Position Paper Policy

Well-written position papers enhance the quality of debates and help organize your research into condensed resolution papers and proposals. It will be harder for slacking delegates to immerse themselves into the MUN conference without the right knowledge. For your dais team, writing position papers demonstrate your ability to research effectively and reflects greatly on your work habits. The submission of position papers are not mandatory but are required to be eligible for awards.


Body Paragraphs

  1. Topic Introduction
  1. Critically analyze the problem and factors of the issue
  2. Explain topic significance
  3. Include a brief summary of your countries ideologies towards this issue

  1. Topic Research and Development
  1. Provide insightful summaries and generalization of the topic
  2. Aim to point out statistics and certain aspects of the problem your country is focusing on
  3. Provide a comprehensive understanding of your country's foreign policy

  1. Provide Solutions
  1. Analyze past actions from your country and its implications to certain problems in the situation
  2. Propose solutions that your country can realistically initiate
  3. Describe the possible outcomes from your countries resolutions and the future impacts it holds for the topic

Please send all papers to your committee emails in PDF format with the subject title as “Position Paper: Country Name, First and Last Name” (Ex. Position Paper: United Kingdom, Theresa May)

Position Papers are due on the 21st of March at 11:59 P.M. (PST).