MSU’s 4th Annual Spartanvitational 2021

Individual Events Tournament

January 31, 2021

Dear Director of Individual Events:

Michigan State University’s Spartan Speech is hosting “The 4th Annual Spartanvitational” Individual Events Tournament for high school and middle school students on Saturday, February 20th, 2021. The entire tournament will be held synchronously, online via Zoom, NSDA Campus, and There will be three preliminary rounds followed by elimination rounds in 14 Individual Events with awards going to finalists in each event.

Spartan Speech is a club made up of former MIFA forensicators and speech-lovers from Michigan State. Members include alumni from Walled Lake Western, East Detroit, Bloomfield Hills, Portage Northern, Standish-Sterling, Groves, Divine Child, Seaholm, Stevenson, Portage Central, Loy Norrix, Avondale, Skyline, and more. We are dedicated to promoting speech activities and hosting one of Michigan’s largest speech tournaments every year. The Spartanvitational was specifically intended to be a tournament run by students for students.

As a reminder, we are still very new to running a tournament and we gladly welcome all of your years of expertise and advice. Also, if you have an interest in running the prep room or assisting in NSDA Campus tech support the day of, please let me know!

Thank you for your continued support of our program!


Karah Tanski

President, Spartan Speech

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REGISTRATION: Please register via here: Registration will open on February 01, 2021, at 11:55 AM. The deadline for registration is 11:55 PM on Wednesday, February 17, 2021.

Entry Fees: These fees primarily cover the cost of tournament administrative expenses and awards.

        School Fee                        $ NONE

Individual Entries                $  8 each

Duo Entries                        $15 each

Multiple Entries                $20 each

Entry fees can be paid online via Venmo: @ MSU4n6

When sending funds via Venmo, please list the name of your school in the “What’s it for?” section. 

Checks should be made payable to         Spartan Speech 

and can be sent to                   21866 Nummer Ave. Warren MI 48089

Middle School Students / Double Entry: Middle School students are permitted to compete. There are no middle school-specific events. Therefore, middle schoolers will be competing against high schoolers, but judges should be aware that middle school students should be judged using middle-level time. Due to technical concerns, double entries will not be offered at the Spartanvitational.

Drops/Adds/Changes: Contestant drops/adds/changes prior to the registration deadline can be made on without financial penalty. After the deadline, ALL CHANGES must be emailed to After the deadline (February 17, 2021, @ 11:55 PM), the school is still responsible for payment of initial registration fees, provision of required judges (or equivalent fee), and contestant drop/change fees as follows:

> prior to the tournament will incur a $10.00 fee per drop/add/change

> day of the tournament will incur a $20.00 fee per drop/add/change

Judges: Schools must provide 1 judge per 5 entries OR hire judges to cover their obligations. Duos & Multiples count as 2 entries. All judges must meet the criteria to be a volunteer at your school. 

If you are UNABLE to provide the required number of judges, you may hire through Spartan Speech at $100 per judge.

LOCATION: The entire tournament will take place synchronously ONLINE via Zoom, NSDA Campus &!

Please note: this means ALL coaches, contestants and judges MUST HAVE A account.

SCHEDULE / Zoom Meeting Links:         The schedule and Zoom meeting links are posted HERE and also on the tournament page on We will screen share this document in the Zoom meeting (which will remain open ALL DAY) and use it to communicate rolling changes to the schedule along with other details.



Impromptu quotes will only have been spoken or written by MSU alumni, professors, and associates, Impromptu resolutions will be related to issues revolving around American universities and MSU, and Impromptu cartoons will be based around current news and controversy around MSU.


There will be one round of Extemp with critical questions pertaining to Michigan State. It is in your student’s best interest to have a basic idea of MSU-related topics.


With the new broadcasting rules, students should prep their broadcast prior to the tournament. Students will have 15 minutes to prep their editorial each round.

UPDATES AND RULE CHANGE REMINDERS:   There have been changes made to some individual events that you should make yourself and your students aware of.

  1. We will use schematic order for speaking order in the round. This will be the case for ALL events. 
  2. Extemp and Broadcasting participants should return to the Zoom Prep Room immediately after they have performed.
  3. Visual Aid events (Sales, Info, Oratory) may only use ONE easel, digital display, monitor, OR tablet.
  4. Impromptu prompts can be resolutions, quotes. Visual cues will not be used due to the online platform. Editorials were eliminated as prompts last season as well.
  5. For more info on how to judge virtually, MIFA has a plethora of resources on their website!

MATERIALS & SUITABILITY: Contestants may present materials or speeches that they have previously used at a 2019-2020 MIFA tournament. Interp contestants must attest the source material is not their own work. Public Address contestants should include a works cited page with their script/outline.

AWARDS: Due to the costs of shipping, in lieu of trophies all I.E finalists will be receiving medals for their hard work. We will be mailing medals along with sweepstakes awards directly to the school to which the recipients are registered. If you wish to have your school’s awards sent to a different location, please email Karah Tanski. 

INDIVIDUAL AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Michigan State’s Spartan Speech is proud to have created the Individual Affiliate Program. This means that high school, middle school, and elementary-aged students are able to compete for free if they do not have a program at their school. Students who currently are in a MIFA-sponsored program are able to coach their cousin, brother, sister, nephew, or friend from a different school. Under this initiative, any student without a program can compete at the Spartan Speech tournament free of charge. Those students should contact the tournament director, Karah Tanski, for more information.

HANNAH STOLOFF LEGACY AWARD: Established in 2020, the Hannah Stoloff Legacy Award was created with the purpose of recognizing one student each year for their contributions and leadership in forensics and speech activities, rather than how well they place at tournaments. This award will be given out at the award ceremony to the winner and will be mailed to the school of the recipient. Additionally, a plaque will be included for the recipient’s principal to display in their school. Students, coaches, parents, and peers can nominate qualified students by writing a short (250 words max) narrative detailing why the nominated students deserve the award based on their contributions. Please share this application with your teams: More information on the Hannah Stoloff Legacy Award can be found on our website:

PRE-SPARTANVITATIONAL WORKSHOP: Although everything is virtual this year, the members of Spartan Speech still want to be as involved with the students as possible. With that, we decided that we would continue the tradition of offering a pre-tournament workshop the night before the tournament. This workshop is an opportunity for students competing at the Spartanvitational to have a one-on-one coaching/advising session with a Spartan Speech member. Our goal is to give students a chance to make connections with forensics alumni and get new eyes on their speech before competing. Please share this Zoom invite with your students. This is an ongoing service that Spartan Speech will be offering through the end of the 2021 season, where students will be able to sign up for coaching on our website ( and select which member to see. More information on this service will come following the Spartanvitational.

Karah Tanski is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom Meeting

Topic: Pre-Spartanvitational Workshop

Time:  Feb 19, 2021, 07:30 PM - 09: 30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Direct Link: 

Meeting ID: 962 8225 7674

Passcode: MSU4n6

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