----SUCRÉ  SALÉ ---

Established 2014

109 Danbury Road

Ridgefield CT 06877




Established 2014


Samedi et Dimanche de 8:30am a 3pm

Chef/Owner: Frank Bonnaudet

Morning’ s Crêpes

Bacon Egg and Cheese $10

Bacon, eggs and swiss cheese in white crêpe

Spinach and Scrambled Eggs $10

Baby spinach, scrambled eggs, bechamel in white crêpe

Smoked Salmon $13

Smoked salmon and cream cheese in white crêpe

Crab’ Crêpe $17

 Crabmeat & Mornay sauce in a white crêpe


Plain Omelette $10.00

Served with home fries & toast

Farmer's Omelette  $13.00

Ham, onion, swiss, home fries & toast

Veggie omelette $14

Tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese, home fries & toast

Smoked Salmon Omelette $15

Tomatoes, smoked salmon, provolone, home fries & toast

Eggs Benedict

Ham $13

Ham soft eggs, English muffins, home fries & Hollandaise

Smoked Salmon $16

Smoked salmon, soft eggs, English muffins, home fries & Hollandaise

Bacon  $14

Bacon soft eggs, English muffins, home fries & Hollandaise

Crab Meat  $18

Crab meat, soft eggs, English muffins, Cream of spinach home fries & Hollandaise

Specialties, Sides & Croissants

Croissant $3.50 Pain au chocolat $4

Two fresh Eggs $5

Home fries & toast $4

Steaks & eggs $18.00

5 oz Angus Sirloin, 2 sunny side eggs, h/fries hollandaise

Bacon  $4

Fresh Fruits $6

French fries $4

Le Pain Perdu 8.00

French toast & Syrup

Soups & Appetizer

Gratinée a l’oignon $8

French onion soup

Soup du Jour $8

Soup of the day

Charcuterie, Fromages Board $15

Cheese, charcuterie or combo board

Vol au Vent  $9

Diced ham, mushrooms, sauce Mornay in puff pastry

Escargot a la Bourguignonne $8

Snails in garlic butter

Paté aux Truffes $9

Truffles chicken liver paté & toast


Salade de chevre chaud $14

Mesclun salad, walnuts, tomatoes, puffed goat cheese & Dijon vinaigrette

Salade Périgord $16

Duck confit, walnuts, caramelized onions, hard boiled, mixed green, tomatoes, croutons & Dijon vinaigrette

Salade de la Mer $16

Smoked salmon, provolone, hard boiled, mixed green, tomatoes, croûtons & Dijon vinaigrette

Salade Fermiere $13

Haricots vert, shallots, mushrooms, olives, walnuts, tomatoes, miwed green, croutons & balsamic dressing


Lorraine $12

Smoked salmon $13

Spinach & goat cheese $12

Tarte a l'oignon $12


 Steak Frites $27

12 0z Angus striploin, French fries & salad, blue cheese, pepper cognac or shallots sauce.

Saumon à l’oseille $26

Baked atlantic salmon, sorrel sauce, tagliatelles & spinach


Croque-Monsieur/Madame $16

Ham $16, Smoked salmon $18, Madame (sunny side egg) add $1 served with fries and mixed green

French Burger $16.00

8 oz Angus  ground beef, bacon, Swiss, tomatoes, caramelized onions. served with fries and mixed green

Sandwich Merguez $17

Spicy lamb sausage, harissa mayonnaise, French baguette

Served with fries and mixed green

Jambon Beurre Fromage $14

Ham & Swiss on French baguette. Served with fries and mixed green

Savory Crêpes (white or buckwheat)

Galette Complète $14

Ham, Swiss & Sunny side egg. Served with duchess potato and mixed green

Normandy   $16.00

Chicken breast, mushrooms in Normandy sauce

Served with duchess potato and mixed green

Veggie $15

Tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms,  bechamel. Served with duchess potato and mixed green

Périgourdine $18

Duck confit, tomatoes, caramelized onions, bechamel. Served with duchess potato and mixed green


Moules Orientales  $20

PEI mussels in a spicy harissa  sauce, roasted peppers  & French fries

Moules Guinguette $21

PEI mussels in saffron creamy sauce, bacon, tomatoes & French fries

Moules à la moutarde  $22

PEI mussels in a white wine Dijon sauces, tomatoes, capers, anchovies sauce & French fries

Moules Marinieres $20

PEI mussels in a white wine creamy sauce & French fries

Desserts & sweet crêpes

Crêpe au Sucre $5

White Crêpe, Sugar, Caramel & whipped cream

Crêpe au Nutella $8

White Crêpe, Nutella, Caramel & whipped cream

Crêpe Tatin $10

White Crêpe, Caramelized apple, vanilla ice cream & whipped cream

La Garrigue $9

White Crêpe, Melba sauce, fresh strawberries, grilled almonds, caramel & whipped cream

Crême Brulée $8

Fraise Melba $9

Vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries, Melba sauce, whipped cream, grilled almonds.

Crêpe Flambées $13

White crepe, coffee ice cream, served on fire with, calvados,Grand Marnier or Armagnac

Profitéroles $12

Pastry balls stuffed with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, almonds & chocolate sauce

Brunch’s drink

Loaded Bloody Mary $12

With shrimp wrapped in bacon & celery

WAC Warm Apple Cider $11

Whisky, French cider & cinnamon rim

French 75 $11

Gin, Champagne & lemon Juice

Mimosa  $10

Orange juice & Champagne

Grapefruit Mimosa $10

Grapefruit & Champagne

Blanc Limé $8

Sauvignon blanc and fresh lemonade