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Galina Arenshtam Course - Visual Perception
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Galina Arenshtam

Visual Perception

Creativity is easy! Right? Or Wrong? Fortunately, in this class there is no right or wrong. Just shades of different. You cannot paint or draw something wrong, just incomplete. You are an artist. So what flows out of you is art. Or the beginnings of an artwork. How does art flow out of you? It may be a dance, or a brushstroke, or a musical note, or a word. Some art comes from mind. Some comes from emotion, and some comes from the elusive spirit. When using paint, brushes, pens, pencils and pastels etc. we are creating visual art. This class is a visual art class. However, this does not mean that other art forms will not be used in class. We will explore the effects of music, dance, words and even other visual artworks. We will attempt to equip you to find your own inner creativity and see the world in a different way—a real, living act of communication. The world is all around us, but what you “choose” to capture on paper or canvas will remain unchanged and motionless until it disintegrates. Therefore, visual art is a much more difficult medium for communication than, say, the spoken word. Every mark on the page is alive and interacts with every other mark, which interacts with the viewer. So, while it may appear to be a motionless image it is very alive! Come join us in seeking our inner artist!


Galina, (Gala) Arenshtam is a gifted artist and art teacher in her native Russia. She was educated at Tomsk University, Tomsk Pedagogical College, Tomsk School of Art, and the Sverdlovsk University in Russia. She also studied the Torah in Jerusalem, Israel, and attended the School of Design in Haifa, Israel.

She is the author of “On foot and on Wheels” a column in the first Russian language newspaper in Israel, “Vestnik of Haifa and Krayot”.

She is a Master of Feng Shui, Reikki and Astrology which she obtained in Toronto, Canada.

She translated a Bible for Children to Russian, and published a medical dictionary in Russian, Hebrew and English.

Galina has a magnetic personality and a great deal of expertise in the field of Art Instruction.