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Article Development


Read websites, articles, fanzones, Daily Mail (!) celebrity gossip, features, newspapers, tweets, social media links.

Key topics for discussion?

What is currently trending, in the music news for your genre/artists? Ideas to include?

.Paramore reinvention

.Logan Paul senario

.Oasis reunion

.Lana del rey being sued by radiohead on their song creep and her song get free

.Arctic monkey comeback, first show in 3 years and are headlining firefly music festival

Key Terms/Language?

Semantic field of your genre.

What phrases/slang/genre specific terms might you use to attract your target audience?











Key Questions?

Remember to ask ‘open questions’, although closed ones can serve a purpose too.

.How was she found, how did she get famous

.What her new album represents/is about

.Opinions on events happening right now

.What would she be doing right now if she wasn’t doing music

.What does she do when she’s not in the studio or making new music?

.What are her plans for the future?

Uses and Pleasures? (Blumler and Katz)

Will your audience be satisfied?  Personal Identity, Social Interaction, Entertainment, Education?

.Entertainment - Gossip, Information on personal life

.Education - Learning about her future plans and how she got famous

.This Q&A will involve social interaction because it will give information that people can talk about such as the discussion and her views of current events


Check your @ word count availability first.


Introduce the issue - sum up, precis what the reader is likely to learn from the article.

Headline and Standfirst.

UltraViolet invited Sasha to our offices and studios to get the low down on her latest album and upcoming tour. Arriving fashionably late she giggled her apologies and was eager to start giving us all the goss on her new life.

Background - Context

The article is likely to outline a brief past history of the person or event which the article concerns, so that readers are fully aware of the necessary facts and reason why the article has been written and what has led to the current state of affairs.

Paragraph 1.

Sasha Belford is a young and upcoming artist that blew-up out of nowhere over her single “Wolves”. At the young age of 19 she already has had 8 no.1 hits and 3 singles gone platinum. Although music is important to her she also shows deep passion when it comes to mental health after becoming an representative for mind UK. We invited her in to find out the goss in her life and get to know her personally.

Discussion, Q and A or interview.

The article is likely to return to the present-day situation at this point, discussing and giving different viewpoints of the person or event, with details and examples and quotations, and making comparisons with the past or with similar topics. Though the writer’s own viewpoint maybe inferred, alternative views must be given equal weight and other voices heard.  

Paragraph 2 and 3.

INTERVIEWER: So how did you find your fame, who was it that found you?

SASHA: *laughs* Well my music video for the song “Wolves” was posted and that’s what must’ve caught the eye of Moonlight, as they shared my video on twitter and I just went viral. I have no clue how they found my video but I believe it was Chloe that saw me first. They later asked me to go on tour with them and be their opening act! Fast forward 2 years and I’ve got my own fanbase, new friends and a tour coming up next year!

INT: So speaking of the new tour coming up, you also dropped a new album just a week ago called “Alone Together”. What is the message you're trying to send through the new songs?

SASHA: So in my new album all of the songs relate together and it’s really about a person who falls in love but then the love gets violent and unhealthy, when the love ends the person goes through a bad phase mentally but with support, bounces back and better than ever, learning the value of life and what is really important. Overall it’s a message about mental health, as it’s very important to me, and how everyone can be fixed when broken. The last couple songs also tell us what's important are the good times and that we should only surround ourselves with love and support from good quality family and friends.

INT: I think that the new album gives a positive message and is so important current situations. You mentioned that mental health is important to you, what do you do as a new representative for Mind UK?

SASHA: I was so happy when I was offered the job as I had showed my interest in that area before. What I do is I use my platforms to raise awareness and let people know where they can go if the need or want help or support.

INT: When you’re not in the studio or busy being a representative what do you like to do in your spare time?

SASHA: When I have some spare time (which is rare) I like to do lots of things from catching up on my favourite series and books to just spending time with family and going out with my friends when I get the chance, spending time with my loved ones is probably my top priority, it’s something that I will always make time for.

Prediction - Future?

At this point the article may deal with the future developments or predicted outcome of the present situation, e.g. that a person will go on to become even more famous and successful, or that a current predicament will become worse if nothing is done about it.

Paragraph 4.

INT: Now finally, what are your plans for the future? What can we expect from you in the next couple years?

SASHA: Well obviously I have my new tour next year which is super exciting but I also have a few extra big plans in my music that I should be able to announce near the end of my tour so watch out! I’m also hosting a couple of events but that’s all I can say for now. Big, Big plans!


The article needs a neat conclusion, which may be an ironic reference or humorous comment, or an evaluation of the different viewpoints, or a reference back to the beginning of the article, or a quotation.

Paragraph 5.

Our interview was drawn to a very quick end as Sasha’s manager reluctantly pulled her away to her next PR conference, we plan to get her in again for a more juicy interview soon. We look forward to hearing from her soon again!

Now Draft your article together and lay it out on the DPS so that you can see if the word count is appropriate, if it fits and how it looks on the page.