Residential Architecture

        The purpose of this course is to provide basic instruction in preparing architectural working drawings for design and construction principles and methods. It is intended to help the student develop the necessary technical skills which will enable them to communicate and express their architectural ideas in an understanding, efficient and accurate manner.

First Quarter

Draw common single view architectural drawings using manual drafting tools and techniques.

        Accurately layout and measure sizes and locations

        Produce basic single view architectural drawing including floor plans, basic wall sections and elevations.

        Demonstrate basic manual drafting skills.

        Create basic architectural drawings including floor plans, wall sections, and elevations.

Second Quarter

        Use an architect scale

        Lay out interior and exterior walls correctly

        Create floor plan

        Create wall sections

        Create Elevations

        Create Site Plan

Third Quarter

Draw single view Architectural drawings using basic AutoCAD

        Demonstrate basic CAD skills

        Create building elevations

        Architectural presentation

Fourth Quarter

Use skills from previous quarters to build a project.