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FAQ- Cedarville Schools 2020-2021 Reopening
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Cedarville Schools

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Updated July 30, 2020

Do you have the revised school year calendar?

Yes. You may find it on the school website or by using this link.

Will all Cedarville School students be required to wear a face mask?

Yes. During the meeting held on July 28, 2020, the Cedarville School Board approved that all K through 12 students be required to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth when social distancing measures, as determined by the teacher, aren’t possible. This proposal will also require face coverings on the school bus.

For those with specific health conditions that require they not wear a face covering, a physician’s note shall be provided to the school nurse stating the health condition that prohibits a face covering.

How do you define a face covering/mask?

The Arkansas department of Health (ADH) provides a detailed description as to what constitutes a safe and effective face covering. That information may be read at

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has information as well. That information can be found at

*ADH Directive  Effective July 20, 2020

Will parents be required to provide a face covering for their students?

No. Cedarville Schools will provide a facial covering for all students. However, parents are encouraged to supply their own facial coverings for their children. Enough masks were ordered so the school can launder and rotate masks on a regular basis. Also, lanyards have been ordered so the student masks can be attached to keep the masks from falling on the floor and being lost when not in use.

Will all teachers and staff members wear a face covering or mask each day to school? 

Yes. All teachers and staff are required to wear a face covering that covers the nose and mouth when social distancing measures aren’t possible.

Will students on school buses be required to wear a mask and socially distance? We will require all students to wear a face covering on the bus because of the inability to properly distance. This does not imply students will be denied transportation due to not having a face covering. We will have one provided if needed. There may be exceptions for students with health, sensory or other conditions. Students should maintain a distance of 6 feet apart while waiting on the bus to arrive.

Will a face covering be required during p.e. and recess? 

We will make every effort to properly distance students during these times so they can remove their face coverings. Students will not be expected to exercise or play wearing a mask.

Are face shields allowed?

The Cedarville School District Ready for Learning Committee does not support the use of a face shield unless worn in conjunction with a face mask. Face shields do not provide the same protection afforded by a true face mask. See more information from the CDC here:

What will distancing look like in the classroom?

We will physically distance in the classroom as space allows. When a distance of six feet is not possible, we will ask students and staff to wear a face covering. In accordance with Arkansas Department of Health directives, efforts will be made to limit close contact between students. We will limit contact through the following actions:  

What will school plays, concerts and performances look like in the fall?

The Arkansas Activities Association will release guidance for all AAA activities but large group gatherings will be limited.

Will my child be allowed to play on playground equipment at recess?

Time on playground equipment will be rotated amongst classes. We’ll make every effort, weather permitting, for children to be outside everyday but not all children will be able to access playground equipment on a daily basis. Equipment will be cleaned repeatedly throughout the day.

What is virtual school going to look like?

Each school will have a learning platform that is apart from the on-site/blended learning platform. For more information, please visit our website at this link.

Will virtual learning be similar to what our family experienced this past semester? 

No, the spring semester was perpetuated by a crisis health situation. It was a quick transition to a digital platform so we could safely and quickly comply with the state government’s closure order. Cedarville Schools virtual platform is a more structured learning environment with teachers who have had adequate time to prepare for a virtual platform.

Is there a charge for virtual school? 

No. There are no fees associated with our Remote Learning (virtual school).

If we choose virtual school for my child, can we change back to on-site instruction, and vice-versa?

Cedarville Schools is working hard to provide options for our community that take into consideration the needs of our working families. We will have 2 options available:

Register for off-site/remote (virtual) learning here: 

Will my high school junior/senior be able to continue taking online UAFS/AR Tech classes through CHS if she chooses to do virtual school?


Can students take AP/Pre-AP classes if we select the virtual education option?

AP courses will be available, however Pre-AP will not.

Will dyslexia intervention still be available for virtual and blended students?


Do I have to provide my own computer?

Remote Learning (Virtual) students are encouraged to use their own personal device at home. However, if the student does not have a device to use, one will be provided. All blended/on-site students in Cedarville Schools are provided a Chromebook for use that remains the property of the school district. Families are required to purchase Chromebook insurance, which is available through the District for $20. Payment may be made at your school’s office beginning August 01, or can be sent with your child the first day of school. (Individuals who anticipate issues with complying should contact individual building administrators or the Superintendent’s Office for resolution.)

Will my child still receive speech in a virtual classroom? 

Yes. Speech, physical therapy and occupational therapy service will be offered virtually.

If my child is exposed to someone who has tested positive but is without symptoms, can he return to school?

ADH requires a person exposed to COVID-19 to complete a 14-day quarantine period, even though they may have a negative test result during the quarantine period. You can find more information regarding quarantine guidance at

DESE has provided a guidance document on response levels for schools. It can be found at this link. *updated link 08/04/20

What is Contact Tracing?

Click on this link to read more about Contact Tracing from the Arkansas Department of Health website.

Will you host virtual open houses?

We plan to host a drive-through Open House on August 20, 2020, from 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at each campus. Teachers wearing facial coverings will socially-distance around the parking lots/island to hand out packets to families. Families must stay inside their cars at all times. We believe that our students need to see their teachers and this would allow our parents extra time to complete all beginning-of-the-year paperwork. The principals are working on a virtual open house tour to have available prior to the beginning of school. These will be posted on the school website pages as well as shared on the school social media platforms.

Will my child’s teacher be responsible for taking temperatures prior to entering the classroom?

No. The CDC Guidance does not currently recommend universal symptom screenings (screening all students grades K-12) be conducted by schools. Parents/caregivers are strongly encouraged to monitor their children for signs of infectious illness every day.

What will the District do when we have positive cases? 

The state has issued its guidance should the report of a positive case in one of our schools.

You may find that guidance at *Updated 08/03/20

Will I be allowed to have lunch at school with my child?

No, unfortunately. Parent and guardian visits to school will be limited to essential activity. We must minimize risk for all students.

Can I walk my child into school?

No, unfortunately. Parent and guardian visits to school will be limited to essential activity.

Will an alternating digital and traditional schedule be an option this fall?

Or a half day schedule? 

No. There are no plans to schedule alternating days for students.

Will there be bottle filling stations for the refilling of water bottles during the day? All schools will have a bottle filling station. We are in the process of changing the water fountains to filling stations at all campuses. You will need to send clear water bottles filled for the day.

Can you guarantee the safety of your students and staff? 

No. Every risk cannot be mitigated, but we will do all we can to ensure the safety of our staff and students. The well-being of our students, teachers and their families is our top priority.

How do you intend to provide a safe, sanitized environment?

We will work with our custodial staff to comply with sanitation and safety directives from the Arkansas Department of Health. Those actions include the following:

My child has an IEP or receives section 504 modifications. Will he or she still continue to receive those services if we choose off-site learning or if school is closed and we continue blended learning at home?

The state of Arkansas will provide funding to support digital content and learning management system access for schools to use for students with severe cognitive disabilities. The Cedarville Special Education program will ensure that all students with IEPs or section 504 modifications continue to receive the support they are legally afforded under federal law.

What will rules and procedures be for students throughout the school day? What safety precautions will be taken?

Rules and procedures will vary slightly at each campus, so it is important to visit your school specific website and social media for detailed information. All campuses are asking students to arrive as close to 8:00am as possible (although we realize this isn’t feasible for every family). Students will go to a designated location when they arrive, and will report to their classrooms at 7:45am. Instruction will begin at 8am. During transitions traffic will flow in one direction on opposite sides of the hallways, and students will move directly to their next location. At the high school and middle school students will carry their backpacks from class to class, if they wish to use backpacks. Once they have arrived in their new locations, they will be released individually to use the restroom. Students will eat lunch in small groups, physically distanced by at least six feet. Students who do not ride the school bus will be asked to exit campus as close to the last bell as possible, or to have their parents pick them up as close to the last bell as possible.