Access and admission

General access and admission requisites                   


 Access to official master’s education


To gain access to official master’s education, you must be in possession of an official Spanish university qualification, or a qualification issued by a higher education institution of another member state of the European Higher Education Area that gives access to master-level education.


Access is also available for graduates from educational systems outside of the European Higher Education Area, without the need for them to convalidate their qualifications, once the university has checked that these qualifications accredit a level of education equivalent to the corresponding official Spanish qualifications and that they provide access to post- graduate teachings in the country that issues the qualification. Access this way shall not under any circumstances imply convalidation of any qualification that the candidate has, nor its recognition for any other purpose than to study the master’s course (further information at the following link).


Admission to official master’s studies


Each master will specify the student admission profiles. A public scoring system must also be established for student selection if the established number of places is exceeded. At the very least, this scoring framework shall include access qualifications, academic record and the appraisal of the curriculum vitae of the potential student.



Specific access and admission requisites                  


Apart from the general access requisites, each master may establish specific admission requisites. Specific access requisites can be checked on the Master web site.


 Pre-registration (academic year 2018/19)                    


Pre-registration is the admission procedure used to organise applications and award places.


For 2018/2019, the University of La Laguna establishes an ORDINARY pre- registration period and an EXTRAORDINARY period in July.

 Places remaining after the ordinary period has concluded will be offered in the July extraordinary pre-registration period. The July extraordinary period will only be enabled if there are still vacant places after the ordinary June period pre-registration periods have concluded.


 Places available                                                           


Consult the list of places available for each Master.

Here the List of available places  for each Master  in the call of July.

Here the List of available places  for each Master  in the call of September.




Pre-registration and enrolment calendar 2018/2019.





Students meeting the general and specific admission requisites for each University Master’s course may present a pre-registration application within the indicated deadlines.


Each candidate may only present a single application, choosing up to a maximum of five options from among the qualifications available, with a maximum of three specialities per master.


Students who have not completed their Master’s access studies:


Students completing their master’s access studies in academic year 2017/18 may pre-register even if they have not completed these studies at the time of presenting their pre-registration application. Should they be admitted to a master’s course, admission shall be conditional on them accrediting having completed these studies by paying the qualification issue duty within the established deadline.


Failure to accredit graduate status within the established deadline shall give rise to the loss of the provisionally awarded place.

 Deadline and where to present applications


Deadlines for presenting pre-registration  applications are listed in the pre-registration and enrolment calendar 2018/2019.


Applications shall be made:


                  By Internet.



 The documentation required for pre-registration for each master will be submitted via the Electronic office.


Documentation required for access and admission.




Once the deadline for submitting pre-registration applications has finalised, the Academic Committee of each Master’s will score the applications based on the admission and scoring criteria established for each Master.


 Places will be awarded according to the score given to the pre-registration application and the order of priority indicated by the student in his or her application.



Criteria for awarding places are available on the web site of each Master.



 Waiting list                                                                   


The waiting list is not called in person. This is done by the staff of the Office for Post-Graduate Studies in accordance with the number of vacant places after the enrolment period for the pre-registration phase and in accordance with the order of the published waiting list.


The results of the students on the waiting list called for admission to a master will be published on the EDEPULL web site pursuant to the established pre- registration calendar.