For the fam.

2017 Untitled Collective,, Brother Nova



Reality TV

Polaroid Bookmarks

Build The Wall




Jeffrey Dahmer

F*** Al Sharpton



Opiate epidemic in suburbia

Reveals newfound sympathy

For citizens struggling with addiction

No heart before

This must be a new prescription

Whites aren't called fiends on air

They are now victims

Attached to soft descriptions

In a zip code that affords them rehab

While my peoples get prison

Man, listen-

I know shit when I smell it.

If you don't hear the truth, tell it

Your message ain't grade A

It's diluted, stepped on

Lies pollute & reak from you like

Shit stepped in

Leaving a trail

Wherever you travel

I won't be your step n fetch it

Take a step back

and check your muthafucking self


Build The Wall

Forbidden encounters

Crossing borders

Even liberals

Would build walls

To stop us

And just maybe

It would serve us right

Can’t take it back

Now all that can

Be done is

We be done with it all


Alt-right publication

Cites hotep negroes

Being entertaining

Coloreds with

Yam sized

Proboscis, giving

Credence to

Racial IQ gap

All quack science

Of course

Duck, duck,

Dodge it all


Eyes like almonds
Soft like cotton
Not easily forgotten
Older folk would call it smitten
Catching love in my palm
No glove, just a mitten
Sounds like silly talk
Until you backtrack
Walk backward along the chalk
And do backflips on each spot
There were some thought crimes


Now, would you feel safe
To think what you think
Like what you like,
Rank what you rank
How you rank it...
The odor of zombie dreams
Are so motherfucking rancid
Until we burst into fits of tantric
Low expectations and one sided negotiations
We are dying and cultural appropriation is the least of my worries
We out here dying in the same country people are over surviving,
So I feel like when we were born
We were buried

Polaroid Bookmarks        


Using our polaroids

As bookmarks

how could I forget you?

Words mean nothing

In a world of inaction

We speak directly

Interrogation before

Information isn’t genuine

Leather scales fall

From my eyes

As intuition exposes

Everything we hide…

In other words,

Say what you feel

Because we’ll only

Show it eventually

No Reality TV

I don’t want

To tell our grandchildren

We spent chunks

Of our existence

Refreshing these things

Called timelines,

Wasting our lives

Witnessing others

Live theirs…

Jeffrey Dahmer

Dahmer in

Oxford Apartments,

First test

Of gentrification

A little too harsh

Let’s try Starbucks

And Whole Foods

Fuck Al Sharpton

I couldn't imagine

MLK or Malcolm

derailing and letting white folk

blame black people

for white nonsense.
Soul sold for bad selfies

an MSNBC spot licking boots

and a young girlfriend.

Ought to be ashamed.

What's a reverend

without reverence?

Malevolent and decadent.


Growing up wishing

To be adults

Only to want to

Be kids

No time to pause +

Appreciate day to day

Life until routine

Suffocates excitement

Grandma’s number

804 492 92..

1992, i was seven

Summer hot as hell

Ignorance is heaven