Should I order from the BSP Store, or place a custom plush commission order?

This depends on how complicated your plush design is going to be. If you are interested in a classic-style anthro pony or a vixen, the Store is the right place to get a high-quality plush delivery within a few months. But if you want any special sizing, an unusual body type such as a centaur, any type of wings, extra firm fluff, custom outfits/accessories, or faux-fur, you should probably place a custom order.

   What is the consultation fee?

We require a non-refundable $150 downpayment for your unique plush project. This amount covers an in-depth consultation, unlimited emails back and forth, detailed concept artwork (of which you take ownership) and several revisions thereof, and photo updates for each phase of the plush production.

   Do you accept payment plans?

No, we do not accept payment installments. The total amount for your commission should be saved up ahead of time.
For a custom order, cost estimates for each phase of production will be discussed and approved during your consultation. The amount for each phase of work is invoiced as it happens, and payment is due within 3 days of receipt.

   Can I commission a plush of a copyrighted character?

BSP cannot make a plush of a copyrighted character, unless you are the owner of the character or you provide written permission from the owner. However, we can create a plush "inspired by" a character, such as an OC of a species.

   Does it have to be sexy? Can I just get a regular family-friendly plush?

Of course you can! Because each plush we create is completely custom-made, you can choose to add or not add all sorts of features, including adult aspects.

   Where is the BSP sewing workshop?

We are located in Hillsboro, Oregon, USA. Our workshop is a dedicated office space from which we ship plushies.

   Can I return a custom plush?

We cannot accept returns for custom commissions. The payments made for each phase of production are a protective measure for you, so you are only paying for the exact work that is being done. This system is in place so that if a cancellation is requested, the creation process can be halted at any stage to save time and money for both parties.

     Can I return a BSP Store plush?

We can only accept a return of a Store plush if the original box is unopened, and immediately returned with tracking (within 2 business days). Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees. Insurance for the full value, and tracking information, are both required for us to monitor the return. The plush will be inspected thoroughly for tampering. We will not issue a refund if the box’s original tape seal is broken.

   Why do I have to wait?

We are a small workshop of only two people, not a factory or a mass-producer. Each custom plush order is planned in detail, then the phases of work are scheduled and completed with care. If you’d like something made fast, we offer limited-customization premade designs for a shorter wait.

   Do you ship to my country?

BSP will ship anywhere in the world, as long as the plush fits within the regulation size box for your country, and all aspects of the plush abide by your country’s import laws. Some international orders may require the plush to be shipped partially or fully un-fluffed, due to weight or box size restrictions. Some countries require import tax for large packages. BSP is not responsible for these fees, so be sure you know your country’s customs policies before commissioning, and re-read the shipping section of our Terms of Service.

   What is your most common type of custom order?
The most common orders BSP gets are original fantastical characters. These are almost always very detailed and life-size, usually about 5-7 feet tall and made of several different materials.
We have completed hundreds of custom plush commissions since 2013, with costs between $400-$6000 per plush.
You can view lists of our previous custom orders and their approximate prices on the public
 Order Status chart.

   What is a SPH?
"Specially placed hole" is internet jargon for an adult interactive pocket on a plush. Each sleeve is custom-made to fit your plush's design. An SPH consists of a piece of fabric (soft vinyl, minky, fleece, etc.) about 8x6 inches, folded in half, and sewn into an envelope. The most popular style we make is a soft pink vinyl about 2 inches diameter and 7 inches deep. The SPH may also be stylized with smooth fabric lips, a puckered elastic-lined rim, or other decoration. Sizing and materials vary based on personal preference and intended use. Sleeves may also be created to hold a silicone toy securely in place inside your plush. Be sure to always use a water-based personal lubricant and follow the care instructions that come with any toy. Another SPH placed over the back of a toy can simplify the cleaning process. To wash a SPH, reverse it outwards and clean it with a damp cloth. Sanitize with a gentle cleaner. Avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals. Here is a quick DIY tutorial for hand-sewing a SPH into a plush.

   Is there anything that you will not create?

We can’t create a plush that expresses unethical practices, themes of hatred, violence/gore, substance abuse, or anything that sexualizes an underage character. These limits are non-negotiable. Otherwise, BSP can create pretty much anything you can imagine, as long as it can bear being translated from your dreams into the fabric of reality.

   I only have NSFW images of my character, is that okay?

For a custom project, BSP may need to see various intimate details of a character to render those parts accurately.
Explicit art references are fine, but
no extreme content. We do not want to see any bodily fluids or sex acts. We accept artistic renderings only. No photos allowed. If your only reference image violates any of these guidelines, please censor it generously before sending.

   How do I clean my plush?

Check out Our Plush Care Guide for detailed cleaning instructions.
Synthetic hair and faux-fur can be misted with a spray bottle (use water with a tiny amount of soap or shampoo), and then brushed with a hairbrush, starting at the hair ends in downward strokes, and working up towards the top of the head. Faux-fur may also require extra brushing and care to look and feel the best. Use a soft-bristled brush on faux-fur. A hairdryer can also be useful for drying and fluffing-up plushies and any pockets they have.
Make sure the entire plush is allowed to dry completely, inside and out. Humidity can destroy fabrics over time.
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