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Aaron Roller-Robotics Lead
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Aaron Roller

Robotics Software Lead


  • An inventive software engineer committed to bringing robots to the masses
  • Pioneered GPS Fitness market that continues to serve tens of millions of daily users
  • Applies stable processes to foster environments where products and people can thrive 


Principal Robotics EngineerThread, Grand Forks, ND, USA

2022 - Now

Tech lead for a small team building autonomous drones that inspect energy infrastructure

Robotics Product Development Lead AutoModality, San Rafael

2019 - 2021

Tech lead for a small team building autonomous drones that inspect bridges, airplanes, mines

Autonomous Vehicle Operator GM Cruise, San Francisco

2018 - 2019

As a safety driver for a few months, I experienced the challenges with deploying autonomous vehicles in the wild.  Focused on human-computer interaction with pedestrians and bicyclists.

Lead Software Engineer GearLaunch, San Francisco

2016 - 2018

Lead software development and operations for end to end e-commerce platform

Co-Founder / Product Creator  TrailNetwork, Switzerland

2013 - 2015

Consumer search map application of biking and running routes

Founder / Software Consultant AAWhere, Sausalito

2010 - 2012

Helped small companies achieve big goals in the GPS fitness and green technology markets

General Manager / Architect  Garmin Connect, San Francisco

2005 - 2010

Brought GPS social fitness from early adopters to the masses

Co-Founder / Product Creator   MotionBased, Sausalito

2003 - 2005

Pioneered social GPS fitness market building a product from inception to a successful exit  

Mobility Projects & Advocacy

Improving bicycle and pedestrian mobility for a sustainable, healthier and beautiful future

Community Mobility Advocate Volunteer, City of Sausalito

2017 - Now

Improving Sausalito’s mobility infrastructure through community advocacy

Product Creator / Developer, Sausalito

2017 - 2020

Gamifying the School Commute to Promote Student Wellness and Reduce Car Traffic

Product Creator / Developer Project Auto Eyes


Simple lighting system for autonomous vehicles to communicate with pedestrians and cyclists


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA

Skills, Interests & Specialties


Remote Work Considered - Homes in Sausalito, California & Basel, Switzerland


Engineering Leader, Technology Evangelist, Application Architect and Developer


C++, Python, Android, Bash, Java, Typescript/Javascript, REST


ROS, Docker, Ubuntu, Google Cloud, Mobile (Android), Firebase, IoT


DJI, Nvidia Xavier, Ouster LiDAR, Intel RealSense


Google Datastore, Firebase, NoSQL, MySQL, Postgres

Big Data:

Google Dataflow, BigQuery, Task Queues


Agile, Github Actions, Cloudsmith, Maven, JIRA, CircleCI, Bitbucket


PopSci Best of What’s New 2005 (for MotionBased), Patent for Browser Plugin


Sausalito Ped & Bicycle Committee 2018, Where 2.0 conference 2007


Robotics, Mobility, Consumer Applications, Health & Wellness


Bicycling, Skiing, Hiking, Home Automation, World Travel, The Cosmos


Innovative, Enthusiastic, Adventurous, Strategic, Adaptive, Funny-ish (ENTP) 

+1 415.902.6338