Alejandro Solano


Weekly Reflection #5

        This week I was trying to take a little more pictures than usual to get comfortable with how I take pictures and also learn how to edit them. Last Saturday, I came to the ichthyology class to take care of the tanks and to also get my honors hours. After I was done with cleaning and feeding the tanks, I went on to feed the reptiles. First, I started with the savannah monitor because I’m obsessed with it and because it’s my favorite reptile in the class. After all was done with the savannah monitor, I handed him to someone else so he could get used to other people besides me.

        When I went on to get Gus, he had both of his back legs on the big black coil and was reaching out towards his cage like he wanted to get out. I decided to take him out to feed him but to also give him natural sunlight instead of his artificial lamp light. After I was done feeding him, I went outside to the front of the school and then put Gus on the nice big rock next to the tree and the bench. Natural instincts tell him to flatten out as much as possible to increase his surface area to get as much sunlight to hit him. At first, I thought of taking the picture facing the classes but then realised,” If there are rocks in the back, that might contrast his very rigid body structure since the rocks are round and smooth.” I also didn’t notice, but the rock also compliments this photo because the color matches his legs and then as you look up, there are more colors to see. Overall, I think that using this kind of mindset could bring more ideas to the table for my group because I will be seeing the world from the perspective of a photographer.