft -> VP of driver growth at Uber... Short, single-occupancy car trips represent 80-90% of all automobile travel, and 30% of urban trips are <5 miles

Biggest winners in Uber/Lyft IPOs are not American VCs, link; (Japanese VCs, Softbank/Rakuten, are largest shareholders, though American VC money definitely makes up largest % overall )

NYTimes on location-based data, link; gathered by up to 75 companies, and sold to the highest bidder (market worth ~$20B); highly disturbing in some cases: accurate to yards and updated every 15 seconds (WSJ previously); most of the time users were unaware that their location was even being tracked

Cheddar (digital content channel) launching for Magic Leap, link 

DuoLingo's owl redesign, link, guilt trips you into learning more

PayPal launches initiative to reward employee innovation with internal blockchain tokens that can be exchanged for over 100 "experiences" such as playing poker with the VPs or practice martial arts with the CEO, link

Interesting crowdsourced 2019 predictions for social media, link; including (i) Apple or Google re-attempting a social network of some kind; (ii) dictators using recent FB concerns to block access; (iii) decline in FB usage, ongoing FB integration with IG, and some serious IG data breach

DeepMind achieves new AI benchmark, link, learning games without supervision

Robinhood was going to launch a 3% "checking and savings" account, link, that would be SIPC-insured (private broker association, instead of federal FDIC), questions over how 3% would be maintained when interest rates are at all time high ~2.5% and SIPC backlash -> Robinhood backtracking and calling it "cash management", link

DollarGeneral's success, link; 75% of Dollar General’s 15k stores are in towns with fewer than 20k people (and more than 15 miles from a Walmart). Most of Dollar General’s customers have household incomes of less than $40k; they rip off the poor though


a16z-funded stablecoin Basis shuts down, link


China's AI start-up Megvii (Face++) raising $500 million at $3.5 billion valuation, link

Chinese MLM + rural grocery shopping raises $100M, link

Huawei, link; Retaliation would favor China: though components are increasingly being replaced by local variants, the US cannot hope to "replace Chinese labor, factories and supply chains. A $10 billion Foxconn Technology Group plant in Wisconsin wouldn’t even go 10 percent of the way to replacing the Taiwanese company’s capacity in China"

#75 December 9th 18


Google to begin trial drone delivery in Europe next year, link

Apple experimenting with generous trade-in schemes to boost iPhone sales, highlights problem of selling incrementally improved iPhones, keeping the old one is fine until you NEED the newest one (AR?), link

Transportation index falls 4.4% as MS analyst writes Amazon (based on plans to build $1.5B Air Hub in Cincinnati) soon to up air fleet from 40 to 100, link

Bird + Lyft raising, link

Future of insurance, link (video); innovation in 1) acquisition: aggregating niche markets, giving cyber risk assessment tools for free, 2) underwriting: new data sources, shared risk pools (friendsurance), 3) claims: reduce moral hazard (lemonade), faster/more accurate processing… -> personalized risk score

Ultrahaptics Series C, they use ultrasound to create haptic feedback without touch, i.e. hand gestures... Potential future of AR/screen-less interaction link

New York Adopts Nation's First Pay Floor for Rideshare Drivers; $26.51/hour gross, or an estimated $17.22/hour after expenses, link

Tobacco company Altria trying to get into weed/vape looking at investing in Juul, link

SpaceX's awesome rocket launch was 19th launch of the year (18 last year), and reused Falcon9 Booster for the second time, link

50-person parking startup operating in 4 cities receives $1B from SoftBank to acquire rivals and dominate(?); synergies between ride-hailing and parking, link

Reacting to Lyft's news of a 2019 IPO, Uber confidentially filed for its IPO, link; Airbnb, Slack, Palantir to IPO in 2019 too, could beat dot-com; 69:28 Uber:Lyft in the US

People have been editing Trump's Wikipedia page, repeatedly adding phallic images, link

Earlier in the week, The Economist ran a piece on the declining influence of OPEC after Qatar left, link: (1) OPEC accounts for 1/3 global prod, (2) US/Russia aren't members but both pumped more than Saudi; then today a last-minute production cut agreement raised prices 5%, link; whether all members will produce accordingly is another question; meanwhile US net exporter first time in 75 years, link

Shell links executive pay to carbon emissions, first energy company to do so, link


Huawei's CFO was arrested in Canada, US is working on extradition, link; China is pissed; meanwhile UK's BT joins in Huawei boycott, link

Chinese Ninebot sells the shovels fueling the electric scooter craze: estimated 4/5 scooters in use made by them, link

China has 200m surveillance cameras, 4x US, link

Xiaomi sold most units of smart wearable devices Q3 2018, 21% of market share, 6.9m units vs. #2 Apple 4.2m, link

2% of Chinese people paid income tax (should be ~13%), link; threshold raised; problem: informal economy

Documentary exploring Chinese social media fame wins SXSW award, link

ByteDance (TouTiao/TikTok/Douyin) maybe raising a venture fund, link


Pudding Cup 2018, best data journalism, link; Shakespeare casting over the years, link, awesome interactive data viz; gender/race theme; how easy it is to make a deepfake, link, and deepfake quiz, link

Best Books 2018, link (Kottke); Educated: a memoir is great apparently

Best Podcasts of 2018, link (New Yorker)

25 Best Films 2018, link (in video montage format)

Adam Grant (Originals, Wharton prof who turned down his students' pitch for what would be Warby Parker) on what a 4.0 really means, link, "Getting straight A’s requires conformity. Having an influential career demands originality."

Zuckerberg stands at 5'7" and in order to present "the CEO image" (58% of Fortune 500 CEOs are > 6'), stages his photos, link

#74 December 2nd 18

TC's coverage of AWS re:Invent 2018, link, is extremely comprehensive and just goes to show how many cloud products they're releasing, including: an AI chip, on-prem cloud service, flexible CPU/GPU configurations, blockchain as a service, satellite base stations as a service, timeseries data, ground truth data labelling service, etc.


Google Assistant will now be nicer if you say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you,’ link, encouraging a healthier relationship w/ tech, esp. for kids (Echo for Kids did the same in April)


Facebook launching local news digests in 400 cities, natural expansion into journalism from earlier developments, link


Proposal to raise the value of homes that can be bought/sold without a human appraisal to $400K from $250K; if passed would allow greater algorithmic participation/arbitrage in the housing market, link


Bird franchising, link


Uber may acquire Lime/Bird, link


Oriente gets huge series A ($100M) from big families to offer loans to under-/un-banked in SEA, specifically Indonesia and Philippines using non-traditional data, link


Long profile on Karl Friston and his free energy principle that some think may lead to the next big AI breakthrough re:GAI, link, in one study it (active inference) performed better than reinforcement learning model at Doom as model explores, 'epistemological foraging'


AMD recently chose TSMC to make its most advanced processors, link, having spun off its own struggling factories years before... Intel was the first to use 14-nanometer technology at scale in 2013, according to Goldman Sachs. It won’t have 10-nanometer ready for prime time until the end of 2019 -- by far the longest wait in its history. TSMC has gone from 20-nanometer to 7-nanometer production in the same time.


Ahead of potential IPO, banks are lining up to make loans to Bytedance, link


Great analysis and visuals on Pinduoduo, recently IPO'd, one of the fastest growing e-commerce startups in China; addictive and highly popular, especially with older women in T3 cities; only 3 years old, 30% Alibaba MAU; small average orders , link


China’s electric vehicle monitoring raises surveillance fear, link


With 900m users of popular WiFi discovery app (WiFi MasterKey), Chinese LinkSure to launch hundreds of satellites to create free global WiFi network by 2026, link

#73 November 25th 18

US Cyber Monday sales @ record $7.8B, 20% from mobile, link, a tradition started in 2005; compare with Alibaba's (i.e. one company alone) Single Day started in 2012 and which booked $10B in 1 hour, $30B in total, 90% mobile in 2017


Facebook can't get a break PR-wise, link, likely content detection for human trafficking isn't fully developed, also a hard problem since n is small


More on Google's cloud business under predecessor Diane Greene, link, co-founder and first CEO of VMWare, mainly Google's difficulty developing enterprise sales amidst an engineers-first culture; GitHub/RedHat acquisitions wouldn't really have made sense; conclusion: Google needs to build or acquire global enterprise sales capabilities


Amazon is creating a newscaster voice for Alexa, link, only took a few hours to train newscaster neural-text-to-speech (NTTS) style; not human (by design) but clearly preferable


SoftBank invests in ecommerce: Korean Coupang, link, and Indonesian Tokopedia, link


Sending satellites to repair existing satellites, link; 24 satellites/y are retired


Airlines (specifically their AI algorithms), particularly Ryanair, were splitting passengers up with the same last name in order to get them to pay for adjacent seating, link


Regulators signalling they will give first neo-bank (internet, zero fees, high interest) banking charter, link; huge industry, least disrupted, most unhappy customers -> "perfect storm for disruption," Goldman pre-empted this?


Ascent of private wealth and increasing clampdowns on international KYC has changed the focus of wealth management/private banking to unlocking value from balance sheets for entrepreneurs, link


Meanwhile, 9/110 Silicon Valley jobs pays less now than when Netflix first launched in 1997, despite one of the nation's strongest economic booms and a historically low unemployment rate that outpaces the national average.




China's new assembly lines: AI tagging factories, link


Geek+ raises $150M to build robots for warehouses and logistics, link


Horizon Robotics raises $1B for AI-chips, link, investors include Sequoia, Sinovation, Yuri Milner


Problem: undereducation, rural workers 1/4 as likely to have HS education as urban ones, and rural areas account for 2/3 of China's children, link


US asking allies to drop Huawei, link, 22% global telecom-equipment market share, only provider of 5G at the moment, and already popular with allies; Australia banned it and ZTE


Alibaba's Sesame Credit now accepted by Canada for visa applications as proof of financial means, link


Beijing's social credit system is the country's most ambitious, all agencies involved will submit data, link


Meanwhile China doubled the reward for snitching on pornographic material, link, and increased the reward for reporting content that “endangers ideological security, cultural security, physical and mental health of minors”


Not independently confirmed, but first claimed case of human embryo gene-editing, link, in this case for HIV which some researchers claim is ethically defensible; they consider this instance of editing as similar to a vaccine


BMW is the first global automaker to receive license to offer ride-hailing serthat vices in China, link, start December




Q3 2018 saw 597 ICOs raise over $1.8 billion, a notably lower value than the over $8.3 billion reportedly raised in the previous quarter, link


Tencent forms partnership with blockchain esports platform, link


Ohio becomes the first state to accept bitcoin for tax payments, link, one argument for fiat is that it has value because you can pay your taxes with it, or more specifically, it's denominated in fiat; in this case payments are technically processed by 3p firm BitPay, so taxes aren't denominated in crypto

#72 November 18th 18

Zuckerberg published a long community post, link, "A Blueprint for Content Governance and Enforcement," some stats: 1) 99% of removed terrorist content is automatically detected, 200 people work on counter-terrorism specifically, 2) self-harm mitigation teams set up around the world helped first responders reach 3,500 people last year, 3) 96% nudity detection, 4) 52% hate speech, 100 Burmese language experts by end of year working on detecting content;


Of course, NYT's bombshell investigation into Facebook's executive decisions re: post-2016/Russia, link, 6 takeaways; paints both Zuckerberg and Sandberg as delivering different public/private narratives, and Sandberg especially as trying to protect her brand image at the cost of the company; 6 takeaways: NYT's bombshell investigation into Facebook's executive decisions re: post-2016/Russia; paints both Zuckerberg and Sandberg as delivering different public/private narratives, and Sandberg especially as trying to protect her brand image at the cost of the company


Google gets new head of Cloud, former Oracle President of product, link, signals serious intent to join the cloud race; one Citi report predicts GCP revenue at $17B, Azure at $19B, AWS at $44B by 2020... GCP 2018 revenue: $1.7B, link


SpaceX gets FCC approval to deploy thousands more internet satellites, link


Samsung and Huawei have now announced/released mobile NPUs (neural processing units) for next year's phones, attempting to show off enhanced AI capabilities, link


Palantir Has a $20 Billion Valuation and a Bigger Problem: It Keeps Losing Money, link


Germany to spend €3bn on boosting AI capabilities, link


Waymo to Start First Driverless Car Service Next Month, link; with analysts predicting $80B valuation pre-launch, it will sell autonomous rides (not cars) early December in Phoenix, AZ; GM’s Cruise hopes to launch in 2019, Zoox in 2020, Tesla and Nissan shortly thereafter, and Uber is renewing its self-driving permits


Ford, with recent Spin (electric scooter), Chariot (bus-hailing), Autonomic (cloud fleet management) acquisitions, is really trying to live up to the overused "mobility company" moniker, link. Business model considerations for operating its own fleet include advertising, e.g. "being picked up in a self-driving car at the airport, and being shown a café on the way to quickly stop and get a drink, or a musician offering merchandise to fans on the way to their show."


AI expense auditing, link, AppZen, which is based in San Jose, California, can audit 100 percent of claims in real-time by running receipts through an algorithm that hunts for duplication, discrepancies or inflated expenses. It reimburses legitimate employee expenses on the same day and kicks back any dubious claims to human auditors for further investigation. The algorithm can compare the average cost of a flight from New York to Chicago against the amount expensed and will flag it if the price seems exorbitant for that day (or if the employee upgraded their flight to first class). It will also sound the alarm if a company listed on a receipt doesn’t exist or if a strip club is masquerading as a steakhouse.


NYT tech and design issue this week was really interesting to read, link, a panel discussed gene editing, which can involve changing one base pair in 6 billion, per cell... like "taking a massive encyclopedia and saying: Go to Volume 7, Section 8, Page 240, Paragraph 5, and change the word 'this' to the word 'that.'"

bigger data + better AI -> "clinical-trial society" where we subject previously untouched human behaviors to deeper clinical assessment/the scientific method; consequently, "we have some kind of personal doomsday clock. And each action that we take is either extending it or decrementing it. So, I put something bad in my mouth and I start to eat it, and I see that that dropped my doomsday clock a little bit. I go out for a run and see that it bumps my doomsday clock up a little bit" (like the plot of In Time, 2011)

Age reversal > extending longevity (which extends the weaker year), but former requires longer, more expensive trials at the least


The future of aging, link; problem: 85-94 is the fastest growing segment of the population… there's consensus regarding solutions: tech has to be developed to help seniors live independently longer and they need to be congregated for more efficient care. Interesting points:


Advances in NLP, link, Google Assistant/Alexa can't answer 99% of the questions you really want to ask, but they might be able to soon; 2m ago, Google scientists released a paper on their state of the art, question-answering model BERT. It beats humans on the GLUE benchmark (marginally, like 92% to 90%), but is a real leap of progress in NLP. BERT is open-source.


And some stuff on how economists are studying the relationship between life outcomes and genes, link; In the study of genomics, scientists love twins (especially identical ones). Sadly, there aren't too many of them. Economists have started looking more closely at polygenic scores, which explain at least some variation in phenotypes (genetic expression) at scale (big n, e.g. >1000) and therefore implicitly explain the variation at the genetic level, i.e. less detailed, more useful approach.

#71 November 11th 18

Google's effort to create the most health data dense longitudinal study (n=10,000), Project Baseline from Verily, link


Orlando, one of the first cities to implement Amazon's Rekognition: too early, link


Facebook launches Lasso, its music and video TikTok clone, link


White House press secretary uses fake Infowars video to justify banning CNN reporter, link, the discourse over what this video showed seems to herald the arrival of an era where manipulated videos enter the mainstream, and everybody can choose and maintain their own alternate realities based on doctored footage


Andreessen Horowitz Leads $154M Investment In TripActions, Valuing Corporate Travel Startup At $1B, linK; they aggregate corporate travel options; difference: obsessing over the end user: "“We started with the business-to-business part, but once we win the account, we are obsessed with the users,” says CTO Ilan Twig


Disney's new Netflix rival will be called Disney+ and launch late 2019, link; Disney will be pulling movies from Netflix starting 2019 too... other service ESPN+ reached 1m paying subscribers in 5m


Profile on Yuval Harari, link; he writes that SV is undermining democracy and will bifurcate society into ruling and useless (and totally expendable) classes, but tech CEOs love him for clarity of thought (Dorsey), and being the person they wish they were (Hastings). Harari meditates a lot too, 2h/day and 2m of silence/y. One interesting observation: people reading Brave New World today, Mr. Harari said, often think it sounds great. “Everything is so nice, and in that way it is an intellectually disturbing book because you’re really hard-pressed to explain what’s wrong with it,” he said. “And you do get today a vision coming out of some people in Silicon Valley which goes in that direction.”


SAP to buy Qualtrics for $8 billion, link; well above IPO $5B, and last VC round @ $2.5B; 26x revenue


Veritas Capital, Elliott clinch $5.7 billion acquisition of Athenahealth, link


Access is the Scarcest Commodity in Startupland, link; too much cash + tendency for growth, i.e. tech companies, to remain private for longer has created a private market access premium; from which logically follows that vertical integration is the winning strategy for VCs, e.g. the Son strategy of "buy everything"


Krugman calls a16z's first female GP's (Kathryn Haun) presentation on crypto "the best defense" he's heard, debate series; ultimately he argues that crypto has no fundamental value (vs. gold/USD); one interesting point he makes vs. Haun on remittances is that it's not a tech problem, it's a political/monopoly problem just like how you can pay $x/GB across country A, then cross into country B and suddenly pay $5x/GB... but this doesn't negate the potential of crypto as a solution


Chinese ‘gait recognition’ tech IDs people by how they walk, link; doesn't run in real time though (upload video 1m to analyze 6m); Japanese pilot since '13; 94% accuracy rate, to be used in conjunction with facial recognition


In China, Bill Gates Encourages the World to Build a Better Toilet; he pledged $200M at conference hosted in China, link; XJP called for a toilet revolution in 2015; Bloomberg ran a similar piece on the exigencies of toilets in India and how they'd largely benefit women, link


The humble origins, link, of the invented 11/11 shopping festival that booked $30B this year, link; $10B in 1 hour


Kai-Fu Lee again on AI China/US differences, link; America has been light on logistics and more interested in extracting rent via software platforms unlike China, e.g. Meituan Dianping, where founder is willing to hire tens of thousands of delivery people and manage them


Lenovo catching up new retail trend with launch of a cashier-less store, link

70 November 4th 18

Google employees and contractors participate in global “walkout for real change,” link; 20,000 workers participated; 5 demands including an end to forced arbitration in harassment/discrimination cases

Walmart's warehouse club (like Costco) opening Dallas store testing cashier-less retail (staffed with 'concierges' instead), augmented reality wayfinding experience via app, and electronic shelf pricing (perfect price discrimination?), link

Uber introduces an Amazon Prime-style monthly subscription service, link

Berkshire Hathaway breaks from tradition with two fintech investments, link, led by deputy Todd Combs, into Paytm (indian payments) + Stoneco (Brazilian payments)

Magnetically aligning ion paths in batteries could create enough discharge to power VTOL in future battery tech, link

U.K. to Roll Out First-of-Its-Kind Digital Tax, link; Only targeting global tech companies with revenue > $640m; only in force until a global agreement

Startup Playbook, link; Sam Altmam's podcast/transcript generalized advice on building (not scaling) startups

Traders on Wall St. pay for alternative data from providers like Thasos, link, such as GPS coordinates which when analyzed by MIT-led teams can lead to valuable insights: e.g. Tesla's overnight shift this previous quarter had 30% more activity ... set to start offering data through Bloomberg terminal (adding features to justify price? useless if nobody uses) including mall activity/sqft

View makes smart glass, and the VisionFund invested in it link; View glass costs about 4x as much as regular glass, and are coated in metal oxide films that can be wirelessly controlled to have a current pass through and darken; removes needs for blinds/shades and results in more natural light (and apparently better health as a result)

Elon Musk: The Recode interview, link; Thinks Space Force is a pretty cool idea, not gonna mis-tweet again, and a future VTOL vehicle; also, expects to win autonomous vehicle race

Japan invented QR codes 20 years ago but tried to leapfrog to NFC, now Origami is trying to compete in a space with very little adoption, link, (apparently 2% of Japanese use QR codes, link) and very high competition (Line/Rakuten)

Handshake, a LinkedIn for university students and diversity, raises $40M, link; Founded in 2014, developing features from the ground-up wrt diversity; 14m users vs. LinkedIn's 562m

Sentieo raises $19M to be the AI-powered Bloomberg Terminal, link; AI used to scan documents and create visualizations; 700 customers who pay around 10K/y vs. 21k/y Bloomberg Terminal

Stripe's quarterly Increment on security, link, medium-format(?) tech-journalism, found the article and the links it contained on designing for security particularly interesting, e.g. fMRIs show that users do less visual processing after seeing security dialogs twice and Google Chrome paradigm of showing Secure sites to only flagging Insecure sites when user data is being entered


Tencent-Backed Startup’s (Yuanfudao) Valuation Tops $2.8 Billion in China’s Online Education War, link; an overview of the space, link

Sea cucumbers lead China’s logistics blockchain charge, link; SCM + blockchain for Maotai/chickens/ and sea cucumbers

Zhihu, China's Quora-but-more, recently valued at $2.5B vs Quora's $1.7B, offers e-books and podcasts as well as a Zhihu-University product, is now releasing a 'credit score' meant to deter trolls ... and potentially specific political beliefs, link

China’s Video App Kuaishou Targets a $25 Billion Valuation, link

Ford and Baidu team up to test self-driving vehicles in China, link

#69 October 28th 18

E-commerce in India, link; Amazon initiative launched in 2013, team told to "think like cowboys," recent promised funding of $5B, link,  problem is customers/merchants need to be taught how to go online (unlike in China), some initiatives:

(1) turning 14,000 local shipping offices into Easy Stores where people are taught how to use website, etc.,

(2) accepting cash on demand and allowing change from tx to be deposited into online account, to promote future online balance usage and eventual CC adoption

An Indian idiosyncrasy: foreign retailers can only directly sell food so all merchants need to sell through an independent retailer… when Flipkart became foreign majority-owned they could no longer sell their own products directly but had to adopt marketplace model…  Flipkart was also founded by Amazon-alums— like Jet


Meanwhile, investors are speculating on real estate in top prospect cities for Amazon's HQ2, link; one investor's algo will allow him to find 500 potential buildings to invest in 5 minutes post-announcement


Microsoft reports Q1 revenue of $29.1B, up 19% YoY, net income of $8.8B, up 34% YoY; Azure revenue grew 76%, LinkedIn revenue grew 33%, Surface revenue grew 14%, link


Google redesigns privacy, link; making it easier for users to review/delete search activity and learn what data Google collects on you


$999 glasses from North using retinal projection to put an image directly in your eye (like Intel's Vaunt which disbanded :() shipping soon!, link


Is Facebook treating their acquisition founders well? WhatsApp's founder left in April, Instagram's last month, and now one of Oculus Rift's, link


Lyft acquires AR company to join Level 5 (full autonomy: no pedal/wheel necessary) team, link, Ford aiming for this by 2021, link, other carmakers have a similar timeline, link


A less-rosy view of Silicon Valley, link: built on unprotected, flexible immigrants (70s++), arguably still ongoing (gig economy workers)

Meanwhile, Tim Cook coins and attacks the data-industrial complex, link


Niche retailer Tractor Supply is thriving, link, on above-average income farmers, ranchers, and hobbyists who can spend $1000s/m, long-tail business model, link, but they've also been adopting e-com strats: lockers for picking up online orders, subscription sales, and own-brands


Biohacking — inserting tech into people — nearly mainstream: ~100k people so far, link; chips can open doors, generate passwords, share contact info, ++; security considerations TBD


Business idea generator: take AI application and apply to agriculture, link; facial recognition + salmon


Elon Musk's SpaceX is inspiring Chinese private space companies, link; China opened their space market to private investment in  2014, and 60 companies entered 2015-2018

Coinbase added first stablecoin, CENTRE's USDC, link (CENTRE is a consortium, currently consisting of only Circle and Coinbase)

#68 October 21st 18

Banks are saying Uber could have a $120B IPO next year, link; worth being skeptical, banks are planning the press hype in advance and stand to win more in fees the higher the potential valuation is; UberEats itself being valued at $20B , linkMorgan Stanley is presumed favorite and their top tech banker moonlights as a driver, link

Meanwhile Palantir IPO next year reported at $41B, link, 55x 2018 revenue

Google used to bundle all their services (including Search) together on Android devices, after EU's antitrust ruling in July (and $5B fine), Google will no longer do so — but only in the EU, link, instead manufacturers will pay separate licensing fees for Search, Chrome, etc.

Facebook to release second hardware product next spring, TV streaming, link; current video content dichotomy: free but watch ads or pay a subscription; future video content choices: FA(Apple?)NG

Amazon's $25 smart plug may seem over-priced, Amazon's European head of Alexa said it's to promote competition/products in the smart plug space hopefully designed around Alexa, link; like how Microsoft potentially (link author's conjecture) developed the Surface to invigorate anti-iPad competition

Twilio, a SaaS company which allows developers to use phone functions (SMS/call, e.g. any 2FA you might use in an app) via API announced acquisition of SendGrid, an email service platform, for $2B on Tuesday and initially dropped 12% day of, link… hope: end-to-end communication solution for developers

Microsoft open-sourced its patent portfolio, link; demonstrating shift towards collaborative future: wise considering Microsoft's weakening hold on (future) talent

SoftBank dropped 7% on Monday due to ties to Saudis who… CW*; Son's tough situation: receiving  money (Saudi's crown prince also promised $45B for Son's next fund) from extremely conservative regime // investing in tech companies led by Western liberals, link, image (of funding sources)

*likely tortured and dismembered a Saudi WaPo journalist

The Twilio of fintech, Plaid, to raise at $3B, link; their APIs power venmo/AmEx apps, i.e. balance/auth/income info via API; it's never been easier to build a startup


Are CLOs the new CDOs, link; loans to indebted companies hit record high last year, 80% of CLOs are covenant light; meanwhile last non-financial SIFI, Prudential, loses its SIFI designation, link

Cameo, paying for personalized messages from low-mid famous celebrities, link; "famous people are less famous than they have ever been"


Fidelity launches crypto group to handle custody + purchase, link

New Yorker coverage of crypto, link, thorough with a nice narrative, nothing new

dYdX working on decentralized finance, raises $10M with short-Ether token, link; working on lending products

Stablecoins (meant to be pegged at $1:1), Tether hit $0.87, while Gemini (Winklevoss') hit $1.19, link

#67 October 14th 18


Apple buys smartphone power management chip company that was previously a supplier, link, for $300M; curious what Apple's IRR on acquisitions are, price tag rarely >1B... also:

Facebook released first (excluding Oculus, acq) hardware product, Portal, for video chat (over Messenger?)… competitor to FaceTime, and would be extremely viable for FaceTime-less Android users, link... also:

Google hardware release, link, (1) Pixel3 which comes with spam call screening via Google Assistant, link (iPhone), (2) 7in HomeHub (Echo Show), (3) Pixel Slate (iPad/Surface)... also:

New unicorn Brex wants to be the next Amex/corporate card, founded by pair of Brazilian 22yos who had built and sold a Brazilian Stripe that processed $1.5B pre-college; Brex can issue (virtual) cards instantly, and provides greater analytical capabilities for examining expenses, link

Coinbase's experiences with hypergrowth, link: shape org chart and consider them in '3D'/delegate strategy; also relevant, Reid Hoffman on moving fast/'blitzscaling': SV is expecting doubling at 3m/6m/1y, link

IMO, a successful software company requires 2 things: a great product and a social mission (mission->talent->product), suspicions somewhat confirmed: link, employees want to know "what are we building this for," extremely topical in light of Dragonfly/Cambridge Analytica/Facebook in Myanmar

Snapchat was one of the first cloud-native companies, link, now they're paying the price: costs/user are up 20% Q1YoY; by comparison Dropbox invested in their own servers

WeWork offering WeLive members renters insurance through Lemonade (both invested in by SoftBank), which offers insurance via chatbot interface and takes profit up-front: taking a %, whatever is unclaimed at end of year is donated to charity of planholder's choice, link, Lemonade video

Q3 VC summary link, mega-rounds is the new word on the VC block

Some thoughts on the AI duopoly (US/China) from Kai Fu Lee, link, depth (US) vs breadth (China) of data

Square CFO Sarah Friar leaves to become CEO of neighbor social platform Nextdoor, link, which has raised nearly $300M; their ads have a 5-7% clickthrough rate apparently (2017 Forbes, link) vs 2% industry vs 2.5% Facebook, link; the power/value of trust/hyperlocal content

DuckDuckGo hit 30M searches/d, up 50% YoY, link, 0.85% of 3.5B Google searches/d; likely to grow in light of privacy/data breaches everywhere

AI is at the center of UberEats (huge) success, link, #1 delivery service, with up to 2/3 revenue coming from AI recommendation engine

CNBC's Breakout 100 list, link, some of the companies:


In the medical industry there are 4 main roles:

  1. manufacturer (Pfizer, Roche, Sanofi — global, competitive: C4<50%),
  2. insurance companies (Ping An, Allianz, AXA — global, competitive),
  3. pharmacy benefit managers (Express Scripts, CVS Health, United Health — mainly US, not very competitive, C3=78%, most are integrated into pharmacies/insurance), explanation,
  4. pharmacies (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart — mainly US, not very competitive),

DoJ just gave preliminary approval for CVS $69B acquisition of insurer Aetna, link; the narrative is that the merger will reduce costs (they rarely do for the consumer), could also be defensive reaction to Amazon/Hathaway ventures into the space (PillPack); precedent was set a month ago with insurer-PBM merger approval of Cigna-Express, link

Neom, Saudi's new $500B megacity project, announces advisory board replete with tech titans, link

Music industry sales, link, 2017 was second year of consecutive growth… first time this millennium

In 2016 Patagonia dedicated Black Friday sales to grassroot environmental organizations, they gave away $10M in revenue; but "it was one of the best business things we've ever done—" 60% were new customers

Bitcoin daily transactions fell from ~360K in late 2017 to ~230K in Sept. 2018; transaction values fell from $3.7B+ to below $670M in the same period, link, if BTC becomes the crypto store of value (digital gold), this isn't necessarily the end of the industry as some analysts are saying


Overseas Alipay transactions 2x last year for corresponding Golden Week period, link

Chinese police now have authority to inspect any internet companies operating there, link, could explain Chinese tech valuation ice age

#66 October 7th 18


Amazon raises minimum wage for all employees to $15/h and lobbies government to raise federal minimum wage, unchanged for 9 years, from $7.25, link; the BERN, or not: to pay for this they're cutting bonuses and stock awards for warehouse employees, link

Meanwhile, from neutral marketplace to potential competitor, Amazon is developing its private labels: $7.5b revenue 2018 -> $25b in 2022 estimated; Amazon's perfect information is as close to the Econ111 precept, link, which means no profit (for anybody else)

Google wants to enter the (video game) streaming game too (vs. Amazon's Twitch), partnership with Ubisoft to stream (in limited number) upcoming Assassin's Creed from Google Chrome, link, something everybody already has on mobile

Facebook faces potential $1.6B fine over 50m+ hack, would be first significant enforcement of new GDPR (max 2% fine of world-wide revenue)

SoftBank likely to invest $500M in Chinese homework/Q&A/'tutoring' site Zuoyebang, link, they're proud of their tech that recognizes questions, link; meanwhile also likely to invest $500M into Grab, link, they've also invested in Uber, Oia, Didi

Funded privately by Bill Gates, Likewise is a social recommendation platform, link

Honda invests $2.75B in GM's self-driving car division Cruise, link

Target launches <2$ toiletry line, Smartly, link; competing with Brandless?

Is Tap’s wearable (on one hand) keyboard the future of typing? link, took co-founder 3 weeks to hit 50wpm


IPO market set a new record for… % of unprofitable companies listing, link, 83% so far this year compared to 81% in 2000 pre-crash

Saudi's SWF investment in Lucid Motors (and nearly Tesla, according to Musk) marks growing ambition of SWFs, link

Saudi Aramco now has a 2021 IPO target, link, $2t valuation

Tesla's autopilot is around 7x better than you, link

PROFITABLE Coinbase, in talks to raise $500m at $8B, link


WeChat posts top 10 myths/week to debunk them, link, helped by 800 third-party fact-checkers

Not a rare opinion: US falling behind China in AI r&d, link; I'd quibble with comparing research outputs though: for the immediate future they're still apples and oranges in terms of originality/quality; but the broader logic that US<China because talent is being slurped up by private enterprises (FANG) in the US resonates a little since a lot of tech innovation in the US has historically been government-driven, e.g. DARPA which has longer investment horizons and no IRR expectations— bottom-up capitalism vs top-down bureaucracy, who'll win

China's cutting-edge hardware hack, link; tiny microchips implanted in motherboards that powered American tech servers, most likely orchestrated by the PLA… article attributes the finding of the hack to luck

#65 September 30th 18

Instagram's co-founders resigned from Facebook, link, apparently over escalating tension with Zuckerberg, link, over Instagram's (and their own) independence;  acq in 2012 for $1B, and accounting for 14% of this year's revenue, link

Meanwhile, WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton spoke publicly for the first time w.r.t why he left Facebook before $850M-worth of shares were vested, "perhaps the most expensive moral stand in history…" essentially differences in product philosophy and monetization strategy between Acton and Zuckerberg: being told no pressure to monetize for five years — there was — cand to inform European Competition Commission that WA/FB data would not be blended — it was

Facebook suffered another hack, 50m users, link; security is difficult with a complex product; getting 'ahead of the news' isn't really giving them brownie points anymore; meanwhile hacker who announced he'd livestream a hack of Zuckerberg's account ended up submitting a bug report instead

Apple launches second curriculum program (after Everyone Can Code, now used by 5000+ schools),  Everyone Can Create, which offers teachers a way to add multimedia (videos/music/etc) more easily  into their lesson plans, made to leverage Apple Pencil; is this a sign of more moves to come in the EdTech space? link

Bytedance eyes $75B valuation, link, near Uber's all-time highest

Verizon launches 5G in 4 cities, link, while AT&T is set to launch mobile 5G in 12 cities later this year, link

Google Chrome now automatically logs you in if you use other devices, link, making the service more opt-out and better at getting user data

Shell works with Microsoft to implement AI at gas stations, link; catchy stock-boosting headline right? The AI is to catch people smoking

Hotel listing startup from India, Oyo, does field checks evaluating 200 factors and gets 25% of each booking; raising $1B (at $5B val) to expand in China+, founder is 24yo former-Thiel Fellow; entered China in November, already has 1000 approved hotels and 87,000 rooms in 170 cities, link

Stripe raises at $20B, link

SEC settled charges against Elon Musk; Musk and Tesla pay $20m and he steps down from the board, link

Circle launches a stablecoin, link

#64 September 23th 18

Amazon came out guns blazing, releasing/announcing: (1) Echo Auto for cars, link; (2) Echo Input to make dumb speakers smart (and Alexa enabled), link; (3) Echo Sub to add bass to Echo, link; (4) smart plug to turn appliances on/off with Alexa, link; (5) Alexa Connect Kit, a kind of switchboard for third-party smart appliances, link; (6) Alexa-enabled microwave?, link… all about making Alexa/Amazon the #1 voice assistant, which it already is; also, adding more AI to predict user behavior, link, and emotional awareness, link? Related voice analytics startup Cogito (2016): 70-80% of call-center interaction outcomes could be predicted by analyzing people's voices, link

Ag-tech startup Indigo, launched in 2014, with microbe-coated seeds that boost yields 15%, raises $250m at $3.5b; last year they released 2nd product Indigo Marketplace, since  when farmers have listed $6b worth of seeds, link

5G promises to be up to 100x faster than 4G (10Gb/s, or 1.25GB/s); spectrum is starting to be auctioned off, but likely not to roll out for 3+ years; all hardware will need to be updated, and those who contributed to development will gain: Qualcomm make $13 for each handset sold; domestically, the first provider to provide 5G will likely gain marketshare — Verizon 36->41% when 4G came out, link

Tencent releases AI Open Platform to attract developers, link, to compete with Alibaba/Baidu; the biggest/most valuable tech war will be for the cloud and though this lens June's acq of GitHub by Microsoft makes more sense, link

Tencent's new Weishi app is a great case-study on how tech companies can leverage their platforms to lock out competitors and drive traffic/usage to their own products: after Tencent prevented users from sharing WeChat Moments to competitors Douyin/Kuaishou but permitting sharing to proprietary Weishi, Weishi shot to #1 in the Chinese free app, link

Conventional electric drones have flighttimes in the range of 20m, startup Impossible Aerospace's battery-centric designed drone can fly for 2 hours, carries a 2kg payload, and comes with a $7500 price tag, link; courier??

Facebook launched their opt-in dating feature in Colombia (an agreeable culture) a few days ago, link; users either indicate lack of interest in a suggested match or have to send a message tied to a specific piece of content, e.g. profile's photo

Lootboxes, nicely explained through Eyal's Hooked model, link

Airbnb wants to give hosts equity, link, which would be a first in the gig economy

Alipay gains 200m users in one year, link

33 other industries autonomous vehicles may disrupt, link; hotels? Fast-food (fewer impulse drive-thrus- 70% of McDs sales)? ISP? Gyms??

Streaming makes up 75% of music industry revenue, link, digital downloads down 27%

#63 September 16th 18

C-suite survey found that access to software development talent (61%) was deemed more of a threat than lack of capital, link, reflection of liquidity environment and/or exigencies of modern biz

7 of Google's employees have now quit over the emergence of the Google China plan, link

Alibaba sets up $2B JV with Russia's Mail.Ru, link, day after $500M investment for 10% stake in Mail.Ru, link, which owns and operates top 3 Russian SNS including VK; Russian e-commerce penetration 3%  vs China 15%

WeWork acquires Teem for $100m, they make facility management software + analytics: when is a room being underutilized, link

Salesforce's Marc Benioff buys TIME for $190m, link

SpaceX's ambitious plans for a completely reuse-able Earth-Mars rocket, link

Atrium raises $65m from a16z to replace (just document ingestion at least for now) lawyers (paralegals really) with AI, link; founder is right that law firms are disinclined to improve efficiency and usually dividend out profits

Tencent shuts poker platform down, link, another chapter in government interference in gaming/tech companies; meanwhile news aggregator Toutiao's unlicensed loan brokering service was called out, link, not shut down yet

Citigroup creates the equivalent of ADRs for crypto, link

Two dollar-backed stablecoins were approved by US regulators on Monday: Paxos Standard link, and the Winklevoss' Gemini Dollar, link; meanwhile Coinbase, Circle and other crypto companies form the first DC lobbying group, link

#62 September 9th 18

Senator Sanders introduced a bill that would tax large corporations whose workers collect public assistance, named the (s)BEZOS Act, Stop Bad Employers by Zeroing Subsidies, link


Instagram is working on a standalone shopping app: 4//5 users follow at least one business apparently, link


CB tracked 1100 companies that received seed funding 2008-10, 67% failed to exit/raise another round, 14% went on to raise a fourth round/Series C, only 1% became unicorns, link


Robinhood looking at $5.6B val IPO, link


DARPA pledged to invest $2B in AI R&D over the next 5y, link


Tencent will identify Beijing gamers (of a specific game, Honor of Kings) and limit U18 game time:

13-18yos get 2h/d, <13 get 1h/d, link… at the government's behest??


Deep-link (HTML links that connect you to specific pages vs. homepages) startup Branch, raises $129m Series D at $1B; it serves 40000 apps with ~3B users, link


E-cigarette manufacturer, Juul, seeks $1.2b raise at $15b valuation; June sales are up 783% YoY, link, "Juul-ing" is a cultural phenomenon


Chinese bicycle company Mobike lost 1 in 10 bikes in Manchester to theft/vandalism, link


Translation of a 2017 on report China's Civil-Military Fusion by Chinese boutique IB notes that China didn't even permit non-government capital to enter national defense S&T until 2005 — meaning to say there's still an Lockheed Martin-sized opportunity for private defense companies, link


The head of China Everbright's new-economy funds warned that the Chinese AI is going to cool down/pop at some point: 2013-now 60% of AI funding went to Chinese companies, and in 2017 China's share of funding increased to 70%... Co-founder of SenseTime (most valuable AI startup) shared the same sentiment — people are applying AI where it's not needed: “A home appliance maker was once in touch, hoping to install facial recognition to their air conditioner so that the temperature can adjust automatically,” he said. “There’s a simpler solution called remote control.”


Indian payments startup Paytm received a $350m investment for 4% stake ($8.7B val) from Berkshire Hathaway, though the famously tech-adverse Buffet wasn't directly involved in the deal, link… 300m registered users, does 5m tx/d, and there are 7m merchants with monthly tx of ~$4b

#61 September 2nd 18

The leading measure of US consumer confidence (conducted by The Conference Board, n=5000 households, 40% current opinion, 60% future opinion, base=1985) is at its highest since 2000, link, climbing to 133 from 128 in July

Apple buys AR lens startup Akonia, link

Google had a deal with Mastercard that gave them access to customers' offline purchase data, link; of course most cardholders were unaware of this arrangement; when Google announced the availability of their "Store Sales Measurement" metric which tracks whether an online ad led to a physical store sale they claimed to have 70% of US debit/credit cards

Launched domestically in August '17, Facebook is rolling out Facebook Watch — their VOD service — globally and lowering barriers to monetization: those creating three-minute videos that have 10,000 followers or generate more than 30,000 one-minute views within a two-month period qualify, link

Nigerian Stripe-like payment startup Paystack (the first from Nigeria to enter YC in '16) raises Series A from Stripe, Visa, and Tencent, link

A $15B, 34 mile bridge connecting HK to Macau has been completed; China hopes this new "Greater Bay Area" might rival Silicon Valley, link

Last week, a Norweigian shipping company won a contract to build the world's first autonomous and electric container ship, link, set to be fully autonomous by 2022

Robinhood adds ADRs, link

The Peter Principle suggests that employees are promoted to their level of incompetence, i.e. they'll keep getting promoted until they reach a station for which they are unqualified; a study of 214 firms, 53,000 sales workers, and 1,500 promotions found this to be true: excellent sales staff were likely to be  promoted and then be terrible managers… "Perhaps employers are using the prospect of promotion as an incentive, and are willing to accept the collateral damage caused by all these terrible managers. If so, they are probably making a mistake. It would be better just to encourage the star salespeople with cash bonuses instead," link

Trump claims Google is biased against him, link

GTA's role in music discovery: players have listened to ~25B songs in 5 y, link

Coinbase commissioned a survey of 675 US university students and found 18% own or had owned cryptocurrency, link… 47% of social science majors said they were interested in learning  more vs. 34% of CS/eng majors

Esports gets mainstream: China defeated Taiwan to win the first ever Arena of Valor gold medal at the 2018 Asian Games, link

#60 August 26th 18

Saudi Arabia's state-owned Aramco called of its proposed IPO which would have been the world's largest IPO and made it the world's most valuable public company, 5% at a $2T valuation, link

"Google and Facebook are just the tip of an old, hardened iceberg… Your data is everywhere, and nowhere, and you cannot escape it, or what it might yet do to you," data-intelligence-driven consumer marketing has a long history the only difference is that today we're hyperaware of what's going on but permit it to continue — who's going to pay for search or social networking when we've come to accept it for 'free?' — Atlantic link, this is my generation's Faustian deal

Google gets sued, link; users thought they could turn off location data when using Google and that this would prevent such data from being shared with the internet giant; in fact, this only affected a specific feature within Maps, link, even if you turned off location data, Google was saving your location data ~300x/day; apparently Google is also bound by a 20y agreement with the FTC to not misrepresent to customers how they can protect their privacy from an investigation in 2011

Instagram's IGTV — longer format, vertical video (a proprietary format that was/is alien to existing content creators on the platform) — hasn't really taken off… an interview with Kylie Jenner only had 11,000 views, link

JPMC and their digital strategy: emerging affluent customers, digital banking (Finn), closed-loop payments, and retail investment link; Chase Sapphire is integral to this effort, with new branches being opened in proximity to Sapphire customers (the sign-up promotion for which they ran cost the bank $200M but clearly worked: Sapphire Reserve has a >90% renewal rate); Chase's growing closed-loop (both merchant and customer using Chase) payments system ChaseNet which charges no network fee/merchant-acq fees; You Invest

Merchant fees in the US are worth $43B while bank checking fees ring up $3B; this could all be up for grabs if America's banks get disintermediated the way Chinese banks have been by the mobile financial ecosystem there — $15T in mobile payments were processed in 2017 and 90% of this was split between Tencent/Alibaba, link

In their ongoing battle against misinformation, Facebook is going to start rating users based on their trustworthiness; we don't know quite know what factors they'll be considering yet, link — eerily like China's social credit score system except Facebook no longer has a monopoly on Western digital identity as it did when it first came out

A move of 20% marks the start of a bull/bear market and if you round the 1990 19.9% bear market to 20% then on Thursday, this bull market became the longest-running ever at 3453+ days, link; when it comes to total S&P 500 return though, it ranks in at a historical 3rd (close 2nd) at 321%

Representatives from major tech companies met on Friday to coordinate strategy with regards to mitigating information operations ahead of the 2018 midterms, link

Eventbrite files for $200m IPO, most recent raise in Sep '17 had a >$1b valuation, link; one interesting note: payments thru Square, data storage thru AWS and distribution thru Facebook / Spotify distribution link

With Venezuela's economy forecast to shrink by 18% and sustain inflation of 1,000,000%, the government is devaluing their currency (again), and also pegging it to a sovereign cryptocurrency the petro, link, which was launched back in February — and which the government says raised $375M, link; the  petro itself is pegged to the value of a barrel of oil but isn't really redeemable; the whitepaper wasn't very detailed… "No blockchain expert in the world could make an accurate guess as to how the petro is doing right now, or if it’s even being used."

Meanwhile picks-and-shovels are doing well: CoinDesk is profitable and had revenue of $20m in the first 7m of 2008, link

Epic Games bypassed the Play Store for the Android version of Fornite… now Netflix wants to do the same, link

700K+ people paid $10 each to watch a boxing match between Logan Paul and KSI, two internet celebrities, link, but more watched for free on Twitch

#59 August 19th 18

1400 employees at Google signed a letter to stop Google China from happening; launching in China would buoy the share price (but realistically not the bottom line since Chinese search companies are doing fine), but would cost significant moral (read: make hiring in the future difficult) capital

Facebook is contesting a DoJ demand to decrypt voice messages sent over Messenger, link, which are encrypted end-to-end using the opt-in 'Secret Conversation' feature… in terms of accessing data they've encrypted, Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress in April that Facebook could not access WhatsApp data

EpiPen will get generic competition for the first time (from Teva) since it's been available (2 decades), link; in 2007 when Mylan bought the rights to it, it sold for $57, in 2016 it cost $600 for a pack of 2

Asian wealth funds have made mega-rounds (>$100M raised) common AF, link, but get this: "By entering the tech market, they have all but eliminated talk in Silicon Valley about an investment bubble — a leading concern a couple of years ago — because the money now seems almost limitless…" — isn't that the bubble?

Credit Karma, which offers free credit score monitoring services acquired mortgage platform Approved; is there a term for data synergy? link

When everything is automated, will we be happy? "Whereas congestion on roads may be pure waste, congestion in our lives may not be. Often it’s productive in ways that are hard to measure, at least in dollars or pleasure. Congestion is sometimes an opportunity to socialize or to stop and think about what you’re waiting for." link; alternatively, consider what MOST people would do with 2-3 extra hours a day… YouTube/Instagram/Facebook?

London-based Threads sells luxury fashion only through social apps, WeChat/WhatsApp/Snapchat, link, who even needs a store nowadays- or a website apparently

Google smart speaker sales up 449% vs Amazon's 14%, now leading smart speaker, link

#58 August 12th 18

How AI can disrupt clinical trials, link, finding the right patient for the right trial is a huge bottleneck currently with roughly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines, and ~1/3 of Phase III clinical study terminations being due to enrollment difficulties… despite federal attempts at electronic health records (EHR), still no centralized database; once this is in place AI startups could match patient-trials quickly and efficiently; this data is incredibly valuable: Roche acquired Flatiron Health, a cloud health analytics company with 2m patient records, for $1.9b in February; other AI uses: medication adherence? Taking photos of yourself taking your meds; meanwhile Apple rolled out a Health Records API in June

Tinder's earnings validates Facebook's decision to get into online dating, link, with YoY revenue to double and it to make up ~50% of Match Group's projected $1.7b revenue… they added 300,000 new paying subscribers in Q2

Snapchat lost 3m daily active users in Q2, link

SoftBank to lead investment in Alibaba's food delivery startup, link

Alibaba announced its version of Amazon Prime: 88VIP, which costs 88RMB for members with a certain membership value accrued from making purchases, etc. and 888RMB otherwise; members receive exclusive discounts on platforms such as Taobao, Youku, Tmall, Xiami Music, link

When Facebook acquired TBH, a viral teen polling app that amassed 2.5m DAU in just a few months, last October they paid to understand what appeals to teens and what TBH did successfully… basically a mix of hyperlocalization and exclusivity: they made private Instagram accounts for specific high schools, link

Only 2% of Alexa owners have used its voice interface to make a purchase, link

This is what a successful subscription company looks like, and they sell bikes, Peloton sells $2000 bikes, but will pull in $700m in revenue this year thanks mainly to its $39/m class subscription, link

NYC City Council voted to enact limits on new private hire vehicle licenses (Uber/Lyft), link

Facebook's head of blockchain steps down from Coinbase board ahead of potential conflicts, link

Chinese electric scooter company XPENG, founded in 2014 with its first production model unveiled this year at CES, raises $600m at a $3.6b valuation, link

A huge long position in Bitcoin futures on OKEx was liquidated and the shortfall covered by other future traders thanks to a 'clawback' policy unique to crypto exchanges, link

#57 August 5th 18

MoviePass' (which charges $10/m for an AYC-watch movie service, some movies cost additional) parent company Helios and Matheson is 99% down YTD but borrowed $5M for a $6.2M note, link; can they turn around? link, maybe if that got a cut on concessions

Google is developing a news app (would compete with TouTiao) for China that complies with their censorship policies, link, as well as a search engine — backtracking on a no-China policy since 2010 when they pulled out due to objections over being a "force of totalitarianism"

Tencent's $143B valuation wipeout (since January, i.e. not single day) >>> Facebook's, link, slowing growth… just wait for the e-gaming revenue

Apple, the trillion dollar company + Tim Cook the dependable CEO, link, "As chief executive, Mr. Cook has also overseen most of the rise in Apple’s value. (The total value of the company’s shares was $346 billion when he took the helm in August 2011.) Mr. Cook has been a steady, if unflashy, hand as chief executive, building the iPhone into a huge business, including sales of accessories and services off it…" if Apple glasses are a hit then the sky is the limit

Apple Glasses, soon, why (video)

Apply Pay to launch in Germany and US CVS/7-11, link, finally?

Fidelity offering a zero expense index fund, link, as a loss-leader feature

Facebook had a successful collab intended to boost subscriptions (via Facebook) with local newspapers including the Seattle Times and Boston Globe; it also gave participating members $200K to implement their digital strategies, link

Facebook to finally start monetizing WhatsApp, link, the time has come

CBInsights on millennial FinTech, link, the importance of UI and mobile-first bank accounts: SoFi Money has a 1.1% interest rate and no account (minimum, ATM, overdraft, forex!!!!) fees — watch out BoA

'Weinstein Clause' being added to M&A deals on Wall St to protect investors from blowback from uncovering sexual harassment scandals, link

Executives have been using corporate buybacks as an opportunity to cash out: " twice as many companies have insiders selling in the eight days after a buyback announcement as sell on an ordinary day," clearly tax cuts have been helping some (read: very few) people, link opened an autonomous store in Jakarta, Indonesia, link

Android Fortnite to be downloaded directly and not via the Play Store (i.e. no 30% cut for Google), link

#56 July 30th 18

Facebook lost $119B in one day, link, after warning investors of slowing growth and greater priorities on privacy protection, longer opinion; meanwhile, investments in emerging market data-'Lite' apps are paying off: Facebook Lite had 200m MAU July '17 and recently launched Instagram Lite, link; they also had a subsidiary company approved in China and then later withdrawn, link

Amazon Rekognition + members of Congress = false positives, link

Grab story, Asia's most valuable startup at $10B, link, they're also starting a venture arm to offer financial services to the underbanked in SEA; cofounders met at HBS and CEO Anthony also met Indonesian competitor Gojek's founder there too; Anthony's family owned the SEA Nissan dealership and were already rich, early financing from parents

Pinterest nears $1B in sales, proposed IPO valuation $13-15B, link, 200MAU

Daimer signed an agreement to collaborate with Baidu on autonomous car program, link

Equifax last year suffered the largest data breach in history: losing the financial data of 147m+… article discusses how much easier it is to pay for security AFTER a hack ('post-breach'), link; also I remember finding that Equifax's CSO at the time of the hack had degrees in music composition, love this snarky post

The US is struggling to find funding for new icebreakers/arctic exploration vessels… the US has five, Russia has 46, and they'll only become more important as the ice melts (global warming), link

Janus v AFSCME last month ruled that the application of public sector union fees to non-union members violates their 1st Amendment rights- overturning a 40y precedent, link, income inequality will likely worsen as a result; a recent paper found that union members receive up to 20% more than similarly qualified members ex-union employees over the past 80y ceteris paribus, link

3 Chinese Telcos + blockchain, link… “In the next 3-5y, we can expect to see more than 60% of telecoms services use blockchain technology. Blockchain will not only help telcos lower operational costs for things like user identification, billing and content delivery network, but it will serve as the best solution to improve network security.”

Vaclav Smil, link

#55 July 23th 18

How Google invests, link… "[through] an algorithm that effectively permits or prohibits both new and follow-on investments. Staffers plug in all sorts of deal details into "The Machine" — which is programmed with all sorts of market data, and returns traffic signal-like outputs. Green means go. Red means stop. Yellow means proceed with caution, but sources say it's usually the practical equivalent of red. It was initially designed and used as a due diligence assistant that could be overruled but, according to three sources, it has evolved into a de facto investment committee…" unsurprisingly, it's not perfect (lack of quantity/quality data in VC investments)

Light sells a $2000 camera with 16 lenses that's the size of an iPhone and uses computer vision to stitch 16 photos taken at different local lengths together, SoftBank invested $121M to pivot Light to autonomous driving, link

The survival of Best Buy in the Amazon era, link, they only get 26% of their customers' electronic spending while 16% of their revenue is online, well above other big-box retailers… CEO with no retail experience in 2012 turned it around and was trained at McKinsey and Vivendi where he greenlighted World of Warcraft

Goldman Sachs analysis, link, 46% of new job postings are in tech (especially Android developers for its all digital retail bank), while their online lending arm Marcus lent $1B in its first 8 months, ++

Alphabet Q2 revenue up 26% YoY, net income of $3.2B including $5.1B EU fine, link

Google's internet balloon project, Loon, which recently launched itself as an independent company (outside of Google X) are heading to Kenya, link

All three of Microsoft's operating groups saw double-digit YoY growth, link, LKND revenue up 37%

Tencent to attempt US expansion for WeChat Pay by signing up merchants in tourist hotspots, link; the market may be ripe for broader adoption, however, because of the lack of innovation in payments there

Samsung phones have up to 30% faster download speeds than iPhones, link, speeds dependent on modem chips, which Apple mixes between Intel/Qualcomm

120 Chinese companies made the 2018 Fortune 500 List, 6 less than the US, link, up from 115 in 2017 and 98 in 2016

IBM working on a stable cryptocurrency to be run on the Stellar network (which was certified by an Islamic advisory firm, itself certified by Bahrain's central bank, as being shariah compliant, link), link, also "IBM Turns to Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies To Survive," link

#54 July 16th 18

Amazon's fourth Prime Day starts on Monday/today, link; with projections of 6x usual sales, it represents 2% of annual retail revenue, estimated at $250B this year, link => $4B, vs Alibaba's $25B Single Day sales, link (11/11); Prime Day features extensive Alexa sales to boost adoption (and improve training data), meanwhile Whole Foods has reported 9 months of back-to-back 2-3% same store growth… wow

eSports: "The global eSports economy—which includes media rights, advertising, sponsorships, merchandising and ticket sales—will grow by 41% in 2017 to $696 million and reach $1.49 billion by 2020, according to Newzoo" (compared to $1.25B in NFL sponsorship revenue alone), link, but it's really early days and future generations are going to grow up watching Twitch streams not baseball (maybe a little basketball, link); meanwhile the Overwatch League announced that playoffs will be aired over ESPN and Disney, this is the start of a multiyear agreement, link

Google's internet balloon project (Loon) and drone delivery (Wing) moonshots 'graduate' into independent companies, link,

Magic Leap, the AR unicorn, signs AT&T as sole US wireless vendor (in return for investment), link, to launch this year FINALLY

A look into Facebook's really early days,  link; "the single greatest growth mechanism ever was photo tagging." Newsfeed was also great for usage/growth but initially seen as a privacy violation (LOL, @ today's privacy issues in relation?)

Kylie Jenner…  age: 20 years old, estimated net worth: $900M, how: (1) social media marketing -  110m followers on Instagram, (2) Shopify + white-labelled cosmetics, link

Johnson&Johnson ordered to pay ~$5B in fines for ovarian-cancer-causing baby powder, link

The DoJ settled with Defense Distributed, a startup that mainly produces gun fabricators, over whether distributing 3D gun blueprints is protected under the First Amendment (freedom of speech), link; the only feasible gun control avenue in the future will be over ammunition

DoJ appeals AT&T-TW deal, may backfire and "make such vertical integrations more likely to pass regulatory approval if the appeals court decides stronger and clearer language is required;" consequently: Comcast appears to be pursuing Sky > Fox, which is most likely to go to Disney, link

Apple to launch $300m clean energy fund, in China, link

4500 tech workers who volunteer their time to get Democrats elected, link, key: data analytics + social media

Netflix receives 117 Emmy nominations this year, breaking HBO’s 17-year streak of having the most Emmy nods, link, they spend similar amounts on programming: $6.3b vs $8b, link

Megvii, the world's most valuable AI startup ($4.5B), a Chinese facial recognition play, whose SDK is used by over 300K developers from 150 countries, link

Samsung opens world's largest smartphone factory in India, link; India's smartphone market grew 14% in 2017, the fastest growth in the top 20 markets and likely to remain that way: 1.3b people have only 425m smartphones between them

YouTube to work on fighting misinformation by annotating conspiracy-related videos with annotated text from trusted third parties such as Encyclopedia Britannica and Wikipedia, link

Uber investing in Lime in round led by GV (Google) valuing it at $1.1B, and will offer scooter services through it, link

Disrupting/disintermediating milk in rural India, not easy work, link, but everyone's better off

Dysfunctional corporate climate @ Meitu, link

#53 July 9th 18

Amazon looking increasingly threatening in the advertising space, link; their data is better (purchase information) and private, also not as restricted UI-wise as Google (known for its clean UI) is, link

Lyft buys Motivate, the largest bike-sharing company in the US and which operates Citi Bike in NYC and Ford's GoBike in SF, link

Lyft as a subscription business, link

Uber as a flying car company, link (see CEO Dara's comments in February that “Cars are to us what books are to Amazon;” in the future, mobility and hospitality will likely intersect in interesting ways: why pay for a room if your rented autonomous vehicle has a flat bed?)

US freight (or "dry van" box trailers specifically) costs are up 30% YoY, as truck tonnage has increased 8% but a shortage of drivers has worsened, link… I imagine it's difficult to hire people for an occupation frequently described as the first to go in the face of automation

Meanwhile, Baidu's first 100 autonomous buses roll of production lines, link

Boosted by a $14B raise by Ant Financial, Chinese VC out-raised North American VC for the first time, ever, link

China is now also the #1 country in blockchain patents, link, (Alibaba, 49; BoA, 44; PBOC, 33);

Algorithmic governance in China, link

People like Elon Musk, central nodes in Twitter's social graph, 'need to be stopped' according to Wired, link; social impersonation: one firm found 9000 fake accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the 10 most followed people on Instagram, link

Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company, is working on a proposal to develop a 'smart-city' waterfront development (a dozen acres) in Toronto, to be the "the world’s first neighborhood built from the internet up…" though a sensor-enabled city may not be ground-breaking, the subsequent data analysis made possible by this data could push urban design boundaries, also note proximity of UToronto, link-  also, just because Google does something doesn't really make it the first, see Songdo IBD, link

Last week, CATL, the largest lithium battery company in terms of production, was awarded a $1.16b battery contract by BMW; China accounts for more than 50% of new global EV ownership, link, most likely in exchange for building a battery factory in Germany? link

Huawei considering making a smartwatch that stores wireless earbuds, why isn't this a thing yet? link, as well as build a gaming-specific mobile phone, link… mobile gaming companies (e.g. Tencent, 46% of revenue from gaming, now working on GoT game, link?) and eSports (increasingly mobile) stand to benefit

In 2018 alone, >1000 crypto projects have failed, link; and Facebook's new Director of Engineering for Blockchain, link

A lot of people think transacting in crypto promises anonymity (maybe true today with certain cryptos e.g. ZCash), but profile on Chainalysis, which locates crypto for the FBI (>$750K in contracts) and other law enforcement agencies proves otherwise: 95% success rate, and confidence that they can identify at least one counter-party in 80% of all Bitcoin transactions, link

#52 July 2nd 18

Last year, people were afraid Facebook might be recording conversations 24/7; although this is unlikely, a patent was published June 16 that imagines an inaudible-to-humans audio fingerprint that might be embedded in a video stream that could trigger a smartphone/device to start recording, link; similar conceptually, to how Amazon prevents Alexa from being triggered when it's mentioned in advertisements, link, (they mute a certain frequency range). Human hearing is really easy to cheat apparently.

Facebook privacy issues - almost deserves its own page: (now) data of 120M people who used NameTests apps exposed to any subsequent websites they visited, link; (June) 14M users had private posts set to public, link; (April) abusive JS scripts using Login With Facebook SDK on 434 of the top 1m websites, link, AND all users profiles accessible via phone number/email search, link; and of course Cambridge Analytica (at least 87M users affected), link… Meanwhile, a summer ad campaign to rebuild trust is in full swing, but it scapegoats all these mishaps and more to third parties and doesn't really take any responsibility (also see Senate hearings), link; with >2B users and no competitors in sight, Facebook probably can't even be stopped by a successful GDPR class-action

Amazon outbids Walmart on PillPack for $1B acquisition, it now has pharmaceutical licenses in 49 states, link; wipes out $17B in public pharma market cap as a result, link

Amazon has poached 30 Microsoft executives in the past 3 years compared with 5 (Google), 2 (Apple), link

Amazon announces program to help people start their own logistics companies — delivering, of course, for Amazon; it entails a minimum investment of $10,000 and according to their calculations could net entrepreneurs up to $300K/y, link; employees would wear

Tesla hits a production target for the first time: 5000 Model 3's in a week, likely it's not sustainable but merely to test production facility capabilities, link

First of its kind, data-privacy bill passed in California allowing residents to entirely prohibit the sale of their personal data to third parties as well as opt out of sharing entirely, link; law was advocated and funded singularly by wealthy real estate broker at a cost of $3M, link

In May, Bird raised $200M at $1B, now it's raised another $300M at $2B, link; context: it’s a scooter company that operates in <20 metropolitan areas

AT&T admin fee increase from $0.76 to $1.99 will make $800M/y in additional revenue; convenient to come right after the $85B acq of Times Warner

In Feb, I noted that Apple Music was set to overtake Spotify in terms of US subscribers by summer (globally its 40M vs ~70M), link, if streams of Drake's new album are anything to go by this may already have happened, 170M streams on Apple vs 130M streams on Spotify, breaking records on both services, link

Profile on a public SF middle school, link, "How the Startup Mentality Failed Kids in SF," context: SF's new wealthy tech work force has resulted in a city with one the lowest numbers of children per capita, public school enrollment is also at historic lows; as a result, 9 new secular private schools (many with a STEM focus) opened between 2010-5; can education be disrupted at scale? // Related: Elon Musk's private attempt, Ad Astra, housed in a SpaceX office link

Blue light, it's not great for your eyes or sleep patterns, and yet designers in tech use it all the time, link, they should take notes from the military (red-orange)

DARPA to fund research programs ($100M over 4y) for silicon chip compiler to reduce barriers to entry, link

With Xiaomi's inability to dual-list (Shanghai+HK) and thereby only raise $6B, China Tower (merger between China Mobile, Telecom, and Unicom in 2014) wins approval for $10B IPO at top valuation of $40B… would be the largest IPO since Alibaba in 2014, link

Naver's (South Korean search company) LINE (the mainly Japanese chat app) to build a cryptocurrency exchange, link, likely to be ICX-based if one extrapolates from the partnership inked earlier this year between Korean Icon cryptocurrency (ICX) and LINE

a16z starts $300M crypto fund with first ever female general partner, link

China issues its first blockchain-based tax invoice in Guangzhou, link

JD Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Chinese Amazon (ish, it's smaller) JD signs cooperation agreement with crypto exchange Huobi, link

#51 June 24th 18

China's Meituan-Dianping expecting to go public this year ~$60B, backed by Tencent and competing with Alibaba-funded rival; Meituan defies easy comparisons: it's the Grubhub, Yelp, Groupon, and Yelp of China, link


Last week I wrote about pre-digital judicial decisions blunderingly being made in our post-digital world, this week SCOTUS got something right in a 5-4 decision that overturned the 1992 precedent which established that states could not require businesses without "physical presence" to collect state taxes; this made sense in the mail age; Amazon which already collects tax on direct purchases will only need to now collect taxes on goods sold by third-parties, its stock was barely affected, link


Robinhood in talks to offer banking services to its 4M customers, link


Amazon now operates ~100 private label brands, e.g. AmazonBasics which acquired ~1/3 online battery market share 2009-'12, link, and bring in ~$12B/y in revenue; analysts suggest this could be doubled in the next four years, how: data, they know which product categories are hot and what helps vendors sell; potential antitrust concerns for the future


Shareholders urge Amazon to stop selling facial recognition software to law enforcement, link; company claims it's more accurate than before, but what's our benchmark as a society and who decides? E.g. FDA doesn't allow sales of drugs until extensive testing, as noted in the article "Are we okay with a 50% false positive rate, or a 20% false positive rate, when it comes to stops, arrests, or police investigation? The answer to the accuracy question will determine who gets handcuffed and who does not." 2 years ago, The Atlantic, link, broke how facial recognition is biased towards African Americans; it's still a problem, link


Amazon rolls out Alexa for Hospitality, a special version of the company’s voice assistant that will be distributed on an invitation basis to hotels, vacation rental spaces, and other locations starting today; this especially makes sense for smaller brands who don't want to invest in making their own tech/virtual assistants, but the larger brands will probably migrate over eventually since their products are well… pretty hard to use, link


Amazon Prime Wardrobe also now available to everyone in the US, link, the service where you try before you buy


Facebook tests premium subscription Groups feature, link, while Instagram launches IGTV to compete with YouTube, link, it will spotlight popular videos from Instagram celebrities and feature videos up to an hour long


Medical writer and practicing surgeon Atul Gawande named CEO of Amazon/BerkshireHathaway/JPMC healthcare JV, link


Match ($12B MC, owns Tinder, OKC, PlentyofFish, acquires Hinge, link; Match has 7m subscribers as of March link… Facebook announced an upcoming opt-in dating feature in May and Match stock fell 22%, it has since recovered, but Facebook has 2.19B MAU


Stocks of Japanese unicorn Mercari, a flea shop operator/eBay-like service, up 71% on opening day, link, mostly bought by overseas investors; operating in Japan, US, and the UK, but not doing well overseas  despite 30m downloads in the US as of end 2017; was first Japanese pre-IPO unicorn when it raised its series D, link.


Korean Venmo, Toss, raises $40M from GIC/Sequoia China, raised $48M previously from PayPal in 2017, link; founder, "a dentist until he saw the potential for a mobile payment service;" claims to process $1.4B/m


Square's POS replacement for iPads (read: updating Square software apparently pisses merchants off), "in a tablet market where Apple still dominates, a financial services company has made a piece of hardware that’s covetable and happens to run on Android," link, and instead of one swiveling screens, there are two fixed ones; idky but POS hardware fascinates me


Thiel/YC-backed startup Brex (raised $57M) issues credit cards for startups that only have cash; if you miss a payment you lose your card, link; not really sure if this idea really is "fintech," but card holders apparently can access "an in-built expense management system," i.e. a less well developed Mint?


Microsoft+EY build IP licensing and royalty payments platform, to be trialed by Ubisoft, link

#50 June 17th 18

JD's new Shanghai fulfillment center processes 200K orders/d, and has 4 human employees, link, AMZN  take note

WeWork raising money at $35B valuation, link

AT&T now owns HBO, TBS, CNN, Warner Bros., and more thanks to a court decision this week that ruled in favor of the AT&T-Times Warner acquisition at the expense of the DoJ; apparently the government's expert witness said the merger would benefit customers?, but most problematically: the judge "did not understand that HBO Now and Netflix are both accessed by consumers in the exact same ways," i.e. that the acquisition would consolidate market share for the competing products. Just like the Facebook Senate hearings, this feels like one more case in what'll be a long string of old people deliberating consequently on things they do not really understand; huge in-depth analysis link, and the biz-sense behind the acq: using mobile data (from AT&T) to target cable viewers with better ads (Times Warner).

GDPR has royally screwed email marketers, with up to 80% losses in subscriptions, link

Oprah signs deal to produce content for Apple, link, if Apple is doubling down on content, what about platform? Next 10 years will be a battle for screens

In 2019, people will spend more time online than on TV, link, advertisers are commensurately spending  more on digital marketing; meanwhile, >50% of US households no longer use landlines, link

In just over a year, Baidu, has inked 100 partnerships for its autonomous car project, the Apollo Project, launched a $1.5b investment fund back in September, link

"The future of consumer payments may not be designed in New York or London but in China," link, if Americans adopted third party apps like China has (2016 transactions through Alipay/WeChat totaled $2.9T or 50% of all consumers goods sold in China), then US financial firms, especially banks, could be  set to lose $90B in processing fees… great infographic in-article wrt how a credit card transaction works, also noted is the $3B in bank fees that checking accounts — which used to be free! — accrue, e.g. $1.8B in overdraft fees; the end of free checking was a tax levied on the poor by the rich: 80% of bank fees are paid by ~20% of (the poorest) customers, link; please disrupt this space faster, link

Apple bans mobile cryptocurrency mining, link's EOS main net pre-launch was really buggy, one hacker found 12 bugs and made $120K in a few days, link

Interactive narrative series Minecraft: Story Mode to come to Netflix, game streaming not currently planned, link

1y after launch, Tencent's (40% ownership) Epic Games’ Fortnite has 125M players, 40M of whom use it at least 1/m,  link, Tencent stock is 50% up YTD

In response to murder of female passenger earlier this year, Didi's car-pooling service is restricted to same-sex riders in the early morning/late evening,  link

#49 June 10th 18

Microsoft acquires Github for $7.5b, main competitor GitLab rides #movingtogitlab wave (7x increase in orders in 24h, link), makes premium services free for open-source projects and schools, link; that's a turn around from Microsoft's previous position: Ballmer called Linux "a cancer" in 2001, but recanted his statements in 2016, he "loves it now." Not sure if the developer community agrees, but the Q is who do they want to give their $ to: AWS or Azure?... Stratechery's analysis: "What Microsoft wants is much fuzzier: it wants to be developers’ friend, in large part because it has no other option. In the long run, particularly as Windows continues to fade, the company will be ever more invested in a world with no gatekeepers, where developer tools and clouds win by being better on the merits, not by being able to leverage users." link

"Microsoft also acquires a whole bunch of game studios," link

Berlin already has three competing bike-share companies: OBike, based in Singapore, China’s Mobike, and LimeBike; regardless, Uber is rolling out its electric-bike service there (which it acquired from Jump in April for $100m), link, meanwhile scooter company Bird raises $200m at $1b, link

Coinbase buys 3 traditional brokerages and becomes a fully SEC-regulated brokerage; competing with Circle (Goldman) which currently has a 'buy the market' feature that buys top 7 coins according to market cap with 1% fee vs 3% Coinbase fees for access to 4 coins, link

Foxconn stock rose by maximum 44% in Shanghai, link

UK digital bank Monzo integrates with IFTTT (if this then that), which is really cool, link, if you had a Philips smart lightbulb you could have it switch on every time you bought something, etc., i.e. your finance can interact with any IOT-device

Bitcoin investors have been selling; the ratio of investor : trader dropped from 3 -> 1.2 between November-April, link

Facebook gaffed again, admitting that 14M users had their private posts default to public; paradigm shift: they're getting ahead of the news now, link

Facebook signs agreements with major record labels, testing Musically (lip-sync) features on Facebook Story link, and likely to add music as a feature to Instagram stories too link

Apple is tackling digital addiction with announcements at WWDC including plans for the next iOS to include features that give you detailed stats about how often you use your phone and what you do on it, and it will even let you block yourself and your children from using certain apps.

ZTE signs preliminary agreement to lift US import ban, $1b in fines, $400m in escrow, link

Tencent unveiled a plan to facilitate easy travelling between HK, Macau, and Guangdong (mainland), a pass would be uploaded onto WeChat, link, imagine using Facebook for immigration, just goes to show how strong WeChat is

Revenue from Fortnite (Tencent) doubled in 2m to bring in $300m in April alone, mobile makes $1m/d and the Android app isn't even out yet, link

I first heard of Adyen when their name was listed on my credit card bills whenever I took an Uber, it's a payment processor that is IPOing at $1b and replaced PayPal as Ebay's payment processor, link; apparently what they do well is make purchase data available to merchants, which apparently in 2016  led an overall boost in conversion rates by 1.5%.

Indonesia made cryptocurrency legally tradeable as a commodity on a stock exchange, link

Lenovo copies Apple's iPhone X design with an all-screen-plus-notch design, link, notches are great at signaling from afar your premium mobile choice

#48 June 3rd 18

KPCB's Mary Meeker's annual Internet Trends came out and at 294 slides, a helpful summary courtesy of recode can be found here, link, Alibaba's 60% gross margin vs Amazon's 37% caught my eye and the emphasis on Alibaba as a deeply technological company; also, Eric Schmidt's postulation that China could catch up to the US in AI in 5 years


SoftBank invested $2.25b in GM's Cruise at a $11.5b valuation, up from $1b acquisition price in 2017, link, when this news broke GM stock shot up 10% (~$5b)


Pew's Teen (13-17) Survey, link, (n=743, Pew quotes a +-5% sampling margin of error) finds YouTube most popular platform and Snapchat most used platform… most likely average engagements on YouTube are longer, however; personally problematic because most of the content that trends for teens is lifestyle vlogs that do no more than provide the opportunity to vicariously live the life of a rich & famous and thereby stoke such desires --> narcissism, etc. E.g. between 1948-54, 10000 adolescents were asked whether they considered themselves to be a very important person, 12% said yes; in 1989, 80% of boys and 77% of girls said yes - Road to Character, link


Microsoft is relevant again, in market cap terms it surpassed Google/Alphabet for the first time in 3 years, link, despite massive blunders in mobile/VR; apparently MSFT's cloud division is winning over Wall St, meanwhile MSFT's decision to release 'Windows Subsystem for Linux' in '16 while Apple has dragged its feet on macOS improvements has won over developers


Instagram relevancy algorithm considers mainly interest, recency, and relationship, and says users see  90% of friends content vs 50% pre-algo (um but also spend 200% more time and see 200% more ads); trying to show how their algo 'helps,' but really just shows how we're at the mercy of these black boxes, link


Netflix struggling in India, its largest potential market (China ofc closed), which is dominated by Hotstar 70% market share, owned by Fox/ Walt Disney, link


Visa crashed in Europe due to a 'hardware problem,' highlights the use case of crypto, i.e. decentralization, link, more TPS pls


Corporate buybacks are expected to hit a record this year. In February alone, U.S. corporations announced a record $150.7 billion in buybacks. And companies in the United States have spent $5.1 trillion over the past 10 years on buybacks… this year’s buybacks total expected to hit an 11 year record. “We are looking for record amount of buybacks,” he said. “The highest total buybacks was $589 billion in 2007.” Berkshire Hathaway has $116 billion in cash. Apple’s cash pile is about $280 billion. Microsoft has about $143 billion in cash. Google parent Alphabet has about $100 billion on hand, link, but in Buffett’s case, he has said the right price for a Berkshire buyback would be below 120% book value and Berkshire's current share price is about 150% book value.


German JAB Holding acquired Pret A Manger (~500 branches) for $2b, it also acquired Panera for $7.5b in July '17, Krispy Kreme for $1.35b in May '16, Keurig for $14b in 2016, Dr. Pepper Snapple for $18.7b in 2018, Peet's Coffee for $1b in 2012, etc. That's a lot, link


Chinese blockchain EOS likely to raise >$4b in 365-day ICO, link, how funds are to be used unclear; in comparison, Ethereum raised only $15m in its 42-day crowd-sale in 2014 ($0.31 to >$500 today), but at current EOS prices, the market cap of EOS is already valued at >$10b, or ~20% of Ethereum and the platform is not even live yet; $1b of the $4b is said be slated for incubating EOS projects; EOS will have to compete for developers with every other platform though, e.g. ETH, ADA, XLM, NEO, XEM, QTUM, ICX


Xi Jinping endorsed the potential of blockchain at an annual Chinese Academy of Sciences conference, saying, "Ever since the start of the 21st century, a new generation of industrial revolution is substantially reshaping the global economic structure ... with artificial intelligence, internet of things and blockchain constantly making application breakthroughs."

#47 May 27th 18

China to scrap birth limits (3 years after one-child policy -> two-child; despite this, birth rates fell 3.5% last year) soon, projected that ~25% of China’s population will be 60+ by 2030, from 13% in 2010; meanwhile, China has 106 men for every 100 women, compared with 102 globally (or 30m more men), link


In September, Toshiba agreed to sell its microchip division to a group headed by Bain; although, however, neither company is Chinese, the deal was held up (until now) by Chinese regulators who "Like American and European regulators…can punish foreign companies through fines or other measures if they believe a deal beyond China’s borders (would) give the resulting business too much market power." link


The Obama family sign a deal to create shows for Netflix, link, truly the first president (to have the opportunity) to harness the power of (social) technology


In 2017, the combined prize pools of the top 10 e-sports was $91.2m, Fortnite (created by Epic Games, behind League of Legends, and owned by Tencent) will make a $100m prize pool available in the 2018-19 season, link


Amazon's advantage when it comes to digital content: "I worry Amazon has an almost unfair advantage in the content business because of Prime. It’s the craziest thing ever. Who would have ever thought shipping physical products to people at a loss would become this incredible competitive moat in the television business? Who dreamt that up? I happen to believe that it’s an accident, that Bezos woke up one day and said ‘Wow, actually we can take Prime and we can use that revenue to subsidize our way into the content business.’ But honestly, if you’re a Prime subscriber it doesn’t cost you any more to get their TV. And I gotta come out-of-pocket with Netflix. If you’re only going to have one, which one are you going to have? …People who don’t have hundreds of dollars a month to spend on entertainment might choose just one [entertainment provider], and Amazon might be the one they choose because they’re already Prime. They gotta buy their groceries anyway. It’s just this incredible bundle," and more link


Uber made a profit for the first time, technically, last quarter thanks to the sales of its SEA and Russian operations, link; still technically losing money though; CEO Khosrowshahi believes rides are a loss-leader  to future products (self-driving/flying cars?), “Cars are to us what books are to Amazon,” Khosrowshahi said at a Goldman Sachs conference in February. #TAG


WhatsApp being used to spread misinformation in Indian elections, link


US Justice Dept launches probe into market manipulation of cryptocurrencies, link


iOS 12 to include greater developer access to iPhone's NFC chip, e.g. to use it as a hotel door key, link


WeChat surpasses 1b users, link, half of whom are users of over 500 proprietary minigames, link

#46 May 20th 18

Senate passes Congressional Review Act to restore Net Neutrality, a list of every senator and his/her votes, link (Against is 100% Rep.), but the CRA also needs approval from the House and Ajit… cue another horrific meme video from the FCC, link?


YouTube launching YouTube Music ($10/m) and replacing premium subscription service YouTube Red with  YouTube Premium ($12/m includes YT Music), link


Lyft has taken 40% of the US market, link, and new users are predominantly young (78% in the last 6m under 34)


History of the VC market, link; on ICOs as a threat to the VC industry: "Last year, a project named raised at least $700 million for its tokens (EOS)—even though all it had produced was a fourteen-page white paper. The shopping startup Stitch Fix, by contrast, raised less than one-fifth as much during its recent IPO, even though the business pulled in nearly $1 billion in revenue this fiscal year."


Since 2013, Tencent has acquired 277 tech companies, link


Bank of America launches AI-powered assistant… "In time, [it] will have the insights to not only help pay a friend or list your transactions at a specific merchant, but also help you make better financial decisions by analyzing your habits and providing guidance."


Compound, an a16z and Coinbase funded crypto-venture, to create money market for crypto by algorithmically setting interest rates and allowing users to borrow or short-sell cryptocurrencies, link


HTC to release blockchain-enabled phone, link, each phone will act as a network node and will run Dapps; with current tx costs, seems unfeasible


WSJ found 271/1450 ICOs to contain red flags "that include plagiarized investor documents, promises of guaranteed returns and missing or fake executive teams," link; of the 1,450 white papers downloaded from three popular websites that track coin offerings, the Journal found 111 that repeated entire sections word-for-word from other white papers. The copied language included descriptions of marketing plans, security issues and even distinct technical features such as how other programmers can interact with their database.

#45 May 13th 18

FT look at the SoftBank Vision Fund, which has raised $45b from Saudi Arabia's SWF, $15b from Abu Dhabi's, and $5b from Apple; plans to have investments in 100 companies by 2023, and its $30b invested nearly equals total American VC $33b in 2017; the fund's leverage means that a 20% internal IRR would result in an IRR of 27%, link


The world's largest homebuilder, Lennar, announced that all future homes will be built with smart locks, doorbells, thermostats, and smart lights controlled by Alexa, link


$800m raised by NewTV to create YouTube-length shows at Netflix-price budgets, link, potential customers? All existing social media platforms


This week, Google gave an amazing demo of a fully autonomous Google Assistant call made to book a restaurant. It sounded like a real conversation (there were lots of follow-up questions, and the counterparties probably couldn't tell it was an AI, link; the state of that tech is amazing; but could human-sounding AI be problematic?


Walmart buys 77% stake in Indian e-commerce company Flipkart for $16b, shares went down 3.5% day  of announcement, link, pre-emptive or defensive to Amazon India?


AI-based design company Tailor Brands, which uses AI to create an initial set of customer-specific graphics, e.g. for business cards/websites, raises $15.5m; I wonder what they claim the market size is, link, I suppose if it's good enough it could replace a lot of digital design consultancies thanks to its almost infinitely lower price point, but then won't all designs look nearly identical?


Tencent-backed Chinese telemedicine company WeDoctor raises $500m at $5.5b valuation, link, it provides diagnosis, online appointment booking, and patient-doctor consultation (over the platform); they claim to have 2,700 hospitals, 220,000 doctors, 15,000 pharmacies and 27 million monthly active users; if it's well integrated into WeChat, these numbers wouldn't be surprising nor unlikely to not grow a lot more


USPS posts $1.3b net loss this quarter, more than double last year's figure, despite 5% increase in package volume, link


Boring Company tunnels in LA should be operational in a few months according to Musk, link, then again  not a single Tesla production forecast has been met so…


Skype's pivot towards entreprise usage has made design complex and harder to use, link, anecdotally, I've noticed more people use Zoom instead


Yahoo releases a chat app, link, the problem is only older people in general still use Yahoo Search, and are therefore unlikely to use a chat app

#44 May 6th 18

Facebook announces an opt-in dating feature, link, and is considering an ad-free subscription based feature for opt-in users, link, to obviate the most common reason users cite for leaving the service; and wherever they set up shop they're siphoning prominent AI researchers from universities, link (triple pay isn't a bad incentive)


Short-video apps take China by storm, link, top 4 platforms had 582m users in March, 40% up from the end of the year; to facilitate/join this trend, Alibaba released a video-making app powered by AI that chooses music/pictures/text to help Taobao merchants release 20-second videos; Douyin, by Bytedance (behind #1 Chinese news aggregator Toutiao and global is doing particularly well — infinite scroll really changed our lives, arguably for the worse


Office of the Director of National Intelligence released a transparency report showing a 3x increase in call data collection (151m->530m last year), link


Snapchat, which has lost top executives and cut 7% of its workforce during a recent re-org, added only half of its forecasted user growth this quarter (4m vs forecast 8m vs 9m last year), link


In response to growing e-sports popularity, commercial spaces across the US are creating neighborhood e-sports facilities, expecting 500 venues by 2019, link, movie theatre attendance is at a 25y low, Super League Gamers has 50,000 members


BMW, GM, Ford, Renault,  and others form the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative to apply blockchain to the automotive sector,  link


YouTube now has 1.8b logged-in users/month, link, announces deals with Coachella and other artists


Lucidworks raises $50m for search as a service, link, Reddit uses them; other players: Elastic (400m val Series C in 2014, used by eBay, Microsoft), Algolia (53m raise Series B in 2017, used by Medium, Stripe)


Analysts still mostly bullish on Apple link, which reported only 3% more iPhones sold link, but profit soared and they announced the largest buyback plan in history; meanwhile, Berkshire Hathaway added 75m Apple shares making it the third largest shareholder after Vanguard and BlackRock, link


Cool analysis of snippets from Jeff Bezos' 21 annual shareholder letters, link

#43 April 29th 18

Amazon releases Echo Dot Kids Edition, $30 more than the 'Adult Edition' (?), which comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, link, FreeTime Unlimited offers expanded content over FreeTime, both of which give access to child-friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games… basically an iPad with endless content— which you can only interact with over voice; personally, I believe this move is hugely consequential and if done by a startup could create a substantial unicorn (the question is whether parents trust Amazon to provide wholesome, productive content), but in terms of developing voice assistants, children are amazing generators of natural language because they don't know the limitations of voice assistants. Amazon could totally provide this service for free, to create the voice assistant of the future (think Joaquin Phoenix in the film Her, 2013); Q: where's Apple and Google?

Amazon will also raise Prime monthly subscription costs by $2  from $10.99 to $12.99, link, that's $20 on an annual basis; as of September  '17  there were 90m Prime members = $14b, link,  if all are full-paying  members; for members that use Prime Video and order more than 2 products/month, Prime is still worth it; loss-leading is paying off in both immediate $$ and in subsidizing fulfillment center development

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin launching first 2018 rocket today, link, vs. Elon Musk's SpaceX's launch every 13 days as of 4 April, link; Blue Origin lacks strategy, whereas SpaceX is not only achieving cost efficiency but also potential rural internet provision hegemony

T-Mobile proposes $24B-valued Sprint acquisition, this would free up Mayoshi Son (85% stake, link) for other investments (mainly Chinese tech), link; win-win

Cortana hitting the shelves, and Microsoft's voice assistant strategy, link, tl;dr: not much leverage considering low developer adoption in contrast to Amazon's aggressive Echo ecosystem developer incentive scheme

Meanwhile, Google's Assistant is apparently the smartest assistant; it helps that they leverage the Android — the most widely used mobile OS — platform to force Google Assistant usage and therefore training, link

Coinbase values itself at $8B during Earn (previously:, a failed a16z investment) acquisition,  link

Apple AR headset now slated for 2020 launch,  link; presumably anybody in the Apple ecosystem ($150 EarPods users I'm looking at you) will buy an overpriced AR headset that will provide exclusive access to great iOS AR apps; remaining question: who will be the dominant AR SDK?

Quartz on paid dating app, e.g. Tinder, 'closers', link, takeaway: when the dating pool is selective but  unlimited, pay to win is the logical strategy for the monied

Docusign ends opening trading day 38% up, link

Gmail huge redesign, including privacy features, link, Gmail is and will be the dominant corporate email choice

#42 April 22nd 18

Q4'17, the iPhone X made 35% of total worldwide smartphone profits, and Apple as a company made 86%, link


Tencent Music, China's Spotify/largest music-streaming company prepares for a US IPO at $25b  (Spotify bought a 9% stake last year at $12.5b, Spotify's current market cap at $29b), link


Basis, previously Basecoin, raised $133m from VCs including a16z to create a stable cryptocurrency, link


BitcoinCash, created from a hard fork of Bitcoin in mid-2017, and the 4th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, doubled in the past week ahead of a new fork, link,  that will further increase the block-size from 8MB (vs BTC's 1MB) to 32MB, larger blocks means more transactions can be written to each block, thereby increasing throughput, meanwhile Bitmain's Antpool, a huge mining pool is pledging to burn 12% of all it's newly created BCH, and is encouraging  other pools to do so too, link


Quick recap of Alphabet's ventures/structure, link: Google- search, Waymo- self-driving cars, Fiber- high-speed internet for cities, Nest- smart home hardware, Verily- healthcare R&D, Calico- longevity moonshot, GV- VC arm, Google Capital- later-stage VC arm, DeepMind- AI research, GoogleX- moonshot factory, Area120- internal incubator, Project Loon- internet balloons, YouTube, Android


These seemingly discrete pieces of Alphabet actually interoperate well, case in point: Google's healthcare strategy (note: AI-intensive) involves Calico, GV, Verily, and DeepMind, link. One of the hopes is that with AI and 24h glucose/heart monitoring, the onset of diseases such as Parkinson's can be caught.


Google's incubator Area 120 launched late 2016, link, launched a learn-to-code app called Grasshopper, that only teaches JavaScript; link, they don't plan on adding other languages because JS is used by 70% of professional developers; with 5000 current graduates of the program, they're pleased that 47% came from underrepresented backgrounds; finally it's interesting to see how seriously tech companies take coding education tools, they are after all the largest beneficiaries of a cheaper coding labor force


434 of the top 1m websites were found to be using third party JavaScript trackers/scripts that could pull data from Facebook's Login With Facebook API, thereby allowing third parties to potentially identify users, link


US investors are nervous, link, only 5% of portfolio managers expect the economy to be stronger in 12 months, the lowest number since Brexit,


State of Tokens, link, "token-to-market fit is the new product-to-market fit"


RealSelf, a Yelp for cosmetic treatments/surgeries (e.g. botox) raises $40m; revenue from charging doctors for exposure like Zillow/Houzz

#41 April 15th 18

This week, Mark Zuckerberg testified before joint Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees (the average age of said senators was 62, link). The testimony was widely covered, but Zuck was well-rehearsed and evasive (43 questions he failed to answer, link). Main narrative=Congress being tech-illiterate (counter-narrative, snappy soundbites were out of context, link), but having watched a significant continuous segment, I'd say that the rehearsed questions were great, but the improved follow-ups didn't lead to anything substantial. A nice WSJ piece on data privacy, link, noting combined privacy policies of FAGA and Dominos total 76k words which would  take ~5 hours to read. Best comment: "Your user agreement sucks." John Kennedy (R-LA), link.


Zuckerberg and Facebook have been careful to make Instagram appear as a distinct entity, link: because FB isn't cool while IG is… insight: "The “priceless value” of the Instagram acquisition… was that it persuaded smart people to work with Facebook, confident that they could maintain creative freedom." In the future, Facebook owning the first and second largest social networks could pose the basis for an antitrust case.


Alibaba's financial arm, Ant Financial prepares to raise $9b at $150b, link, far outstripping Uber's valuation to become the world's largest unicorn, HBS has a recent (March '17) case study, link, detailing  their business model… one aspect of which was covered well by Western media last year: Yuebao, a mobile money market fund, which had $210b AUM in 2017, link, Tencent has a competing product, Licaitong. The US' closest equivalents? Maybe Acorn ($800m AUM, Feb 2018)/Stash ($300m AUM, Oct 2017). In terms of accessible fintech, the US certainly lags behind China.


Additionally, Alibaba bought the rest of, a food delivery service, link, adding 3m delivery people to the 2m of its existing logistics affiliate Cainiao


Zillow will take on collateralized debt to purchase homes (in AZ only) it deems undervalued (its data drives one-of-a-kind valuation algorithms), stock market disapproves and shares went down 9%, link. They definitely have more information than any normal real estate agent.


Walmart likely to buy a majority stake in Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart, link. Jet isn't working out?


Chinese AI startup SenseTime raises $600m at $4.5b valuation, link, their software is already used by Chinese smartphone makers like Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo to organize photo albums or unlock phones by scanning faces.


Last week, Apple poached Google's head of search and AI, link


Amazon patent for "Vehicle Component Installation Preview Image Generation" suggests a move into autospace? The described functionality would  allow users to test fits for after-market parts with AR, something they already do with home furnishings, link

#40 April 8th 18

Amazon Key, launched in November in 37 US cities allowed deliveries to be made when you're not at home; setup includes a Cloud Cam and a smart door lock; now Amazon Key features—excluding delivery—are being rolled out nationwide, link

SoftBank's Vision Fund signs MOU to build 200GW solar project in Saudi Arabia, expected to cost $200B, by 2030, link

Big Four accounting firms now get more revenue from consulting than auditing, 44% growth since 2012 vs 3% in auditing, link

Uber sells Southeast Asian business to Grab, Singapore-based rival, link; SoftBank which invested in Uber, Grab, and Didi would prefer them not to burn cash competing with each other; Uber to gain 27.5%  stake of Grab and its CEO will join Grab's board

Oracle wins $8.8B lawsuit against Google for G's unlicensed use of Java in Android, link

Instagram launched shopping features in 8 additional markets 2 weeks ago, link, apparently they launched in the US last March?, link;

Estimates of data Cambridge Analytica scraped from Facebook now at 87m, link, that's the number of unique friends that the initial 270,000 users of the personality app had… the stock is only down 10% this month which suggests that either investors think it's serious but don't think it'll seriously affect the bottom line or that it's not serious and so won't affect the bottom line

But the people at Facebook really aren't being very smart: they retracted some messages sent by executives, link, and now say 'unsend' is a feature they plan to roll out in a few months, link

Coinbase in talks to acquire (previously, invested in by a16z, currently just a paid inbox service) and make CEO Balaji Srinivasan CTO of Coinbase, link

#39 April 1st 18

Tech's April Fools', a compilation, link


Facebook's failure to protect user data is still a hot issue, they're going to require advertisers to certify that external email addresses they've obtained were rightfully acquired, link, and last week ended its own partnership with data brokers, the data of whom Facebook offered as a service to businesses for more precise ad targeting, link, they closed the app loophole where one user can share the info of his/her friends years ago


Weather Co (IBM owned), adopts infinite scroll FB feed, it's the first major publisher to,


Naspers (South Africa) sells 2% of Tencent float, 60,000% ROI, link


Waymo (Google) orders 20000 electric vehicles from Jaguar Land Rover, link, with plans to have the vehicles join Waymo's commercial ride-hailing service by 2020


Microsoft's latest reorg (4th in 5 years) paints a future without Windows/Xbox. The new focus? Cloud and AI, link. Things that really didn't work out as planned?: Windows phones, the Kinect, and the HoloLens


Fortnite, that game I mentioned earlier as breaking streaming records (600k+ simultaneous viewers) and gaming records (3.4m players), has a gamer base of 45m, and makes $100M/m in in-app sales, link


Drones used in smartphone smuggling ring in China, link


France has an AI strategy, link, which includes a E1.5B commitment to R&D in the next 5 years, Macron is going to require any state-funded research to be made open to the public


Google is close to opening up a previously military-exclusive band of wireless spectrum, in doing so it'll take up the role of Spectrum Access Provider, allocating bandwidth only when necessary — while still providing priority access to the military when needed, link

#38 March 25th 18

The Economist featured a great article last week on the growing technological challenge America faces from China, link:


Tenor, a GIF search engine, sells top search results to companies for 100-500k, link


Facebook's Chief Security Officer to leave over Cambridge Analytica debacle, his team is down from 120 to 3, link, (stock is down 10%  from Friday-Tuesday);  US FTC is investigating, link


FinTech startup Affirm creates Apple Pay credit card without issuing the physical card,  link


Alibaba to invest another $2B in SEA e-commerce startup Lazada, link, pre-money their stake was at 83%, Ant Executive Chair Lucy Peng to become CEO


Apple's plans to develop their own screens, link, microLED, to  launch with Apple Watch


StackOverflow's Developer Survey is out, 100k+ developers interviewed, 7% were female, 19% were more worried about dangers than excited by the benefits of AI, 70% use JavaScript, link


Double digit increases to battery tech coming soon thanks to introducing silicon (which has a 25x higher energy density than graphite, meaning it can absorb many more lithium ions) in the anode, link


When it comes to driverless cards, it's widely accepted that autonomous  miles driven is the key metric (Alphabet's Waymo with 8m miles is ahead, and 2.7b virtual miles in 2017, link, Tesla had 1.3b miles in Autopilot, Level 3, 2016, link), but in reality, much of this data isn't that useful because it’s the rare, unexpected events that matter the most. Hence, startups in the space are logging driving data inside virtual simulations, link


Microsoft's next update to DirectX, its graphics API represents a first step in a graphics revolution, a move from rasterization (current paradigm of triangles overlaying pixels) to raytracing (the bounces of rays from each light source on the objects in the scene, very computational expensive), link

#37 March 18th 18

The biggest story this week was the SEC's charges of fraud against Theranos, link, once valued at $9B;

its president; and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes. The formal complaint, which includes the accusations that (i) Theranos exaggerated its revenue by 1000x, and (ii)  Theranos was paid millions of dollars by Walgreens (in the complaint, it’s listed as “Pharmacy A”) to roll out testing services at its stores. When its own diagnostic tools weren’t ready in time, Theranos passed third-party testers off as its own.

Subscription model + ride-hailing app? Lyft tests subscription plans, link

Walmart applies for patents to automate farming with drones, link, including one for a "robot bee"

Amazon launched its first ever debit card, in Mexico, link 

In less than a year, the startup behind China’s most popular newsfeed Jinri Toutiao has transformed itself into a $30 billion empire of more than a dozen media and entertainment apps, link; related: China's next tech giants TMD, Toutiao, Meituan-Dianping, Didi Chuxing, link

WeWork, the trendy real-estate-as-a-service unicorn (>$20B val, $4.6B raised) now has a trove of data on prime office real estate, and is positioning itself for additional services such as facilities manager; ideal at a time when big enterprises are trying to shed real estate management from their portfolios. Already WeWork has secured IBM and Verizon for its Powered by We offices in Dock 72, an upcoming high-profile commercial property in Brooklyn, & much more link

Magna International, one of the largest suppliers of auto-parts in the world, agreed to supply Lyft with self-driving kits, link, they'll also invest $200M

Cyberattacks in Saudi Arabia targeted petrochemical plants with the intention of setting off an explosion, hard drives were wiped an replaced with an image of an image of Alan Kurdi, the small Syrian child who drowned off the coast of Turkey during his family’s attempt to flee that country’s civil war, link

Microsoft tests new change of opening any links in Mail app with Edge regardless of what your default browser is (on mobile default browser is not even an option so Apple pushes links to Safari), link, Chrome still dominates the browser space

L'Oreal to acquire AR startup Modiface for virtual make-up tests, link, currently 8% of sales are made online

Nectome, a startup working on cerebral preservation, but they'll have to euthanize you too, link

Drake dropped in to play Fortnite, and their Twitch stream broke records with 628,000 concurrent viewers (previous record 388,000), link

Every day, we upload over 200 million photos to Facebook and 1.2 billionphotos to Google Photos. InfoTrends even estimated that we took a collective 1.2 trillion photos in 2017.

President Trump has blocked Broadcom’s $117B bid for the chip maker Qualcomm, citing national security concerns, link

A lb of lab-grown meat from Memphis Meats now costs $2400, link; it's undoubtedly an inevitable eco-friendly product we'll see become cost-feasible in the next 10 years or so

A new study by MIT researchers shows that fake news spreads faster than the truth on social media, link

#36 March 11th 18

Bose joins the AR-glasses race, link, but is meant to only augment the audio (not visual) aspect of your reality


Tencent invests in two game streaming platforms: leads $460M Series B in Huya, and invests $630M in Douyu, link


In 2016, Amazon launched Treasure Trucks, which I've only just discovered; operational in 25 cities (as of Oct '17, link), you sign up for the service and are notified whenever a Truck appears in  your vicinity. The trucks stock a single 'must-have item' at a great discount, e.g. when initially launched in February '16, GoPro Hero 4's were on offer at a 64% discount, link, basically like woot (a 2010 AMZN acquisition of a flash-sales website) on wheels?, link


Nearly all public information on Google's anti-aging efforts, Calico, are contained in this conversation from December, link


Inside look at the development of Amazon's Echo Spot, basically a mini Echo Show, link


4 promising AI enterprise applications, as presented at Nvidia Inception, link

#35 March 4th 18

Facebook tests Voice Clips in India, aiming to combat declining original content, which is down21 percent year-over-year as of mid-2015, and down another 15 percent as of mid-2016, link; they're also launching a smart speaker, link


Facebook also rolls out Jobs feature, targeting 'blue-collar workers' that might not be on LinkedIn, link


Amazon stopped listing Nest's newer products, so Nest pulled all their products out of Amazon; "The stakes are huge. Both Amazon and Google are building out a new voice-powered operating system that can control everything in your life," link


Voice shopping estimated to hit $40b in US/UK by 2022, link, will disproportionately favor Amazon, which has been shown to favor their own products (Issue #29), link


Snapchat had a rough year, no employee bonuses, link; generally UI revisions weren't well received


GitHub defended itself successfully (thanks to Akamai) the most powerful  cyber attack to date this week, a massive 1.3TB/s DDoS attack, link


OLEDs haven't quite taken off despite their touted advantages: longer life, better color/contrast (for black, the pixel is entirely shut off), and lower power consumption, MicroLED might be the next big thing, link. Apple acquired a MicroLED maker in 2014.


Social shares are down by 50%, and Google sites are now driving double the referrals of social media since 2015, according to analysis by BuzzSumo, link; they hypothesize the first phenomenon occurring due to more content in general and Facebook News Feed tweaks that have dampened the spread of potentially viral content. More interesting, however, is the power Google is consolidating as a "gatekeeper."


How Nintendo got the Switch right, and learned from mistakes of the Wii U, "accessible pricing, viable portability, and sufficient power for games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", link; so successful, that last year's profits were up 261%, link


Huffpo Highline: long piece about a retiree who found a positive return on a certain type of lottery ticket, link, incredibly well-written, interesting description and insight into the lottery industry

#34 February 25th 18

So SpaceX launched its first two satellites, link; Starlink, the name for the constellation of satellites to be launched, is supposed to be operational by 2024, and user terminal should be laptop sized and cost between $100-300. Satellite broadband is amazing for remote/off-the-grid locations, and Starlink should be 40x faster than current implementations, link


How the blockchain can be used to fix democracy, link, directed network graphs would devolve voting power to designated proxies in a chainable process; result: everybody is represented


Bitmain, which sells mining rigs, made $3-4b in operating profits in 2017; selling shovels in a gold rush is a great way to get rich, link


Long, fascinating piece on Didi Chuxing (formerly Didi Chuxing / Didi Kuaidi, formed from the merger of Didi Kuaiche and Kuaidi Dache), currently led by Jean Liu, previously an MD at Goldman, and daughter of the owner of Lenovo, link



DropBox now cash flow positive (but not profitable) with 2017 revenue of $1.1b files for IPO to raise ~$500m, link; competitor Box IPO'ed in 2015, market cap $3.3b, also Google/Amazon Drive; all targeting the institutional space (my school uses DropBox)


Designer on designing Apple's emojis, link, the poop emoji's swirl is used in the ice cream cone emoji; interesting to hear how painstakingly detailed (pixel by pixel) these are designed

#33 February 18th 18

Jeff Bezos and Amazon is entering Washington; its lobbied more government agencies than any other tech companies, and has increased spending by more than 400% in the past 5 years, link

Amazon is also planning to develop AI chips, link, (taking a cue from Google/Apple?)

A PWC report on automation and its impact on work identified three waves: the first wave (till early 2020s) will cause an impact in the low single digits, the second wave (till late 2020s) will cause an impact in the mid teens, and the third wave (till mid 2030s) will affect up to 45% of low education jobs, but only 12% of high education jobs; they identified that "improving STEM skills will be important… but soft skills will also be important." link

More on automation: a great case study of automation in cotton harvesting… a product of not a single invention, but rather multiple: driers were needed because machine-harvested cotton retained more moisture, farmers needed to apply chemical defoliants, and breeders needed to develop shorter plants with bolls that emerged at the same time, link. TL;DR: "̌Replacing human adaptability and skill, in short, required much more than a single new machine."

Hyperloop signs first cross-state deal in the US to build a Cleveland-Chicago route, link; it's worth noting that while the Hyperloop idea was popularized by Elon Musk in 2012 and that SpaceX and Musk coys are working on an implementation today, that there are other people in the space trying to implement it too;

basically it's open-sourced business, link

SpaceX's long-term plan: covering the Earth with 4500 satellites, link

South Korea's $35B tech city in Songdo, designed from the beginning to be eco-friendly and with as little need for cars as possible, link; model for future urban plans, please

Government agencies urge Americans not to use Huawei's devices, voicing security concerns; Huawei's Mate 10 was going to launched with AT&T, but the "carrier pulled out last minute," link

Fortnite can take eSports to the next level; it recently broke all-time records with 3.4m people simultaneously playing, link

Facebook loses young user market share to Snapchat, link; not a huge deal: they're all on Instagram

New DNA nano-robots successfully target and kill off cancerous tumors, link

1 in 3 kids use an iPad before they can speak, link

#32 February 11th 18

Probably the biggest news this week, Amazon will launch a delivery service for third parties (read: namely its own merchants operating on Amazon Marketplace at first), link; Q: what will competitors do?

In 2017, Intel axed 80% of their wearables team to work on AR. Now they have a demo product called Vaunt, a set. of wearable glasses that shine a red, monochrome image somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 x 150 pixels onto a holographic reflector on the glasses’ right lens. This image is then reflected into the back of your eyeball, directly onto the retina, link. I'm excited for this, and ready to sacrifice an eye to experience the future — although Intel says it's perfectly safe, the laser is barely a "class one."

Intel's 1218 drones set world record for Pyeongchang opening ceremony light show performance, link

CB Insights' 10000 word report on 8 personal finance apps and what they've gotten right, link

Apple's strategic positioning of its music service and HomePod product: "Apple Music serves as a “bridge” to translate iPhone market share into smart speaker share; services is a means, not an end, which is exactly what we should expect from a company with Apple’s vertical business model.", link

Everipedia, a competitor of Wikipedia, raised $30M; it utilizes a blockchain protocol such that editors have to stake collateral (in tokens) before making edits; currently it has 6M articles vs. Wikipedia's 40M; but the inherent incentive structure seems to favor Everipedia's future more than Wikipedia's, link; it was created from a fork of Wikipedia, but ironically the top hit you get when searching for it is the Wikipedia article for it

Facebook's capital costs will be as high as Exxon's this year, link; patient capital and a cult of personality around Zuckerberg means this will probably be palatable for investors

Of the 25 largest rounds of tech capital raising (all >$100M) in the last 30 days, 8 were from China, 7 from the US, link

China's railway cops + facial recognition, link

UBS begins a Nobel Perspective series, first episode with James Heckman (2000 Laureate), who argues that to help equalize society, we need to educate parents in developing countries, link — I strongly agree

#31 February 4th 18

Samsung is the the world's largest chipmaker by revenue today, link, with 2017 sales of $69 B vs Intel's $63 B. It's worth noting that the chip industry is incredibly complex and embedded within the electronics industry: i.e. there exists a spectrum between embedded chips-RAM-CPUs-GPU that all range in R&D cost and profit curves, markets, and players; Intel is best characterized as the CPU maker, NVIDIA the GPU, and Samsung as the RAM/embedded (low margin, high volume); Intel's problem is that Moore's Law is no longer applicable as we move into the nanometer sized chips, link: that's why they moved from their 2-year chip cycle (Tick-tock) to 3-year cycles (Process-Architecture-Optimization), in 2014.


Oculus Go, Oculus VR's (acquired by FB in 2014 for $2B only 2 years after its Kickstarter campaign which raised $2.5M) second product (after Oculus Rift, priced at $600) is launching Oculus Go sometime "early 2018", priced at a much more affordable $200, and apparently packaged with over 1000 apps, link, a typical loss leader pricing — like printers and ink cartridges. It's all about the platform, and for VR this has yet to be established; strong integration with Facebook, i.e. a social VR experience would be incredibly powerful.


E-commerce report (CBinsights) highlights:



Newly rich from crypto, some entrepreneurs are buying 250,000 acres in Puerto Rico and establishing their own city, link, where virtual money will be primary


Sexist undercurrents in Silicon Valley despite early female pioneers (whose contributions are often underplayed) making it a brotopia, link; interesting anecdote about the computer vision equivalent of anthropology's Lucy being a cropped picture of a Playboy centerfold; early personality tests used to hire programmers were male-biased


Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan Chase to partner on employee healthcare, link; great, typical Amazon platform play analyzed here


Trump has told 6x falsehoods in 10 months than Obama in 8 years; that's 57.6x more


Facebook bans all ads for cryptocurrencies and ICOs, link; their power to filter content is incredible, and there are is no transparency or checks and balances. Potentially problematic. Meanwhile, tweaks to its content led to a 5% drop in user time, link, but sales are 47% higher than the same period last year and 1.4B highly engaged daily users -> ~as strong a valuation as ever


"Instagram Is Turning Into Facebook and That's Bad", link, personally I was distraught when Instagram changed the chronology of its feed: instead of seeing content in the order that it was posted, Instagram was 'decides' what you want to see most based on which content you've engaged most with recently (across all platforms, even internet searches (if you don't run incognito), and especially Facebook), then I enjoyed it, but now with ads every 7 posts, I'm upset again.


Tether, a crypto tied to the dollar, was concluded to be created/printed/minted when bitcoin fell; huge problem as Tether was meant to hold a real $1 against everything they issued; they're currently unable to verify that they hold the $2.3 B that they're meant to, and were subpoened by the CFTC on Dec. 6, but the news is only hitting the mainstream today: an anonymous report claims tether was responsible for 48.8 percent of bitcoin's price rise in 2017, link,  more


When the iPhone X came out, UI designers were upset, link: "The iPhone X is a User Experience Nightmare"; some have changed their mind, link: "Every phone should copy the iPhone X’s gestures"

#30 January 28th 18

Why HomePod is 3 years behind the Echo, link,

"The Echo is a truly standalone product at the center of an ecosystem. The cloud-based operating system has made it easy for developers to create thousands of skills or voice-activated apps. By contrast, the HomePod is essentially an extension of the iPhone, like an accessory. When someone asks the HomePod to open a third-party app, the request won’t go directly to the cloud, as with the Echo, but to an iPhone. As a result, developers can't write apps for the HomePod. They must create tweaked versions of existing iPhone apps. What’s more, Apple has limited the kinds of apps to messaging, to-do lists and notes. If Alexa is the beating heart of the Echo, Siri is almost an afterthought."


Google Clips launching in March, you wear it all day and it uses AI to decide when to take a photo for you; priced at $250, already backlogged, and a carbon copy of a Kickstarter project launched in 2012 originally called Narrative Clip and now called Memoto… basically a less creepy Google Glass that sync well with Google Photos and represents another foray of Google into the hardware / real-life / omnipresent / omnichannel


Coincheck, a Japanese crypto-exchange, lost $400M worth of NEM in a hack, link; they'll be reimbursing all 260,000 users who lost money, link; unclear where the $ is coming from, but wouldn't be surprised in the government is involved — Abe is big on crypto, picture (link) of Abe + crypto people in Estonia, the 'capital' of crypto


NYT (paywall) on the phenomenon of celebrities using fake social media followers, link, company Devumi which draws from a pool of >3.5M accounts


icrealtime, makes real-time video feeds searchable, link — huge implications for privacy / security; meanwhile, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency announced agency-wide access to a national license plate recognition database, link


Elon Musk's Boring Company (the company that digs tunnels geddit), is now selling a flamethrower because it said it would after it ran out of 50,000 hats, link


Meanwhile SpaceX will be launching Falcon Heavy on February 6 — with full reusability of boost stages, Falcon Heavy can carry approx 2x the payload as the Falcon 9 — he's also using his personal Tesla Roadster as the payload, link


Might Apple buy Tesla? link, Apple did have an electric car project, but slashed it…

BAML said an economic recession will occur once  (1) real gross domestic product (GDP) forecasts rise above 3%, (2) wage inflation climbs higher than 3%, (3) the 10-year Treasury yield exceeds 3%, and (4) the benchmark S&P 500 surges above the 3,000 level, and we're close: prediction of 2.6% GDP growth for 2018, 2.9% for wage inflation in 2017, 10y T @ 2.64%, and S&P500 > 2800, link

#29 January 21th 18

Eggplants and autonomous cars: PPG, the world's largest producer of vehicle paint, was inspired by the eggplant to produce a paint that infrared car sensors can pass through, and then be reflected by a reflective undercoat… an important issue today since current black paints absorb infrared, meaning such cars are invisible to sensors, link

 50% of job seekers consult Glassdoor ($1B val) first, link, companies can't take down any page on Glassdoor but can claim and beautify them for a service starting at 6K/y; Glassdoor uses "give to get" —users have to submit a review before they can view those of others — to resolve voluntary response bias; their goal of reducing information asymmetry in the market of job-searches is inheritor of the Zillow approach

IBM and Maersk first partnered in 2016 on a blockchain solution for shipping and SCM, and now formed a 49:51 JV which will open to subscriptions pending regulatory approval Q3. "By providing a single view of all transactions taking place among a complex network of parties, blockchains can help eliminate considerable resource waste, they argue." link

Apple's plan to pay $38B for repatriating its overseas cash cache suggests it's going to bring back $250B, further it promised a $350B contribution to the American economy over the next 5 years and the creation of a new campus and 20,000 new jobs, link — smart Trump tax: one-time 15.5% on repatriation of overseas assets, essentially a quasi-amnesty

Uber expose on the fall of Kalanick and pick of Expedia CEO: "It would be Khosrowshahi’s responsibility to find capital infusions (such as the recent investment by a consortium led by SoftBank), cut the company’s burn rate (2017 losses: $4 billion), settle some of its legal problems (lawyer fees over two years: an estimated $500 million), and march toward a 2019 IPO ", link

Intel's chips have security flaws (Meltdown and Spectre), patches to fix these could slow the chips down by up to 30%, link

The future to surviving in tomorrow's world: optimism, according to the World Economic Forum, link

Blackberry developed cybersecurity software for autonomous cars, link 

Estimate: 4m BTC lost or 20% of TOTAL  future supply (21m by 2040), link

MUFG, the largest bank in Japan, opening its own crypto-exchange, link

"The Antitrust Case Against Facebook, Google and Amazon" - WSJ: Today’s tech giants are just as dominant as monopolies of the past (think Standard Oil): In the U.S., Google drives 89% of internet search; 95% of young adults on the internet use a Facebook product; and Amazon now accounts for 75% of electronic book sales. Those firms that aren’t monopolists are duopolists: Google and Facebook absorbed 63% of online ad spending last year; Google and Apple Inc. provide 99% of mobile phone operating systems; while Apple and Microsoft supply 95% of desktop operating systems. link

 Amazon makes their logistics network available to third-party merchants who pay a 15% commission and, typically, a $3 pick-pack-and ship-fee, says Greg Mercer, founder of Jungle Scout Inc. which advises third-party merchants how to sell on Amazon. “We have tons of examples of small entrepreneurial-type people who are really good at creating new inventions but have no idea how to distribute to the masses,” he says. “They create products and Amazon can take care of the rest.”

Mr. Mercer says he doesn’t see Amazon favoring its own products, and indeed his own firm helps merchants target profitable niches on Amazon — something we know not to be true WRT to voice interface shopping where Amazon has be shown to favor their proprietary products and play dumb about the existence of alternatives, link

 More: The Four by Scott Galloway and World Without Mind by Franklin Foer

#28 January 14th 18

Voyage is launching an self-driving car fleet in a retirement community in Florida, link, the cars are level 4 autonomous (no driver needed though there'd still be a steering wheel, and are limited to extremely well-mapped communities, e.g. retirement community). The cars, which are Ford Focuses, are equipped with Velodyne LIDAR and NVIDIA GPUs — as all self-driving cars for the foreseeable future will be. Voyage was launched by a Udacity VP; Udacity set up a 9-month nanodegree specifically to fill the self-driving car talent drought, looks like it's paying off, link


Meanwhile, car manufacturers are dealing with spiking —3X is 2 years — prices in cobalt (batteries use 42% of global cobalt production, 60% of which comes from the DRC, link), 500,000 Tesla Model 3's would require an additional 6% of global production, while 30M electric cars would required 3X global output, link. Currently, dominant Li-on designs use equal amounts nickel, manganese, and cobalt, but this will change: "By 2025 the dominant composition will be 80 percent nickel and 10 percent cobalt, according to UBS AG forecasts."


Crypto-"bubble"?: Kodak stock tripled in 2 days after announcing an ICO regarding the tokenization of digital media rights (Ghetty + blockchain), which suggests that many people that want exposure to the space, still can't get it, and so Q1-2 will see the space continue to heat up, link, considering regulation (US/CN/KR tax residents can't buy ICOs)


Tech + media, Sheryl Sandberg (FB) and Jack Dorsey (TWTR) stepped own from Walt Disney's board due to rising conflicts of interest, link: who do you think will win, the content creators or the platforms/gatekeepers (see Franklin Foer's World Without Mind, notes, which is correctly concerned about this power) who are increasingly creating their own content?

If a talented exec started a YouTube rip-off, I'm sure Disney would buy it à la Amazon/Jet/Walmart


Mark Zuckerberg announced a change, link, in the newsfeed algorithm from impersonal (news/ads) to personal (friends), stock fell 4.5% wiping $20B of valuation away; that's pretty brave, but smart: he's beating the rising narrative of bad tech


AR was hot at CES, but yes it'll be a platform play: It’s going to be a battle of the platforms,” Lumus’s Grobman says. “You have Windows, you have Apple, you have Android, and look at the Chinese giants", link


IoT paying off: Uptake ($2.3B val with 263M raised, link) which uses predictive analytics and sensors to detect malfunctions in advance is paying dividends for wind turbines, link


16% of Americans own a smart speaker, link, "if you aren't paying for it, you are the product"


Wonderful set of dated predictions from Rodney Brooks on AI/self-driving cars/space travel, link

#27 January 7th 18

Lidar, a key component for autonomous vehicles is getting cheaper: Velodyne (the market leader, and valued at ~$2B link, potential 2018-9 IPO), sells a 2014 unit for $8,000, but recently announced an order from Ford with a price target of $500/unit, link, many autonomous driving startups are working on implementing RGB cameras, but of course these fail in low-light conditions. Sadly, Lidar doesn't look too sexy on cars, which is why any mass-distributed autonomous solution will require integration with automotive companies and is why GM+Cruise is probably ahead.


Coinbase, if it offered tokenized public equity, could heavily disrupt the traditional brokerage market: people want to consolidate their investments into one portfolio if possible, and tokenized equity would offer huge advantages in terms of fees — they'd be flat (or should be, currently CB token fees are proportional), link, they would, of course have to compete with Robinhood which offers commission-free trading with a great free-mium model


Amazon killed its $5/M anime service and added it for free to existing Amazon Prime subscribers, yay for consolidation and stickiness, link


Warren Buffet won a $1M bet that the S&P would beat hedge funds over 10 years, link, 7.1% to 2.2%


Fitbit acquired a healthtech startup that manufactures a patch for tracking blood sugar, link, non-invasive blood glucose monitoring solutions are a billion dollar market (America has 30M diabetics), and will soon be here: the FDA approved one such device from Abbot (not a startup) in September, linkApple would love to get in but are years away (link): they're working on integrating EKG into Apple Watch link


Web development is increasingly becoming Chrome development, as Chrome dominates people's browsers of choice, link, exacerbated by the fact that Google developers contribute heavily to web standards (W3C) and feature development, more data for Google


Most people stream music now link

App revenues climbed 35% this year, link

#26 December 31th 17

An excellent recap of 2017  in 10 stories by CNBC, link, including but not limited to: SoftBank's $100 B Vision Fund, Uber's and Facebook's issues (tech at-large, not so unassailably holier-than-thou now), Bezos the richest man in the world and scary Amazon, and crypto.

I briefly mentioned Ripple (XRP) last week, well everybody knows about it now after it doubled in a week, and did 10x  in a month. It's total circulation is valued more highly than both ETH and BCH now. XRP 101: it's blockchain's nodes are maintained by banks and other financial institutions and can clear 1500 T/s vs BTC's 3 T/s, link

Apple has owned up to deliberately slowing down old iPhones, link, and customer trust has taken a hit. Their software updates were designed to slow down older iPhone models (presumably) in order to encourage owners to buy newer models. But what can you do when you're already firmly ensconced in the iOS ecosystem / 'cult'?

As Scott Galloway facetiously notes in The Four: "The iPhone is the clearest signal that you are closer to perfection and have more opportunities to mate." He also made the salient connection regarding the split opinion over the Apple FBI case link: those who you expected to be on the side of larger government (young Democrats) were instead on Apple's side.

California's Prop 64 legalized marijuana in 2016 making it the 8th state to do so, and up to 7 more states may do so in 2018, link. Sales of legal marijuana California, however, will begin in 2018, and could hit $3.7 B, in comparison California beer sales totalled $5 B in 2017, link

"Forget Facebook", an article made its way round the internet advocating for people to stop using Facebook as a window to the internet so that they might stop "stop reading stories that get to you because they're popular... By going to websites as a deliberate reader, you're making a conscious choice about what you want a media outlet to be—as opposed to letting an algorithm choose the thing you're most likely to click on." link

Netflix's "Bright" cost $99 M to shoot, and had 11 million viewers on "opening weekend" link; expensive platform-exclusive shows/films (especially series/films with sequels — there'll be one for Bright) like this render demand for Netflix even more inelastic as subscribers can't go anywhere else for their fix. Case in point: Netflix increased its price for US customers for the 3rd time in 3 years, and will likely keep doing so, link

Oil set to make a recovery for 2018, which will pit OPEC against US shale producers, link, which will also see an IPO from Saudi Aramco which will likely float $100 M and a $2 T valuation, link... good timing for OilCoin link? — an asset-backed cryptocurrency where every token is backed by one barrel of oil; waiting for a yellow paper on that one: if you 'redeem' a coin do they mail you a barrel?

Also Trump's team coded 404 errors into their websites that blamed Obama, wow, link

Alsoalso: Black Mirror Season 4 is out ;) and happy NY!

#25 December 24th 17

Crypto things:


Eric Schmidt, who "wrote the book on adult supervision," stepped down as Google's executive chairman, $14B richer and 17 years later, but will retain a board seat... what he did well: knowing when to cede decisions to the tech instincts of Brin and Page, and when to take a hard stance thanks to his extensive executive experience at Sun Microsystems, link


Apple synergies, the most valuable product eco-system in the world is going to get even more integrated as Apple plans to let iOS developers (mobile) cross-develop for Mac link, still waiting for game-changing AR glasses


Yeah so, Magic Leap, the AR unicorn that's been in stealth mode for years, finally revealed their AR glasses product which will be coming in 2018, link, anybody want to look like they have compound bug eyes? Main problem is that you have to wear an additional device that does the heavy computation necessary to create the AR experience, this is less likely to happen with an Apple product as this could be delegated to the iPhone that the owner would already have... major flaw with Magic Leap


Facebook moves into music by designing deal with Universal Music, link, tech giants becoming more giant-y


The city of New York establishes a task force to investigate algorithmic accountability, link, which have been shown to perpetuate systematic/racial bias, link; these biases are inherited from their programmers and the datasets the algorithms use, and risk not only persisting but also exacerbating existing problems... perhaps data scientists need a liberal arts education?

#24 December 17th 17

The FCC voted 3-2 to repeal net neutrality laws that were put in place during the Obama Administration, these rules were used to ensure that internet service providers couldn't price discriminate between customers. Worst case scenario of this repeal would be 'internet fast-lanes' reserved for customers who could pay for it (e.g. Netflix), which would make it harder for startups to enter the space.

        The Democrats in the Senate are going to force a vote, but it's unlikely to succeed, link

        The FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, released this ridiculous PSA, link, which stands at 7k likes to 175k dislikes on YouTube, it was briefly taken down for 7 hours after a copyright complaint... the posters of the video then fought to get the video uncensored, link

        Between 1989 and 2017 lifetime contributions from the telecom industry to members of congress stands at $101m... and this is divided 55% Republican: 45% Democrat, link

In a corporate blog post this week, Facebook summarized research that explored the effects of social media, and concluded that while passive consumption can be deleterious, that active consumption can be meaningful, link. This seems like a defensive reaction to recent ex-Facebook execs comments: Sean Parker (ex-President) calling Facebook a monster, link, and Chamath Palihapitiya (ex-VP User growth), link, who doesn't want his children "to use that sh*t"

         The post was part of a new blog series called "Hard Questions" that seeks to answer complex questions such as whether social media is good for democracy, who gets to define what fake news is, etc.

Bank of America filed a patent for a cryptographic exchange system, link


A 3-D printed house, autonomous (electricity derived from solar panels), 410 sq ft for $64,000, link


"The Mad Cheese Scientists Fighting to Save the Dairy Industry", link

"Inside the Moonshot Effort to Finally Figure Out the Brain", link

#23 December 10th 17

Amazon may enter healthcare, it's looking into distributing drugs, taking therefore a pharmacy role... would be useful to have prescriptions all in one place, even better if you already do all your shopping there... if they do decide to enter the space, will probably see an immediate 'Amazon effect' - i.e. drop in all competitor stocks  link

Apple agreed to set aside > $15B to pay Ireland in back taxes, link, major win for Margrethe Vestager, it also acquired Shazam for $400M, post-acquisition integration is unclear but could incorporate Shazam's AR brand marketing services

Facebook is trying to appeal to < 13 year olds with the launch of a chat app - gotta' start that data collection early... they'll have problems with child predators as Snapchat did, link

Crypto concerns: experts estimate that 40% of bitcoin is held by a 1000 'whales'; the top 100 bitcoin addresses hold 17%, ethereum is even more concentrated: the top 100 ethereum addresses hold 40%, link, bitcoin swung from $10000 up to $19000 and is dipped recently to $13000: wild

Trump's fast food habit? Trump reportedly drinks 12 cans of Diet Coke and watches 8 hours of TV / day, "On Trump Force One there were four major food groups: McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, pizza and Diet Coke," the book said. " link

#22 December 3rd 17

More Uber wrongdoings: a letter came to light describing formal strategies at Uber to gather intelligence on competitors. Uber had a division called 'Hell' that identified Lyft drivers and attempted to poach them. In the words of the judge: “I can no longer trust the words of the lawyers for Uber in this case. If even half of what is in that letter is true, it would be an injustice for Waymo to go to trial.” Uber is being sued by Waymo (Google's self-driving unit) for the theft of trade secrets-- allegedly Levandowski (Waymo's technicallead) downloaded more than 14,000 files before leaving Waymo and joining the autonomous driving project at Uber, link

Tencent's rose to a $500B valuation with diversified product lines that meant only 17% of revenue came from advertising (vs. 97% for Facebook, translating to $2/daily active user vs. $30 for Facebook), that means plenty of potential for the future if executed correctly, link

General Motors is aiming to 'lead the pack' in autonomous vehicles, with a release in 'quarters not years', for context, GM bought Cruise (an automation startup) for $1B, invested $500M in Lyft in 2016, and acquired a LIDAR startup in 2017, link, so they have both manfuacturing and distribution nailed, if they can fix the form factor link

"FDA clears first EKG reader for Apple Watch", link, a big step towards useful (integrated) wearables: being able to take a daily EKG and have a year's worth at your doctor's disposal for preventative analysis... waiting for non-invasive glucose monitoring

A blog post analyzed the intelligence of AI today, and gave it an IQ of 7 (7% of general human ability), but when combined with human intelligence = 120 IQ, accurate: AI is mostly dumb, but when applied well with human oversight and oodles of data can be very smart, link

Related: Trump's 'Extreme Vetting Software' could be a machine for racial and religious bias, link

#21 November 26th 17

Half (5/9) of AltSchool's, an educational startup that leverages technology to enable personalized learning in physical K-12 schools, locations are closing. It has suffered from a high student attrition rate -- which should be expected from parents with high expectations and bank statements (tuition is $27K) who aren't getting satisfactory results from what is a highly experimental school, link

AI is being used to hunt down Chinese missile sites, reducing the time taken from 60 hours to 42 minutes, link

23AndMe's $100 DNA kit was one of Amazon's top 5 sellers over Black Friday (original price is $200), but the $1.7B-valued startup should be paying us: with its unprecedented genetic database of 2M customers, its valuation suggests $1000/customer. No wonder they discounted it… Joshua Ramo in The Seventh Sense (book notes) presciently noted that:

Why do people pay $1149 for a phone? A great examination of the network effects of the Apple's 'luxury network', link - a quick personal observation is that users also pay for security and quiet confidence that their data isn't being auctioned off to the highest bidder

On Tuesday, Uber's (new) CEO revealed that 57M users' data were hacked in 2016. The company had this till now having paid the hackers' blackmail of 100K, hid the payment under an obscure financial statement line, and got the hackers to sign confidentiality agreements, link

Gambling regulators in Belgium investigated 'loot boxes', a common in-game mechanism akin to a virtual lottery which users pay for to have a chance at accessing rare ingame content, and deemed it a form of gambling. Belgium's Minister of Justice "hopes that all micro-transactions where you don’t know exactly what you’re getting will be banned in all of Europe", link

Net neutrality: the principle that ISPs (e.g. AT&T) must treat all users equally and cannot price discriminate.


Potential consequences of repealing NN


Detailed notes from talks that a16z attended at DevCon3 (the Ethereum Developer's Conference), link, all talks are also on YouTube

#20 November 19th 17

Tesla released designs for their semi-truck, it'll be self-driving, and have a range of 400 miles with only 30 minutes of charging, link, AND the new Roadster, which will be the world's fastest production car with 0-60 in 1.9 seconds, link

With no science background, Bryan Johnson who self-funded his startup Kernel with $100m is the first person to try to commercialize a neurological product to improve memory; he previously founded Braintree, an online payment startup, at 29 and sold i to Paypal for 800m at 36, link to a long Wired biopic

Amazon developed an Uber-equivalent to solve last-mile fulfillment, it's called Amazon Flex, and linked is a look at how the largest e-commerce company in the world makes 2 day delivery possible, link

Battle of the browers: Google Chrome has come to dominate the market over the last 8 years at the expense of IE and Firefox (see below chart, ~0% in 2008 to ~55% today)

Getting a robot to walk is challenging, but Boston Dynamics has now gotten one to do a backflip, link

Market consolidation as a defensive measure against Amazon? in 2017 H1, 5 M&A deals worth >$10B were announced with combined value at $84B, versus 8 of such sized deals in H2 (thus far) with combined value at $245B, link

"How many coders does it take to change a lightbulb?", an animated comic that explains how Kubernetes, an open-sourced containerization platform (like Docker) from Google, brought the time it took for a wireless Philips lightbulb to turn on from 3 to 0.2 seconds, link, it intelligently figures out how to store and run the code more efficiently​

#19 November 12th 17

Alibaba's Singles' Day sales (November 11), topped $25B, doubling America's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined, link, Alibaba invented the shopping aspect of this day in 2009,

Is Alibaba's seemingly indomitable strength the reason why Jack Ma is starring as the lead in a kung fu movie - link - a serious one (it has Jet Li too)


Jeff Bezos held an amazingly candid interview recently, in which he talked a lot about resourcefulness, and one quote that struck me was that “[he'd] much rather have a kid with nine fingers than a resourceless kid.”, link


The acting head of the OCC (Office of the Comptroller of the Currency), an independent unit within the Treasury that charters, regulates, and oversees all national banks hinted at the possibility of connecting (e)-commerce and banking: title: "Bank of Amazon? Regulator Floats Idea of Merging Banks and Commerce", link


Some amazing stats on AlphaGo's successor AlphaGo Zero (developed by Google's DeepMind): after 40 days of training it had a Go Elo rating of 5000 (the top human player has ~3600 Elo, this difference implies a probability of the human winning at 0.000003% (calculator)), and when it played him it won 100:0... but what's interesting is that Ke Jie (the human) 'learnt' from the computer and went on to a 22-game streak, link


Tencent buys 12% of Snap (at a 50% discount from its 52w high), with an aim to develop Snap-games. This could be powerful: Snapchat is a highly interactive platform for those who use it, link


Evan Spiegel is redesigning Snapchat because it's difficult to use, link, sounds like an admission of defeat


Sean Parker, critical of how Facebook is rewiring our brains, link, related: Nicholas Carr's The Shallows (2011, notes)


Samsung mocked all of Apple's iPhones in this incredibly entertaining ad, well worth watching, link


How to Reduce Shootings, NYT, link, I'm working on some visualizations / analysis (I'd like to show the existence of a 'copycat effect' -- if you have any other ideas please contact me)

#18 November 5th 17

In the past, I’ve written updates on both Magic Leap's and Snapchat's upcoming AR glasses, apparently, I missed Apple's which has been under development for ~1 year. link, article contains GIF (not mobile-friendly) which maps the iPhone X notch to some designer looking shades - that notch contains all the hardware-ish of a Kinect sensor, and is perfect for AR. Amazing product and ecosystem since the computation can be done on the iPhone in your pocket while you wear the glasses as BI notes. This puts all of Apple's work on their GPUs and related software into perspective: expect a big play.


Facebook is potentially developing a red pocket feature, despite ban in China. Context: this CNY, WeChat users sent 14.2B of them, link


There are estimated to be around 10,000 people in the world with the skills necessary to tackle serious AI research according to Element AI, an AI lab in Montreal, link, and companies are paying big $$$ to hire them, conundrum: if corporations drain talent from teachers, etc., where will future talent come from? (enter MOOCs :))

Researchers have developed nano-particles that can self-regulate: heat up to destroy cancer cells then cool down to avoid killing healthy cells... problem with all cancer treatment being targeting, link, curious if researchers were inspired by bees


I attended DevCon3, the Ethereum Foundation's annual developer conference, and it was an exciting 4 days of non-stop talks on cutting-edge blockchain technologies and the roadmap for Ethereum. Job offers were cool, as was the general atmosphere (tech-based not biz-based, and grounded in a shared belief that decentralization is best - recent books criticizing the growing monopolies of FAMGA would agree, exhibit 1 and 2)

I will write an executive brief at some point (maybe), but even briefer: DevCon3 was about dealing with scalability and privacy issues, and potential solutions outlined included but are not limited to:

#17 October 29th 17

Amazon stock went up 14% in a day making Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world, again, I wrote some notes on Brad Stone's cross-dissection of the company here, some of the interesting points include 'top-grading' a hiring practice that means that every new hire should raise the standards for all future hires, 'bias for action', eschewing of PowerPoints for paper-written notes, and Bezos' abhorring of management/abstraction.


Why Snapchat spectacles failed (only 0.08% of users bought one) - the importance of product launches, link


Speaking of product launches and AR-glasses, Magic Leap (valued ~5B with no visible product) is going to release its first product soon, likely to be AR-glasses (patent),  priced at the several thousand dollar range? link, is the market ready for glass-tech? If launched correctly, I think the answer is yes.


Of the largest 500 public companies, the tobacco industry generates by far the greatest net income per employee, link, no surprise that tech companies come in at a deep negative income / employee


A new billionaire is made in China every 5 days, link


Apple iPhone X preorders are off the chart link, does it matter if Apple is 'not innovating'? As the evidence shows, its ecosystem is incredibly sticky. I wish it followed-through with its plans to build a car though.



#16 October 22nd 17

SEA IPO'd in the US, one of 3-4 Singapore unicorns, SEA (formerly Garena) operates e-commerce, entertainment, and payments. It's heavily Tencent-backed and could be a dominant player in South East Asia. link


Lyft raised $1B in a round led by Google (Alphabet's CapitalG investment fund), link... with Uber expecting to receive an investment from SoftBank, it appears as if the battle for the future of the ride-hailing (read: entire future personal transport industry) is developing into a battle between Larry Page and Masayoshi Son (more on that)


Facebook is great at leveraging acquisitions, e.g. WhatsApp, Instagram (which now makes up ~25% of revenue). It recently acquired a Gen-Z/teen-focused app called tbh (stands for: to be honest), for under $100m. tbh in 9 weeks was downloaded 5m times. Good deal, because 'Gen-Z'-ers are often a little apprehensive of using Facebook (not cool), despite simultaneously using Instagram - i.e. they don't realize they're owned by the same company - but now Facebook can develop better access to that age group. link


Facebook also started letting developers monetize Instant Games on Messenger. Good move to help diversify revenue streams which are currently and (will forever) be dominated by revenue [1], a la Google. link ... They also now allow PayPal payments on Messenger - a sign they've given up on their own proprietary payment system? link


Bill Gates pledged to commit $1.7B to education over the next 5 years: 60% to developing new curricula, 25% to 'big bets', 15% to charter schools, link


The Tesla hype is a little too much: Musk announced that Tesla would provide its own form of car insurance to reflect the fact that car insurance should be cheaper for autonomous and/or electric cars and BusinessInsider titled the accompanying article as: "Tesla strikes another deal that shows it's about to turn the car insurance world upside down, link"



#15 October 15th 17

The opioid epidemic is real. Purdue sold $45m of opiods in 1996, and  32x more 8 years later. The lawyer (Mike Moore) who beat Big Tobacco is now pursuing Big Pharma for the drug epidemic which is claiming >50000/lives/year  in the US alone , link


Steve Wozniak started an online coding academy: Woz-U, he's right to address the tech labour market imbalances, but not by doing more of the same (TreeHouse, Codecademy, DataCamp, etc. all already operate in the space, and operate well -- my statistics classes assign DataCamp assignments), link


Facebook nows offers food delivery options for restaurants on Facebook, link, they're a few years behind WeChat, but is this goodbye for all the current delivery-only startups?


Initial bids for Amazon's second HQ are due Thursday, and cities are spending $$$  trying to win: Virgina paid Mckinsey $1m, link


Tencent scored 0/100 and was placed last out of 11 tech companies evaluated by Amnesty International for their approaches to encryption and human rights, link


Tesla manufactured 260 cars in Q3 when it promised 1500, link, but the stock is doing well as ever, a reflection of the promise of their battery tech?, which could power PR?... based off success in Ta'u?? population 600. Meanwhile Puerto Rico's  population which is>3M is a different beast entirely... also employees being fired isn’t exactly a vote of confidence, link



#14 October 8th 17

AI-powered facial recognition will track you while you shop... this articleexplores the scenario, which is certainly plausible in the next 5 years with recent advances in computer vision. Who'll gain the most? As the article outlines: Facebook, which has the most up to-date database of people's faces AND the platform to target its users with ads. Super powerful.


Amazon isn't as international as you think:  55% of 2016 revenue came from the US, which makes Amazon India all the more important ("Inside Jeff Bezoz' $5 Billion Bet that Amazon Can Win India"); peer comparisons: 15% of Facebook's users are from the US/Canada (of course these are it's most valuable users), and Netflix has more subscribers overseas than in the US


Hackers broke into AWS to mine bitcoin, link, interesting to think of how commoditized computing resources have been, and that they can be stolen


Google's Airpods competitors do real-time translation, link



#13 October 1st 17

A stock-trading AI that its creators don't even understand, initially quarantined because nobody understood why it was making certain choices, AI at the Man Group (a hedge fund with ~95B AUM) now assists with the management of ~15B worth of portfolio… its most profitable day was buying when the US market fell 3% in August 2015 having learnt from an earlier Chinese economy selloff, link


Apple switches search from Bing to Google, link


Goldman is trying to become 'the Google of Wall St': 46% of new job listings are for tech, link


Microsoft Excel + machine learning, link


Twitter testing 280 character limits, link


#12 September 24th 17

Samsung going strong: ~30% stock performance (85% from 52W low to high) despite 2 major catastrophes: (i) major product recall of Note 7 and (ii) PR disaster from de-facto head J.Y Lee's guilty verdict and sentencing to 5y in prison for bribery and other offenses, point to a powerful underlying company that produces great products... and components, link to video


Home grocery delivery -- into your fridge: Walmart is trying it out, link, only works with households equipped with August Home, a smart-lock


GIFs make money: Tenor, a GIF keyboard, boasts 200m searches/d; since these searches are more emotionally-charged than regular text search (e.g. Google) and intrinsically involve sharing -- you search a GIF to send it to somebody else => 2x exposure -- mean that Tenor can charge $100-500k to clients such as Domino's to get top results on pizza, etc. link


Airbnb realized that hosts were experiencing friction when it came to pricing their apartments properly; so they built a pricing suggestion algorithm for them, it incorporates: local events / peak tourist seasons, and builds its own neighborhood map, link... they also open-sourced their ML package, a more interesting OS-ed package is Lottie, which converts After Effects animations into iOS-ready vector- animations -- notoriously difficult to create


Airbnb for satellites: antenna owners can rent out spare capacity to satellite operators with Infostellar, link


Uber lost its license to operate in London, whose transport authority said it wasn't "fit and proper" to operate in the city, link; as this BB article points out:  "At $69 billion, after raising more than $15 billion, I think Uber is big enough to warrant scrutiny." -- too many large private, unregulated companies


#11 September 17th 17

23AndMe raised money at a $1.75B valuation, and that's not because of revenue from it's $99 home-testing kits, but because it holds some extremely valuable data: DNA samples from ~2m people. They recently worked on Parkinson's research, and identified 17 new genetic markers associated with the disease thanks to their data, link


Enough has been said about the iPhone X and its price, etc., but here's a refreshing perspective: Apple managed to squeeze (nearly) all of Microsoft's2009 Kinect sensor's functionality into the tiny notch at the top of the phone, link, this depth sensor powers its FaceID... to be honest, however, the depth sensor is far more functional on the rear camera for AR capabilities -- imagine scanning a room with your iPhone


Rise of HIT (human intelligence task) outsourcing platforms... a natural evolution of Mechanical Turk + mobile, ~10 startups are name-dropped here, link


Tesla issued software updates for those affected by Irma to increase battery range (30 miles); why isn't that a universal update? Related to battery life-cycles?, link


#10 September 10th 17

WhatsApp going to begin to monetization 3 years after $19B acquisition with paid business accounts (like Facebook Messenger)… 1b daily users, and 250m users of its Snapchat Stories clone, link


Turo raises $92M Series D and acquires Daimler's P2P car-sharing product Croove; will there be space in the future for third parties like Turo?, link -- Tesla's Elon Musk said he would allow for fleet sharing, link… coincidentally, Turo claims that Tesla owners can pay their monthly installments by simply renting their car out 7 days / month, link


Amazon is looking for a second city to build a $5B HQ and host 50,000 highly paid employees... mayors are 'lining up to woo', link, good PR


Equifax, one of the 3 largest credit reporting agencies (your credit score) was hacked, lost up to 143m customers' details, executives likely guilty of insider trading by selling off schedule, a few days before hack ... and Equifax's remedial efforts to check whether you lost your data require you to waive your right to a class action lawsuit


By 2017, mobile app industry will be worth $77B, link


Today's facial recognition tech can recognize you with 69% accuracy even when your face is covered, link


The $0.33 t-shirt, link, increasing democratization of apparel manufacturing (dropshipping is an intermediate step) could mean in the future automated local print shops take orders from small designers who leverage their social networks to release collections


Smartphone with a holographic screen?, as noted problem is content link



#09 September 3rd 17

Love is now pay-to-win: "Tinder hits top grossing app in the App Store on heels of Tinder Gold launch", link, 2 years after beginning monetization, Tinder Gold allows paying subscribers to see who swiped/expressed interest on them


"Expedia leads $26 million round in hospitality startup ALICE", which provides hospitality management software -- and industry ripe for disruption, bespoke solutions are not cost efficient  -- for hotels, link


Juicero, the $400M juice startup, deaded. No surprise there after it was discovered that the juice packs they sold could be squeezed by hand (instead of by using the expensive machine), link


"Windows is dead", op-ed from The Week, that plots the decline of Windows despite a recent revival, due to low success of Windows 10 (which was built to unify Windows devices, both mobile and PC), and low mobile adoption -> inability to develop Cortana… Google/Apple have inherent advantages here: people are more likely to use a voice assistant via mobile (overwhelmingly so, I have the feeling), link



#08 August 27th 17

Cool YCombinator S'17 companies: Modular Science- aims to automate 99% of the processes in agriculture, pretty great opportunity considering food production has to 50% in the next 30 years; Escher Reality- AR data platform for developing AR apps; Standard Cognition- AI powered checkout, i.e. Amazon Go; Py-mobile app for teaching coding + hiring software developers, highly gamified and great to use on commutes


Typical New Yorker (long) article on the growing consolidation in the internet industry, link, in brief: Google controls 90% of search ad revenue, Facebook controls 80% of mobile social traffic, and Amazon controls 75% of e-book sales… personally, I think that the government should intervene if and only if said companies engage in anti-competitivebehavior, not before… however, culturally there needs to be a shift in ambition from "I want to sell my startup to Google/FB -> rest and vest" to "I want to build the next …"


Mining bitcoin is energy (and heat, ask people who've tried running it in their dorm rooms,link: "[we]had to keep our window open during snowstorms because it was so hot in our room otherwise") intensive, and so the Chinese government's assistance in supplying cheap electricity is what lead to a boom in Chinese production: 50% of pools are in China,link, Putin's internet advisor is setting up a farm too link


Amazon designed an AI fashion designer, link… that's an industry ripe for disruption; to the best of my knowledge, fashion forecasters today (e.g. WGSN) predict low-level data (e.g. colors) based on current trends  (through street photographers) and mainly act as self-fulfilling prophets… considering AMZN's scale it could do that same; Zara / H&M / F21 watch out


Google's Project Loon (the internet balloon thing) is operational in Kenya, link, uses AI to predict weather which is no small feat considering complexity of weather forecasting


Google and Walmart are partnering on voice shopping, i.e. using Google Home to order things, link


#07 August 20th 17

Carbon, one of the few 3D printing success stories (and unicorns), is collaborating with Adidas for midsoles, and hopes to ramp up production from 5000 this year to millions by 2021, link -- their Terminator-inspired tech works much faster than traditional layer-by-layer printing


Andy Rubin, creator of Android pre-acquisition by Google and leader of it post-acq, created Essential 2 years ago, and a few months ago announced a phone. It's out. And for a first-gen phone launched by a (well-funded) start-up it's pretty good, link


Facebook will start bringing ticket sales and bigger retailers into Marketplace, link


Apple plans to spend $1B in original programming, that’s half of HBO's budget, but only a fraction (1/7) of Netflix's, link, content is king, and they already have a pretty captive audience


Last week I mentioned that a team from Musk's OpenAI defeated top players in Dota2, a game "more complex than …", this criticism brings to light how Dota2 was gamed for AI superiority (i.e. 1v1, AI playing Shadowfiend, etc.), and how OpenAI's achievement pales in comparison to previous ones made by the AI community

#06 August 13rd 17

Uber: CEO Kalanick resigned after board pressure for a slew of PR mis-slips and a growing public (valid) perception that Uber was nurturing a toxic bro-culture >> Benchmark Capital (which invested 27M that is now worth 8.4B, 300x) is suingKalanick for fraud amongst other things >> shareholders loyal to Kalanick are rallying other shareholders to get Benchmark to step down from Uber's board, Kalanick has told people he's 'Steve Job-sing it'

++ "Some startup founders are ‘nervous’ about dealing with Benchmark after it sued Uber", link, well they shouldn't be, drastic situations demand drastic measures; just be a good CEO and you have nothing to worry about, there is no conflict of interests, VCs want higher valuations

Google: employee pens 3300-word memo (the science backing his argument is debunked here) that says women are less capable due to higher neuroticism >> sacked for "advancing dangerous gender stereotypes" >> CEO calls all-hands meeting >> meeting cancelled after fears of online harassment from alt-right and Twitter users (Milo doxes them) >> free speech activists are marching on Google offices

++ David Brooks thinks Sundar Pichai should be fired as CEO of Google for 'giving into the mob', and clarifies that the memo is accurate for populations not individuals, link

"HOW BAIDU WILL WIN CHINA’S AI RACE—AND, MAYBE, THE WORLD’S", link: as Qi Lu who left MSFT to be Baidu's COO says "China has the structural advantage" (i.e. larger population, since AI = data)

Facebook Stories (the product that killed Snapchat-- Instagram Stories reached 250m users vs IG 166 users in June link) is coming to desktop link

Facebook acquired a German computer-vision startup that can add objects to live video, most likely for AR purposes, link

Great look at Apple's problems with changing the TV industry as they said they would link; nonetheless, Apple is still moving into original programming (e.g. Planet of the Apps, link) which can only be watched if you're an Apple Music subscriber

Apple has essentially settled for turning the television set into a giant iPhone: a cluster of apps with a store. "That's not what I signed up for," says one of the people, who requested anonymity to talk freely about internal company matters. "I signed up for revolutionary. We got evolutionary."  link

Chinese app Toutiao seeks to raise $2B at $20B valuation, 100m people use it everyday, link

Starbucks is cannibalizing its own sales: on average for every location there are about 4 others in a one-mile radius, link

OpenAI (Elon's AI initiative) beat a pro gamer at Dota2… more complexity than Go/Chess, link, it trained for 2 weeks against itself

Oil & EVs:  global production of crude is ~100 million barrels/day, EVs could displace up to 1 million by 2025, link 

#5 August 6th 17

Bloomberg's "How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup" link, more than 100k businesses use Stripe for payment processing; Stripe charges ~2.9% or less, and banks take 85% of that; at $50B/y processing (not achieved yet), it would have revenue of ~1.5B

Competitors: Adyen, Braintree

Don’t confuse Stripe (internet) w/ Square (mobile POS + Jack Dorsey)

Also discovered Stripe's quarterly magazine, Increment, "It’s designed to act as a sort of central repository for Stripe and others in the industry to share knowledge, including tips and best practices for building software and scaling tech businesses."

Apple's next top-spec iPhone is likely to cost $1200 (iPhone 7 today starts at $650), and that's great because they can include new pricey tech that will filter into the rest of the industry link, they'll also make a boatload of money

Spotify said to be considering "direct listing" route to going public, i.e. avoiding the messiness of a botched IPO link

Reddit raised $200m at $1.8b to fund a web re-design -- 80% of reddit traffic comes from web link

"We Need More Alternatives to Facebook" link -- yes we do. How do you measure market share of social media though? And at what point should/would the government be able to intervene? According to this site (Dreamgrow), FB had up to 70% of 'visits' in the US a few years ago, but now sits at 38%.

Trump's presidency has had a negative impact on gun sales in the US; Sturm Ruger & Co's (NYSE: RGR) sales went down 21% and profit by 50% because people were previously stocking up because of the prospect of tighter regulation under Hilary; RGR also went down 20% on election night? link other gun companies listed in this ETF don't seem to have done well this year, except for Axon (NSDQ: AAXN) which manufactures the Taser.


#04 July 30th 17

Tesla's Model 3 launched on Friday. It's not the first mass-market electric vehicle (nor even the most practical- $/mile range), but it is the first to capture public sentiment so successfully -- kudos to the UX designers who captured the zeitgeist of the time and created a new minimalist automobile dashboard paradigm. link

Google has managed to consistently capture 40% of annual revenue growth in global advertising revenue; meanwhile Facebook says its revenue growth will slow considerably starting late 2017 link

Amazon arrived in Singapore this week, making its beachhead into Southeast Asia, of course, the prize is Indonesia which will represent 50% of the region's ecommerce spending by 2025 link

"iRobot's Roomba's Next Big Step Is Selling Maps of Your Home to the Highest Bidder"… such data is highly valuable, and nobody else has it. Their ToS means they might have to notify you when they start to do so, but it's unlikely that users will catch/understand it, and even if they did, would they refuse it after spending $1000?  link

Duolingo is a real tech success story: $700m valuation with 200m users at 5 years old and with around 80 employees; talk about a lean, successful operation, link

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg traded criticisms over outlooks with regards to AI link. Analysis is write in commenting both have vested interests in portraying a certain character, Musk the visionary rebel genius and Zuckerberg the friendly FB CEO who has 2 billion people's worth of data

Walkme, an Israeli startup valued at $930M raised money, and its product is targeted at employee education and customer support -- think on screen tooltips to help you find and use new features. Interesting, one company said support calls went down 30% after adopting it link

Twitter added no new users in the last quarter, stock responded by falling 15% link

Amazon Hub for apartment buildings, no more need for a doorman. 24/7 delivery possible link


#03 July 23rd 17

$159m Series A funding for auto-tech Palo Alto-based  startup Nauto led by Greylock and Softbank Nauto's product is geared towards retrofitting existing fleets, and claims to be able to reduce accident claims by 80% … here's a chart to help you keep track of the crowded self-driving car/truck industry (236 companies listed)


Indoor farming has been touted has an inevitable outcome for the agri-industry. So far, however, nobody has managed to crack the problem of doing it efficiently enough as to sell the produce at an affordable price. Plenty, which just raised $200M from SoftBank's VisionFund, claims it's different because they use gravity instead of pumping to keep their plants fed. They also claim to be 350x more efficient space-wise than conventional farms and 100x more water-efficient. Will $200M go far enough to prove that the model is viable? link


*shots fired*, 2 weeks ago, Instagram was reported to be working with Nike to enable direct sales on its platform; Amazon just beat them with their new social e-commerce product Spark that resembles a clickable social feed that takes you to the product displayed link -- also, it's only for Prime members.

They also just launched meal kits link


New luxury 3D2N  train rides in Japan with ticket prices as high as $8400  have been fully booked through March… it's easy to forget that Japan has the most millionaires outside the US, and more than Germany and China combined. Interesting outlook on how the retiring, cash-flush  generation in Japan is ready to go out and spend, on experiences link


Linked is a great explanation of the importance of August 1 to the Bitcoincommunity who are currently split on how to address currently exorbitant processing fees caused by the small 1MB (4000 transactions/10minutes) block size. Majority of (the Chinese) miners have a different opinion from the developer community link


Elon Musk said he got verbal agreement from the White House to build a Hyperloop tunnel between NYC and DC -- the trip would take 29 minutes. link


#02 July 16th 17

Hyperloop's first full-scale system, i.e. full vacuum conditions, was tested on Wednesday. The test pod reached 70mph on the short 1640ft/500m track but has potential to reach 750mph and a future Abu Dhabi-Dubai (in 5 years' time) track is meant to hit 500mph link

Nvidia is powering the first level 3 autonomous (Tesla is level 2, there are levels 0-5) production car, which can drive itself at speeds under 37mph, the Audi A8, its stock rose ~4% on announcement. link

Pris Chan / Zuckerburg will be the largest future philanthropists with $62b in assets vs. $40b  in the Bill and Gates Foundation (presumably this excl. Warren Buffet's commitment and that of other Founders); amazing for a 32yo pediatrician link

Industries whose value Amazon has eroded in the past few months: groceries (excl. Whole Foods) and sports stores (excl. Nike)… companies also include Best Buy (on announcement of Amazon Geek Squad) and Blue Apron, link

Facebook adds ads to messenger link, and having saturated FB News Feed, is looking for new places to show ads (IG is doing well, but WA is being geared up for monetization? -- the chat app that 1.2b people use that was acquired for $19B and only charges $1/year at the moment, link FB appears to have a problem wrt to future growth considering ~1/2 of non-FB using internet users are in China where FB is banned (um here's a video of Zuck speaking Mandarin)

1-year old company Brandless raised $35M to sell brandless (surprisingly) essentials at $3 each, such as detergent, liquid soap, etc. Interesting angle… marketers always say that millennials are loyal customers, but show me a millennial that'll pay $10 for Tide over $3 for 'brandless.'

Apple added PayPal as a payment option for its digital store link

Amazon Prime subscriptions reach 79m households in the US, nearly as many as cable subs (90m) more


#01 July 9th 17

Baidu's Project Apollo for autonomous driving unveiled 50 commercial partners and claimed to have converted two cars into autonomous vehicles in just three days; while Tesla/Google/Uber are duking it out over building autonomous vehicles from scratch, the conversion business will certainly be huge; Silicon Valley's AutoX would be a challenger for such a market

Holy grail of e-commerce? Nike last Friday said it is going to start selling products through Instagram (i.e. 700m of the most addicted user