Martin 242’s, Sails, and Gear For Sale or Wanted in the Pacific Northwest & General USA

(Updated January 15, 2019 - Mongoose sold - 1st sale of 2019!, Silver Bullet & Wild Women price drop)

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Fun, Fast, Social, and Affordable Racing:


The Martin 242 is one of the most enjoyable boats to sail on the market today, and it is extremely competitive against all types of PHRF boats in almost all conditions. Quick, maneuverable, and easily sailed by 2 and raced by 3-4. The Pacific NorthWest Regional Fleet of about 70 boats regularly sees 15 or more on the start line for Wednesday Night races in Vancouver, with Regional weekend regattas drawing anywhere from 8-15 boats. There are lots of fun social events and seminars throughout the year, which make the M242 Class the most fun and competitive fleet in the Region.

Starting in May, there are also introductory races and social events on Thursday nights for those who want to get started in the Class in a more casual manner.


M242 owners enjoy very cost-effective racing:


Most M242s can undertake a racing program for less than $4,500 per year, including moorage, insurance, entry fees, sails, and repairs: a very affordable figure. In contrast, some larger race boats in the GVRD can spend many times that amount on just one sail. As an international boat, the Class has active racing Fleets in: Sylvan Lake (Alberta), Vancouver, Nanaimo, Victoria, Orcas Island, Bellingham, Los Angeles (Marina del Rey & King Harbor Yacht Club), and southern Japan, which gives members the opportunity to compete in many other locations.

Orcas Island and Vancouver Island are the current higher-growth areas in the Pacific NorthWest.

2019 Update:

A few more inactive boats have come onto the market, so this is a great time for anyone wishing to buy a boat and get into racing this Spring & Summer: quite a few are very reasonably priced and have changed hands recently, per the list below. There are only 8 boats left for sale in the Pacific NorthWest and Alberta, so get yours now and join us for the rest of the year’s racing! 9 boats changed hands in 2018, 2 retained ownership, and 1 moved to BC from Ontario! The 2019 NA’s will be at Orcas Island in Washington State on June 29/30, so join 20-25 other boats for some tight racing!

After you’ve looked at the various boats for sale below, click on this link to be taken to the 2019 NA’s website for more information!

SOLD - Nanaimo - January 7, 2019: Mongoose, Hull # 260, to Jim Vallance of Nanaimo. Enjoy your first M242, Jim!

Notes to Buyers & Sellers:

1.  The Martin 242 Class embraces the "one design" philosophy by way of the International Martin 242 Class Rules.  In major events, the top placing boats are subject to measurement if they do not have a valid Measurement Certificate.  

2.  It is prudent for Buyers to request a Measurement Certificate from the Seller.  Contact Fleet One Measurer (Anthony Collett, 604-202-5584, if a Measurement Certificate is not available, or if you would like to have a boat measured prior to purchase.

3. If there are embedded links below, they expire on occasion because sellers sometimes forget to renew their ads on Craigslist, Kijiji, or other online forums. If you are interested in a boat, a suggestion is to get the seller’s direct contact info just in case the ad info or the e-link capability disappears just when you might want to get serious about the boat. If an ad link stays inactive for a month or so, the whole ad content will be deleted from this page with no commentary. Sellers/Buyers will need to request a re-posting.

4. Lastly, if anyone sees an active, current, boat ad that isn’t listed on this page, send us the link via the contact methods above and we will add it to this summary list.

For Sale or Wanted, By Area


FOR SALE - Sylvan Lake, Alberta (listed July 31, 2018): Steel Breeze, Hull #63, CDN$15,000

With a grey hull and epoxy bottom, it was built in 1983. It is competitive and in race-ready condition. It comes with a road trailer, 3 main sails, 3 jibs, 2 spinnakers, a 3.5HP Mercury outboard, and is minimum weight. The boat is located at Sylvan Lake. It has a Measurement Certificate. Contact Don Bardenhagen at 1-403-318-5267 or email at


British Columbia:  

WANTED, Nanaimo: a good used spinnaker that's good enough to race with in an NA's (it doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough)

Contact Mark Pearce @ 1-250-619-7922 or

WANTED, Squamish: some decent 1-2 year old sails to race with. We are also open to buying a smaller-roach mainsail (the older design type) because we race in high winds at Squamish quite frequently.

Contact Ralph or Kathy Chelswick @ or 604-898-3064

WANTED, Vancouver: A good used yard dolly.

Contact Tim Murphy at

WANTED, Vancouver: a good used spinnaker that's good enough to race with in an NA's (it doesn't have to be perfect, just good enough)

Contact Micah van der Heide @ 604-803-3525 or 

FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed December 22, 2018): Electra, Hull # 37, CDN$6,400.

KYC moorage paid until April 1, 2019. Includes a 5hp Mariner long shaft outboard and a yard dolly. Sails: 2008 Sobstad main in good condition; North spinnaker is also ok; newer Sobstad jib ~2013. The boat has had a good race record with 2nd and 3rd Wednesday night racing Overall, 2nd in WAVES, and 4th in the North Americans. The keel is in the forward position but still within limits, and is short fore and aft: it needs ~1 inch added to trailing edge plus fairing to meet current measurements. The boat needs some top-side painting but is in otherwise good condition. The mast step is reinforced with aluminum plate. The boat has a 2005-era, partially completed, Measurement Certificate.

Contact Tim Murphy or 604-351-2437


FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed August 24, 2018): Hawk, Hull #141, CDN$6,000, plus $1000 for the road trailer. With a blue hull, Hawk has had a strong history. She's had great racing results in the past (with better sailors than ourselves), most notably a 3rd in the 2004 M242 NA's and a 2nd in the 2005 NA's, as well as many other good racing results. Included with Hawk is: two sets of cruising sails; wooden settee and v-berth inserts; v-berth cushions (surprisingly comfortable, very retro); a road trailer; a 6hp outboard engine; and numerous upgrades to keep the boat fast. Boat condition would be rated at ok-to-great. Go-fast items like the hull bottom, boat hardware and trailer rated good-to-great. Overall boat, interior, decks, mast/boom rated as good. Sails, hull sides and pulpit rated ok. It has a 2005-era Measurement Certificate. Located at RVYC in the water.

Contact Nick Slaney at or by phone at 604-224-SAIL


FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed August, 2018): Silver Bullet, Hull #87, PRICE DROP JANUARY 14: Now CDN$10,000

With a grey hull, and built in 1983, it is competitive, in race-ready condition, and is a previous North Americans winner. It comes with a dual axle road/dock trailer, a good set of North Sails, a 6HP Mariner outboard, and is minimum weight. Contact the seller re a Measurement Certificate. The boat is located at RVYC in Vancouver. Contact Phillip Cragg, President, Pacific Coast Yacht Sales at 604-708-1980 or email at 



FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed June 30, 2018): Tacktick Mast Bracket and Mounting Plates $20

This older-style Tacktick mast bracket is still in excellent condition. I don't use a Tacktick and thus have no need for it. As an example of what a new bracket costs, check out this ad ($108 plus tax):

Contact Michael Clements at or 778-968-1713

FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed January 15, 2018): King Julian, Hull #149, PRICE LOWERED FEBRUARY 17, 2018 to CDN$12,500 for the boat.

With a white hull, “it is in fantastic race-ready condition” (previously named Panique and multiple North Americans winner). It has a brand new mast and a Honda 2.3hp long shaft. The boat is like new. New race sails are negotiable. Contact for more photos. A single-axle road trailer can be purchased separately if needed for CDN$1,000. The boat is located in Vancouver. It has a 2005-era Measurement Certificate.

Contact Chris Bligh at or 604-618-7307        



FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed January 13, 2018): GNT, Hull #221, PRICE LOWERED FEBRUARY 20 to CDN$12,500 for the boat and a suit of new North sails, combined. With a white hull it is in near race-ready condition and has a Clint Currie-applied epoxy bottom with VC Offshore bottom paint and a new Harken traveller. Comes with a Mercury 4hp long shaft outboard motor. Does not come with a yard dolly or road trailer. Contact for photos. It has a 2002-era Measurement Certificate.

Contact Ian Fraser at or 604-734-3344




FOR SALE - Winnipeg (listed September 6, 2018): Hull #83. Contact the owner for pricing.

A 1983 Martin 242 with a grey hull, trailer, a full suit of almost new Ullman sails (main, jib, spin), and a 4hp Mercury outboard motor. May need a Measurement Certificate. The boat is on the trailer in Winnipeg. For details & photos, contact Doug White at or 1-204-792-2307




FOR SALE - Portland (listed August 2018): Wild Women, Hull #89, PRICE DROP JANUARY 15: Now US$5,000

A 1983 Martin 242 with a white hull and blue topsides comes with: a trailer; 2 Wagemeister spinnakers (newest is three years old); UK main and jib; original Dacron sails; original rudder plus a modified rudder. Needs a Measurement Certificate. The boat is on the trailer in Portland, Oregon.

Contact Marianne Thompson at or 1-503-516-9420


Washington State:

WANTED, Orcas Island (listed September 5, 2018): A good used road trailer.

Contact Jeff Johnson at or by phone at 1-907-654-5678 or Gary Renzelman at

FOR SALE - Blaine (listed January 15, 2018): Thunderstruck, Hull #161, CDN$7,000

With a dark green hull, it is in race-ready condition. It comes with a good mainsail and an average jib and spinnaker.  Contact for photos. Needs a Measurement Certificate. A road trailer can be purchased separately if needed for CDN$2,500. Very negotiable for both items.

Contact Chris Bligh at or 604-618-7307        

FOR SALE - Westsound, Orcas Island (listed November, 2017):

Contact Chris White at or 1-360-920-7718

Cbris lead weights.jpg    Chris Keel.jpg

North Carolina:

FOR SALE - Edenton (listed August 2017):

Hull #135, Cinder, PRICE LOWERED SEPTEMBER 16, 2017 to US$3,995

Contact Brian FitzSimons at or 1-252-312-9042

Confirmed still for sale as of July 22, 2018. There is an a-frame trailer available in North Carolina if that would make it more enticing for a buyer to pick up. A welder could add the uprights and keel guide to tailor it to the Martin 242. Needs a Measurement Certificate. Contact Brian for details.

General - Wanted or For Sale:

BC & Washington: There are several people at any one time who are looking to buy either yard dollies or road trailers for their 242’s. If you have one you want to sell, contact and he will post your ad or pass on the info to interested parties. Likewise, if you want to post a specific ad saying you are looking for a trailer or dolly, do the same.

Delta, BC: If you need a new yard dolly or road trailer, Highliner Trailers made most of the ones that exist in the BC Fleet. They will also service & repair existing dollies or trailers, plus any braking or electrical systems:

Vancouver, BC: if you’d like an inexpensive aluminum bracket made up for mounting a Velocitek or Tacktick on your cabin top, contact:

Michael Miro Nikolich

Ferrous and non ferrous metal technician

Mobile: 604-255-5558     Office tel: 604-559-6295

 #30-942  Marine Dr. SW, Vancouver,B.C. V6P 5Z2

VTek bracket.jpg

Vancouver, BC: If you need splicing done, contact either:

Vancouver, BC: If you need rigging or mast work done, contact either:

Marina del Rey, California: for general Martin 242 boat parts, including masts, booms, standing and running rigging, rudders, keels, spinnaker bags, pulpits, pushpits, and specialized deck hardware, contact Mike/Denise George at MG Marine: 1-310-645-0196 or

North Vancouver: Although Sobstad Sails has closed its repair loft in North Vancouver in mid-2017, Brett Willetts says he is able to build 242 sails at another loft using his designs. Contact Brett via email only at:

Orcas Island, Eastsound:

Contact Steve Emmes for details and pricing at or 1-360-376-1461

Last Thoughts:

If you made it this far down the Buy & Sell page and are still wondering what you should do with regard to buying a Martin 242 or not, this “simple” Decision Tree may help you make up your mind (to buy the boat…)

But then there’s this: