#268 - The Angry Chicken: “Your cards are upside down”


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Global Games Votes are in!

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Almost everyone I voted for won in the US.


DreamHack Summer

Weekly tournament grinders placing high. Also GreenSheep’s highest finish in a while (3rd/4th).


Let’s Speculate! When are we getting an expansion announcement?

Let’s dive into the History of Hearthstone’s Summer Releases

The Curse of Naxxramas

First announced on April 11th, 2014. Team 5 was on a more traditional Blizzard-announcement schedule back then because we would have to wait over three months for the Adventure’s release on July 22nd.

The Grand Tournament

In 2015 Hearthstone’s summer release moved a month further into the year. Eric Dodds announced The Grand Tournament at a special Fireside held at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco exactly one year from Naxxramas’ release date. This time we only had to wait a month. TGT released on August 24th.

One Night in Karazhan

Hearthstone’s official Twitter account started teasing card art on July 22nd. Karazhan was officially announced on July 25th, 2016 at the ChinaJoy entertainment expo in Shanghai. Less than 3 weeks later, on August 11th, Karazhan released.

Knights of the Frozen Throne

Knights of the Frozen Throne was first teased on June 29th via an announcement of an announcement. It was revealed that the next Hearthstone expansion would be announced at the HCT Spring Championships in Shanghai on July 6th. As you probably remember, we learned of Knights of the Frozen Throne a day early thanks to the Chinese Hearthstone site being updated with the expansion’s logo a day early. A little over a month later Frozen Throne released… and we’re still owning and being owned with those damn(ed) Death Knights. EVERYBODY DIES!


Full month push from Naxx to TGT. From late July to late August. But Kara and Frozen throne were both released in the second week of August. Frozen Throne had more time from announcement to release compared to Karazhan. But it was an expansion versus an adventure.


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Greetings Podcasters,

My crazy game story begins with Kingsbane and ends with sadness.

I was playing my one true Hearthstone love, Kingsbane Rogue. I saw I was against Warlock. Cool, I think to myself, I can actually beat Cubelock most of the time.

If only I had Gnome what would occur next.

I have not seen a repeat of this in hundreds of games with Kingsbane, dozens of which have been against CubeLock. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new Kingsbane tech, second only to freeze spells:

Play Gnomeferatu and hope for the best.

Here's how it went down...

My starting hand was decent. I mulliganed to try to get Kingsbane or Rummaging Kobold, but I got Coldlight Oracle and some decent buffs. That's usually enough. I'll dig to a combo piece by turn three, I think to myself optimistically.

Then, my opponent plays Gnomeferatu on turn two, probably thinking of getting some incremental fatigue advantage, but instead, they rip the top card off of my deck...which happened to be my Kingsbane, which is now banished into non-existence with no way to retrieve it.

My opponent emotes "wow" (twice) and for once, despite my usual hatred of emotes, I have to agree with them and laugh while I emote a non-sarcastic "well played". I hate conceding unless I'm dead on board so I play out the rest of the game, which was actually decently close, but he ended up winning the long game, which was to be expected.

So now when I'm playing Kingsbane, I affectionately refer to CubeLock as "Gnomeland Security".

Sorry for the pun. Love your show. Keep up the great content.

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Greetings Enraged Cuccos,

Just finished my first arena run during the Taverns of Time event (went 9-3 with hunter) and am really digging it! These new cards got me thinking... we are due for an expansion announcement in the next month or so, what if Blizzard pulled a fast one and announced the next expansion is Cavern of Times and we've already been playing with 28 of the cards!

Some of the new cards are probably way to OP for constructed so I doubt this will happen but would be really cool to see something like that in the future. My favorite expansion launch event to date is still back when GvG launched with new cards adding to the arena a few days early. Do you think Blizzard will ever do an event like that again or explore different ways to introduce new cards?


Hello irritated avians

A bunch of my friends used to play Hearthstone when it was new. But of all of us, I'm the only one who still plays. When asked why they don't play anymore, they tend to give the same answer: "The game used to be fun, but then it changed too much." If my friends are indicative of other lapsed Hearthstone players, it seems people have a meta that they like with decks they like to play, and if that goes away, they lose interest.


Do you think it would be cool if Blizzard added some sort of time travel mode to give players a taste of old metas again? It could be a rotating stable of formats, like tavern brawl, where perhaps each week they resurrect an old meta, with only certain expansions allowed and with nerfs reverted. They sort of did this with that one tavern brawl, but I think this could be a distinct mode. Thoughts!?


Hi guys

Last week Garrett voiced the opinion (as he has in the past) that Arena is simply not competitive. And it is easy to see why people have this opinion.   All the major Hearthstone tournaments are constructed only and there is no in-game facility (or even easy out-of-game' facility) to have anything approaching an arena tournament. The irony is, that for the vast majority of players it is actually the most competitive format in the game.

An extremely tiny number of Hearthstone players have both the skill and the time to play on the HCT tour. Everyone can be 'competitive' on ladder, but there is very little reward for doing so. One golden epic if you can get to rank 5 and nothing beyond that, except for HCT points, and they are useless unless you can get *a lot* of them.

Arena on the other hand rewards you with tangible resources - gold and dust - and gives you a big incentive to improve, with rewards every step of the way. Average 3 wins (which anyone should be able to do in time) and you win back more than your entry fee. Average 5 wins and you can play the rest of the game FTP. Average 6 wins and you are effectively infinite. Average 7 wins and you are hard infinite. Average 7.5 and you can compete for the leaderboard. Average 8 and you can compete for the top of the Leaderboard.

Of course you can never win actual money playing Arena, but as previously discussed you can't in any other mode either unless you are in the super-elite bracket. It's actually the constructed players who should be complaining that their format is not competitive :)


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