USS Sterett Association
2019 Reunion Information

The 2019 USS Sterett Reunion is 13 months out.

Hopefully, you’ve already made plans to attend.
If you’re not there, your shipmates will be telling sea stories about you.

When: 19-22 September 2019
Thursday & Friday are arrival days – no scheduled events

How Much:         Member/Shipmate: $75        Guest: $75

Where: Jacksonville, FL

Marriott Jacksonville Hotel
4670 Salisbury Road Jacksonville, Florida 32256

General Hotel Information:

The room rate for the reunion will be $92 (+tax & fees).

The room rate also includes a discounted breakfast buffet price of $12 per person, tax and gratuity not included.

Room rate will be honored three days before and after the reunion.

Reservations should not be made before 10 October 2018.

All reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit or guaranteed with a major credit card.

Reservations will be made by individual attendees directly with Marriott reservations at 904-296-2222 or 800-962-9786.

An online reservation link can be found here: TBD

Reservations must be received on or before August 29, 2019 to guarantee the discounted rate.

Banquet Menu
The following will be offered for our Saturday evening reunion banquet.
Entrée choices must be indicated on the reunion registration forms

Sliced London Broil with mushroom Anju sauce

Breast of Chicken Francaisa with Citrus Butter Sauce

Baked Cod with garlic and lemon caper sauce

Chef’s Choice

Above served with vegetable of the day.

Chef’s choice Starch

Mixed greens, tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, shredded carrots with assorted dressings.

Saturday Tour

The location for Saturday tours is always a difficult choice. The tour must fit between the business meeting and the banquet, which leaves a limited time to get to a destination, tour, eat some lunch and get back in time to get ready for dinner.

After much discussion, we decided to select the Jacksonville Budweiser Brewery as our tour destination. Other destinations were either too far away or of insufficient interest to our members.

We encourage all guests to come early and stay beyond the reunion to take in all Jacksonville has to offer.

In 2017 we visited Jack Daniels Distillery.
In 2019 we’ll order the beer chaser!


Stimulate your senses and satisfy your curiosity as you explore the art of brewing on the Jacksonville Beermaster Tour. The tour provides a unique opportunity to experience a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing of Budweiser.

On the Tour, you will visit the Brew Hall, Primary Fermentation Cellar, Lager Cellar, Packaging Facility, Quality Assurance and Finishing Cellar.  Guests 21+ can enjoy a sample directly from a Finishing Tank.


The Association will provide bus transportation.

Saturday Afternoon Tour Lunch

The Association will arrange to order and pick up sandwiches from Jimmy Johns for the ride to the Budweiser Brewery.

All sandwiches will be 8” on French bread and will include a cookie, a pickle spear and a bottle of water.

Mayonnaise, Mustard and Ketchup will be available.

Lunch Options:

Ham & Provolone

Lettuce tomato & mayo

630 Cal

The Original Roast Beef

Lettuce, tomato & mayo

540 Cal

Turkey Breast

Lettuce tomato & mayo

510 Cal

Perfect Italian

Salami, Capicola, provolone, onion, lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar, oregano-basil

620 Cal

The Veggie

Sliced provolone, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, tomato & mayo

690 Cal

Sorry, no substitutions.

Lunch orders must be received no later than Thursday, 19 September.


The normal cost for the Beermaster tour itself is $30.

For the Sterett reunion, the cost of the Budweiser tour, including a Jimmy John box lunch will be


Tour sign up, choice of sandwich and payment of fees will be required as part of the reunion registration process.

Area Attractions

 As the largest city in the continental U.S., Jacksonville is the perfect place to explore and discover something new, from its extensive park system (the largest in the nation with two national parks, seven state parks, and more than 400 city parks), to its beautiful relaxing beaches (22 miles of them), and its historic neighborhoods that are filled with character and charm.

When in town be sure to check out these “Only in Jax” spots:

Only in Jax” Attractions: 

 Locally Owned Boutiques:


Do not leave Jax without having one of these local experiences:

For the golf enthusiasts:
Look for information about a golfing event. Details TBD.

Reunion Registration

Both Online and Mail In registration forms will be available shortly.
Go to
TBD for reunion registration information and follow the link provided to register.
You will find both on line and mail in forms.

The registration process requires banquet entrée selection, along with tour and tour lunch options.
On line paytment of fees and tour, including lunch, will be through PayPal.

Reunion Check In

As soon as possible after arriving at the hotel, stop by the hospitality room to check in.
Upon check in, you will be given name tags for you and your guests, a hat pin for your ball cap/lapel and a card indicating which dinner entrée you prefer at Saturday dinner. Be sure to bring the card with you to dinner and place it on the table.

Kick back, have a beer or a soft drink and look around for that shipmate you’ve been anxious to catch up with. The hospitality room serves as a place to hang out when you’re not doing other things.

Ship’s Store Sales

Duffy Groener, our ship’s store custodian, will have Sterett “stuff” available for sale in the hospitality room. These items include ball caps, lighters, windbreakers, polo shirts, challenge coins, coffee mugs, window stickers and sew on patches.

Off Limits

The Sterett reunion is a time to reunite with shipmates and friends. It is a time to reflect back on the people who helped to make us who we are today. It is a time to remember the good times we shared in days past. It is a time to laugh at the crazy things we did when we were young and reckless.

It is not a time for airing our political differences, arguing about the state of the world today or taking up personal causes.

Please keep it civil and light hearted.

Dress Code

Casual attire throughout the weekend – wear what’s comfortable

Saturday banquet – Dressy casual:

Dress shirt, casual button-down shirt, open-collar or polo shirt
Optional tie

Business Meeting

We will conduct our business meeting on Saturday morning.

This meeting is restricted to members in good standing (dues current).

The meeting will be conducted generally following Robert’s Rules of Order.

The following items are covered at the business meeting:

Election of new officers:

The Sterett Association needs you to step up.

If our organization is to survive, we have to have the active support of our younger shipmates.

Sterett was in service for 27 years. If you enjoy the reunions and other aspects of the Sterett Association, then get active.

We need shipmates who served across the years of Sterett’s service life to step up and take a position.

Sterett Association officers are elected for a two year period.

The following positions will be elected:


Vice President


3 Officer At Large positions

(Ships Storekeeper is a voluntary position)

2021 Reunion

The location for the 2021 Sterett reunion will be decided at the business meeting.

A few things to consider:

Sterett shipmates live from one end of the Country to the other.

The reunion location has been moved around the country to accommodate shipmates that live in various places.

We’ve been to the Rockies (Littleton, CO), the mid Atlantic (Baltimore, MD), the southwest coast (San Diego, CA), the Gulf Coast (Biloxi, MS), the northeast (Portland/Bath, ME), the northwest (Silverdale/Tacoma, WA), sort of in the middle (Branson, MO) and now the southeast coast (Jacksonville FL).

Perhaps it’s time to pay those who reside west of the Mississippi another visit.

We would all like the next reunion to be in our own back yard but please give some thought to other shipmates who weren’t able to make the trip to Jacksonville.

For a successful reunion, we must have a Sterett shipmate in the selected area who is willing to take on the duties of Reunion Coordinator.
Want it in your town?
Be prepared to convince the members that it’s the best location for 2021.
(Joe Gaughan can provide tips!)

Jacksonville will be another great reunion location. Don’t miss the opportunity to mingle with your Sterett shipmates at the 2019 reunion.


See you in Jacksonville