Black River Independent School Committee

Date/Time: 02/07/2019 @ 6:30pm

Location: Black River High School Middle School Library


  1. Call to Order: Called to order by John at 6:38pm
  1. Roll Call-Suzy Buckley, John Bannon, Joann Wilson, Uli Donohue, Marissa Selleck
  2. Approval of Agenda: Additions & Deletions-Move 2. Space Acquisition from III. A. to III. B. 4.;

Add III. B. 5. Funds Tracking Suggestion

Motion made by Uli, 2nd by Suzy; Pass

II.       Approval of Minutes

             A. 01/31/2019: Motion made by Suzy, 2nd by Joann; Passed

III.     Business

             A. Updates

                1. Press Release: Draft provided by Kristen; update on where they are

                submitted to (Front Porch Forum, OVTV schedule, Vermont Journal, Chit

                Chat, Chester Telegraph, VPR, Mt. Holly Newsflash);

                Suggestions: Include update on success/current progress; add that this is

                only phase 1 & we are not done by any means with fundraising after this;

                include that we have already received an encouraging/enthusiastic

                response/support from the community; JW: Compare with Donation

                Request Letter, reference “beautiful language” utilized there.

                        -Follow up with Kristen in regards to suggestions

                2. Donation/Fundraising Lists via Suzy-Suzy has added about ½ of the Mt.

                Holly contacts from the list provided by Megan Harlow, BR volunteer

                assisting Suzy has completed updating current Ludlow list;

                JB/SB: What about outreach to locals who also represent businesses

                (intermediate/intermediary, transitional, interposed tier)?

                        -Follow Up/To Do: Identify outreach for local business, separate list

                JW will print out a handful more current Donation Request Letters to

                deliver to SB for more mailings.

            B. Discussion

                1. First Round of Letters: Feedback/Reflection (Prep 2nd Round?)-See

                above(III.A.1.), overall response from community has been pleasantly

                encouraging already; off to a great start with foundation, thanks to the

                support from the community;

                Thermometer Graph Concept: Wait till Spring, when it can actually be

                inserted into the ground; best location is probably right on the corner

                between BR entrance & former Ludlow Cooking Co. building.  

                        -Follow Up/To Do: Plan Intermediary Tier Outreach

                2. Event Planning for Fundraising-Adding to calendar, potential events for

                Pop-Ups: Penny Sale (April 27th), Farmer’s Market, Baseball & Softball

                games, Little League Opening Day/Parade, Fishing Derby, Sports

                Banquet, BR Good Neighbor’s Rummage Sale, High School Day (May 2);

                Also, a second sub-committee for Intermediary events, ie: Homestyle

                Hostel & Stemwinder’s; Possibly need liaison for Mountain Contacts

                *Megan Harlow’s interest is in Event Planning for Fundraising

                        -Follow Up: Possible contacts for liaison

                        -Tentative date for the Hostel event

                        -Follow Up with Hostel to coordinate event

                        -Follow Up collaboration with other local groups, such as: BRGN,

                         BRACC, FOLA, Fletcher Memorial Library, Rotary, BRAMH,

                         Legion, Chamber of Commerce, Fletcher Farms


                3. OVTV Interview Schedule/Availability-Unanimously voted the sooner

                the better

                        -Follow Up w/ Patrick at OVTV to schedule an interview asap

                4. Space Acquisition via John-Made contact with the Vicar General in

                Burlington, who stated there is precedence for leasing parish property;

however, explained John would need to reach out to local diacese;

contact made w/ local diacese, who said at this time would have to decline

our request.

*Current census is still to plan for village campus structure, lots of potential, possibilities, and benefits.

        -Follow Up: Contact other Town Parishes

        -Contact Sue Chadwick at Fletcher Farm (she spoke with us at the

         very beginning).

5. Funds Tracking Update via John-Associate looked into free programs online; there are a number available, just depends on our status/growth.

Suggested we select a program that is initially free to a certain amount,

                that way, we get familiar with the program and by the time we reach the

                free limit and need to start paying we will be accustomed to it as well as

                have the funds to afford it.

IV. Public Comment


V. Items for Next Meeting

-Press Release

-Contacts Update for Alternative Space Acquisition (Sue Chadwick @ Fletcher Farm; Local Town Parishes)

-Contacts Update for Mt Liaison

-Update for Homestyle Hostel (Contact & Tentative Date)

-Identify Businesses and other Intermediary Tiers for donation outreach

VI. Adjournment-Adjourned by John at 7:53pm