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Be Google Classroom Ready
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Be Google

Classroom Ready!


To successfully roll out the Google Classroom platform with our Fayette County Public Schools' elementary schools, we've created this document to help students and families be proactive in making sure their devices are prepared for instruction. Please follow the steps below to prepare for Google Classroom BEFORE the first day of the 2020-21 school year.

1. Clear the Browser Cache.

2. Power off Devices and Restart.

3. Update the Chrome browser of non-Chromebook devices.

4. Allow All Cookies.

5. Log Into Classroom.

6. Contact the Student/Family Help Desk for support, 859-381-4410.

1. Clear the Browser Cache

All browsers benefit from clearing the cache, but the Chrome browser especially behaves better when frequently cleared. A user can sign out of a personal Gmail account, but the cache will often hang onto it behind the scenes. These steps follow best practices to keep your device running smoothly.

2. Power off Devices and Restart

When devices are not restarted on a regular basis, they can cause issues with the Chrome browser and many other online platforms. Chromebooks are especially susceptible to issues, and closing the screen is not the same as turning off and back on. The FCPS Office of Instructional Technology recommends using the Power button to power off once a week.

3. Update the Chromebook Browser

For any device that isn't a Chromebook, be sure to update the Chrome Browser to Version 83. The browser on a Chromebook should update with the restart mentioned above in #2.

4. Allow All Cookies

Once you've completed Steps 1 and 2, be sure to enter the browser, especially Chrome, and enable the Setting of "Allow all cookies."

5. Log Into Google Drive

To discover any login issues ahead of time, please log into Google Classroom through the Google Drive App waffle before August 26, 2020. The process is the same as for ConnectEd (Wonders), EasyBridge, and other curriculum platforms. Just scroll down inside the waffle to locate the Classroom icon and click to open.

  1. To login to Google Drive, type in the address line. If students are logged into a Chromebook, then they shouldn’t have to login again. If they are using a desktop or laptop computer then they will be prompted to enter their FCPS email address and password.

  1. Once they have logged into Google Drive, students can click on the Google Drive app waffle and select the CLASSROOM icon (Figure 1).

                                       Figure 1. Google Drive App Waffle

  1. The web page for Google Classroom will open and students should see a webpage similar to Figure 2 below.

Figure 2. Google Classroom Webpage

6. Help Desk for Families and Students

Please call the Technology Help Desk for Families for assistance at 859-381-4410 if you do not successfully enter see the Google Classroom webpage.