NIRSA Honor Award Committee Charges

Last Updated: May 6, 2019


The Honor Award Committee works with NIRSA Headquarters to administer and promote the Honor Award program. Presented each year at the Annual Conference, this prestigious award recognizes the exceptional contributions to NIRSA and the field of collegiate recreation through exemplary leadership and dedication. This committee reviews nominations and uses the selection criteria to decide on the recipient.

NIRSA’s mission, vision, and strategic values guide the “how” and “why” for our professional development offerings, networking opportunities, and resources, as well as all strategic priorities.  NIRSA committees are expected to fulfill their charges, operate the committee, and make decisions and recommendations consistent with NIRSA’s values and in support of NIRSA’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.


The 2019-2020 Honor Award Committee pilot for one more year, the appointment of 6 people (3 past recipients and 3 At-Large members).  If this number of committee members continues to be effective, then at the end of the 2019-2020 committee year, the committee may propose permanent changes to the committee structure that includes:

2019-2020 Charges

  1. In cooperation with the NIRSA HQ staff member, maintain an operating manual that serves as a         guide for the processes and timeline for the selection, communication and presentation of the         Honor Award.
  2. Attend committee conference calls to discuss nominations and select Honor Award recipient.
  3. Honor Award recipient chosen by committee consensus; barring consensus, by a majority vote of committee members.
  4. Committee chair communicates selection to recipient and works with NIRSA HQ Communications department to draft featured article about recipient.
  5. The Honor Award Committee should develop a recommendation for how long applications should be kept on file for future consideration, and if there are any other criteria that need to be clear for someone to remain eligible for consideration (new letters come in each year, etc).  This recommendation should be presented to the NIRSA board for approval, before it becomes policy.

Additional charges may be presented to the committee, or by the committee, during the year as new initiatives arise.

Professional Involvement Credit Value (PIC)

0.3 (chair); 0.1 (member)