Constitution of

The Society of Physics Students (SPS)


As stated by the SPS national website, “The SPS exists to help students transform themselves into contributing members of the professional community. Course work develops only one range of skills. Other skills needed to flourish professionally include effective communication and personal interactions, leadership experience, establishing a personal network of contacts, presenting scholarly work in professional meetings and journals, and outreach services to the campus and local communities.”



        There are various administrative tasks that need to be performed for a club. Among these is organizing the budget, and acting as a liaison between the club and the administrators of the physics department, as well as with other clubs. The president makes sure the club runs smoothly and that all tasks are taken care of--which may involve the delegation of tasks, deputization of temporary officers, or the formation of committees for the planning and operation of various activites.

Vice Presidents:

        Where the president makes sure the club runs smoothly, the vice presidents make sure the meetings run smoothly. This involves sending out the agenda, scheduling running the meeting itself, and seeing to the needs of the members of the club. The primary focus of meetings is to strengthen the social ties between physics students--fostering the rapport that will allow these students to work together and help one another out.

        For each of three kinds of meetings, there is a vice president.

        Demos and Build Meetings:

        These meetings include performing simple experiments as well as activities, and provide opportunities for club members to work collaboratively. This officer will need to find activities and experiments for the club to do together. This officer should form a list of supplies to be purchased and familiarize themselves with executing the activity at least three days before the meeting, although 1 week is suggested. They must also be able to provide directions to the club during the meeting, as well as be able to talk about the physical/scientific significance of the activity.

Talks and Special Meetings:

These meetings include talks given by graduate students, professors, and other undergraduate students, and provide opportunities for club members to learn about research, graduate school, careers, or just fun physics. They also encompass panels, competitions, and adventure games/scavenger hunts. This officer will need to contact guest speakers a minimum of 2 weeks (3 is suggested) prior to the meeting and is responsible for ensuring that they have what they need to speak to the club (projector, cables, speakers). They are also responsible for forming and heading committees at the beginning of the quarter to design competitions and adventure games for meetings towards the middle or end of the quarter.

Game Meetings:

These meetings primarily serve as easily executed catch-all meetings if there is a scheduling problem and a planned meeting must be postponed, or if the other officers are otherwise occupied (ie if everyone has a heavy exam schedule surrounding one week). This officer will need to design meetings prior to the start of the quarter that can be executed as needed with a minimum of preparation, such as games like charades or mafia. These meetings may also include a movie night, although the movie should be related to physics (in some however far fetched way) and some preparation will be required (obtaining speakers and a projector).

Elections and Voting Procedures

Nearing the end of the school year, elections will be held for several officer positions. These elections happen at one of the weekly SPS meetings. Those that show up to the meeting are eligible to vote.

For each position, a member either chooses to run, or is nominated. If nominated, the member can decline the nomination. If only one member is in the running, they automatically become that officer for next year. If multiple members are in the running, then a proper election is held. Everyone gets one vote, and can vote for anyone running. Votes are counted. Candidates with the most votes will win. If votes are close between candidates, a run-off election may be held for the position.

On Finances

        We will make financial records available to university administrators upon request.

        Typically early in the academic year, a Treasurer is appointed by the officers to manage the club’s financial records and to see to the club’s financial needs.

Amendment Procedures

Officers may amend the constitution if there is an agreement among the other officers. Only a majority is needed to officially change this constitution, however a unanimous agreement is encouraged.



        In the event that the president is deemed unfit to lead by their vice presidents, the vice presidents will choose from among them a new president. If needed, a replacement vice president will then be appointed by the officers. If the officers cannot agree on a new president, re-elections may be held.