Five Way to Show Your Pet Some Love this February.

Love is in the air. Well, love and some snow. It’s been quite the chilly winter season, but it’s time to warm it up with a dash of love. At Deceased Pet Care, we LOVE our pets, and we’re pretty positive you do too. Not only is February host to Valentine's Day, it’s also host to National Love Your Pet Day. So this February 20th, let’s gear up to show our pets a bit more love than usual (if that’s even possible). So here’s a quick list of five ways you can show your pet a bit more love this February.

Life can be hectic, and while getting swept away in the busyness of life, sometimes our pets can get left behind. But not everything this season has to cost money. You can make your pet’s day with a little extra time and attention. Listen, we love showering our pets with gifts, but life is expensive, and a lot of the best things don’t cost money. You could…

Start a Conversation

It may seem silly, but talking to your pet isn’t a sign of crazy, it’s a sign of investment. You pet knows when you’re speaking with them. Just a bit of extra conversation cues your pet into your emotional state, and that bit of intentionality can go a long way. Who knows, if you’re a verbal processor, you pet could just provide the free therapy you need.

Get Physical

It’s been proven 100x over that hugs and snuggles are good for the soul (and the body). It releases lots of endorphins and a truckload of serotonin. Your pet appreciates the physical touch as well. Get those happy chemicals flowing through your veins and brain, and give your pet some serious snuggles this February.

Learn a New Trick

Our brains are always looking to grow. Your pet is no different. It really is never too late to learn a new trick. The time you spend together and the training treats are sure to deepen an already amazing bond. Don’t let old age keep you from trying something new.

Get Outside More

February is the coldest month of the year, but there’s no reason to not brave the chill for a bit of outdoor fresh air. You can start a habit now that will last well into the spring and summer months. It may even help you knock out one of those resolutions your forgot you made.

Say “I Love You” in Their Language.

Dog may not speak english, but they definitely understand body language. Dogs really love eye contact. We don’t mean a stare down, but intentional, deep, and gentle eye contact really speaks to your dog. It says I love you in a  deeper way than a milkbone ever could.

February is the time we are all reminded of our love for each other. We shouldn’t leave our pets out in the cold. At Deceased Pet Care, we want the absolute best for our pets at all times. Maybe these five tips can be a quick reminder of that little family member that greets us with a wag, a smile, or a pur -- and we can take a few extra moments to say and show that I love you.

Imagecredit: googleimages