CapitolRiver Council Meeting Agenda

October 15, 2019, 5:15-6:45 p.m. Board of Directors Meeting

Location: 180 East 5th, Conference Room B

  1. Call to order and introductions – attendees will introduce themselves by stating their
    name and indicating if they live and / or work in District 17.          5:15-5:20 pm
  2. Motion to adopt agenda.         5:20-5:22 pm
  3. Motion to approve September 17, 2019 board meeting minutes.         5:22-5:25 pm

Information Items (information for board members that does not necessarily require a motion)

  1. Finance Committee Report – overview of the Statement of Financial Position,         5:25-5:45 pm
    Statement of Activities, Year-to-Date Profit and Loss by Class, and Budget-to-Actual.
    Nichole Fairbanks, CPA, Harrington Langer and Associates will be in attendance.
  2. Update on Higher Ground project and efforts to address homelessness: Joan         5:45-6:00 pm
    Miltenberger, Public Policy Advocate for Catholic Charities.

New Business

  1. Public Realm Committee motion to request the CapitolRiver Council support a         6:00-6:20 pm
    Yes vote on the “Residential Coordinated Collection” ballot question.

    (Here is the specific wording of the ballot question: “Referendum on whether Ordinance
    ORD 18-39 should remain in effect. Should Ordinance ROD 18-39, entitled ‘Residential Coordinated Collection’, remain in effect for residential trash collection in St. Paul? Ordinance 18-39 creates new rules for the collection and disposal of trash and payment for trash service; and requires that certain residential dwellings have trash collected by a designated trash hauler. A ‘yes’ vote is a vote in favor of keeping Ordinance ORD 18-39. A ‘No’ vote is a vote to get rid of Ordinance ORD 18-39.)

Old Business (action items that have been tabled from previous board meetings)         6:20-6:35 pm

  1. Innovation Fund – Equity and Inclusion work plan for training.

Other Board Member Updates / Future Agenda Items

  1. Adjournment         6:45 pm


CapitolRiver Council, an official advisory group to the City Council, represents and works in partnership with all District 17 stakeholders to act on urban planning and community building efforts as part of a shared vision to support sustainable, safe, healthy, and vibrant neighborhoods.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule / Location

Tuesday, Oct. 22, 5:15 pm – Arts, Culture and Entertainment Committee        CRC Office

Wednesday, Oct. 23, 6-8 pm – District Council Board Meetup (all districts)        Tracks, 1091 Rice Street

Friday, Oct 25, 9 am – Skyway Governance Advisory Committee        180 East 5th, Conference Room B

Monday, Oct. 28, 5-6:30 pm – Ward 2 / Rebecca Noecker Happy Hour        Alary’s (16 E 7th Street)

Thursday, Nov. 7, 5 pm – Public Realm Committee         TBD (Conf. Room B unavailable)

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 8 am – Development Review Committee         180 East 5th, Conference Room B

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 5:15 pm – CRC Monthly Board Meeting        180 East 5th, Conference Room B

CapitolRiver Council Rules of Procedure

Welcome to our meeting! When we make decisions as a group, we want all board members to have the opportunity to participate in the discussion. The following rules enable us to move through our agenda efficiently, while giving people with different opinions the opportunity to participate in the discussion. When we invite guests to participate, we ask that you also agree to the following: