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Prelude:                                                                                          Tina Andersen

Lighting the Path & Ringing of the Bells

Welcome & Greeting

*Call to Worship        (Psalm 100)                

Leader:        Know that the Holy One is God.

People:        We are God’s people.

Leader:        Worship the Holy One with gladness.

People:        Enter God’s presence with singing.

Leader:        Enter God’s gates with thanksgiving, and God’s courts with praise.

People:        Make a joyful noise!

Leader:        For God is good;

                God’s steadfast love endures forever,
                and God’s faithfulness to all generations.

People:        Let us worship with thanks and joy!

                Let us praise God in song and word and prayer

*Prayer of Praise and Adoration (Unison)                                        Worship Ways, UCC

        Gracious God, we long to know you better.
        Open us to recognize your presence,
        to receive you fully,
        and to be ready to follow your leading. Amen.

*Opening Hymn:                                 Gather Us In        


1 Here in this place new light is streaming,
shadows of doubt are vanished away.
See in this space our fears and our dreamings,
brought here to you in the light of this day.

Gather us in, the lost and forsaken;
gather us in; our spirits inflame.
Call to us now, and we shall awaken,
we shall arise at the sound of our name

3 Here we receive new life in the waters;
here we receive the bread of new birth;
here you shall call your sons and your daughters,
call us anew to be salt for the earth.
Give us to drink the wine of compassion,
give us to eat the bread that is you;
nourish us well, and teach us to fashion
lives that are holy and hearts that are true.

2 We are the young, our lives are a mystery;
we are the old, who yearn for your face.
We have been sung throughout all of history,
called to be light to the whole human race.
Gather us in, the rich and the haughty;
gather us in, the proud and the strong;
give us a heart so meek and so lowly;
give us the courage to enter the song.

4 Not just in buildings, small and confining,
not in some heaven, light years away,
here in this place the new light is shining;
now is God present, and now is the day.
Gather us in and hold us forever;
gather us in and make us your own;
gather us in, all peoples together,
fire of love in our flesh and our bone,

Time for the Young and Young at Heart

Announcements, Joys & Concerns

Pastoral Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer 

Offering         Special Guest, Karen Lynch

                Kendall County Community Food Pantry



*Prayer of Dedication of Gifts and Self (Unison)

O God, with delight in our hearts we bring our gifts;

gifts of ourselves, gifts of risk, gifts of newness, gifts of trust. 
We thank you for the chance to give,
and pray that all whom our gifts bless will never be the same. Amen.

        Offerings may be made at or mailed to the church office.

Scripture Background

Scripture Lesson:                              Psalm 100 (NRSV)                                         

Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth.

Worship the Lord with gladness; come into his presence with singing.

Know that the Lord is God. It is he that made us, and we are his; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise. Give thanks to him, bless his name.

For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

Message:                                         Grateful Gathering                      Rev. Timothy C. Rhodes

*Closing Hymn:                      The Heavens Are Telling the Glory of God!                 Marty Haugen                                                


The heavens are telling the glory of god,
and all creation is shouting for joy,
come, dance in the forest, come play in the field
and sing, sing to the glory of the Lord.

3 Praise to the rain that waters our fields,
and blesses our crops, so all the earth yields,
from death unto life her myst'ry concealed, springs forth in joy.

1 Sing to the sun, the bringer of day,
he carries the light of the Lord in his rays,
the moon and the stars, who light up the way unto your throne.

4 Praise to the fire, who gives us his light,
the warmth of the sun to brighten our night,
he dances with joy, his spirit so bright, he sings of You. 

2 Praise to the wind, that blows through the trees,
the seas mighty storms, the gentlest breeze,
they blow where they will, they blow where they please, to please the Lord.

5 Sing to the earth, who makes life to grow,
the creatures You made to let Your life show,
the flowers and trees that help us to know the Heart of Love. 

*Carrying the Light into the World: The Blessing, Alleluia & Benediction

Postlude:                                                                                        Tina Andersen

Mission Statement:

To live as Jesus lived:  Love without Judgement. Welcome without Exception

Serve with Compassion. Teach by Example.

Vision Statement:

God’s community of unconditional love, made real for everyone, everywhere.

*Please rise as you are able.