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Who to Contact EM3
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Who to Contact/FAQ

East Millbrook Magnet Middle School

Phone: 919-850-8755

Fax: 919-850-8770

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions about my schedule?

A: Contact your grade level counselor with any questions about scheduling concerns.

Q: How do I sign-in to PowerSchool as a parent?

A: Visit .  Complete the form and return it to our data manager at

Q: Who do I contact about school supplies or food resources?

A: Contact Ms. Sullivan, the school Social Worker.

Q: Why am I not receiving messages from the school/principal?

A: Please make sure that your information is up to date in PowerSchool. To update a phone number, please email

Q: Who do I contact for transportation questions?

A: Contact Ms. Howard or consult the WCPSS transportation website. WCPSS Transportation Website: 

WCPSS Transportation Phone Number: 919-805-3030

Q: Who do I contact about sports and eligibility?

A: Contact Cedric Wilkerson or Cedric Dargen, the athletic directors.

East Millbrook Middle Athletics Website: 

Q: What vaccinations will my child need for 7th grade?

A: Consult the DHHS website. 

Contact Information


T. Aaron Marcin            

Phone: (919)850-8755 ext. 27348

6th Grade

Jordache Artis (6th grade Assistant Principal)             

Phone: (919)850-8755 ext. 27349

Joyce Risalvato (6th grade School Counselor)


Phone: (919)850-8755 ext. 27372

7th Grade

Lauren Daughtry  (7th grade Assistant Principal)      


Phone: (919) 850-8755 ext. 27351

Precious Spaulding  (7th grade  School Counselor)


Phone: (919)850-8755 ext.27366

8th Grade

Brittanie Howard (8th grade Assistant Principal)


Phone: (919)850-8755 ext. 27350

Marcell Lindsey  (8th grade School Counselor)


Phone: (919)-850-8755 ext. 27371

School Social Worker

Kelli Sullivan                 

Phone: (919) 850-8755  ext. 27357

Success Coach

Alexander Percy

Phone: (919) 850-8755

School Nurse

Laura Lynn 

Phone: (919) 850-8755

Athletic Directors

Cedric Dargen

Phone: (919) 850-8755  

Cedric Wilkerson 

Phone: (919) 850-8755