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Welcome to our celebration of great storytelling

Julie Jones

A quick welcome and a discussion on how best to work through the day.


(choose among these)

I had you at hello

Kathleen Cairns, Alanna Delfino 

These two journalists have a proven track record on how to approach strangers, even in hostile situations, and convince them to talk. Learn their strategies on how to get great interviews and create compelling stories. (Session # 1 a)

Zoom tricks for j-school teachers

Stan Heist, Greg Vandegrift

This session is for any teacher forced into a Zoom world but still struggling with the space as an educational tool. ( Session #1b)

Stills and Sound

Joe Mahoney

This session will help you think through how to combine still images with audio for a fast, easy and effective storytelling on digital platforms. (Session #1c)

Don' t Be Intimidated by Documents

Jed Gamber

Jed will show you tips and tricks to turn your mundane non-visual story into a masterpiece of visual storytelling. (Session # 1d)

Drones Do's and Don’ts

Carmaine Means, Adam Vance

These drone experts will help you learn how to study and pass your Part 107 as well as  ways to  use  this tool of technology to enhance your storytelling. (Session #1e)

10:30 - Fifteen minute break



(choose among these)

Visual Listening

Lisa Berglund, Kari Costanza

Ever dropped into a situation and had to figure out who is who and what is going on? This award winning team of storytellers from World Vision have a great set of tools you can use to  visually surveil a person's world to better understand their life and tell their story. (Session #2 a)

Tracking & Performance: Let's sound like we know what we're talking about

Kathleen Cairns, Mike Schuh

Rock star reporters will examine best practices for using your voice to enhance your story plus talk about Stand- ups, why they're important, when and how to use  them AND how to  ace your next Live- Shot. (Session # 2 b)

Creative distance interviews

Alanna Defino, Joe Little

How to shoot better interviews with cellphones, or computers. ( Session # 2 c)

Planning for Chaos

Brett Akagi, Oliver Janney 

These veteran journalists will discuss how to plan for potentially chaotic events as a manager. Oliver Janney, Senior Manager for CNN, and Brett Akagi,  KCTV News Operations Manager, are the perfect people to show you how to plan for protest coverage, natural disasters and political rallies safely from a leadership perspective. ( Session # 2 d)

11 : 15 - Fifteen minute break


1 1 : 3 0 a m  M A I N  S E S S I O N

Represent in your Reporting

Jeff Kinney, Tawanda Scott Sambou, Evelio Contreras

As journalists, how can we contribute during the movement that is pushing against racial inequality? We will show you ways journalists can hold ourselves accountable. Diversity comes in many forms including race, age and socio-economic levels.  ALL voices need to be heard.

These three journalists (retired or currently working for CNN) will talk about the responsibility and the honor of representing the full view of human life in America.

12 : 00-  Fifteen minute break


1 2 : 3 0  p m  M A I N  S E S S I O N

Lunch with our sponsor  Light & Motion Tour

Grab a sandwich and get back to the computer. Because this is going to be fun.  Tom Brady, VP of Marketing,  will show us the range of products the Light & Motion has for photojournalists from their headquarters from Marina, California. 

 Those who attend will be eligible for a light kit from our sponsor.

1:00-- Fifteen minute break



(choose among these)

Digital Storytelling

Elizabeth Sims

If you need to think storytelling beyond the broadcast platform this session is for you. Elizabeth Sims, WBIR, will help you think out of that old TV box and into news ways of connecting with your community. ( Session #3a)

Things I wish I had known in college

Zack Hedrick, Samie Solina

Zack and Samie are both student alumni of  the  Workshop. They will share with students all the things they wished they had  known back when they were preparing to  get  their first jobs in TV. Now, Zack works for News 4 San  Antonio and  Samie is  working in  the great northland for KTUU, Anchorage. (Session #3b)

Writing Q & A’s

Mike Schuh, Greg Vandegrift

Write less, say more. (Session #3c)

Bob' s Choice: The story and backstory

John Sharify, Joseph Huerta

These amazing storytellers will walk you through their documentary Bob's Choice. Learn the importance of shifting perspective in the stories we tell. ( Session #3d)

1:45--Fifteen minute break



(choose among these)

Surviving and Thriving Under Deadline

Joe Little

How can you tell a  good visual story, under deadline, all by  yourself? I  do  i t  every day. Basic tips that embrace visual storytelling, good writing, and tight deadlines. (Session # 4 a)

From finding to pitching stories

Kathleen Cairns, Alanna Deflino, Elizabeth Sims, Zack Hedrick

This session is for anyone who is feeling lost when it comes to finding and conceptualizing  the steps to building a story. These pros will discuss finding and pitching from a reporter, photojournalist and digital producer prospective. (Session # 4 b)

Listening is an act of healing

Julie Jones

Deep listening is a skill that is both challenging and awarding. I t will improve your reporting but also all your social connections. Julie Jones, founder of The Listening Project class at OU, will teach you simple actions you can take to help you stop talking and start understanding the people around you better. (Session # 4 c)

Pandemic Reporting at KXAN: Investigative Stories Daily & Long Form 

Josh Hinkle

Since mid-March, the KXAN team of nine investigators has been working remotely – and in overdrive – executing nearly 400 investigative stories. Most of this work is daily turns and fielding thousands of viewer tips. Josh will show you how they produced on multiple platforms remotely and quickly. (Session # 4 d)

2:30 - Fifteen minute break



Sharing Covid Victories

Joseph Huerta

Joseph Huerta, WFAA, has been gathering victory stories as news  crews across  the country report on a global pandemic. This half hour is the emotional lift we all need.

Closing comments and looking forward to 2021

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