Friends of Newbury Town Library Meeting Minutes of November 11/1/18

Attendees:  Jean Ackerly, Maureen Haley, Tammy Cotter, Pam Myers-Kinney, Jean Ackerly, Erin Ouimet, Kati Bourque and Linda Rivera

Maureen overview: Has anyone got pictures of Harvest Fest?  Jean has some great pictures and will send to Maureen for web & FB postings.  Reported that the photographer from Daily News was here and published a picture on their Back Page. The "Letter to the Editor" thanking the community for participating in the Harvest Fest has been submitted & will be published in a few weeks.  Paypal and Facebook have joined up together and will match donations to us from the public, on Giving Tues. 27, and signed up the Friends for the program. The Board agreed to publish the info on Web and FB.  Maureen to look into it further and post on FB & web.  Shared that the Rowley Library had someone come in to appraise older books, would we be interested in having someone come in?  Everyone agreed and Maureen will call the appraiser for details, fees, etc.

Tammy: Looking into possibly having Pauline do an adult crafting fundraiser event  possibly winter time.  Idea:  Tammy will send a specific, separate Membership drive Mailchimp  to all non members from yrs ago and we could possibly put them into Welcome Packets?  Had an Idea to create a "Myths vs. Facts" brochure about Friends.  Maureen to supply some wording about Memberships & What the Friends are. Inform that being member doesn’t require anything from them. (Mailchimp, printouts at library?) Pam & Tammy will work on  Tammy shared that Ellie Davis (from the Y), said that anytime we are looking for raffle items that they will donate a free activity, etc.

Erin Asked what do you get by being a Friends Member  vs. donating?  (Nothing specified by us).  Maureen to look into what other libraries provide.  Try to come up with an incentive for people to want to become a member. Free books?  "Black Friday" ideas? Do we want to have Black Friday deals on our merchandise?  Kati came up with idea to for patrons to buy a bag, hat, flags etc and you get a bag of books-Everyone agreed to that idea.  (Mailchimp, etc).

Pam: We're In good shape as we have earned more money than spent so far.  Received money from Newbury council. NTL to decide how to use the money. AmazonSmile: $138.00 profit for this year so far and Jean will check whether or not the town is on AmazonSmile.

Jean: Thanked everyone for the great job with Harvest fest.  Thomas Jefferson Program that was cancelled has been rescheduled to January, but Jean is going to suggest Feb instead.  Writers Workshop program will be run again in future as it was so popular.  Museum passes, has applied for grants to cover them.  “Tapping” program free on December 13 and January 12 Sat.  Received money from Newbury council and will decide how to use the money. Jean will check with whether or not the town is on Amazon smile.

Kati: Harvest fest kids crafts went well. 5 stations was perfect amount of stations will repeat next year.

Lego club going very well.  Program "Crazy 8s"  math club is 3 weeks in and very popular, all items are provided free by "Bedtime Math", an eight week program, as a waiting list and is capped at 12. Another idea was to do a Membership Drive by setting up a basket, etc.librarians will handle payments for tickets and Memberships.  Tammy shared that Ellie Davis, from the Y,  said that anytime library is looking for raffles that the Y will donate.  Jean suggested calling for a donation from the new start-up Hard Cider brewery in Amesbury, Maureen will call owner, Caleb (from cable company) for a donation. Minecraft is planned for over Christmas.  Kati wrote grants for all presenters in 2019.

NOTE:  Carla Moss, creator/donator of tote bags, backpacks, etc. stopped in and gave us her latest children's backpack for the Friends to sell!!!

Upcoming Friends Sponsored Programs:                        

Thomas Jefferson the Foodie, November 15. Thursday.  7-8pm.11/15 RESCHEDULED TO JANUARY        (Possibly Feb. now)

Calendar:  Friends Meetings:  Dec. 6, Jan 3, Feb 7, Mar 7, Apr 4.

              Black Friday - Nov 23 - Shop on AmazonSmile and NTL open.

              Cyber Monday - Nov. 26 - shop at AmazonSmile

      Kids movies and, “Lunch Bunch” - is anyone available to attend and tell @ Friends?  (See NTL            website for dates, times).

              "Giving Tuesday" is November 27th - Donations made (THAT DAY) on our Facebook Page “Donate” button will be matched and sent to us via Paypal.