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White Bird Clinic

24-hour crisis (trained to work with transgender folks). They provide walk-in crisis intervention at 341 E 12th Ave, Eugene OR 97401 24/7. They will send Cahoots to come get you and/or provide phone counseling 24/7.


Looking Glass Crisis Hotline

24 hours. They are a hub for the most appropriate resources for the situation at hand. They have a crisis response team that goes out to support youth/families in crisis.  


Hope and Safety Alliance

24-hour crisis line providing trauma informed and survivor centered services to all survivors of domestic and sexual violence.


Hourglass Crisis Center

Hourglass Community Crisis Center serves individuals who are in need of short-term, mental health crisis assessment and stabilization. You can walk into 71 Centennial Loop, Suite A, Eugene, OR 97401 anytime 24/7, they can even help you with a ride if you call, and they will be with you and assess next steps.


The Trevor Project LGBTQ Crisis Lines

Trevor Lifeline

A crisis intervention and suicide prevention phone service available 24/7.



Available Monday through Friday between 3–10pm EST/12–pm PT.

Text "Trevor" to 1-202-304-1200  

TrevorText Second Option

Crisis counselor available 24/7.

Text 741741


Support which can be accessed over on their website.

Trevor Facebook Crisis Text Line

The Trans Lifeline

Be aware you may need to call more than once to get through. They will not call emergency services without your explicit consent.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline