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Our Vision

Simpl3r is creating a platform for creators to build, engage and grow their communities.



Web3 projects typically are launched around tools that are not designed for purpose, are inefficient and leave project developers without analytics and insight into their communities and potential customers.

Currently, most projects in the web3 space are working in the dark. They hope their marketing efforts will attract the right people to buy into their project.

The inability to analyze and adapt means that projects waste money, time and effort, becoming unnecessarily inefficient,  expensive and risky. It is hugely detrimental when the results are only known via the success (or failure) of their mint.

Typically web3 projects want to launch their project and mint within a 1 to 2-month period.

To do this, they need to:

Teams cannot pre-build their marketing campaigns or tailor their messaging using the current launch tools. This means that web3 outreach and marketing demand a significant burden at a time when founders need to be concentrating on their community, project and growth.

As a result, the NFT project model is plagued by low adoption, poor user experience and a lack of clarity on how to market to the broader web3 community.

Simpl3r was created to simultaneously be a data warehouse and communications tool for web3 projects. Simpl3r promises a single product suite that enables projects to deepen their insight and relationships with customers and provide the best experience possible.


Simpl3r is a community management platform designed for Web3 teams. It provides users with a toolset to oversee the different aspects of managing and marketing their tokens or NFT collections. Simpl3r provides real solutions to issues present throughout many Web3 projects.

Creators have access to a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Engagement Hub, where they can track their partners, audience and marketing for their project. Each hub has a different purpose.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Simpl3r has designed and built an integrated solution for web3 projects and companies, allowing teams to attract and track interactions across multiple platforms, including Twitter and Discord. The CRM forms the basis of the platform and is free to use for all teams, no matter their size.

Once a team has set up their project in the Simpl3r platform, new contacts will be created automatically via interactions with integrated applications and accounts. The contact for that user is then continuously enriched with any other interactions with the project. This allows teams to quickly see the most engaged contacts and identify if they are attracting the right people via their marketing channels.

You can derive detailed analytical information from these interactions and get actionable insights into your community that are currently unavailable through more traditional web3 practices

Sales Hub

Our Sales Hub is designed for teams to manage their sales pipeline and identify which customers are ready to be approached. It provides industry-first insights into customer buying habits. 


The Simpl3r overview provides sales teams with enriched on and off-chain data about the contacts in their pipeline, giving teams actionable insights to help them answer key questions about who they have attracted into their community. These insights include historical data such as average mint quantity, price, and standard mint days of the week or month, allowing teams to use historical data to inform their decisions..

Access Lists

The current application of access lists is very one-dimensional, often used as a binary list of who is and who isn't allowed to mint. Simpl3r believes this is a missed opportunity and has reimagined the access list process. With Simpl3r, teams can create a multi-layered approach with lists being used as part of a sales funnel. Each list has a separate list of requirements and is designed to keep the community engaged throughout the campaign. Doing it this way will allow teams to incentivize continued engagement and gauge the community's level of interest in the project.

Sales Funnel

Our Sales Funnel feature is built right into the Simpl3r Sales Hub, allowing sales teams to visualize the customer journey through their access lists. It also houses metrics that can identify optimization opportunities such as conversion, drop-off, engagement and activity rates.

Collaboration Center

The Simpl3r collaboration center allows teams to easily track all collaborations in a streamlined, easy-to-use interface, significantly reducing the current manual handling of projects. Teams can set collab upgrades, custom tasks, and rewards and incentivize collaboration managers with a customizable commission structure that is results driven. Our collaboration center saves teams hundreds of hours of manual, repetitive tasks.

Community Managers gain access to tools that significantly streamline the collaboration process. Community members can be invited to a collaborating project by simply sharing a link with them. The Simpl3r platform assures that members complete the required tasks set by the project before granting them access to their Whitelist, no longer requiring the manager to follow up on members manually.

Similar to affiliates, purchases made by users brought in through a collaboration can earn a commission, creating a new revenue stream for DAO treasuries or alpha callers.

Marketing Hub

Marketing is a key element to the success of any company, especially web3. Simpl3r Marketing Hub is designed to help you easily manage your marketing and create viral community engagement. Create and deploy automated content plans, gamified loyalty programs, affiliate referrals in minutes with our powerful platform.

Marketing Overview

The Simpl3r marketing overview screen provides actionable insights into the community helping teams identify commonalities and potential growth opportunities. Additionally our on-chain insights allow teams to easily identify if their marketing is attracting the right people or if they need to course correct. At the moment teams are only able to identify this on the day of their mint. Our aim is to empower marketing teams to know this week’s in advance.

Campaign Planner

Our Marketing Hub houses the Campaign planner. The campaign planner allows teams to build out their pre and post mint campaigns so they are automated and delivered across Twitter, Discord and the Simpl3r platform days, weeks or months in advance.  This allows projects to focus on the important things.

Marketing Links

Projects can create links which can be used on different marketing channels such as social media platforms to track engagement. This will result in an increase in data insights, which can be used to scale successful initiatives and stop those that aren’t working. This will have a significant impact on budget and effective marketing spend as teams can track their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) which is something that is currently hard to measure.


It’s easy to install pixels on your projects landing page using Simpl3r. Simply add in the code to the pixels page within the marketing hub. Currently Simpl3r supports Google Analytics, with additional support being added for Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Affiliate Program

Simpl3r provides teams with the ability to utilize an affiliate program. Once enabled this will allow a project's community members to earn rewards by referring new members to the project. The Affiliate Center provides a complete dashboard of all affiliates, referral list breakdowns and projected sales revenue based on live data.

With the Simpl3r affiliate program, projects no longer need to pay up front to gain exposure, which may not lead to bringing in new community members. Through Simpl3r, affiliates of the project can market it to their communities and be rewarded with a commission on every successful sale.

Engagement Hub

Engagement Overview

Our Engagement Overview screen allows teams to get detailed information about the levels of engagement they are getting across multiple platforms such as Discord and Twitter. Heat maps give teams actionable information into busy and quiet periods so that they can quickly identify times that are lacking engagement and peak times where they can capitalize on more active engagement.


Simpl3r makes it simple to set up engagement tasks and offer rewards for completing them, these are known as bounties. Bounties can be created for Twitter, Discord and the Simpl3r platform and allow teams to reward community members with Discord server currency or Credits which is the rewards token earned by staking a Bounty Hunter.


Set up your Bounties, Competitions, Raffles and more with our all-in-one bot. Instead of spending your valuable time keeping the community engaged by manually executing these tasks, our bot can run engagement tasks autonomously.

You can schedule them in the campaign planner, or give the bot some freedom to start them whenever the server gets quiet to draw in more people again.


Simpl3r currently supports two competition types, these are Raffles and Leaderbords. Both utilize the same method for setting the prize pool allowing teams to quickly and easily set up prizes ahead of time and have the Simpl3r platform execute the entire competition from launch to completion, automatically rewarding the winners without the need of the team to ensure the prizes are issued correctly.

Rewards and Offers

This feature allows teams to set up digital and physical rewards and offers that the community can purchase using in server currency, Credit tokens, or cryptocurrency. Simpl3r makes it easy to set up platform specific rewards such as access list upgrades, discord roles, additional mint allocations and much more.

Services Hub

V3rify is an advanced holder verification system designed to deliver seamless onboarding of your community members. New members with a Simpl3r account will only need to press the v3rify button to be instantly registered and verified within the server. New users will need to sign up for a Simpl3r account which takes only a few moments to complete before they can verify. This product is already running on multiple servers with great success.

When used in conjunction with prot3ct, v3rify will automatically redirect any new member with a deactivated NFT from your collection to your project royalties page so that the outstanding royalties can be collected before the NFT is reactivated. Once the NFT is reactivated the holder will be able to return to discord where they can simply select the v3rify button to get the verified role.

Cost to Project: 1 Bounty Hunter - Held in project wallet

Prot3ct has been purposefully designed to automate the royalty enforcement process effectively creating a set and forget solution to 0% royalty theft.

Prot3ct’s Odin protocol automatically deactivates any NFT in your collection that interacts with an optional royalty marketplace by either removing your IP, and swapping the image with a warning or by placing an overlay over the original image warning the purchaser to pay the full royalties or the NFT will be deactivated.

Cost to Project: 1 Bounty Hunter per 1000 NFTs in your collection - Held in project wallet

Holding a Genesis Medallion will reduce the total number of Bounty Hunters needed by 33%.

Simpl3r and Data Analytics

Currently, teams are blinded and operating on a Twitter following and Discord size basis, without the ability to identify if they're attracting the right people to their community. Our analytics team will determine if they are attracting the wrong people into their communities so that they can take action before it's too late.

Teams attracting giveaway hunters with no intention of minting will be able to change their marketing strategy weeks ahead of their mint. Or teams attracting collectors that hold off on minting until the project is almost sold out will be able to create incentives to promote early mints. 

On-Chain Analytics

Simpl3r uses advanced on-chain analytics to give sales and marketing teams unparalleled insights into their communities both pre and post-mint. Our analytics engine is designed to pull back the covers so that teams can see who they are dealing with.

Using on-chain analytics, Simpl3r can give teams insights into data points such as average mint price paid, the mint price range, collector type, length of time held post mint, and more. This information can be used to curate the community allowing teams to make special offers to high-value community members that fall within their parameters. Additionally, this information can be used to set the mint date, collection size, and NFT price.

Off-Chain Analytics

Using web2 and web3 technology, Simpl3r enriches data with off-chain analytical information giving teams never before seen insights into valuable points of interest, such as common interests, websites, services, influencers and more. Enabling sales and marketing teams to understand their communities and marketing channels better.

Commit Now, Pay Later

When speaking to both web3 teams and collectors, we noticed a theme. Teams experienced increased anxiety around their mint date, unaware of whether they would sell any NFTs or tokens. Collectors experienced increased pressure around not knowing if they would be able to mint or if they would miss the mint altogether due to it being held at a time or date where they could not participate.

Simpl3r is building a feature we call Commit Now, Pay Later. It allows teams to enable and incentivise collectors to commit to a mint ahead of time. The collector retains control of the funds allocated to the mint and can cancel at any point before the mint, solving the problem for both the project teams and the collectors.

Lite Paper V1

Bounty Hunters NFT

The Bounty Hunters NFT collection has been designed to connect our community with our platform. A key feature of Simpl3r is to create bounties. Our team has made the Bounty Hunters NFT to bridge our community with our platform.

The Bounty Hunters NFT provides additional methods to connect and engage with our community.

The mission of our Bounty Hunters collection is to provide as much value as possible to our collectors by creating as many use cases as possible within the Simpl3r and Bounty Hunter ecosystem.


The Bounty Hunters lore has been developed in-house and will continue post mint as a method of engaging our community and bringing enjoyment to the activities we create.

Late 2026: Facing mass global meltdown and the end of civilization, the remaining enhanced meta-humans of Simpl3r Labs were nearing completion of ‘The Program’ - a highly secretive software system designed to harness the power of hope and fuel the only chance at surviving The Data Wars.

Through coded transmissions from the frontlines of The Data Wars in 2026, sent via time-skips to those brave enough to access them in 2022, users in the present liaise with Drage - fearless leader of the Bounty Hunters, gathering instructions on where and how to find the encrypted data nodes and what rewards users receive should they be so lucky as to find them.

With Drage and his team having accessed the Web2 of the near-past, where online activity is still legal, The Bounty Hunters provide users in the present with encrypted clues, creating missions for present day Bounty Hunters to search the far reaching corners of the internet for the disguised components of ‘The Program’ - these bounties, when pieced together, will help reconfigure ‘The Plan’ and hopefully secure all of our futures.


Dynamic NFTs

Bounty Hunters are a dynamic NFT. Our vision is to allow holders to customize their Bounty Hunters by providing a marketplace for our members to purchase attributes created by our team and the community.

Allowing our holders to truly customize their Bounty Hunter and make it a digital representation of themselves. Our aim is to then open this marketplace up to other projects to help them engage their communities, backed by the Credits ecosystem.


A BountyBazaar will be launched, allowing community members to purchase within the Credits ecosystem. Simpl3r, teams using Simpl3r and our community will be able to create content to sell within the marketplace.

Project Templates

Users can create custom project templates, including access list configurations, landing page design, sales funnels and marketing campaigns to sell within the platform's marketplace allowing teams to set up their projects in just a few clicks.

Dynamic NFTs

Collectors and community members will be able to customize their Bounty Hunter NFTs. The inner workings are currently under wraps as it is unique in its design and execution. The Bazaar will, however, allow community members to create their attributes based on the Bounty Hunters collection and sell those items in the marketplace for credits.

Whitelist Marketplace

A cross-chain whitelist marketplace will be built into the Bazaar so that any project using the Simpl3r platform can enable its community members to buy and sell their allocations. Teams will have full control over how this is handled for their projects

Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters NFT is your VIP pass to the Simpl3r platform. As Simpl3r continues to build out and upgrade over time, there will be a key focus on providing greater access and privileges to our holders.

By staking a Bounty Hunter you receive:


Credits are an SPL utility token NFT holders receive for staking Bounty Hunter. Credits start at a supply of 0. Staked Bounty Hunters receive 10 tokens per day per NFT. This token can be used throughout the Simpl3r website to:

Mint Funds Allocation

Team & Operations

This is broken up between our Launchpad partner, advisors, artist and team members.


This is put aside to pay commissions to collaboration managers and affiliates.


This is the remaining funds that will be used to continue ongoing product development of the Simpl3r platform and Bounty Hunter ecosystem.

Meet the Team


James Picton

Co-Founder & CEO

James is our visionary and CEO. When you're a founder at a startup, you wear a lot of hats: sales, marketing, design. You have to be able to do it all.

James has worked in a variety of roles including sales, process design, change management and business consultant. He's also a creative UI/UX designer and believes complex problems require simple solutions. He also loves building digital products from the ground up.

"We're working hard to build a company that empowers event organizers, and we believe in our product."

      Alex Schneider

Co-Founder & CTO Software Engineer

Alex is our CTO and coding superstar from Germany. Not only does he have a PhD in computer science and biotechnology, but he's got over 10 years of experience as an engineer, and has brought cutting-edge solutions to companies across the globe including Bosch.

He is highly skilled in both technical and leadership roles which is why he heads up our software development teams that are busy bringing events to the blockchain and metaverse.

"We’re building amazing technology, which requires us to be at the forefront of trends and innovation, which in itself is an exciting place to be."

Benjamin Dazkiw

Co-Founder & Chief of Staff

Schwifty_BH (Ben) has a strong background in IT from his 15 years in the Royal Australian Navy with a deep passion for building things from scratch. Ben has been with Simpl3r from the beginning in one form or another.

For the past few years, he has worked to make sense of the big ideas that drive our small team forward, keeping productivity at front of mind. Ben is our Product Manager so he keeps on top of every task and ensures everyone is accountable.

“My job is awesome because every day I get to work with a group of bright people who challenge me to move faster and stay ahead of the curve.”

Firman Azman

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Firman is an experienced creative and graphic designer who also owns and runs a growing portfolio of successful event brands.

He is a talented web designer and photographer which makes him the perfect fit to supercharge our growth and marketing teams as well as bringing his creative vision to the table.

"I've been working in the nightlife sector for over eight years now, and I have a great passion for marketing and promoting events. I've been able to combine my creative and promotional abilities with my love of photography to create some amazing events throughout Perth"

The Team



Dorien loves building and developing innovative startups that make a positive impact. Her experience in law, M&A, finance, and business analysis has allowed her to develop a keen understanding of the strategic development of startups.

Experienced in blockchain since 2017, she brings this expertise to the boardroom to help decision makers evaluate risks and opportunities associated with blockchain technologies.

"I love being an ambassador for my clients and partners in business and work tirelessly to find solutions to their problems and advise them on the best path forward"



Tempo has been a marketing and business development professional for 25 years.  In this time the marketing fundamentals have largely remained the same but the way they are delivered and the opportunity to really understand and engage with customers has grown exponentially.  Keeping up to date and harnessing the latest technology to grow business is what Tempo is particularly interested in, with a particular focus and interest in web3.

As Marketing Manager with Simpl3r  I am excited by the potential of each phase and product in development.  It is my job to understand business growth objectives and issues and identify ways to solve those challenges.”


Full Stack Developer

AleWoo is our full stack developer and coding guru who has mastered a vast array of skills in his field. AleWoo likes to build rather than just use applications. His mad coding abilities include solid web developing skills with React and Node.js.


What BH_AleWoo loves about web3 is that all data has its own value and everyone is a stakeholder. With over 6 years experience AleWoo is our quiet achiever, but don't let that fool you - he is an absolute dynamo pushing our development forward at breakneck speed!


Tokenomics & NFT Advisor

For the last five years, I've been deeply involved with the cryptocurrency industry. I have come on board as a Tokenomics and NFT advisor, leveraging my experience in investing in early stage projects. Simpl3r is by far the most exciting project I've seen getting built in Australia. Their bold plans and experienced team have me thrilled about what the future of Web3 will look like.


Graphic Designer  

UI/UX Design

Dark Sol is a graphic designer with over 6 years of experience in marketing and layout design. She has worked with big and small businesses alike to craft effective, innovative, and attractive designs for print and digital platforms including work on various projects—some with complicated deadlines, others with limited budgets.

She loves being able to present her ideas in a clear, visual way that helps the team understand what she's aiming for and gets excited about discovering new tools and technologies—especially ones that help her produce better results for the team.

"I love working with my team to translate our vision into a beautiful reality  and that is why I get up every morning. I’ve spent the past six years learning everything there is to know about layout design, and I’m looking forward to applying my skills to the company."

Aim On

Content Creator

Aim On kicked off creating crushing content with Australia’s first digital television network, ABC’s Fly TV, before producing entertainment for Universal Studios Osaka and three TV networks in New Zealand. His latest independent feature film, Assessment Seven, was officially selected for the Lift-Off film festivals in New York, Toronto, Berlin, London, Melbourne and Sydney. As an emerging visual artist, Eamonn is super psyched to immerse in the NFT universe and well stoked to team up with Simpl3r - true game-changers in the NFT and Web3 stratosphere.

‘Simpl3r is a powerhouse of diverse creative masterminds, producing digital delights that continue amazing our ever-growing community of makers/doers/movers/shakers. Think Andy Warhol’s Factory meeting Web3 and pumping out pixel babies that take over the world - that’s Simpl3r’.


Community Manager and NFT Advisor

TheHundr3ds is our very own local NFT degen turn Community Manager. His professional experience involves a vast array of trade qualifications and operating his own business. After discovering cryptocurrency in 2020 and NFT’s shortly after he has never been more excited and driven to put the tools down and start building in the web3 space.

He’s constantly engaging with other communities and even forming a couple of small networks of his own; he is now fully immersed in the NFT space and is the founder of NFT Society Perth.

*“I truly believe that the true potential of NFT’s go much further than a profile picture and club membership. I am dedicated and passionate about bridging the gap between web2 users and web3 technology. NFT’s are going to revolutionize the way we do things with technology, and I want to play a pivotal role in my city.”



I'm Cassie, aka Kaff  :blush: I've spent the majority of my adult life traveling and working in luxury resorts around Australia and the world. I have a passion for travel, music and arts in general. There's no better feeling than discovering a new artist, hearing a new sound for the first time, seeing your favorite band live. I love that I can incorporate my background in hotel management and HR, with my love of crypto and Web3 to help out Simpl3r, a bunch of like minded people building a community and creating something revolutionary.


Legal Notice And Risk Disclosure

This Legal Notice and Risk Disclosure Statement (the “Notice”) is provided by SCOOPTIX PTY LTD, a limited liability company incorporated in Australia with limited liability. Any statements and representations made by us or on our behalf, and any use of the tokens issued by us or of any platform, service or protocol upon which we operate (the “Project”), regardless of whether such Project is owned, operated, developed or otherwise controlled by us, shall be subject to this Notice. Please read this Notice carefully before using or interacting with the Project or the Token. In addition, the Tokens are subject to additional terms and conditions that may be amended by us from time to time. The Project may also be subject to additional terms and conditions that may be amended by the owner of the Project from time to time.

Legal Notice

Information and Communications

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Always make sure to verify that the information that you believe is provided by us is posted or communicated by our authorized representatives. Any and all Materials are provided for informational and educational purposes only, and should not be relied upon, either wholly or partially, when making any decision. We do not warrant, guarantee or represent, whether expressly or impliedly, that the Materials are true, complete, timely, reliable, accurate, sufficient, non-infringing or fit for a particular purpose, and we will be under no obligation to update or fix such Materials. We shall not be responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the Materials; therefore any use of such Materials is at your own discretion and risk, and you are solely responsible for any possible damages or losses arising from such use. You should always conduct your own independent research and investigation.

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Forward-looking statements by their nature address matters that are, to different degrees, uncertain or unknown. We can give no assurance that any forward-looking statements will prove to have been correct. Actual events, results or outcomes could differ materially from what is stated in the forward-looking statement, and you should not rely on any such forward-looking statement. These risks and uncertainties include the impact of economic, competitive, technical and other factors affecting the Tokens, the Project, us or our operations, including, but not limited to, the following: development of science and technology, development of the industry in which we are in, competition, regulatory uncertainty and government actions, the introduction of new regulations and laws, market changes, the performance of the Tokens, the Project or related products, other business and market conditions.

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Risk Inherent in the Blockchain

The Tokens, the Project and their related software are or will be deployed on the Solana blockchain, and later on other blockchains. As a result, any malfunction, breakdown or abandonment of such blockchain(s) may have a material adverse effect on the Tokens, the Project or such related software. Moreover, advances in cryptography, or technical advances such as the development of quantum computing, could present risks to the Tokens, the Project or such related software, and related blockchain software by rendering ineffective the cryptographic consensus mechanism that underpins the blockchain. The smart-contract concept, the underlying software application and software platform (i.e., Solana or other blockchain) are still in an early development stage and unproven. Although it is very unlikely, the blockchain, as well as any other blockchain, can be attacked which may result in downtime, consensus split, long reorganization of the chain, 51 percent attack, or other adverse outcomes each of which may lead to complete loss of your digital assets.

Risk of Flawed Logic of the Tokens, the Project or their Related Software

The underlying logic of the Tokens, the Project and their related software may be flawed, defective or impaired, which can result in smart-contracts operating incorrectly or not as expected, or transactions being executed in violation of logic which underpins the smart-contracts, which can lead to partial or complete loss of digital assets used in the transaction.

Risk of Legal Uncertainty

Our intended activities are subject to various laws and regulations in the countries where we operate or intend to operate. We might be obliged to obtain different licenses or other permissive documents in some or all jurisdictions where we intend to operate our business, therefore, our business in such jurisdictions shall always be subject to obtaining such licenses or permissive documents, if so directed by applicable laws. There is a risk that certain activities may be deemed in violation of any such law or regulation. Penalties for any such potential violation would be unknown. Additionally, changes in applicable laws or regulations or evolving interpretations of existing law could, in certain circumstances, result in increased compliance costs or capital expenditures, which could affect our ability to carry on our business model.

Risk of Theft

There is no assurance that there will be no theft of your digital assets as a result of hacks, sophisticated cyber-attacks, distributed denials of service or errors, double-spent attacks, flash-loan attacks, vulnerabilities or defects of the Tokens, the Project or their related software or of the Ethereum or any other blockchain, or otherwise. Such events may include, for example, flaws in programming or source code leading to exploitation or abuse thereof. Any of the above may lead to partial or complete theft or loss of digital assets used in transactions carried out in connection with the Tokens, the Project or their related software.