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G. Year for Memphis Music Team Report, v1.0
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Memphis Music Circle Report 1.0


An aligned, vibrant, and supportive Memphis Music Community in Memphis. We’re All In On It.


We are music industry leaders working collaboratively for an aligned Memphis Music Community that celebrates and supports the people and projects that embrace Memphis music roots, creative future, and one another.

Team Report

Year for Memphis Music is a project created by the Center for Memphis Music of Visible Music College for 2019 through the vision and leadership of Ken Steorts, acknowledging the efforts of numerous music industry leaders.

Leadership Team

Year for Memphis Music is aligned in the seven industry areas of Constant AttentionTM and assigned for volunteer leadership to seven Memphis Music leaders and 21 team leaders.

  1. Artist Development (Management, Education)

Dr. Ken Steorts, Center for Memphis Music at Visible Music College, Madison Line Records, the beep

Zac Ives, Goner Records

Del Lawrence, Dedicated Music Group, Mr. Del

       2.   Publishing (Songwriting)

Fenton Wright, Consortium MMT (Memphis Music Town)

Elizabeth Montgomery Brown, The Blues Foundation

        Amy Jackson, Amy Jackson Consulting

       3.         Music Production (Studios)

Boo Mitchell, Royal Studios

Jon Hornyak, The Recording Academy, Memphis Chapter

Kirk Smith, Go Make Music

       4.         Marketing (Video, Social)

Amy Wright, Ditty TV

Regena Bearden, Memphis Tourism

Tundrea Lyons, Lyons Group Entertainment, Radio Memphis

       5.        Events (Venues, Booking)

Penelope Huston, Downtown Memphis Commission

Larry Dodson, Jr., LaMarie’s Entertainment Complex, The Bar-Kays

Brian McCabe, Hi Tone Memphis

       6.        Sales (Merch, History)

Pat Mitchell Worley, Stax Music Academy, Beale Street Caravan

John Doyle, Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum, Memphis Music Hall of Fame

Patrick Bolton, Christian Brothers High School Band, The Handy Band

       7.   Rest (Artist Care, Health)

Dave Bunker, Artist Care, Worship Leader Magazine Editor

Church Health rep (in progress)

        Crosstown Arts rep (in progress)

“Leadership of 21” Teams are now set for monthly features and action assigned with meetings and communications coordinated through the Center for Memphis Music with weekly phone calls.

January 2019 Action

People. Planning. Projects.

People - Memphis Music Circle (Volunteer Teams)

“Let’s Stay Together”

        Launch of Year for Memphis Music

Announcing the launch January 1, 2019 with more resources than have been published to the

public in past.

  1. The survey continues to target everyone in the Memphis Music Community and is on website. We have 150+ people and organizations into teams working and still need referrals.
  2. We now have also published, on our Resources page, with much contact information:
  1. 169 Artists
  2. 100 Musicians
  3. 28 Management and Support People
  4. 36 Education Groups (not yet expanded to individual teachers - coming soon)
  5. 25 Publishing and Royalties support people
  6. 17 Songwriters (many more musicians and artists should be cross listed -coming soon)
  7. 34 Producers
  8. 38 Studios
  9. 131 Marketing and Connection to Community People
  10. 237 Events and Venues and Booking for live music
  11. 86 Sales, Merch, Retail, and Memphis Music History locations and people
  12. and 27 Artist Care people and organizations to help music folks
  1. We are excluding “non-commercial” music and general arts groups still at this time, planning more connection in 2019.
  2. We are building a Memphis Music Support Group for those who support Memphis Music with their business and donations.
  3. Future plans to build the fan database, local and tourist.

Planning (Project Groups)

“Turn on Your Love Light”

Memphis Music Community Survey

Announcing monthly projects throughout the year.

  1. Twelve monthly features happening all year:
  1. 15th of the Month Artist/Genre Feature
  1. January 15, 2019 Victor Wainwright
  1. 15th of the Month Song Download Feature
  1. January 15, 2019 “Train” by Victor Wainwright
  1. Last Monday of the Month Studio Feature and Open House
  1. Coming February 25
  1. 15th of the Month Artist and Song Features Marketing and PR
  1. January 15, 2019 coverage, including launch of Year and socials
  1. 20th of the Month Venue Feature
  1. Coming February 20
  1. 1st of the Month Historic Memphis Music Place Highlight with Merch
  1. Coming March 1
  1. 5th of the Month 12 Features of a Healthy Music Industry Articles
  1. Coming February 5
  1. 1st of the Month Musician Panel/Feature
  1. Coming March 1
  1. Songwriting Studio Nights: 2nd Wednesday of the Month Songwriter Round
  1. Coming February 13
  1. Recording Studio Network with 10th of the Month Producer Project Feature or Training
  1. Coming later in year or in conjunction with last Monday
  1. Monthly Team Event (Internal Connection Opportunity)
  1. February 28 first one @ Visible Music College- you are invited!
  1. 15th of the Month Highlight Memphis Business and New Creativity
  1. Coming February 15

2. Extra income for Year for Memphis Music is shared in donor-advised scholarship fund for music education. Results and resources from projects and events will be reinvested into the next generation in education through the Memphis Music Scholarship Fund, developing at Christian Community Foundation soon.

3. In time, resource support is developed for investable startups and artists. Additional capital resources put into Memphis music through grants for entrepreneurship (“SMARTup” Businesses) and education.

Projects (Calendar)

“Hold On, I’m Comin’”

Year for Memphis Music Calendar

Coming soon, in an aggregation from seven key Memphis Music calendars, a twelve month calendar of wall to wall Memphis music events, ideas, releases, support, and fun. Existing events and projects receive amplified support as the community becomes more aligned.


Year for Memphis Music is aligned with all other civic efforts and for the arts in 2019, including the Bicentennial celebration of Memphis, major events, the Greater Memphis Chamber of Commerce, and can serve as a communication source for music resources in Memphis. Always welcoming and always growing. Made possible by the Memphis Music Circle. We’re all in on it.

New team members added daily.

New Interns for Center for Memphis Music and Year for Memphis Music

        Kirstie Dean, New York

        David Crizer, Georgia

        Amy Howson, Canada


Media and all requests go to Isaac Harper, Center for Memphis Music, or 901.305.3593.