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Open ski resort and snow data is finally here!

This manual will guide you through the steps of maintaining the presentation of your ski resort via the ‘ Ski resort Representative Network’ (SSRN). The presentation will be available on and our vast network of partners, which includes ski rental, ski transfer, hotel booking and travel websites. Moreover, the data is channeled as linked open data[1] to any third party willing to incorporate the data in it's own interface whether website or app. is the only ski website which provides ski resort and snow report data as linked open data. We are committed to accurate and high quality ski resort and snow data for everyone.

All of the main functions of SSRN are presented and explained in the following sections.


You can obtain access to your ski resort profile by means of a personal Url. If you are already a member of SSRN you have received the Url by e-mail (in August 2018 or later). If you are new to SSRN you can send an e-mail to to request access and we will send the personal Url to you.  Only tourist offices, related marketing companies and bergbahnen can obtain access to SSRN. You have to contact us by an official e-mail address of your organisation.

Tourist office (step 1)

After log-in you will have to provide some contact details of your office. All the ski resorts of your ski arena are associated and listed by default. You can add more ski resorts as long as they are part of the ski arena (linked and skiable).  

In order to save to information and continue please hit the red 'proceed to step 2 >> SKI ARENA' button.

Ski Arena (step 2)

In step 2 -the information about the ski arena- you will notice that most of the required information is already there. The fields are prefilled based on extensive research. Please check the information and make the necessary adjustments.

In order to save to information and continue please hit the red 'proceed to step 3 >> RESORTS' button.

Ski resorts (step 3)

In step 3 we would like some details about the individual ski resorts of your ski arena.

Once again hit the red button once you are finished.


The steps 1, 2 and 3 are the minimum we need to activate your presentation.

In the last step you will be able to publish the presentation of your ski resort and gain full control over your presentation..

If you would like to review and edit the information you can access the individual steps via the red hamburger icon in the bottom-right corner.

You will notice there are several more functions:


This section allows you to provide marketing text for both summer and winter presentation.


For the best exposure of your ski arena it is advised to provide a logo, ski- and resort map and photos in the media section.

The logo should be ready to use (max 300*150px). There are no dimension limits for ski- and resort maps. Photos of the ski arena with dimension smaller than 900px*600px.


If you would like to add webcams you are welcome to submit the Url of the webcam or video image. At the moment the webcam repository contains a massive 23.000 webcams.


The local snow and weather reports can be submitted on a frequent basis. Moreover, all reports will be directly send to Social Media channels like Twitter and Facebook.


For third parties we provide an advanced api which channels the ski resort and snow data in XML and JSON. A registration is required.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Skiweather Europe, Laan van NOI 68 2593BV The Hague, The Netherlands

More information

For more information on please visit our about-page.

Last update: August 8, 2018

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[1] Retrieve Skiresort, snow condition and snow forecast information by means of an advanced API which servers Json and XML.