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Junior School Parent and Guardian Handbook
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Kent College Junior School 

You will have read the Joining KC Welcome Booklet which includes the aims, values and general ethos of Kent College Junior.

I realise that, on a day to day basis, parents (and especially new parents) have many questions that may go unanswered.   It is for that purpose that we have produced this Handbook. It does not, however, in any way, reduce the very useful and friendlier contact that we encourage between the school and the parents.

Clearly, there can never be a single document that answers every conceivable question parents wish to ask, but I hope that in this volume many of your concerns will be addressed.

In future years, there will be additions, amendments and improvements, which will be sent to you.

I am grateful to all those who have contributed to this handbook, particularly the parents themselves, and I hope that you will find the handbook both useful and of interest.

Simon James

Head of Junior School


Our vision

Meet our teaching staff

The Senior Leadership Team

The School Day

After school clubs and Activities

Wrap Around Care

School Office and Administrative Arrangements

Grade System

Rewards System

Our vision

It is our passion to nurture, foster and inspire every child’s individuality. We offer a supportive and exciting community to create happy, adventurous, inquisitive and reflective learners.

We prepare children to approach learning through a problem solving and creative approach. Children are comfortable to express themselves and take risks to achieve in a breadth of areas. Our philosophy of an academic morning and creative afternoon encapsulated in a culture of care helps achieve the purpose of ensuring every child wakes up each day excited to come to school.

Class organisation

Early Years

Pre Reception and Reception

Mrs Brown, Mrs Shopland and Mrs Goodman

Aged 3-5


Years One and Two

Miss Wood, Mrs Blaza and Mrs Jennings

Aged 5-7


Years Three, Four, Five and Six

Mr Wassell and Mrs Luckhurs

Miss Spillett and Mr Vinn

Mr Corrigan and Mr Cooper

Mrs Griffin and Mr Buckley

Aged 7-11

Class sizes vary between approximately 10 to 20 pupils in KS2.

In KS1 the adult/pupil ratio is between 1:5 and 1:8.

The Senior Leadership Team

The senior leadership team at Kent College comprises:

Mr Simon James

Head of Junior School, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Anouska Blaza

Deputy Head, Year 2 Teacher, MFL specialist

Mr Chris Sweet

KS2 Senior Teacher, Head of Games,

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Zen Stedman

Garden Cottage Nursery Manager, Early Years Lead, Holiday Club Lead,

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Katie Wood

KS1 Senior Teacher

The School Day

Our basic school day is from 8:40 am to 16:00 pm however our extensive range of Early and Late Care facilities along with clubs and activities, enables us to provide care from 7:30 am – 18:30 pm each day.

Form Tutors

All pupils are assigned to a Form Tutor.  If a parent has any concerns about their child, then the first person you should contact is the pupil's Tutor. The Tutor may refer the matter to the Senior Teachers who work in close co-operation with the Head to ensure the well-being of all the pupils at Kent College.

Breaktime snack

Children often become very hungry during the morning and we strongly recommend that children in Years Two to Six bring a healthy mid morning snack for their break each day (fruit, sandwiches).

Children must not bring any sweets, crisps or plastic bottles at break times please; we encourage reusable containers and bottles where possible.

Snacks are provided for all pupils in our Early Years department, Reception and Year One.

Equipment and stationery 

On your child’s first day they will be given their academic timetable, academic diary and a calendar full of events through to the end term. Please provide your child with a fully equipped pencil case daily.  

Please click here to view our stationery list for children in Years Three to Six.

After school clubs and activities

We host approximately 70 clubs each week with a huge diversity of choice.

Our clubs and activities run each evening from 16:00 – 17:00 and 17:00 - 18:00 pm.  

A full list of clubs and activities are made available to parents at the beginning of each term via parent mail and sign up is available via our parent  SchoolsBuddy app.

Wrap around care - click here for an overview

7:30 am Breakfast Club for KS1 and KS2

If you require additional hours, we offer a Breakfast Club service in the Dining Hall which is charged at £5.50 per session, starting at 7:30 am and bookable through the School Office.  

Early Care for KS1 and KS2

Early Care is available each morning from 8:00 to 8:30 am prior to registration at 8:40 am. Children in Years One and Two arrive in the Year One classroom for this session. Children in Years Three, Four, Five and Six follow the timetable attached here for Early Care (please note during the summer term KS2 Early Care may be held outside on the school grounds so the drop off areas may change).

Early Care is included within the standard fee but must still be booked via the SchoolsBuddy app.

Late Care for KS1

Late Care is available every afternoon between the hours of 16:00 to 18:00 pm. Children in KS1 can select a club from 16:00 to 17:00, there are also clubs from 17:00 to 18:00

or they can attend the last hour of Late Care, which is based in the Year One classroom, or simply only attend Late Care until collection.

Children in KS2 take part in two clubs/activities between 16:00 to 18:00 pm so Late Care provision is not required. .

Late Care is included within the standard fee but must still be booked via the SchoolsBuddy app.

18:15 pm Boarders’ Tea for KS1 and KS2

If you require further care in the evening past 18:00 pm your child can join the boarders for their evening supper in the Dining Hall which commences at 18:15 pm each evening.  

This service is bookable through the School Office and charged at £5.50 per session.

Holiday Club

Kent College Junior offers 50 weeks provision a year for children in Pre Reception to Year Six. An additional charge is made for this Holiday Club service. Sign up details for Holiday Club are shared with all parents via the School Office.

Mrs Zen Stedman oversees our Holiday Club provision and is contactable via email on

      School Office and Administrative Arrangements


If any parent, staff member, visitor or governor is worried about a child, they should discuss their concern as soon as possible with one of our Designated Safeguarding Lead Officers.


We believe that good communication between home and school is key to a strong parental partnership.

How we communicate with you  

Head’s Updates - termly Head’s Updates shared via parent mail

Email - we send our regular communications via parent mail

School Website – News and Event page

Telephone - the school office will telephone home when required

SchoolsBuddy - any after school activity communication will be shared via the app

Twitter - Head’s twitter page provides the latest news and updates

How you communicate with us 

Email - The main school email address is  

Class Email Addresses – we encourage parents to communicate directly with the form tutor by email initially, and contact email addresses can be found here.

Telephone – the school office telephone number is 01227 762436

Pupil absence

If pupils need to be absent from school for special events, parents should request permission from the Head as far in advance as possible.  The school does ask, however, that such absences are kept to a minimum -

If a day pupil is going to be absent from school due to illness or other such unforeseen cause, then parents are asked to telephone the Office with this information by 9:15 am, or as soon as possible thereafter on the day in question. Parents are also asked to indicate the anticipated length of absence at that time, if known.  If a pupil is absent the school must be informed of the reason.  

Late arrivals

If your child arrives in school after 8:50 am and is therefore too late to register with their Tutor, you must report to the School Office.

Cases of frequent or unjustified lateness will be investigated by the pupil’s Tutor, and appropriate action taken if necessary; prompt arrival is beneficial to pupils for many reasons

The School Office operating hours are 8:00 am – 18:15 pm. Please contact Mrs Parry and Miss McCabe via email on

Term Time

8:00 - 18:15 Mondays to Fridays

Non Term Time

9:00 - 15:00 Mondays to Fridays

Messages for pupils during the school day

There will be occasions when you wish to get messages to your child during the school day. We please ask that you phone the School Office which is open between 8:00 am and 18:15 pm.  

Uniform and dress code

All school uniforms are available to purchase online via the Kent College website by clicking here. Our pupils are to be correctly and smartly dressed at all times when at school. Equally, day pupils travelling to and from school, and all pupils when outside school on organised activities, are to be correctly and smartly dressed; our pupils represent and act as ambassadors for Kent College.

Thrift Shop

The Thrift Shop is run by volunteers for the Friends of Kent College.  It is situated adjacent to the Tuck Shop on the Senior School site. Good quality clothing can be bought or sold and the profits go towards enhancing facilities for the benefit of the students.  Items purchased can be either paid for directly or charged on the school accounts. Enquiries to the Senior School Office

Lost property

Named items are left with the School Office to be returned to their rightful owner. Any unnamed items are taken to the Viewing Gallery above the Sports Hall.  Both the girls and boys changing rooms are cleared at the end of each term so any lost items can be identified. Please can parents ensure all items of clothing are named.

Transport services 

School minibus transport services can be found here.  Junior pupils can be linked into the various school run bus routes, which are operated via the Senior school.  For full details of routes, times and costs, please contact

Cars and parking        

There is a 5 mph speed limit in force throughout Kent College - this is to be observed at all times. Kent College Junior operates a barrier entry system allowing parents and guardians to drive on site at drop-off and pick-up times. To enter the school barrier, you can purchase a £5 key fob from the School Office. The deposit for the fob is returned at the end of your child’s time in Year Six.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to park carefully and with consideration when delivering/collecting their child or attending a school event. As always, a little self-regulation will ensure parking/access problems do not occur.

Visiting the Junior School during school hours

All visitors to school are requested to report to the School Office where they will be issued with a visitor’s pass. In the interests of security, this pass is to be worn at all times when within the College estate, and is to be returned upon departure.  We encourage our staff to question anyone not wearing a visitor’s pass.


Medical Staff are in place at the Junior School from 8:00 – 16:00 Monday to Friday and First  

Aid trained staff in place from 16:00-18:00pm.

The nurses are always happy to discuss with parents any health problems, management of diabetes, asthma, allergies, special diets or treatments.  They may be contacted by either telephone or email 01227 813932 or

If your child needs to take a prescribed course of medication during school hours, this must be handed in to the Medical Centre at the beginning of the day, clearly labelled with the child’s name and the name and dose of the medicine and the times it must be given.  The pupil can then attend the Medical Room to take their medication during the day.  If medicines are not clearly labelled as above, we will not be able to administer them.  Please do not send medicine in with your child.  

Swimming Pool

We aim to have the swimming pool open each year ready for the second part of the summer term for some holiday fun once all relevant training is complete for both parent lifeguards and staff. The school will then start creating a rota for pool use at weekends, evenings and over the summer holidays for families, which gets sent via parent mail.

When the children return to school in June they receive weekly swimming lessons with our sports coaches.

Music Tuition

Private music lessons are available by sign up. Please click here to download the 2020-2021 tuition form which can be handed back to the School Office or to Mrs Spencer directly.

Children receive 10 lots of 30 minute  lessons each term and the charge will be sent separately to your school fees by the visiting music teachers.


Children will use the library during the school day when visiting with teachers to aid a lesson/topic . Families are encouraged to use the library outside of lesson times to take books home.


Assembly is a focal point of the school as it is the one place where the school community can gather regularly to celebrate the Methodist values upon which the school is founded.

Participation is as follows:-

Monday - Head’s/Chaplain’s Collective Worship

Tuesday – with Form Tutors

Wednesday – PSHE in Year Groups

Thursday – Form/House/Performance/HM Assembly

Friday – Singing Assembly (8:50) and 15:15 Celebration Assembly

Whole School Photos, individual and sibling

Whole school pictures with the Senior School are taken every two years.  Individual and sibling photos are done annually, in the Autumn Term.

              GRADE SYSTEM

Effort Marks

Effort Marks are shared four times each term for children in Years 2-6, with Year 1 receiving their first set at the halfway point of the Easter Term. All children are expected to aim for a ‘1’ in all subjects. Obviously, if we have any concerns we discuss them with you in person.

Children receive regular Effort marks and it is their responsibility to copy their grades into their Academic diary so they are fully aware of their improvements as they make progress.

The Grades are awarded as follows:

  1. Excellent approach to the subject at all times. Contributes enthusiastically to discussions and always ensures that written work is completed to the best of their ability.
  2. A very good approach to the subject at all times but could contribute more and show a little more care in written work.
  3. Entirely satisfactory approach to the subject and lessons.
  4. Does not work to the best of their ability without significant encouragement from the teacher.

At the completion of the first academic term the two children achieving the highest grades in each class are awarded book tokens in final assembly.

At the completion of the second academic term the two children achieving the greatest improvement in each class are awarded book tokens in  assembly.

Awards are given on Parents’ Day based on achievement, progress and effort in Years Three, Four and Five.


Children complete Non Verbal and Verbal papers at the beginning of the year. Children are also assessed termly in Maths, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. The assessments are standardised nationally and completed in a relaxed and settled environment in their usual classes.

Parents discuss with the school which scholarships for Senior Schools they would like their child to be entered for. The children are prepared for these through the curriculum, extra curricular activities and the school’s Gifted, Really Enthusiastic, Able and Talented Programme.

School report

All children receive a full annual written report at the end of the academic school year. Reports can be accessed via our KC Parent Portal website (login required and provided by the school each summer).


Two English and two Maths homework tasks will be provided each week - this could be in the form of a short 10 - 25 minute exercise or a thinking task that extends the learning ready for your child to share the next day. Whenever possible, the homework will be reviewed at the beginning of the next lesson. The weekend can be reserved for reading and leisure!

Our children lead incredibly busy and action packed lives, many opt for our extensive clubs and activities programme that extends to 18:00pm. If you are unable to complete the homework task, we do not want this to cause worry or anxiety, just let us know. We understand the balance a child needs to learn effectively but most importantly, be happy!

Our after-school Homework Club provides an opportunity for the children to complete any tasks before they get home so precious time together with the family does not have to be interrupted by school work!

How parents can help with their child’s studies

Read, and make comments in your child's Academic Diary in order to ensure that he/she is completing his/her prep.  The diary is a crucially important means of communication between parents and tutors which should be checked and signed at least once a week.

Encourage excellent attendance and punctuality.  Please do not organise family holidays during the term time or ask for your child to leave early at the end of term or arrive late at the beginning of term.  Try to ensure that pupils arrive in plenty of time for Registration in the morning.  Registration closes at 8:45 prompt.

Observe the progress that your child is making in his/her grades and reports. Contact the Tutor if there is anything about which you are unhappy.

Encourage your child to take part in several of the clubs and activities.

Encourage your child to participate in residential activities, sports and music tours.

When your son/daughter is playing in school teams or performing in plays and concerts come to the event and support him/her.

Attend the relevant Academic Consultations for an opportunity to talk to the staff who teach your child.  If there is a good reason why you cannot attend such a meeting contact the Tutor to see if other arrangements can be made for you.

Academic Consultations

You are very welcome to see us before or after school if there is anything you need to mention briefly. For a longer discussion it is best to make an appointment.

Any parent concerned about their child’s progress at any point during the year, may visit the school by arrangement to talk to the relevant Tutor, in the first instance, or the subject coordinator.   Parents may make appointments to meet members of the teaching staff if they have a particular subject based concern.

Parent Academic Consultation evenings take place in Autumn and Spring. A booking system is in place to enable parents to plan their evenings effectively.

Parents of children in Year Five will have an annual appointment with the Head to plan their child’s individual programme of progression to Year Seven and beyond.

An evening is held on an annual basis for parents of children in Year Six to meet with the Senior School Head and Executive Head and discuss their child’s transfer between the Junior and Senior Schools which make up Kent College.

Accelerated learning

It is our belief that all members of our community are gifted or talented in some way and we have to work together to enable this to be recognised and for the individual to flourish. As young as three months, our children benefit from individualised programmes. Children are placed in an environment where they can progress with confidence based on individual development rather than age.

English and Maths

Children are placed into ability groups from the start of Year Two to ensure that they are taught according to their needs, which will enable them to make accelerated progress. This could change throughout the academic year but will be communicated and managed carefully to ensure the smoothest transition for each child.

Modern Foreign Languages

Children will be taught in small groups throughout the school. Initially all children will study French but a choice of languages is introduced in Year Five. At this stage additional time is given to the study of languages with the aim of the child having the opportunity to take early qualifications.

GREAT (Gifted, Really, Enthusiastic, Able, and Talented)

Two lessons are allocated a week for each child to choose which area of achievement they wish to study further with the idea of accelerating their progress.

The areas of choice will include:

Examination Preparation (KS2)

Art and Design (KS1 & 2)

Drama (KS2)

Music (KS1 & 2)

Sport (KS1 & 2)

Science (KS1)

Spanish (KS1)

Rewards System

Kent College Houses

Children are allocated to a school House upon joining Kent College Junior from Year 1, and receive a House badge to wear on their blazer in Key Stage 2.  Years 1 and 2 may choose to wear theirs on their school jumper; this is awarded at their first celebration assembly.

The Kent College Junior Houses are:

All members of a family are in the same House and this can go through different generations.


In the school entrance you will see our house point token collector display, which allows the children in Years One to Six to place their awarded tokens in the collector when passing by - this can be a great incentive to go out and earn some more!

Children are awarded House points for Achievement for outstanding performance in Art, Drama, Music, Sport and Academic subjects. This can be a single House point token or a 'Goods' certificate that equates to two House points, which is the top accolade in the House system for Achievement.

Children record their ‘Goods’ in their Academic diary. The School Office will also tally the ‘Goods’ certificates as they are handed in. Form Tutors  encourage pupils to add their achievements into the Academic diaries during form time. Achievements are celebrated weekly on a Friday in assembly. ‘Goods’ are given out in Friday’s assembly and the children take them home.  Any achievements that take place outside of school are also actively celebrated during celebration assemblies should your child wish to bring in a trophy/medal or certificate.

Children also receive tokens for Citizenship. Citizenship is where the children's actions and behaviour contribute to our supportive community. The tokens are tallied and allocated each week for a celebration of 'Class of the Week' which includes a reward.

Children drop their tokens into their wall mounted token box in the school entrance when passing by.

Each week the Form Tutor awards Pupil of the Week to members of their form who are most deserving. These certificates are presented during the Celebration assembly.

School Golden Rules 

At Kent College Junior the rules are established to enable the school to function smoothly and to help to create an environment in which pupils can enjoy study, leisure and friendship.  The rules are made also for the protection and benefit of all members of the school.  Pupils are asked to try to behave thoughtfully and with courtesy at all times to visitors, parents, staff and to each other.  Every person who works or studies here is important and our school will remain a happy community if we all try to think more of other people than of ourselves.

Pupil Council

Pupil voice is an important part of life at Kent College Junior. Each year the children elect form representatives to take on the responsibility of feeding back their form’s ideas for improvement to the Deputy Head and Head. This role develops independence, celebrates democracy and encourages pupils to work as a team to drive change and improvement.


School Events, Sports Fixtures and Residential Trips

Parents’ Day

During the Summer Term Kent College holds a Parents’ Day event which usually takes place in June on a Saturday. This is a great event to showcase all the hard work over the academic year with our orchestra and choir performances, Year Six leavers awards and citations, sporting events  and  picnic lunch for all on the grounds. It is a great day where families can relax and socalise.

Sports Day

Children in Years One to Six always look forward to their summer Sports Day, which is normally held on a Saturday, followed by athletics and BBQ lunch for parents to enjoy on the school grounds.

Coffee Mornings

Parents of each year group are invited to a coffee morning once in both the Autumn and Spring Term. The coffee mornings are held on a Friday after drop off with Mrs James at the Garden House (which is the house on the left as you drive out of the school).

Sports kit

Children are able to go home in their sports kit at 6: 00pm after their last activity.  If collected at 16:00 or 17:00 pm, they need to be in uniform.  Games Kit should come home on a Friday (or whenever you ask your child for washing purposes!).  Often trainers etc, are left in the changing rooms, so if your child needs them for the weekend, you will need to check your child has them in their games kit bag.

Cross Country mornings 

During the Autumn and Spring Terms the Junior School runs Saturday morning cross country competitions which are also open to other schools and running clubs.  The dates are posted on the school website.. This event is optional for Early Years, Years One and Two but for Year Three to Six  your child must take part in the cross country after school club or sign up beforehand with a sports coach.

Athletics mornings

During the Summer Term the Junior School runs Saturday morning athletics competitions, which are also open to other schools and individual children.  The dates are posted in the school calendar. Any cancellations are posted on twitter.  This activity is optional for the entire infant and junior school and includes field and track (the individual events are also optional, so your child does not have to do all events).

Pre Season Training

Pre Season training is available for all children in Years Five and Six  prior to the start of term in Autumn, Spring and Summer. This is a great opportunity for the children to enjoy school training with their friends, prior to the start of term.

Year Five and Six Sports Tours

Sports tours are available for Year Five and Six at the start of the Autumn and Spring Term, to reflect the sport being played that term.  It is a short residential away trip. Year Five is one night and Year Six is two nights.  

It involves playing matches against other schools and an overnight stay in a hotel.

Year Five Residential

This is a 3 night 4 day residential trip to a sporting activity site in France.

Year Six Residential

This is a 4 night residential trip in the UK, with a  fun and varied itinerary of activities planned in Blackpool’.  

Sidney Cooper Boarding House

The boarding community at Kent College

There is one Junior Boarding House with Mr Sai Guri being the House Parent. The boarding day starts with breakfast at 8:00 am. The boarders then follow a normal school day until the end of afternoon school at 16:.00 pm. Clubs and activities are then organised for all pupils between 16:00 and 18:.00 pm.

The boarders then have evening meals and return to the Boarding House for boarders activities. Boarders are free to go home for an Exeat at weekends by arrangement with the Houseparent.  Over the weekends, House and day staff provide a programme of activities ranging from a major outing to Thorpe Park, Disney Land Paris, a minibus trip to ice skating, or to a game of hockey on the astro turf.  There are also special school events such as Chinese New Year, bonfire night etc.  

Occasional Boarding

At Kent College, we offer weekly or daily boarding to all our day pupils from Years Three to Six.  If you have plans for the evening or need to work later than planned, we have a flexible occasional boarding programme where day children can stay on with the boarding community for the night in our Boarding House. We also cover longer stays of a week or more if there is space available in the Boarding House.

Day parents’ involvement in exeats and parties

The school is always very grateful when parents of day pupils invite borders into their homes for both weekend exeats and parties.  In order for boarding House Parents to be able to be responsible for their pupils, and to safeguard the position of the parents, Kent College has devised the following procedures.


If a boarding pupil is going to stay with a day pupil, the parents or guardians of the boarder will contact the House Parent to give permission for this to take place.  The day pupil’s parents are also asked to ring the boarding House Parents, so that the House Parents know that the boarder is welcome to stay and that general arrangements can be discussed, and also to fill in an Exeat Invitation available from the House Parents via the boarder.  Day parents are asked to phone as soon as the details are known, but certainly before 6.00 p.m. on the Thursday evening,

Kent College Support Team

Our support department

The Support Department, under the direction of the Bursar, is tasked with providing all aspects of financial, administrative, domestic, maintenance and repair and estate management support to Kent College, its teaching staff and pupils.  There are some 115 full and part time staff employed in the Department. Some key staff at the Junior School are listed below and organised as follows:


Interim Bursar

 Chris Joy


Simon James

Deputy Head

Anouska Blaza

Early Years Lead

Safeguarding Lead

Zen Stedman

Head Chef

Ade Smith

Head’s Secretary

Millie McCabe

Office Assistant

Kerry Parry

Medical Centre

Katie East

Site Supervisor

Glen Ridout

Kent College policies

Policies can be found here.

Complaints procedure for parents

Kent College welcomes suggestions and comments from all parents and takes seriously any complaints and concerns that they may raise. The attached document will show you how to use our complaints system.  A copy of the Complaints Policy is available from the Bursar (Clerk to the Governors) at the school address and from the school website

Eat well at Kent College

At the Junior School, all food is cooked on the premises by Ade Smith, our Chef and her team, who use local and trusted suppliers for meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. In addition, Ade is also able to source pork, lamb and mutton from the school’s own farm. We cater for special diets such as gluten-free, or lactose-intolerant and the Chefs work closely with the nurses in the school’s Medical Centre to ensure that pupils with specific needs are well looked after.

Bi weekly menu items are prepared and there is a wide choice of dishes served on a cafeteria system in the Dining Hall; vegetarian alternatives are always supplied.

Parents and guardians of children with special dietary needs should contact the Medical Centre.

Meal Times are as follows in the Dining Hall:


from 07:30

Morning break



from 11:50 - 14:00


from 18:15

The costs of all meals for boarders, and lunches day pupils, are included in the standard fee.

Please see the links below as samples of our Summer Term dinner menus.

Week One               Week Two

Friends of Kent College


The Friends of Kent College was founded in 1964.  It is a registered charity and a company

limited by guarantee.

The Friends are parents, past and present, past pupils, staff and Governors; new members

join by annual subscription.  The purpose of the Friends is to:-

The Friends is run by the Friends’ Council.  This consists of up to 12 'ordinary' members and several 'ex officio' members, the Head Master, Chairman of Governors, Bursar, the Head Master of the Junior School, plus representatives from the Governors, staff, the Old Canterburians, and a Junior School parent. There is also a Social Committee which organises the various Friends’ events.

The Friends social programme has included Valentine Dances, Quiz Nights and suppers for the parents of individual year groups.

The Friends of Kent College have always played an important part in the life of the school to the benefit of all the pupils … long may it continue!

For further information, to follow, to contact or register for news updates:

FOKC Facebook:

FOKC Twitter:

Friends of Kent College Junior

Any parent interested in supporting the Friends of Kent College Junior is very welcome.

Class Representatives

Class Representatives (usually 1 or two per year group) have the role of representing the parent voice for each class in termly meeting with Mrs James and Mrs Blaza to ensure home school communication and relations are as good as possible. Reps usually also organise a class contact list / whatsapp group / coffee mornings / evenings out etc. It is all carried out voluntarily and down to the individual Class Representative.  If you are new to the school or are keen to get more involved, your Class Representative is a good first contact.  If you are new to the school we would recommend that you contact your Class Representative, in order to be included in their class list and on their radar, in order to say hello and invite you to any parent activity organised.  Class Representatives will not be given your details due to data privacy, so often there can be a time delay to your being fully involved.

 Academic year 2021-22 contacts


Class Rep



Michelle Goggi

Helen Roberts

07710 569057

07979 495525


Vereuschka Cheesman

Emily Cocking


Emma Vinn

Anita Balakrishnan


Caroline Foster

Susanna Jurado

07971 595614

07971 533234


Emily White


Jodie Wise

Liz Meehan



Junior School Map