Bennett Valley Golf Club
Meeting May 12th  2018

Present: Ralph Thomas, Maria Guarienti, Tony Conrardy, Steve Hanak, Gregory Fearon,

Louis Capuano, Doug Smith, Ken Richter Guest Member: Gerry Ausiello Absent: John Christenson, Jordan Schnur, Call to Order: 7:30 AM by Ken

Minutes: The March minutes were read and accepted

Treasure’s Report: Gregory mentioned that we are in generally good shape and he will provide a more detailed report next month.

Membership: Ralph reported that we are slowly increasing membership and are now at 358. This is an increase of 13 members since last month.

Tournament: Maria contacted NCGA on our behalf to request an exception to the number of NCGA qualifying players relating to total roster. Maria made the case that due to the fires our membership has been slow to renew this season but that traditionally have had more than 350 members in the past. NCGA agreed to allow us to increase qualifying teams for the 2-Man and the Net Am sectionals.

Maria also mentioned the situation this year when a team won both the 2-Man and the senior 2-Man and wanted clarification as to which (or both) they were to qualify. After board discussion it was decided that a team winning both portions could choose either one, as had been done in the past. A motion was proposed (and passed) that we would formalize this process in the future.

Maria discussed the confusion at the Alt Shot in BV setting up the “Combo״ tees. Jim K. offered to set the red tees at the “BVGC״ sidewalk markers for all future tournaments.

Ralph set up the Alt Shot tournament in Golf Genius and ran a parallel test entering the results with good success. Ralph is helping to narrow the gap for the TPP to Golf Genius transition.

NCGA Handicap: Louis mentioned that his work schedule would not permit full attention to handicapping. Ralph volunteered to handle this for the time being.

Old Business: We needed to correct the Grand Prix points for Greg Michaels/Mike Duggan׳s 6th place finish in the NCGA 2-man.

New Business: Tony announced that this was his last meeting and he will be leaving the board.

Jim K. offered our club use of a Bodega Bay home as a Jr. Golf raffle prize

The critical need for new active board members was discussed

Gregory will contact Bob B. relating to Bob׳s request for BVGC to contribute to a Wayne Hoffer memorial.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15

Respectfully submitted, Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary