Bennett Valley Golf Club September

Meeting (Held on 8-25-2018)

Present: Jordan Schnur, Maria Guarienti, Gregory Fearon, Steve Hanak, Louis Capuano,

James Miller, Ken Richter

Absent: John Christenson, Doug Smith, Ralph Thomas

Call to Order: 7:32 AM by Jordan

Minutes: August minutes read and accepted

Treasure’s Report Gregory was encouraged that we might end this fiscal year in good shape in spite of all the membership renewal issues relating to the Oct fire that we faced.

Gregory will place a preliminary 2019 budget proposal on the Gdrive and will host a budget meeting on Wed 9-26 at 6PM to discuss and refine the proposed budget.

Membership: Ralph had previously mentioned that we added 2 new members this month

Tournament: Maria mentioned the difficulty in contacting members that have not updated their email and phone contact info. For NCGA qualifying events this is critical for the qualifiers and alternates. More member awareness is required and will be addressed for future events.

Jordan mentioned that he had lots of positive feedback for our Legend’s hosted GD Scramble banquet.

Maria noted that the forward tees were not in the correct position for the GD Scramble tournament. Follow up contact with Bob and Jim may be required to correct this.

Had issues entering scores for threesomes’ at the GD Scramble. GG is aware of the problem and will look into a fix.

Entries for our September club championship is at 30 as of today.

NCGA Handicap: No update this month.

Old Business: None

New Business: The board welcomed James Miller to the board and to the tournament committee. James extensive experience with software is very much desired as we continue to sort out the Golf Genius software.

Discussion of how our BVGC can recognized and support our members that quality for USGA tournaments. This will require further discussed and proposal offered for 2019.

Adjourned: 8:24 AM

Respectfully submitted, Ken Richter on behalf of John Christenson, Secretary