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M242 PNW Regional Buy & Sell
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The Martin 242 Class is by far the largest One Design Racing Keelboat Class in the Pacific Northwest with 90 boats and thousands of alumni!

Fun, Fast, Social, and Affordable Racing: One Design Sailing At Its Best!


Martin 242’s, Sails, Yard Dollies, Road Trailers, and Gear for Sale or Wanted in the Pacific Northwest & General USA/Canada

7.25 Year Boat Transaction Count - Pacific Northwest: 69 

(+5 in eastern Canada and the US for a total of 74)

(From January 1, 2017, to the date listed below)

Updated April 2, 2024

At this time there are approximately 3-4 buyers at various stages of the process who are looking at M242’s for sale in the PNW Region. If you see a Martin 242 that looks good and measures-in, don’t hesitate to buy it, as some transact in only a few days. (and there’s only 4 boats officially for sale in the PNW Region and Canada as a whole)

If you have an unused Martin 242, yard dolly, or road trailer, and would consider selling any or all, please contact or 1-778-968-1713 to arrange to get your boat/dolly/trailer listed. We have a lot of buyers who wish to purchase boats at present, particularly in the CDN$8,000 to CDN$10,000 range. Boats with epoxy barrier coating and bottom paint are particularly in demand for buyers who will be wet-sailing them.

The oldest boats are just as fast as the newer boats! Examples include hull numbers 2, 5, 8, 11, 13, and 23, to name a few, all of which are about 40+ years old! Very few One Design Classes can say the same about their oldest boats.

To post, amend, or delete an ad from this list, send your brief text and any photos to:

Table of Contents

Table of Contents        3

About The Martin 242 Class        5

2024 Update        7

Key Contacts In Each Area        8

Regional Measurers In Each Area (to assist buyers & sellers)        10

Notes to Buyers & Sellers        11

2024 Boat or Gear Sales        12

Boats For Sale or Wanted, By Area        14

Alberta        15

British Columbia        16

Manitoba        24

Ontario        24

Washington State        24

Oregon        24

California        24

General - Wanted or For Sale        24

Sails        24

Sunbrella Covers for winches, tillers, and shroud bases, plus Spinnaker Bags        25

Masts or Booms        29

Spinnaker Poles For Loan & Sale        32

Road Trailers & Parts        35

Yard Dollies & Parts        35

Boat Parts        41

Outboard Engines        49

General M242 Parts        51

Mainsheet Swivel Block Bases for Traveller Bars        52

Furling Drums        55

New Keels        56

New Rudders        56

Plastic bases for spinnaker bag eye-straps to screw into        57

BC & WA: ¼” Clear Acrylic Plastic Windows        57

Top & Bottom Rudder Shaft Bearings (Bushings)        58

Aluminum Brackets & Custom Stainless Welding        59

Build Your Own Gin Pole        60

Vinyl Wrap For Hulls        64

Paint        65

Buffing Compound        66

Rigging Lines        68

Splicing        71

Electrical        71

Gelcoat & Fiberglass Repairs        71

Rigging, Mast Work        71

Lifting Straps        72

Lifelines and Stanchions        74

New Sails        75

Sail Repairs or Custom Orders        77

Jib Socks        77

Boat Covers        77

Pool Noodles        78

“Cheap Diver” for boat scrubbing        78

Vancouver, BC: Boat Cushions        78

Bellingham, WA: Raptor Deck Non-Skid Padding        78

Non-Skid Deck Tape        81

Vinyl Stickers        82

Orcas Island, Eastsound: Woodwork        82

Boat Insurance        84

Boat Surveys        85

General M242 Fleet Resources        85

Fleet 1 (Vancouver & BC Mainland) Spare Masts        85

Fleet 2 (Vancouver Island & WA State) Spare Mast        85

Orcas Island Spare Mast        85

Anacortes Spare Mast        87

Digital Scales & Measuring Equipment        87

Torque Wrench        88

Gin Poles        88

Shaving Down Keels & Rudders        89

Keel Stand        89

Firehose Covers for Lifting Straps        90

Tiller Head Spare Parts        91

NACA Keel Templates        92

Shroud U-bolt Drilling Jigs        92

Sound System: Speaker, Microphone, Stand, Remote Control        97

2023 Boat or Gear Sales - Historical Info        98

2022 Boat or Gear Sales - Historical Info        114

2021 Boat or Gear Sales - Historical Info        132

2020 Boat Sales - Historical Info        154

2019 Boat Sales - Historical Info        185

Final Thoughts        194

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About The Martin 242 Class

The Regional Martin 242 Class has top racers in Canada and the USA including past National Sailing Team members, National and North American Champions in various Classes, and top PHRF competitors.

The Martin 242 Class is the largest One Design Keelboat Class in the Pacific Northwest with 90 boats and thousands of alumni!

The biggest and best Competitive Keelboat Racing in the Region is in the Martin 242 Class.  The most active racers compete in about 100 races per year, ranging from local Wednesday and Thursday night racing to Regional and International regattas.

The Martin 242 is one of the most enjoyable boats to sail on the market today, and it is extremely competitive against all types of PHRF boats in almost all conditions. Quick, manoeuvrable, and easily sailed by 2 and raced by 3-4.

We regularly see 18 or more boats on the start line for Wednesday Night races in Vancouver, and about 6-7 on Orcas Island, with Regional weekend regattas drawing anywhere from 10-25 boats. There are lots of fun social events and seminars throughout the year, which make the M242 Class the most fun and competitive Fleet in the Region.

Starting in May, there are also introductory races and social events on Thursday nights in Vancouver for those who want to get started in the Class in a more casual manner. We also hold an annual Crew Night in late March and maintain a Crew Pool spreadsheet for interested crew that want to get on a boat to race.


M242 owners enjoy very cost-effective racing:


Most M242s can undertake a racing program for less than $4,500 per year, including moorage, insurance, entry fees, sails, and repairs: a very affordable figure. In contrast, some larger race boats in Metro Vancouver and elsewhere can spend many times that amount on just one sail.

As an international boat, the Class has active racing Fleets in: Alberta (Sylvan Lake), BC (Vancouver, Gibsons, Nanaimo & Comox, Victoria, The Gulf Islands, Kootenay Lake Region), Ontario (various locations), Washington State (Orcas Island, Anacortes, Gig Harbor), Oregon (Portland & Hood River), California (Los Angeles - Marina del Rey & King Harbor Yacht Club), and southern Japan, which gives members the opportunity to compete in many other locations.

Washington State, Vancouver Island, and the Kootenay Lake Region are the current higher-growth areas in the Pacific NorthWest.

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2024 Update

A few more inactive boats came onto the market in 2023, and were subsequently sold. This is a great time for anyone wishing to buy a boat and get into racing: quite a few have been very reasonably priced. There are very few inactive boats that may come up for sale in the Pacific Northwest and Alberta, so when they come on the market, act fast and pick one up so you can join us for racing in the biggest Pacific Northwest Regional Fleet.

In addition, a number of people are investing in upgrading their boats in the Pacific Northwest, as 5 new masts were ordered and several rudders in 2022.

In the past 7.25 years, 69 boats have changed hands in the Pacific Northwest Region:

The 2019 NA’s were held at Orcas Island in Washington State on June 29/30, with 27 boats competing. The final results can be found here.

The 2022 NA’s were held at Nanaimo Yacht Club in BC on July 2&3, with 15 boats competing (a lesser number than expected due to post-COVID impacts). The final results can be found here.

The NA’s Rotation Schedule for the next several years is as follows:

Fleet 2: 2024 in Cowichan Bay

Fleet 1: 2025 Location TBD - possibly Vancouver

Fleet 3: 2026 in Los Angeles

Fleet 2: 2027 in Washington State or the Islands

Fleet 1: 2028 Location TBD - possibly Vancouver

Fleet 3: 2029 in Los Angeles (early July)


Canadian Championships are held in BC waters usually in off-years when the North Americans are in LA, hosted by Fleet 3. The next one will be in 2026 at the Cowichan Bay Regatta in early August.

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Key Contacts In Each Area

For those who wish to learn more about the Martin 242 Class and want to speak to someone local in their area about the boats for sale that are listed below, or boats that might be coming up for sale in the near future, here is the list of local contacts:

Alberta (    

Sylvan Lake - Norma Turner, 1 (403) 650-8334

British Columbia (

Comox - James Volkers, 1 (250) 218-9319

Gibsons - David Guy, 1-(858)-717-2742

Nanaimo, Ladysmith, Gulf Islands, and Maple Bay - Ken Holland, 1 (250) 327-2092

Nelson, Castlegar, & General BC Interior - Gary & Anne Armstrong, 1 (647) 527-0447 or 1-250-777-8931

Squamish - Katrina Mulberry, 1 (604) 785-1711

Vancouver - Matt Collingwood, 604-868-9444    

        Michael Clements - Fleet One Buy/Sell Coordinator 1 (778) 968-1713


Victoria - Luke Acker, 1 (250) 884-6408

   Marri Todd,   1 (250) 213-1733


Bayfield & Southwest Ontario - Don Munro,  

   Linda Jones,

Washington State

Anacortes - Stephanie Campbell, 1 (360) 770-9460

Bellingham - Mike Merrick, 1 (408) 804-0093

Orcas Island - Ken Machtley, 1 (206) 853-3856

Oregon (  

Portland & Hood River - David Paul - Fleet Captain,

California (    

Marina del Rey & King Harbor

- Steve Moses - Past Fleet Captain, 1-310-686-7583

- Marylyn Hoenemeyer - Rear Fleet Captain, 1 (310) 472-3577

Japan (

Goro Fukuda - Coordinator of M242 Fleet 5 Japan Facebook group,  81 794-21-4600           

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Regional Measurers In Each Area (to assist buyers & sellers)

For new buyers and others who wish to ensure a boat measures-in to the Class Rules before they buy or sell a boat, and want to speak to someone local in their area about the boats for sale that are listed below, or other boats, here is the list below of Measurer contacts.

Buyers or owners can also request for advance review, via one of their local Measurers, a PDF copy of a boat’s Measurement Certificate that may be on file in the Regional Google Drive Measurement Database.

NOTE: Effective June 9, 2022, if an owner needs a boat Measured or Weighed or wishes to consult with a Measurer then the boat and the owner need to be Registered with one of the two Fleets: CDN$90 for both.

Fleet One - Vancouver & BC Mainland


Anthony Collett - Vancouver - 1 (604) 202-5584

Assistant Measurers

Gary Armstrong - Kootenay Lake Region - 1-647-209-0447

Jim Hyslop - Vancouver - 604-619-4913

Tim Murphy - Vancouver - 604-351-2437

Frank Rogers - Vancouver - 778-996-4039

Michael Clements - Vancouver - 778-968-1713

Allan Strain - Vancouver - 604-785-6537


Fleet Two - Washington State & Vancouver Island


Ken Holland - Nanaimo - 1 (250) 327-2092

Assistant Measurers

Ken Machtley - Orcas Island - 1 (206) 853-3856

Jeremy Smith - Victoria - 1 (250) 889-6720

Chris White - Orcas island - 1 (360) 920-7718

Fleet Three - California


Tom O’Conor - Marina del Rey - 1 (310) 617-3629

Fleet Four - Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Measurer TBD

Fleet Five - Japan

Measurer TBD

Note that there is one digital weight scale on Orcas Island (℅ Ken Machtley), plus an identical one in Victoria (℅ Gord Galbraith or Ken Holland), and the same in Vancouver (℅ Anthony Collett). A 4th older scale is located at RVYC in Vancouver (in the Dry Dock Workshop in a large wood box). Note that this older scale has a very-hard-to-read LED screen in anything other than dark grey days, and a cloth cover is needed most of the time to read the LED display (lifted in one corner by a long pole).

Regional Fleet measuring tools are located in Orcas Island, Victoria, Nanaimo, Vancouver, and Nelson. They consist of keel parallels, metric and decimal foot tape measures, contour gauges for keel leading edges, etc. Most Measurers also have Sail Certification Marks on hand for older sails that don’t have any applied.

Gin poles owned by Fleet One are located at RVYC and Kits YC, plus Fleet 2 has one (as of September 6, 2021) that will be stored at Ken Holland’s house in Nanaimo, and there are also gin poles around belonging to Gary Armstrong (Nelson, BC) and Jeremy & Tara Smith (De Courcy Island, BC).

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Notes to Buyers & Sellers

1.  The Martin 242 Class embraces the "One Design" philosophy by way of the International Martin 242 Class Rules.  In major events, the top placing boats are subject to measurement if they do not have a valid Measurement Certificate.  

2.  It is prudent for Buyers to request a Measurement Certificate from the Seller. Contact the Fleet One Measurer (Anthony Collett, 604-202-5584,, or other Measurers listed above, if a Measurement Certificate is not available, or if you would like to have a boat measured prior to purchase. The Regional Measurer Google Drive Database contains many Measurement Certificates in PDF.

3. If there are embedded links below, they expire on occasion because sellers sometimes forget to renew their ads on Craigslist, Kijiji, or other online forums. If you are interested in a boat, a suggestion is to get the seller’s direct contact info just in case the ad info or the e-link capability disappears just when you might want to get serious about the boat. If an ad link stays inactive for a month or so, the whole ad content will be deleted from this page with no commentary. Sellers/Buyers will need to request a re-posting.

4. Lastly, if anyone sees an active, current, boat ad that isn’t listed on this page, send us the link via the contact methods above and we will add it to this summary list.

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2024 Boat or Gear Sales

SOLD - 1st boat of 2024 to change hands - Bellingham, WA on February 24, 2024: Widgeon (hull #79) - sold by Patrick Morrison to Peter Grimm of Vancouver who in turn sold it to Reto Corfu of Vancouver on February 27 who renamed it badfish. It’s the 67th transaction in 7 years. The boat will live at Kits Yacht Club.

With a dark green hull, Widgeon is in great condition and comes with good sails, a yard dolly / road trailer, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Enjoy your 242, Reto!

SOLD - 2nd boat of 2024 to partially change hands - Vancouver, BC, on March 24, 2024: Christian Bligh (hull #265, Listed August 29, 2023 for CDN$10,000) - Colin Potter has sold a 50% partnership interest to Troy Topnik of Vancouver. It’s the 68th transaction in 7 years. The boat will live in False Creek.

With a white hull, Christian Bligh measures-in perfectly, is in great condition, and comes with good sails, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate. The boat weighs in at 2506 pounds, and is thus 31 pounds overweight, but there are ways to take weight out.

The boat has:

- epoxy barrier coating;

- new VC Offshore bottom paint;

- a new 2.3hp Honda motor with less than 20 hours of use.

Sail inventory:

Mainsail: 2017 Sobstad

Jib: 2014 Sobstad

Spinnaker: 2007


Cruising: Main, Jib & Spinnaker

Enjoy your 1st 242, Troy!

SOLD - 3rd boat of 2024 to change hands - Vancouver, BC, on April 2, 2024, Vancouver, BC (hull 209, listed September 6, 2023 for CDN$10,000 obo): Allan & Clare Strain sold Shadowfax to a couple of racers from Gibsons - details pending.

With a green hull, the boat measures-in perfectly with no corrector weights and comes with a 2016 measurement certificate. It is currently located at RVYC Jericho on a road trailer.

Shadowfax has been raced regularly with an excellent race record over the last 10 years, including past Fleet Champion winner and around Bowen Island winner.


Boats For Sale or Wanted, By Area


FOR SALE - PRICE REDUCED March 31 - Grayling - Hull 00, built 1980 (Sylvan Lake, listed October 20, 2023) for CDN$4800 (was CDN$6000). In addition, transportation can be assisted.

Here is an opportunity to own a part of history, as Grayling was the first Martin 242 manufactured, and as the story goes Don Martin used it to present at boat shows for marketing.

Originally sailed as a PHRF racer under the name Tumbling Dice. Sailed at Sylvan Lake, AB in Fleet 4 since the late 1990’s. Renamed Grayling in 2001, and was certified Class Legal by the IMCA Technical Committee in 2009, and it has been raced competitively against other Martins.

Deck overhaul and reinforced, Martin Class mast. It has no liner but meets class weight. Needs fibreglass repairs to the hull. Has VC17 bottom paint, and a recently resurfaced cockpit and deck.

Inventory – Dacron competitive jib in good condition; new jib cover sleeve; Mainsail - well used North Sail; Two spinnakers (one well-used North Sail, one Doyle in OK condition); set of tapered sheets; one over-boom cabin cover in good condition.

No trailer but one may be available but needs to be registered.

Contact Norma Turner for details: 403-650-8334

WANTED - If you have an unused Martin 242, yard dolly, or road trailer, and would consider selling any or all, please contact or 1-778-968-1713 to arrange to get your boat/dolly/trailer listed. We have several buyers who wish to purchase boats at present, particularly in the CDN$7,000 to CDN$10,000 range. Boats with epoxy barrier coating and bottom paint are particularly in demand for several buyers who will be wet-sailing them.  

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British Columbia 

FOR SALE - Blue Fish - Hull 14 (Vancouver, listed October 20, 2023). Contact Dave Cramb for details: or 604-838-7245

FOR SALE - Nanaimo, BC (listed August 29 2023, price changed March 26, 2024): Super Fast Jelly Fish, Hull #139, for CDN$10,000, reduced from CDN$12,000, and now includes a yard dolly


With a light grey hull, Super Fast Jelly Fish is in very good condition and comes with:

- lots of sails

- instruments

- all the boards and cushions in dry storage

- tons of extra bits and pieces.

- a 2hp motor

- a 2016 Measurement Certificate (it measured in perfectly and was minimum weight with 109 pounds of Correctors)

- a new epoxy barrier and bottom paint job on it

- new rudder bushings

- a new thru-hull

- a yard dolly

Peter is open to keeping it moored in Nanaimo at the new owners expense as of October 1. He is also willing to help arrange delivery depending on where the boat will end up.

Contact Peter Creighton at 1-250-619-8666 or

WANTED - If you have an unused Martin 242, yard dolly, or road trailer, and would consider selling any or all, please contact or 1-778-968-1713 to arrange to get your boat/dolly/trailer listed. We have several buyers who wish to purchase boats at present, particularly in the CDN$7,000 to CDN$10,000 range. Boats with epoxy barrier coating and bottom paint are particularly in demand for several buyers who will be wet-sailing them.





Washington State

FOR SALE - Anacortes, WA (listed March 1): Area 51, hull #51, for US$22,000.

With a cream white color, Area 51 has undergone a recent complete restoration:

Contact Jim Betts at:

James Betts Enterprises Inc.

416 34th Street

Anacortes WA 98221



Martin 24-1 for sale (Listed January 8, 2023): Kermit, Portland Oregon - US$10,000 including trailer. Contact Mary Stainsby at



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General - Wanted or For Sale


FOR SALE (Vancouver, listed November 12, 2022):  Martin 242 Sobstad jib, Pentex, 2012, with 2:1 blocks, battens, bag & measurement decal. Excellent practice racing and cruising sail. Best offer.  Proceeds will be donated to the

Adaptive Sailing Association of BC

Contact Alan Drinkwater at: cell - 604-360-7405 or email -

FOR SALE - Lopez Island, WA (Listed July 17, 2019, PRICE DROPS AUGUST 17, 2020):

Contact Thomas Andrewes (Sailmaker): or 1-(206)-501-1646


FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed March 25, 2019): Various sails.

Contact Tim Murphy or 604-351-2437


Sunbrella Covers for winches, tillers, and shroud bases, plus Spinnaker Bags

Spruce up and protect your 242 with some new Sunbrella Canvas Accessories

Made with Marine Sunbrella and Polyester thread, these will last a long time and the fabric doesn’t fade or degrade. We’ve had the same Navy Sunbrella on our sailboat in Greece for 10 seasons and it still looks like new.,

Tiller Cover, two winch covers for #6 winches, and two shroud base covers to prevent spinnaker lines from being caught at the shrouds. Shroud covers use velcro and have a loop for a lanyard to keep them aboard.

Navy and Black to choose from. $40 for a pair of winch covers or shroud covers, plus $50 for the tiller cover. All 3 for $120. Contact Matt Alexander at or cell: 604-341-0550

Matt also makes spinnaker bags that are either the old style that slide into the hatch guide rails, or the newer type that slide on two parallel strings/ropes.

As he says about the old-style version below that he made, “I added a VHF holder to the front and a big window pocket. Where I can, I up-cycle stuff so the window is from an old Star mainsail and the front and back are from a Star jib. I’m using an old M242 jib for the front of this one.”

$150 per bag.

Matt also makes Mast Boot Covers: $150 per mast boot:

Masts or Booms

FOR SALE - Vancouver (listed July 14, 2021): Too Wicked has a good 2007 mast for sale, which has been used to win 3 NA’s with and place 2nd in two others: Price lowered to CDN$1300 on February 24, 2024

Contact Michael Clements at or cell 778-968-1713


Spinnaker Poles For Loan & Sale

Fleet One Vancouver has invested in 2 spinnaker poles for loan & sale.

- One pole is brand new and was constructed by Pro-Tech in North Vancouver and is for sale for CDN$950 (photo below). The pole is anodized and has an upper and lower bridle and 2” Forespar UXP ends.

- The second (black) pole is in very good used condition and has been purchased from Allan Strain (see photos below) and is available for loan

The concept is that if someone in Fleet 1 or at a North Americans/Canadians/BC Champs/Cow Bay needs to borrow a pole for a short time while theirs is being repaired, Fleet 1 will lend them the black used pole. But if they damage or break it they would be responsible for repairs or buying it outright.

On the other hand, if someone breaks a pole and/or end fitting and does not want to repair it, or just wants a new pole to replace an old one, Fleet 1 will sell them the new pole for CDN$950, and will immediately order a new pole from ProTech. In this manner the usual multi-month lead times are cut dramatically: basically almost to zero.

The two poles will be stored in Michael Clements' garage and either he or one of the Fleet 1 members will transport them to major regattas.

Note that Orcas Island has one or two spinnaker poles which could be loaned out in Washington State - contact Ken Machtley or Chris White.

Road Trailers & Parts

BC & Washington: There are several people at any one time who are looking to buy either yard dollies or road trailers for their 242’s. If you have one you want to sell, contact and he will post your ad or pass on the info to interested parties. Likewise, if you want to post a specific ad saying you are looking for a trailer or dolly, do the same.

See below for the combo road trailer / yard dolly Peter Grimm built for himself. He will also build road trailers for people in the sailing&flying off-season (September to April).

Peter can be reached via 778-926-0536 or

Yard Dollies & Parts

If you need a new yard dolly or road trailer to be constructed, Highliner Trailers in Delta, BC, made most of the ones that exist in the BC Fleet, but as of February 22, 2021 they confirmed they are too busy to make any. They may service & repair existing dollies or trailers, plus any braking or electrical systems: or 1-604-946-6177

However, as of March 2021, Peter Grimm constructed a new, robust, customized yard dolly that can be seen at Kitsilano Yacht Club under one of the 242’s, using parts sourced in the Lower Mainland, and he is willing to assist boat owners with regard to sourcing parts and welders to put their own yard dollies together. Note that via adding an additional, wider axle, his design can be converted into a road trailer.

His design uses thicker gauge steel for all of the construction in comparison to all other yard dollies. This increases the weight a little, but it also ensures less flex and longer life. All tubes are sealed and capped so that no moisture can build up inside and rot the tubes from the inside. The axle bearings are low speed farm hubs rated at 9000 lbs each. Wheels and tires are all brand new. Steering head bearings are 1500 lb sealed bearings. The steering head is completely different from other M242 trailers. It has a proper pivot point allowing the steering to swing out of the way and allow ease of steering at almost all angles effortlessly. All grade 8 or better bolts throughout wherever bolts are used. Movable axle so that you can adjust your loading for where you would like it to be. Adjustable bunk height. Fully carpeted bunks to support the boat with pressure treated bunk boards. Ladder stand built in to hold your ladder on the starboard side in stake pockets. The unit is completely over-built for the job on purpose to alleviate any issues with life limits on bearings and components.

In early 2022 Peter completed building two more yard dollies for KYC members (and there’s 4 more underway in early 2023 plus 2 mark set boat trailers, built from scratch). Here are 2 photos of the yard dolly built for Anthony Collett:

Peter then built a combo road trailer / yard dolly for himself, and as of January 28, 2022 it’s the one sitting under m&m, per the following photos. Note that there’s a closeup shot of a bolted section at the front of the trailer where the tow hitch can be removed and the yard dolly hitch slid on, and vice versa.

So the next time you are heading out racing and notice that the axle for your yard dolly wheels looks a tad saggy (not mentioning any names here…), or you can see unplanned and rusty holes thru the beams on your trailer/dolly (ditto), you may wish to consult Peter to see what he can do for you. Most trailers and dollies can be resurrected, but some can’t. He can also arrange sand-blasting and powder-coating to make the old look like new.

Peter can be reached via 778-926-0536 or

Boat Parts

FOR SALE (Listed August 25, 2023): NEXUS Tactical Compass - $150. Works well and includes the 2 mounting slides. Contact Michael Clements (778-968-1713), who has it on consignment in Vancouver from Allan Barnes (Penticton) at 1-250-486-5766 or to whom an e-transfer can be sent.

FOR SALE (Listed July 31, 2023) Velocitek ProStart for sale. Brand new, still in the unopened box. This is the best start timer and nav tool available. Mine went missing, I ordered a new one, then mine reappeared. I spent $1636 after exchange rate, shipping, and customs. Happy to sell for $1500 cash. Contact Monte Paulsen, Martin 242 #65, Midnight.

FOR SALE (Listed November 20, 2022): Velocitek Clearstart for $375 (price reduced Feb 24, 2024 from $475). Works well and includes the mount. Contact Tim Murphy at 604-351-2437

FOR SALE BY FLEET ONE (Listed October 19, 2022): various boat parts. Make an offer to the Buy/Sell Coordinator ( or via 778-968-1713). If the price is right then contributions can be made to Fleet 1 via an etransfer to

Teak deck rails - 39.5” long

Forespar 19”-32” Tiller Extension

Harken Upper & Lower Mainsheet Block Assembly (non-ratcheting). Note: Harken clete not included.


5/8” lifting eyes and 4’ rope sling. Note:

Pair of 7” long metal cleats (SOLD ONE on July 13 for $5. Only 1 left.)

Barient 8P Winch in Excellent Condition - Target Offer $75


WANTED - Port Moody (listed October 4, 2020) - Boat parts for Julien Traverse, currently mooring his boat at Reed Point Marina in Port Moody.

The needed equipment, from bow to stern, is:


- small 1.5" or so diameter white plastic wheels for the deck-mounted "triple wheel" assembly on each side of the boat just inboard and aft of the jib tracks (see photo below), which are used for the running rigging to be redirected through. At least one old white wheel is completely worn away on one side.

- mainsail cover

- jib cover

If you've got any of the gear on the list above and can assist, please contact Julien at or 778-240-4858

FOR SALE - Nelson (listed August 13, 2020): Model B Loos Gauge (for boats larger than a 242) - Price reduced February 23 to CDN$50 from $80

In the left photo, the Model B is clearly larger than the typical Model A version that is used by Martin 242 racers. The gauge has only been used once and is in perfect condition. It is being sold because the Model B is too big for M242 shrouds.

Contact Gary & Anne Armstrong at 1-647-209-0447 or


Outboard Engines

FOR SALE (Listed April 30, 2023): 2.5hp Yamaha long shaft for $1050. Fresh oil change and pre-season service by the owner. Always fresh water flushed after use.

Peter Grimm can be reached via 778-926-0536 or


New 2.5hp Yamaha long shaft water-cooled outboard engines can be sourced from Galleon Marine in Richmond, BC, or other Yamaha dealers. They have forward and neutral gears, and take regular gas:

New 2.3hp Honda long shaft air-cooled outboard engines can be sourced from Carter Honda Marine in Vancouver, BC, or other Honda dealers. They take regular gas:

The Torqeedo Travel electric outboard 1103 CL is listed for about $3650 at Steveston Marine:

General M242 Parts

For Sale (Listed February 17, 2023): Allen 30mm Snatch-blocks for spinnaker tweakers. Contact Eric Bonetti for pricing and shipping details at: or 541-951-7653


Marina del Rey, California: for general Martin 242 boat parts, including masts, booms, spinnaker poles, standing and running rigging, G10 rods for shroud base reinforcing, shroud u-bolts and other gear, spinnaker bags, pulpits, pushpits, wood bulkheads, and specialized deck hardware, contact Mike or Denise George at MG Marine: 1-310-645-0196 or

4’ long, ¾” diameter G10 rods (which can be cut in two to form 2’ long sections) can also be sourced from:

Mainsheet Swivel Block Bases for Traveller Bars

Performance Sailing Parts (800-645-7446) makes these plates for various boats, and they fit very well onto a Martin 242 traveller bar. Ken Machtley on Orcas Island has ordered and installed one on Treachery, for example.

A bunch of the plates have been black anodized, as you see in the photos below.

The cost is US$69 or so plus shipping and any applicable taxes. The website sometimes has issues:

The black plate as it arrived at Ken’s house:

The finished product with mainsheet swivel attached:

Probably install an eye-strap on the underside to attached a stabilising rope to, with the lower attachment point being a carriage bolt with an eye that goes thru the cockpit floor and is bolted underneath the floor:

Furling Drums

Harken makes the most commonly-used ones, and if you are using the small version then it needs to be a Hi-Load (sometimes called Standard. The other version is Low-Load).

Note that you have the option of the big drum (436) or the small drum (435). Most boats use the small one. If you decide to go with the big furling drum, odds are you will need to get a new, shorter, forestay also.

Here’s another version from Selden in Europe that Jim Hyslop in Vancouver purchased:

He purchased the 30s unit on SVB:

New Keels

For new keels, contact Mike or Denise George at MG Marine: 1-310-650-8913 or

New Rudders

For new rudders and stainless steel rudder stocks, contact Mike or Denise George at MG Marine. They have some new rudders in stock and will keep producing them as of June 1, 2022: 1-310-650-8913 or

As of June 8, 2022, one new rudder is stored on consignment with Michael Clements in Vancouver and is for sale by MG Marine for US$875 plus applicable taxes and any shipping. A 2nd new MG Marine rudder is also located on Orcas Island, under the care of Ken Machtley - same terms.

NOTE: Both rudders need minor machining at the top of the shaft to fit whatever tiller attachment fitting a particular boat has.

Plastic bases for spinnaker bag eye-straps to screw into

A number of boats have ordered sliding spinnaker bag kits from MG Marine, and the process is to screw the eye-straps into the liner and then tie the guidelines to the two sets of eye-straps.

The issue is that if excessive force-load is placed on the bag, guidelines, or eyestraps, the screws can pull out of the liner.

A potential solution is to order or make round plastic bases (4" diameter by 3/16" thick) and glue them to the liner and then screw the eye-straps into the plastic bases: much more sturdy.

One such option is “Starboard” from Steveston Marine: a 12” by 7” section is about $20 including taxes.

Another option is to buy a plastic cutting board from Home Hardware for about $12. It’s an “Instyle” board that’s 11.5” by 8” by ⅜”.

Another option is soft plastic disks from Associated Plastics (, who may sell 8 for $70 plus tax. A dozen are even less expensive per unit, and 4 would be more expensive. Be careful not to buy the hard acrylic version as they can crack when the eye strap screws are screwed into the drill holes.                

Associated Plastics & Supply Corp (8:30am to 4:30pm, Mon-Fri)

        1104 Franklin Street, Vancouver, BC

        Tel: 604.251.9441

        Fax: 604.251.9478


BC & WA: ¼” Clear Acrylic Plastic Windows

Available from McMaster-Carr for about $200:

According to one 242 owner (Yury Levkovskiy at KYC), he installed his in one hour using the materials that are shown on the 3rd photo, and that there is nothing complicated in the installation process - anyone can do it. He said the most time consuming part was cleaning the old sealant off the surface surrounding the window - gasoline and rags helped.


Top & Bottom Rudder Shaft Bearings (Bushings)

Most 242's are getting to the age where they need to replace the top and/or bottom rudder shaft bearings (a.k.a. bushings) to keep the rudder shaft from slopping around at the upper or lower ends, per the photo below:

Ken Holland on Vancouver Island has made a number of these bushings for owners over the years and is able to produce more on a custom, per-order basis. Sizes can also be customized as required if owners want to vary the height of the rudder relative to the hull bottom, and widen or narrow the gap.

The material used is black Delrin, and pricing is CDN$115 total for both bushings (or a lesser amount for a single bushing), plus shipping. Contact Ken at or 1 (250) 327-2092 (Mobile)

Ken is also able to assist people who need to make their keels thinner in order to comply with Class Rules. He’s got a process figured out with a power tool which enables him to very efficiently shave down the lead to get a keel into spec.

Aluminum Brackets & Custom Stainless Welding

If you’d like an inexpensive aluminum bracket made up for mounting a Velocitek or Tacktick on your cabin top, or other metal parts for a 242, contact:

Michael Miro Nikolich

Ferrous and non ferrous metal technician

Mobile: 604-255-5558     Office tel: 604-559-6295

 #30-942  Marine Dr. SW, Vancouver,B.C. V6P 5Z2

VTek bracket.jpg

“Sandy” (aka Alexander Ha) is able to do high-quality mobile mast bracket welding and other jobs via a small welding tool that plugs into 110V power. He has been doing mast welding since the 1990s for Pro-Tech and many others. For spreader bracket reinforcing he will spot-weld the bar across the front of the bracket, and can weld the cracks too, without damaging the aluminum mast and without removing the bracket from the mast (which would otherwise be a major job). He usually puts some acid bath onto the weld afterwards in order to prevent the weld from rusting. The acid will wash off in time. Sandy can also do other metalwork for 242’s, such as stainless tiller brackets and all kinds of other metalwork.

If you have a bent rudder shaft, or other stainless work needing to be fixed/done, contact Roland Irion at 604-720-5463. His operation is at 21749 Maxwell Crescent in Langley. Take Exit 216 off Highway 1 heading south. His hours of operation are 8am to 4pm, and he should be in his house or the large cement block shop to the right of his house. Calling ahead is probably best. He straightened a bent Catalina 27 rudder shaft in October 2020 for $100.

Build Your Own Gin Pole

Per the M242 Class Docs section on the Fleet One website, if you would like to build your own gin pole for inserting or removing the mast (which is super handy whenever there’s no crane nearby), the required 20’ long, 2” diameter aluminum tubing can be obtained from a “Metal Supermarket”, which has branches all over Western Canada and Washington State, among other locations (

The SKU in Canada is ATR6061/2065 for the 1/16” wall tube (if you can find it in stock) and the cost, incl tax, is about CDN$90.

The slightly thicker wall section (⅛”) is more robust and will flex less, and the cost, incl tax, is about CDN$200. It will fit over the new wider U-Bolts from MG Marine with about 1/16” to spare. Below is a picture of the RVYC gin pole. The one at Kits YC looks very similar.

Note in the photo above that there are cleats up high and down low: they are no longer required in the latest design config (see below), as all you need to do is tie the ends of the lines together that go thru the top block and that way one or both line ends won’t accidentally zip thru the block when the gin pole is raised to a vertical position.

The reason there is now a double-block on one eye is so that a primary lifting line can be used (that feeds from the double-block thru a single-block attached to the aft starboard u-bolt and then aft to the winch) as well as a secondary line that has no slack in it and is ready to go in case the primary lifting line fails. The secondary line goes thru the double-block and then feeds in turn thru a single-block attached to the port u-bolt and in turn on to the port winch.

The new design with two single blocks can be seen below. All we have done in the latest iteration (version 3, if you will) is added a double-block on one eye and temp-attached the two single blocks to the other eye.


The required stainless parts to build your own gin pole are are follows (the invoice photo below has parts for two gin pole systems being built in August 2021 for Jeremy Smith and Fleet 2, which end up costing $19.25 for each gin pole system - see photo above right for the finished products):

In addition, two old snatch blocks or spinnaker blocks will work when attached to one of the eyes (for lifting the mast using a mainsheet or spin sheet), and two other blocks are needed to shackle to the aft u-bolt on the starboard and port sides so the lifting rope and secondary rope can turn and be guided aft to each of the two winches. If you don’t have 4 blocks, two will be fine 99.99999% of the time. One person cranks the winch, and the other tails the primary (and secondary) line(s). One other person controls the mast when it is coming out of or going into the boat.

To repeat: for added safety it is suggested that a secondary set of blocks be used for a secondary lifting line, whereby two blocks are attached at the top of the gin pole (one in each eye or both on one eye, especially if you get your hands on a double-block) and the two lower blocks are attached on each of the aft u-bolts.

See the “Gin Pole Usage” presentation on the Fleet 1&2 website at: M242 Class Docs / Rigging / Gin Pole Instructions

Building the poles is a relatively simple manner: a ⅜” drill bit in a drill press, but using a hand-held drill works just fine. The holes are drilled 1.25” from one end of each pole.


Vinyl Wrap For Hulls

A less expensive option for boat owners than repainting their upper hulls is to use 3M Wrap Film Series 1080, which is basically just a peel&stick solution, best administered by a pro shop that has done it before on cars or boats.

The finished product looks fantastic, as seen on Alan Barnes Rocket 22 in the BC Interior where he used dark blue wrap on his hull.

It is also very durable, and repairs are dead simple: just apply a new blue patch in place of the scratched or damaged area.



Ken Holland has used “Alexseal” successfully for his various 242 decks (he rolled on 2 coats on a recent boat refurbishment project). Contact him for details on the outcome.

Buffing Compound

Hull number 304 with white gelcoat hull was completely oxidised and we used a fantastic cut/polishing compound recommended by Dave Higgs, who used to run a body shop and owns Checkmate, #231: Presta Super Cut Compound - photo below.

Just dribble a thin 4”-6” long string of the compound on a hi-speed polishing buffer pad (such as a Makita) and it will do 1 square foot at a time and occasionally 1.5sq. ft. We also used pencil marks at Dave’s suggestion on the hull to make sure we were following a grid pattern.

It can be obtained at various locations including Amazon:

See this before and after photo of a 3’ section of the bow - the whole boat was transformed into a mirror and still retains 90% of the shine almost a year later, with very little yellowing coming back. Will do another buffing job in stages in 2023:

Rigging Lines

There are a few shops in the Vancouver area that supply rigging lines, plus others on Vancouver Island and Washington State. As people become aware of alternatives, please let the editors of this web page know so we can add more vendors and their details.

And if you want to know the length of line and diameter for any particular rope for a 242, go here:

Vancouver, BC, and nearby:

Rekord Marine at 8194 Ontario Street ( has the widest selection of lines (they distribute Marlow across Canada), per these 3 photos, and they have even more line types in the back room:


For main halyards they recommend the D2 Excel Racing line with a Dyneema core for very low stretch.

Steveston Marine at 1667 West 5th (plus locations in Langley and Richmond) has one rack of lines, including some very inexpensive ones that work for the furler, spin halyard, pole uphaul, downhaul, and traveller, per the next photo.

They also have a rack of Marlow shock cord of varying diameters, per this next photo.

Martin Marine at 1176 Welch Street in North Vancouver has one rack of lines.

Wesco Industries at 7832 Enterprise Street, Burnaby, has Amsteel and Technora lines in varying diameters. They also have an “odd-lot” bin at the front of the shop where discounted lengths can be obtained.

Victoria, BC:

Trotac Marine at 370 Gorge Rd East: has a wide selection of inventory. Alex Fox, a great M242 racer, works there in Sales.

Washington State:

West Sound Marina on Orcas Island at 525 Deer Harbor Road: Limited inventory.

West Marine in Anacortes at 918 Commercial Avenue - TBD re inventory.


If you need splicing done, contact either:


If you need electrical work done, contact:

Gavin Thompson at 604-803-9150 - fully licensed and insured. He specialises in electrical trouble-shooting, battery bank upgrades, battery charges, solar, lighting, etc.

Gelcoat & Fiberglass Repairs

If you need gelcoat work done or fibreglass repairs, contact:

Rigging, Mast Work

If you need rigging or mast work done, contact either:

In addition, Blackline Marine in Sidney, BC, (250-656-6616) can create custom fittings. In the photos below they crafted up a custom boom gooseneck fitting for about CDN$500 for Gord Galbraith in Victoria after his sheared off and the insert in the mast track was unusable.


Lifting Straps

If you need lifting straps for your Martin 242 (per the Crane Usage Rules at Kits Yacht Club, Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, and Royal Victoria Yacht Club), they are available via Fleet 1, which obtains them from Western Equipment in Surrey via a bulk purchase order once a year or so. As such, the Regional Fleet is obtaining optimal pricing for pairs of straps.

Each strap has a Safe Working Load of 3100 pounds in the normal vertical configuration, which is more than adequate for a fully loaded M242. The yellow lifting strap in the photo above is 5’4” and goes on the aft eye nut. The white lifting strap is 5’5” long and goes on the eye nut immediately forward of the aft eye nut. Occasionally the strap lengths are fractionally shorter at 5’2” and 5’3”, and the same color, but that’s fine: just make sure the shorter strap goes on the aft keel bolt.

Contact Michael Clements at or 778-968-1713 to order them. The cost, as of July 11, 2022 (due to a bulk purchase order in early July 2022)  is now CDN$50 including taxes (down from CDN$65), plus any shipping charges, which can be e-transferred to and then arrangements can be made for the strap delivery.

The shackles and eye-nuts can be obtained from various marine stores, and the specs can be found on the RVYC website via:

BC hardware suppliers include Steveston Marine and Martin Marine in Greater Vancouver; Trotac in Victoria; and West Marine and Fisheries Supply in the US:

See below in the General Resources section regarding free firehose covers that are available to protect the straps against lifting hole abrasion.

Lifelines and Stanchions

Complete set of M242 life lines, excellent condition. Includes four stainless steel stanchions, coated wire lines and shackles to connect the lines to the pulpit and the pushpit.

Very easy to install and remove, no tools required. Good safety idea if you are cruising your Martin.

Contact Matt Collingwood at or 604-868-9444

New Sails

Washington State: Ullman Sails in Anacortes: Contact the loft at 1-360-504-6640 or

California State: Dealers: Contact Mike or Denise George at MG Marine: 1-310-645-0196 or

North Vancouver: Although Sobstad Sails has closed its repair loft in North Vancouver in mid-2017, Brett Willetts is still building 242 sails at Sobstad MidWest using his designs. Contact Brett via email only at:

North Sails in Richmond, BC: Contact Drew Mitchell at 604-271-2111 or

UK Sails in Sidney, BC: Contact Stuart or Joy Dahlgren at 1-250-656-8843 or

Aura Sails in Gibsons: Contact Ignacio Vulliez at 1-250-0462-3401 or

He also makes smaller items like protest flags:


Sail Repairs or Custom Orders

Precision Sails in Sidney, BC: Contact the loft at 1-888-958-5638 or

Jib Socks

Various sailmakers can supply these. One Orcas Island racer ordered his from Lee Sails (see

The specs were: 27’ long, 14” circumference, which is wide enough to accommodate the furled jib plus two pool noodles inserted down low on its leading edge.

In Vancouver, BC, Matt Henley is willing to make jib socks for 242 owners for about CDN$270 plus tax. A sample of his work can be seen on M&M at Kitsilano Yacht Club. He can be contacted at: 604-868-1740 or

Boat Covers

FOR SALE (Vancouver, listed May 4th, 2023): Brand new, never used, still in box full M242 boat cover with weighted sides, made by North Sails, for CDN$1200 obo.

Chris Bligh can be reached via 604-618-7307or

North Sails in Richmond, BC makes 242 covers. Contact them at 604-271-2111

Pool Noodles

Various hardware stores can supply these, especially Home Hardware in Canada. M242 owners will want to purchase two of the 4” to 5” diameter by 5’ long pool noodles for insertion on the leading edge of the jib before it is furled. Tip: loosen off the jib cunningham completely first before leaving the jib furled for an extended period of time. Once you buy a pool noodle or two, slice open vertically one side only of each noodle so it can be slid onto the leading edge of the jib, as low as possible for the lower noodle, and as high as possible for the upper. That way the leading edge of the jib won’t get as crushed as it would otherwise.

“Cheap Diver” for boat scrubbing

This mesh cleaning tool is a godsend at out of town regattas and for those that keep their boats in the water year-round:

Vancouver, BC: Boat Cushions

If you need your boat cushions redone, or new ones made, contact:

John Mohammed

Quality Industrial Trimmers & Fiji Islands Upholstery

4522 Main Street, Vancouver

Phone: 604-255-7020

Hours vary during the week.

Access via the back lane (limited parking out back), and the shop is accessed via the white basement door to the right of the steps leading up to the 2nd floor.

Bellingham, WA: Raptor Deck Non-Skid Padding

Most of the Melges 24 Fleet use Raptor Deck in their cockpits because it has excellent grip and comfort. According to Gord Galbraith of Victoria “It made sailing barefoot super comfortable (including being great non-skid) but beyond that it also was comfortable to sit and knee on and most importantly it looked great. You can get a selection of different colours / patterns and the company also can custom-router in boat names, etc…”

It also helps with covering up any repairs of the cockpit sole and seats. Raptor Deck adheres very well to gelcoat decks and it will go right over the repaired areas.

Dan Kaseler at Raptor Deck has taken a template of a Martin 242 cockpit (Jim Betts boat in Anacortes - see the template diagram below) so he has all the required dimensions. A sample of the decking can be seen on Chris White’s boat at Orcas Island, or in the pending “Boat Maintenance Manual” that will be published soon.

Dan’s contact info is:

Dan Kaseler

Raptor Deck

phone: 1-707-278-6749


skypename: raptorsails

facebook:  Raptor Deck


Here is a full cockpit Raptor decking job done on Chris White’s boat at Orcas Island. Many color options are available from Raptor.


Chris said on August 5th, 2021 that he is very pleased with his new Raptor Decking for the Martin 242, which was tried out for the first time on August 4th.

He said "The deck padding was so comfortable I couldn’t believe it. It totally changed the desirability of the boat. The crew was so much happier and therefore the upgrade is a no-brainer."

He went on to say that they actually sailed with their shoes off and it was perfectly comfortable, and the deck edge bump was 90% eliminated: he didn’t even notice it while racing.

For the full-meal deal that Jim Betts got (and Chris White was very similar except perhaps the cabin interior and bow), the cost is approximately (and before any taxes and/or shipping):


If someone just wants to get the two curved upper side deck pieces (items 6 & 7 in the attached diagram) to mostly eliminate the deck rail bump, Dan Kaseler said the cost is:


Dan said: "For now, the best way folks can order kits is to just drop us an email at Pricing depends on whether we do single color foam, or duo-color, planks, or no planks (note: they can also insert logos).”

Non-Skid Deck Tape

This APT anti-slip black Traction Tape is 80 grit and waterproof. 2'' X 20 feet, and available via Amazon:

Vinyl Stickers

If you’d like to get custom UV-resistant vinyl stickers for your boat at a good price, contact:


81 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1R3

(604) 872-8943

Erlend Rump, ERLSIGNS

6960 Donald Road, Richmond BC, V7C 2Y9


Orcas Island, Eastsound: Woodwork

Contact Steve Emmes for details and pricing at or 1-360-376-1461

Some of the materials he uses for woodwork projects are as follows:

Gloss for top coat, Satin for finishing coat.

Other varnishes include:


Boat Insurance

There are a number of insurance companies in the PNW that insure M242’s. In BC a fair number of owners use NAVIS for insuring our boats - Navis has a One Design policy that does not require a Survey (those can cost $600-$750 every 5 years).

Dolphin Insurance in downtown Vancouver has/had reasonable rates in the past and also allowed/covered trailering boats down to California.

Nesika Insurance in Richmond, BC, is worth trying also as they have insured M242’s in the past for low rates.

We strongly recommend that boat owners do not insure with Premier Insurance of Vancouver BC: they are very difficult to deal with regarding insurance claims.

Boat Surveys

There are a number of Surveyors in the PNW that will survey M242’s. Some sample surveyors include:

Tim Ellis, DNP Marine Surveyors:

Trevor Salmon, Aegis Marine Surveyors:

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General M242 Fleet Resources

Fleet 1 (Vancouver & BC Mainland) Spare Masts

Fleet One Vancouver has 3 spare used masts (some with spreaders and rigging) that are being stored at Pro-Tech in North Vancouver (one of them is owned by Craig Strand but is on loan to the Fleet). If you wish to use one of these masts, contact for permission, and you’ll be sent a Waiver to fill out and sign. Pro-Tech would charge for delivery and pickup unless you do the deliveries yourself.

Fleet 2 (Vancouver Island & WA State) Spare Mast

Fleet Two (Vancouver Island & WA State) has 1 very good spare used mast with spreaders and rigging as of October 19th, 2022, that is in the process of being moved to Vancouver Island. If you wish to use the masts, contact Ken Holland in Nanaimo for permission, and you can arrange to pick it up from him or from wherever it is stored.

Orcas Island Spare Mast

The Orcas Island group also has a spare mast that is available for loan or for sale, and it comes with 2 sets of spreaders and all the required rigging.



Anacortes Spare Mast

As of October 3, 2021, Jim Betts has a spare older mast that used to be on Area 51, along with rigging and some spare parts. It is available to anyone that might have a use for it.  Contact Jim via:

James Betts Enterprises Inc.

416 34th Street

Anacortes WA 98221


Digital Scales & Measuring Equipment

Fleet One Vancouver has access to a digital scale for weighing boats, as well as all necessary Measuring equipment (multiple tape measures, 2 contour gauges, and 2 keel/rudder parallels). The Orcas Island group has the same equipment and the same type of digital scale, as does Victoria (℅ Gord Galbraith as of January 2021). Nanaimo also has a lot of measuring equipment (℅ Ken Holland). Contact your local Measurer accordingly - their names are listed above on the Buy&Sell page, as well as on the Fleet One&Two website in the “Fleet One Docs'' section.

Note that all owners wishing to engage a Regional Measurer must have Registered themselves and their boat with Fleet 1 or 2. As of 2022 the annual cost is CDN$80.

Torque Wrench

Fleet 1 has obtained a torque wrench for tightening keelbolts - it is stored in the General Manager office at Kitsilano Yacht Club.

Gin Poles

Vancouver Fleet One has two excellent “gin poles” for lifting and inserting masts. See this link in the “M242 Class Docs” section of the Fleet One website for a full explanation regarding how they are used. One is stored at RVYC (Michael Clements’ trailer as of July 31, 2023) and one at KYC. Fleet 2 has one that is stored at Ken Holland’s house in Nanaimo.

Shaving Down Keels & Rudders

If you have a short, slightly stubby keel, or one that is just a bit thick at one of the stations, this planing tool (a Stanley Surform 21-296) is what Dave Higgs uses to shave down a keel (both gelcoat, filler, and lead). It can also be used on a fat rudder.


Keel Stand

If you have a short, slightly stubby keel, or one that is just a bit thick at one of the stations, or just need to take off your keel to work on it, this keel stand owned by Dave Higgs of Fleet 1, Vancouver, will likely be essential. Contact Dave at 604-720-6464 if you are interested in borrowing it (a case of beer may be in order as a fee).


Firehose Covers for Lifting Straps

Vancouver (Listed May 30, 2019): 1.75" Firehose covers for lifting straps are available at no cost. There’s 40 feet available, cut into 8-10” chunks, so if you notice your lifting straps getting shredded on the deck hole, you’ll need one of these to stop it. There’s a choice of the pliable outer cloth cover (the 4 vertical pieces in the photo) or the much more durable interior liner which is coated internally with rubber (the horizontal piece).

Contact Michael Clements at or 778-968-1713 to arrange shipment or drop-off. Ken Holland has a number of firehose covers also and can supply Vancouver Island and Gulf / San Juan Island racers. or 1 (250) 327-2092

Tiller Head Spare Parts

Vancouver (Listed May 31, 2019): Cross-pin bar pieces for the tiller head assembly to hold the rudder post (about 15” of material available), plus the ¼” square bar for vertical jamming in the tiller head (about 6” of material), plus a stainless steel mast support plate that is ¼” thick by 10.5” by 5”.

Contact Michael Clements at or 778-968-1713

NACA Keel Templates

Matt Collingwood has 2 keel templates (upper and lower, made by Roger Nelson) that match the current keel specifications per the 2016 Class Rules. He is willing to lend them out to anyone who wishes to borrow them. They are currently stored at his house near Jericho Beach. Contact Matt @

Shroud U-bolt Drilling Jigs

The Regional M242 Fleet has made 5 copies (3 aluminum, 2 stainless) of the MG Marine drilling jig that is used to make 4 holes in each of the side deck rails to accommodate the larger shroud u-bolts.

One jig is at Orcas Island (c/o Ken Machtley); two jigs are in Vancouver (c/o Michael Clements); the 4th jig is on Vancouver Island (c/o Gord Galbraith in Victoria); and the 5th jig is also on Vancouver Island (c/o Ken Holland in Nanaimo).

Please contact any of these individuals if you need to install G10 or other rods along the deck lip and will need to redrill the holes.

The u-bolts, locknuts, and 24”x3/4” G10 rods can be sourced from MG Marine in Marina del Rey, California. The G10 rods can also be sourced from McMaster-Carr in the US via: 

Note that the drilling jig hole spacing in the black jig bar below is designed for the new, slightly larger, u-bolts that MG Marine uses now on 242’s, not the old, smaller diameter and spacing, u-bolts from the 1980’s and 1990’s.


If you want to re-drill holes for the older, smaller-width and diameter u-bolts from the 1980’s and 1990’s, then this double-sided stainless drilling jig made by Yury Levkovskiy (and also in storage with Michael Clements) will probably do the trick:

Note: Anyone doing the G10 rod installation will want to firmly bed in the G10 rods with epoxy in the underside of the rail lip, let it cure, and then cover the rod and smooth it out with epoxy and some filler such that the lip is just a solid piece of Fiberglass and epoxy running 2’ along each side. Then drill the holes for the u-bolts after that process is complete.

One of the Martin 242 sailors in Vancouver, an engineer, said that installing just the G10 rod on its own is inadequate: drilling two holes thru it weakens it structurally, and the rod will flex, so the epoxy process is critical to add strength and properly spread the load along a 2' span on each side.

The finished product should look like the underside of the deck lip on #304, Too Wicked, per these photos below:


Sound System: Speaker, Microphone, Stand, Remote Control

Fleet 1 and 2 own a speaker system with microphone and remote control that can be used at Regional events. It is being stored at Michael Clements garage in Vancouver (as of August 15, 2022). It is a “Acoustic Audio by Goldwood AA15LBS Powered 15" Bluetooth LED Light Display Speaker with Microphone and Stand” from Amazon. Music can be played via USB sticks or Bluetooth pairing with iPhones, and it has an AM/FM radio function also.

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2023 Boat or Gear Sales - Historical Info

SOLD - 1st boat of 2023 to change hands - Vancouver, BC, on January 8 (non-listed transaction, private sale): Midnight, hull #65, was sold by Micah Vanderheide of Vancouver to Monte Paulsen of Vancouver. It’s the 60th transaction in 6 years. The boat will stay at Kits Yacht Club.

Monte sailed Tanzer 22s as a kid, J24s in his 20s, lived aboard a Bristol 35, raced on the Martin 30, but has been off the water for the past few years aside from a couple of races on a Martin 242 in 2022. His son Seamus, 17, completed 10 days on a tall ship in Haida Gwaii in 2022 with the SALTS program, and is fired up about racing.

With a dark blue hull, Midnight is in great condition and comes with lots of sails, a yard dolly, 3.5hp outboard engine, and a mostly-completed 2016 Measurement Certificate.

And not to worry, folks: Micah still plans on racing 242's a lot in the future with Michael Clements and Team on Too Wicked.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Monte, and enjoy your first 242!

SOLD - 2nd boat of 2023 to change hands - Nanaimo, BC, on February 9th (non-listed transaction, private sale): Ken Holland of Nanaimo sold Blackadder, hull #113, to a group of Victoria buyers including Tim Knight, Don Sargent, and Lee Taylor, which makes it the 61st transaction in 6 years.This is Tim's 2nd 242, as he previously owned Flashdance a number of years back. With a red hull, Blackadder is in very good condition, is race-ready, and came with a 2016 Measurement Certificate (it measured in perfectly).

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Tim, Don, and Lee, and enjoy your 242!

SOLD - 3rd boat of 2023 to change hands - Nanaimo, BC, on February 18th or so (non-listed transaction, private sale): Rick Saunders of Nanaimo sold Hawk, hull #141, to Dirk and Sarah Brussow of Victoria, which makes it the 62nd transaction in 6+ years. With a dark blue hull, Hawk is in good condition and needs a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Dirk & Sarah, and enjoy your 242!

SOLD: Somewhere around February 18th, the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club sold Mighty Mouse, hull #103, to Avery Meyer and Nicole Trenchard. The boat had sat unused for many years and as such this is a net-add to the LA Fleet re participation. This is the first California boat to change hands this year.

SOLD (West Kelowna, listed September 30, 2022 for CDN$1200): sometime in early 2023: Tandem (double) axle trailer built by Calkins between 1975 and 1980. GVW is 5600 pounds. The trailer weighs around 1200 pounds. Overall length is 23 feet 9 inches. Trailer has a surge braking system using DOT 5 brake fluid. Brakes and bearings were routinely serviced (as recently as four years ago). Lights and wiring need to be replaced due to deterioration due to age.

DONATED - On November 15, 2022, Fast Lane Fever (hull #67) in Pickering, Ontario, was generously donated by Brent Hughes and Alexandra Cox to "The Broad Reach Foundation", a Toronto-based not for profit that introduces inner city kids and youth to sailing. As such, the Class will get a lot of exposure in Toronto and nearby, where a number of 242's are located. The boat will be delivered to Toronto in April.

SOLD (Vancouver, listed March 30, 2023) - on April 3 Peter Grimm sold his refurbished trailer axle that was available for sale for CDN$500. It’s a universal fit and can go on anyone’s yard dolly. Just add wheels/tires and mounting hardware and away it goes! It has standard-sized stub axles and spindles so it’s very adaptable to whatever people have already. Apparently Monte Paulsen at KYC was the buyer. Contact Peter for additional potential axles for sale.

SOLD (Vancouver, listed March 15, 2023 for $150) - on April 3 Peter Grimm sold his used galvanised dolly steering head to Zach Thompson:


SOLD - 4th boat of 2023 to change hands (Vancouver, BC, listed April 4, 2023 for CDN$13,800): On May 6th, Martin 242 “Simply Red”, hull number 8, was sold by Alan Drinkwater to Matthew Sullivan, which will be moving the boat from RVYC to KYC. The boat measured-in perfectly and is race ready, competitive (top third of Fleet), well equipped, and in excellent condition. Included a 2022 North jib & spin, 2016 valid Measurement Cert, dock trailer, Honda 2hp.  Click on link for full equipment list:

Matt grew up racing in Kingston Ontario, sailing Lasers for around 10 years before moving to Vancouver for grad school in 2013.  He started racing in the local keelboat circuit in 2014 and joined the Martin 242 fleet in 2021, sailing with Matt Collingwood.  Along with his affinity for being on a boat, Matt also works as a Naval Architect at a Vancouver based design firm. Following the purchase of Simply Red he and his crew began racing on Wednesday night in the local Fleet. They had a very successful first night as they were lucky enough to win their 2nd race! This was the 4th transaction of 2023, and the 63rd in 6.3 years.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Matt, and enjoy your first 242! (photo below)

SOLD - 5th boat of 2023 to change hands (Winnipeg, Manitoba, listed March 6, 2023): 1983 Martin 242 “Trigger”, hull number 83 (Serial #100830683) listed for CDN$10,000, and sold on May 10 by Doug White to Grant Atkins of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

Was located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and had a single owner the whole time, and has only been sailed in freshwater on Lake of the Woods, Ontario (was out of the water nine of the past 10 years except in 2018 and 2019 when it was put in the water, tied up at the dock, and not sailed). The boat is in very good condition and comes with:

The rarely used 2007 4hp mercury long shaft outboard is also available for CDN$1200

The hull does not have epoxy barrier coating on it but does have freshwater bottom paint. There are no visible blisters.

There is a heavy duty road trailer with a 7000 pound axle that is available separately. The trailer has about 400 km on it since it was built and has removable bunks. The trailer has electric brakes and safety run away brake system and a 2 5/16 ball. The aft bunk can be modified at nominal cost in order to convert the trailer into a ramp-launch trailer.

The boat also needs a 2016 Measurement Certificate, which is in the process of being filled out. The keel and rudder have been fully-measured and are almost perfectly in-spec.




SOLD - 6th boat of 2023 to change hands - Toronto, Ontario (Listed May 25, 2023, for CDN$7,000): Fast Lane (ex-Fast Lane Fever) Fever, Hull #67 (Serial number MYL100670583). Mike Karda of Gibsons, BC, bought the boat and he trailered it back to BC on June 21st or so. His Team includes David Guy, Richard Poole, and Mike Cronk. The boat came with:

The boat has been stored in a heated warehouse for the past 3 winters. It needs a 2016 Measurement Certificate to be filled out.

Mike started sailing/racing white sails in 1993 with a Tanzer 25 at Port Credit Yacht Club on Lake Ontario. He then got married to Margo at PCYC in 1995 and moved to Port Stanley on Lake Erie and purchased a TRAC 16 catamaran. Then he moved on to an Electra Sport 20 from the design team of sailmakers Hubert Raudaschl of St. Wolfgang, Austria and Heider Funck of Toronto. He joined a growing fleet of Solings out of Port Stanley and sailed against Olympian Bill Abbott Jr. of Sarnia in the North American Soling Championship; someone had to come last. He then purchased their future retirement home in Gibsons in 2015 and purchased a Yamaha 25 sloop in Gibsons Marina.  Traded up to a Catalina 38, Sparkman & Stephens design, and campaigned her with a team of like-minded sailors (with its huge kite ) out of Gibsons. Got another Soling half-share with David Guy for racing for one season, then started our search for another performance boat and it kept coming back to the Martin 242. Purchased Fast Lane M242 hull #67 and trailered it from Pickering Ontario to BC over a four day road trip with a friend who wanted to drive across Canada.  I told him I didn’t recommend it.  We made it and with the help of Michael Clements, Anthony Collett, Ken Holland of the M242 sailing community and our sailing consortium of David, Richard, Cronky and I, we will be ready to campaign the boat soon after some upgrades are done.

David started sailing and racing with his father at age 14 in GP 14s at Stormont Yacht Club (near Cornwall, Ontario) in 1976.  Progressed through CYA dinghy sailing levels White through to Silver and all dinghy instructor levels including Black Evaluator.  Taught sailing every summer until age 24 culminating in running the annual Sea Cadet Sailing program at Royal Military College.  Have owned and raced a Laser, Beneteau 32s5, Beneteau 40.7, Impulse 21 and Soling.  More recently have been racing with Mike Karda, Richard Poole and Mike Cronk on the Catalina 38, Mandala at SCYC.  Also, finished 8th overall in the 2023 Around Bowen Race crewing for Ignacio Vuillez on his Tanzer 26, Aura.   Looking forward to our Mandala team moving to the M242 racing Fast Lane and the beginnings of a M242 fleet in Gibsons!

Following photo - Mike on the left, David on the right.

SOLD - 7th boat of 2023 to change hands - Victoria, BC on July 7th (non-listed transaction): Crown Royale (hull #281) - sold by Phil&Val Leitch to Mike&Rosemary Cannon of Victoria. 7th transaction of the year and the 66th in 6.5 years. The boat came with good sails, a yard dolly, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Mike has been sailing various boats for over 50 years, starting out racing Sabots on Salt Spring Island.  He graduated to Lasers back in the 80’s then moved on to Fireballs which was where Rosemary got her introduction to sailing.  He and Rosemary then raced a Taser for many years.  Now after 20 years of summer cruising on their Beneteau 35s5, with racing limited to a bit of crewing for others on the side, they are both excited to be joining the M242 fleet in Victoria.

And they know what they're doing, finishing 3rd in the Canadian Championships at Cow Bay in early August - well done!

And don’t worry - Phil & Val & family will be back in 242’s once Phil gets a modest bionic man makeover done in the near future.

Enjoy your first 242, Mike & Rosemary!

2022 Boat or Gear Sales - Historical Info

SOLD - 1st boat of 2022 to change hands - Westsound, Orcas Island, WA, on January 22 (non-listed transaction): Crazy I’s, Hull #203, was sold by Chris White of Orcas Island Yacht Club to Matt Battles and Chris Robison of Deer Harbor, Orcas Island.

Matt trained on the West Hudson River in New York and has sailed less than he would like, including a single bare boat skippering experience on Lake Travis, Austin. He looks forward to sailing with Chris Robison and with Matt's two boys, Leo and Miles (see the photo below of the Battles family). Matt is counting on both Chris’s for advice and patience, and he looks forward to the day when he is not the greenest sailor in the fleet.

Chris has been a crew member on Rob Kirby’s San Juan 24 “Kiana”, and sailed his 36’ Hunter. He looks forward to participating in the races regularly and getting his son out on the water with him (see the photo below of both of them).

With a dark blue hull, Crazy I's is in perfect condition and came with lots of sails, a road trailer, and a Measurement Certificate.

And not to worry, folks: Chris White still plans on racing 242's a lot in the future, including the upcoming North Americans in Nanaimo on July 2/3, and he'll probably buy another 242 soon.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Matt & Chris, and enjoy your first 242!

SOLD - 2nd boat of 2022 to change hands - Victoria, BC, on January 29 (listed July 2021 for CDN$13,500): Haggis, Hull #139, was sold by Judith Neville of Royal Victoria Yacht Club to Peter Creighton & family of Nanaimo, BC.


Peter's last boat was a C&C 29, which required too many people to keep it crewed properly, and he always liked the Martin 242's with the light and simple setup for club-racing and day-sailing and the fun vibe he saw in the fleet. He loves the option to race for fun and gain skippering knowledge with his wife and 20-something son or a crew of buddies on board. Peter has done a fair amount of level racing back in the day in Toronto on a C&C 34, and always liked the boat-on-boat competition, and he is looking forward to racing in the upcoming NA's in Nanaimo on July 2&3. Peter says “I am super impressed by the dedicated volunteers and passionate folks I have already interacted with in the Fleet’s that have helped get us back on the water.” He also wants folks to know he is in the market for a road trailer.


With a light grey hull, Haggis is in very good condition and came with lots of sails, instruments, a 2hp motor, yard dolly, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate (it measured in perfectly and was minimum weight with 109 pounds of Correctors).


Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Peter & family, and enjoy your first 242! (photo below of Peter and his wife Chris)

SOLD - 3rd boat of 2022 to change hands - Vancouver, BC, on February 13th (private transaction): Polar Bear, Hull #43 - was sold by Scott Kerr & Mark Spence of Kitsilano Yacht Club to Zach Thompson and his father, Tim, of Port Coquitlam, which makes it the 50th transaction in the Pacific Northwest Region in just over 5 years. Polar Bear will remain at KYC.

Zach learned to sail at Rocky Point Sailing Association in Port Moody, primarily sailing Club 420's and Lasers, and he then began to race 420's and Lasers in the BC circuit. After sailing and racing for a few years he became a Sailing Instructor, working at RPSA. He also currently works during the summer at Kitsilano Yacht Club as a senior coach. Zach is also a member of the UBC Thunderbirds Sailing Club, where they race 420's and FJ's against other local Universities. He gained some experience this past summer with Martin 242’s on m&m, where he met many great sailors in the local Fleet.

Tim has been interested in buying a sailboat about the same size as a Martin 242 for a while. He used to crew on his friend's boat in Port Moody in a regular racing series. He is more interested in the cruising capabilities of the 242 but is willing to race with Zach. Tim wants to take Polar Bear over to Bowen Island for a night or two, and do similar trips up Indian Arm as well. He is looking forward to spending time with his son and getting out on the water.

With a red hull, Polar Bear is in good condition and came with lots of sails, a spare mast, 2 engines and a yard dolly. It needs a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Zach & Tim, and enjoy your first 242!

SOLD - 4th boat of 2022 to change hands - Vancouver, BC, on February 16th (listed February 6, 2022, for CDN$11,590): Silver Bullet, Hull #87 - sold by Jo-Ann Heinz to Graham Sibbald, Eric Bretsen, and Georg Reuter of Vancouver, which makes it the 4th transaction of the year in the Pacific Northwest Region and the 51st in just over 5 years. Silver Bullet will remain at KYC.

Graham raced out of Schooner Cover, Nanoose Bay, a lifetime ago aboard “Free & Clear”, a 26’ Thunderbird, followed by “Jenny Gibson”, a C&C Viking 34.

Georg has spent time cruising BC waters, and long ago crewed on a San Juan 24.  He’s looking forward to joining the 242 Fleet.

Eric has been on dry land (mainly the soccer field kind) for the last 20 years, following 10 years of crewing aboard a Shark in the waters of Toronto Harbour.

With a grey hull, Silver Bullet is in very good condition with bottom paint, and comes with a 2016 Measurement Certificate that is almost completed. Outlined below is a list of improvements made to the boat since 2019:

June 2019 – new cam cleats, fairleads, bearings

August 2019 – new Honda MTYC 2.3 DHLCHC motor

February 2020 – new Velocitek Prostart

August 2020 – new spinnaker launching bag

March 2021 – new sheets and halyards

February 2020 – new jib

February 2021 – new dolly

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Graham, Eric, and Georg, and enjoy your first 242!

SOLD MAY 4 - Nanaimo (Listed March 22, 2022, price dropped April 21, 2022): Galvanized M242 yard dolly in excellent shape - CDN$1800 (was $2400) delivered to Jim Hyslop of Vancouver.

SOLD - 5th boat of 2022 to change hands - Vancouver, BC, on or about August 8th (listed February 11, 2022 for CDN$5000): Electra (hull #37) - sold by Joe Pratile to Jean Sebastian of Kits Yacht Club - details to follow soon.

Includes a 4hp outboard and yard dolly. Sails: Sobstad 2008 main in good condition; North spinnaker, also ok; Sobstad newer jib, ~2013. The boat has a good race record, coming 2nd and 3rd in Wednesday Night racing overall and 2nd in WAVES and 4th in the North Americans in 2018. The keel is in a forward position but still within limits. 2016 Measurement Certificate is partially completed. The boat needs some top side painting but is in otherwise good condition.  Mast step reinforced with aluminum plate.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Jean, and enjoy your first 242!

SOLD - 6th boat of 2022 to change hands - Salt Spring Island, BC, on August 14th (listed July 19, 2022 for CDN$12,500): Quench (hull #221) - sold by Heather Sloat to Evan Robson of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club.

The boat came with 3 suits of sails, including a brand-new, never-used, North main and jib. Near race-ready condition, Clint Currie-applied epoxy bottom; recent VC Offshore bottom paint (May 2022); newish Harken traveller; new Lewmar winches; mast step reinforced with aluminum plate; Mercury 4hp extra long shaft outboard motor; no yard dolly/road trailer. Has a 2016 Measurement Certificate (forestay shortening required).

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Evan, and enjoy your first 242!

SOLD - 7th boat of 2022 to change hands - Vancouver, BC, on September 30th (non-listed transaction): Crown Royale (hull #281) - sold by Tim Murphy to Phil&Val Leitch, Ali Leitch, and Mark Jess of Victoria. 7th transaction of the year and the 54th in 5 ¾ years. The boat came with sails, a yard dolly, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Phil grew up in West Vancouver, spending his youth in the 60's and 70’s at the Hollyburn Sailing Club and then the Kitsilano Yacht Club. He later moved to Victoria, BC, where he co-founded Leitch & McBride Sails. His sailing career involved racing one-design dinghies and keelboats regionally, nationally and internationally. Phil was part of Canada's Challenge for the America's Cup in 1987. Phil and Val spent many years racing their Thunderbird 'Black Merlin' and cruising around the Gulf Islands with their three girls (Ali, Jenny and Kim). With their newly acquired M242, based at Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Phil will be teaching his family (including lots of grandkids) to sail. Phil and Val's daughter, Ali, and her husband, Mark (an ex-competitive rower), are co-owners and are very much looking forward to learning everything they can about sailing and racing. Phil has always really enjoyed one-design racing and is excited to be a part of this amazing Class and group of people who are a part of it.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Phil, Val, Ali, and Mark, and enjoy your first 242!

Left to right: Mark Jess, Ali Leitch, Val Leitch, Phil Leitch, Tim Murphy

SOLD - 8th boat of 2022 to change hands - Comox, BC, on October 8th (listed May 24, 2022 for CDN$9,000): 8-Ball (hull #296) - sold by James Volkers to Jason Burnip of Vancouver. 8th transaction of the year and the 55th in 5 ¾ years.

8-Ball was the last Martin 242 built by the original designer/builder; it won the Martin 242 North Americans that same year. The hull was recently gel-coated and is ready for dry-sailing on the West Coast. There were minor repairs needed on the foredeck but the boat was ready to sail as is. Needs a completed Measurement Certificate.


Items included:

●      Sails - one older UK main approximately 2006, one good condition 2011 UK spinnaker, one well used Ullman Sails 2009 jib c/w battens. One very old spare spinnaker.

●      Assorted sheets and great quality blocks/cleats ready to sail.

●      Windex for the top of the mast.

●      Lifesling overboard rescue apparatus.

●      Assorted lead weights (approximately 200lbs) to add to the inside cabin area in order to bring the boat exactly in line with One Design Class minimum boat weight requirements.

●      Relatively new MG Marine Keel


1998 Custom-made single axle boat trailer

a)    Designed for long haul highway use - and used primarily in freshwater lakes

b)    Great access to the keel area for maintenance off season

c)    c/w spare tire and adjustable bunks

8-Ball heading off to its new home!

Jason beside 8-Ball at Kits Yacht Club

SOLD - 9th boat of 2022 to change hands - Iowa, USA on October 23rd (listed via an EBay auction a week earlier with no reserve bid, sold for US$1750): Red Alert (hull #99) - sold by Chad Welsh to Betsy Wareham of Orcas Island who will in turn likely turn it over to a local Orcas racer - details pending. 9th transaction of the year and the 56th in 5 ¾ years.

Red Alert ready to head off to its new home at Orcas Island!

SOLD - 10th boat of 2022 to change hands - Squamish, BC, on November 18th (listed March 1, 2022 for CDN$6,000, and price reduced to $5000 in October): Hurricane (nee Samoon, ex-RVYC, hull #61) - sold by Katrina Mulberry to Brenda Van Fossen who will move it to Kits Yacht Club. Brenda had previously been racing Jumanji out of False Creek.

With a grey hull, Hurricane is in fair/good condition and comes with: a suit of 2017 North sails that have been only used twice; never used lifting straps; a spin pole; practice suit of sails; and a spinnaker. It needs a 2016 Measurement Certificate to be completed.

Congratulations on your new 242, Brenda!

SOLD - 11th boat of 2022 to change hands - Bellingham, WA, on December 4th (unlisted transaction, private sale): Boomer (hull #109) - sold by Mike Merrick to Eric Bonetti.

SOLD - 12th boat of 2022 to change hands - a new annual record! - Sylvan Lake, Alberta in December, 2022 (unlisted transaction, private sale): Grayling (hull #1) - sold by William Young to the Sylvan Lake Sailing Club which will use it as a Club boat for sharing and adult-learn-to-sail. The deal included a trailer and newer Tohatsu 6 HP engine.

2021 Boat or Gear Sales - Historical Info

SOLD - 1st boat of 2021 to change hands - Anacortes, WA, on January 9 (non-listed transaction): Area 51, Hull #51, was sold by Stephanie Campbell of Anacortes Yacht Club to Jim Betts, owner of James Betts Enterprises, which primarily builds Bieker boats. Jim purchased Area 51 for his young team that works for him, such as Will Porter, who will race the boat locally. They also plan on racing the boat in the WA360 (, which is the new race in Washington State created by the R2AK group. As such, Area 51 will be equipped with a pedal drive for the race! (we definitely need photos of that setup - might come in handy for round-the-buoys racing!)

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Jim, Will, and Team, and enjoy your first M242!

SOLD - 2nd boat of 2021 to change hands - Orcas Island, WA, on January 14 (listed April 6, 2020): Enigma, Hull #79, was sold by Steve Emmes of Orcas Island Yacht Club to Patrick Morrison and Robyn Hilles of Bellingham, WA. Robyn has crewed on race boats before, but Patrick is new to sailing, and they plan on doing a mix of racing and cruising in their new boat. Patrick also mentions that he's looking forward to their 4-and-a-half-month-old son, Bruce, growing up with the boat and developing an appreciation and protective sense of the marine and natural world on it, not to mention respect for the wind...

With a green hull, Enigma was listed for US$10,500 and was previously owned by Chris White who brought the boat up to spec after he bought it from Oregon back in 2015. The boat came with a Measurement Certificate and measured in perfectly. It also came with lots of extra equipment and features including, but not limited to:

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Patrick, Robyn, and Bruce, and enjoy your first M242!




SOLD - 3rd boat of 2021 to change hands - Vancouver on February 16th (listed January 15, 2018): King Julian, Hull #149, was sold by Chris Bligh of Vancouver, BC, to Peter Grimm & family of Kitsilano Yacht Club. Peter is a very experienced 505 racer who joined Kits when he was 8 years old. He and his father Fred used to race on King Julian (M&M back then) when Peter was a teenager, and Peter plans on doing the same on the boat with his kids Evadine and Valentina, in turn, with his wife Stefanie. The boat has been renamed M&M again at the request of Peter's kids, who like the name and planned the colorful hull graphics.

With a white hull, King Julian was listed for CDN$15,000 including newer racing sails and a road trailer which doubles as a yard dolly. With a faired hull and keel it is in very good race-ready condition (previously named Panique and multiple North Americans winner). It came with a brand new mast and is basically a turn-key boat to step into and win a North Americans with. The boat measured in almost perfectly and came with a current 2016 Measurement Certificate. Peter spent 4 weeks making a few changes to the boat plus he built a custom yard dolly for it.

In the attached photos you see the boat getting ready for its trip to Kitsilano Yacht Club, and then the inaugural sail on Saturday March 13 with Peter, his kids, and his father, Fred. During the sail, Evadine and Valentina were apparently all smiles and said a number of times "M&M is the best boat ever!" Peter said he couldn’t have asked for a better day to try everything out and zip up to Lighthouse Park and back.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Peter, Stefanie, Evadine, and Valentina, and enjoy your first 242!


SOLD - 4th boat of 2021 to change hands - Details to follow soon re the Comox buying consortium including James Volkers - Maple Bay (re-listed July 26, 2020 by Allan Fisher): Eightball, Hull #296, originally listed for CDN$14,000. The boat will be staying in BC.

With a white hull, it was the last boat built by Don Martin in 1996 and it won the NA’s the same year. It is competitive and in near race-ready condition. It comes with a MG Marine keel, and a relatively new mast, boom, spinnaker pole, sheets and halyards. A road trailer is also provided as well as a Velocitec, tweakers, a Nissan 3.5hp 2-stroke long-shaft motor, and other go-fasts. Sails are in good condition. The bottom of the boat was faired last year and new gelcoat was applied. No epoxy barrier coat or bottom paint has been applied, so the boat is best-suited for dry-sailing). The boat needs a 2016-version Measurement Certificate.


SOLD - Vancouver (listed February 25, 2021, and sold in 10 minutes flat): A Nissan 2-stroke, 3.5hp engine for $375 that weighs 29 pounds. Peter Grimm sold it to Andrew Liebmann on Jumanji.


SOLD - 5th boat of 2021 to change hands -  Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Robert Britten & Jose Grandizo

On March 24th the 5th boat of 2021 changed hands: Luke Acker of Victoria, BC, sold No Worries (hull #266), to Robert Britten and Jose Grandizo of the Royal Victoria Yacht Club via a private transaction for CDN$9,000. Robert and Jose are very experienced racers who most recently jointly-owned a Melges 24 and competed at the 2018 Worlds in Esquimalt finishing 10th overall and 1st in the Corinthian Division.

While the Martin 242 is a new class for Jose, Bob has crewed at several North American Championships with skippers such as Jack Miller, Gerry Thompson, Jim Allen and Alex Fox: he has always really enjoyed the Fleet and the boat.

With a white hull, No Worries came with a yard trailer, newer outboard, two mains, and a new jib and jib sock. The boat hull/keel/rudder measured in perfectly and it came with a current, mostly-completed 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Robert and Jose, and enjoy your first 242! (in the photo below, Jose is on the left and Robert is on the right)

SOLD - 6th boat of 2021 to change hands, and expansion of the Kootenay Lake M242 Group as a result

On March 24th, Don Bardenhagen of Sylvan Lake, Alberta, sold Steel Breeze (hull #63, listed July 31, 2018, for CDN$10,000) to Gary & Anne Armstrong of Nelson, BC.

Gary & Anne already own Coal Dust (hull #45), and their present plan is to launch both boats this summer and generate some excitement around the Martin 242 Class in the Kootenay's by inviting competent sailors to race one of the boats in their local races. They would then sell one of the boats to an interested sailor/racer in the Region, and ideally the new owner would buy the boat with the idea of racing it in the Kootenay Lake area. Steel Breeze will be the 5th 242 in the Kootenay's.

With a grey hull and epoxy bottom, Steel Breeze was built in 1983. It is competitive and in race-ready condition and was out of the water for the past 6-7 years. It came with a road trailer, 3 main sails, 3 jibs, 2 spinnakers, a 3.5HP Mercury outboard, and is minimum weight. It came with a partially-completed Measurement Certificate.

Nice work expanding the Kootenay Lake M242 footprint, Gary & Anne!


SOLD - Victoria (listed March 13, 2021 for CDN$1000) on March 26 - this double axle road trailer was located at Royal Victoria Yacht Club and is in working condition. Bill Marshall sold it to an Arlberg 22 owner. It came with a recently purchased Cal 20 and was now surplus. The overall length is 20’ and the bunk gap is 5’ wide and the overall trailer width is just under 8’. The bunk boards as seen in the photos are in their lowest position, and they can be raised probably another 24” to 30” to accomodate a M242 or other design.

SOLD - Vancouver (listed February 22, 2021): M242 road trailer - was listed for CDN$1900 by Tim Murphy

SOLD - Vancouver (listed July 26th, 2021): on or about August 20, listed by Jeremy Smith and sold to Gord Galbraith in Victoria - Custom-built Martin 242 Road Trailer / Yard Dolly. It is a really well-built dual-axle road trailer, custom-built for Martin 242s.  Spec’d to take a 242 down to regattas in Marina Del Rey, but has spent a gentle life as a yard dolly at Royal Van Jericho.  Lengthwise trailer bunks plus two bow supports. To return to use on the road, it needs a second pair of wheels for the second axle, and some easy touch-ups to the tail lights and tongue coupler.

SOLD - Vancouver (listed March 12, 2021) on September 14: The ex-“Fleet One” trailer listed by Peter Grimm was sold to Mark Isaac. It was newly refurbished to its original road-worthy status, while also doubling as a yard dolly. Originally owned and operated by a group of little old ladies in the 1980’s & 1990’s who treated it gently, it has withstood the test of time and retains its charm and character:



SOLD - 7th boat of 2021 to change hands

On November 17th, Ray Parsons and Fabian Hope of Vancouver, BC, sold Scarlett (hull #57, listed May 15, 2021, for CDN$9,500) to Cedric Carter of Vancouver, BC.

With a red hull and excellent white underside, Scarlett will stay at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on a yard dolly. The boat measured in perfectly with 72 pounds of Corrector Weights and came with a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

Scarlett has an excellent North Americans race record as follows: 3rd 2015, 1st 1997, 3rd 1996, 2nd 1995, 2nd 1994, 1st 1993.


Scarlett came with:

Donated - 8th boat of 2021 to change hands

On November 17th, Cedric Carter of Vancouver, BC, donated Checkmate (hull #231, via a private transaction) to Dave Higgs of Vancouver, BC., who is also a prior multiple NA’s winner on ex-Panique, #149.

With a white hull, Checkmate needs some TLC in the keel attachment area, so Dave has agreed to take the boat on and make the necessary repairs. Checkmate will stay at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club on a yard dolly. The boat measured in perfectly and came with a 2016 Measurement Certificate.

SOLD - 9th boat of 2021 to change hands

On November 23rd, Brian Simmons and Theresa O’Brien of Quadra Island sold White Rabbit, Hull #91 (listed April 2, 2021 for CDN$7000) to Sheila Borman and Tom Bennett of Comox, BC, which makes it the 3rd 242 in Comox!

Tom raced on 242's for 6 years in the late 80's, and overall he and Sheila have sailed and raced for 40 years on the Coast. They've had power boats since 2009 but recently sold their 26’ Nordic Tug to go back to "the bright side" and keep everything simple, which will involve day sailing and maybe some racing!

With a white hull, White Rabbit was previously owned for many years by Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club and it was used extensively for club racing and casual day sailing.

The boat came with:

Recent structural upgrades included:

A Measurement Certificate was underway.

Welcome back to the Regional Fleet, Sheila and Tom, and enjoy your 242!


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2020 Boat Sales - Historical Info

SOLD - 1st boat of 2020 to change hands - Randle, WA, on February 29 (listed February 24, 2020): Earth Girls, built in 1987, Hull #193, was sold by Peter Gelinas to Mark Shelton, who is a new sailor from Gig Harbor, WA. The white-hulled boat was listed at US$5500 and came with a dual axle trailer with all-new bearings and seals. Sails were old, and consisted of one main, 3 headsails and 3 spinnakers. Mast and boom are bare polished aluminum. Enjoy your first 242, Mark!  


SOLD - 2nd boat of 2020 to change hands - Oak Bay, Victoria, on roughly March 7 (listed February 24, 2020): Kermit, Hull #1, was sold by Gerry Luco to Manfred Burandt of Pender Island Yacht Club (who used to own a 242 from 1983 to 1990), who plans on doing some club racing there and gunkholing around the Islands. He doesn’t plan on getting into serious racing. The green-hulled boat was listed at CDN$6490 and came with a race-ready UK tape drive main and jib in like-new condition; an ancient but fast spinnaker; one very good Dacron jib for casual races, 3 other mains and jibs for cruising or deliveries, and 2 spare spinnakers. Included an old but light 5hp Mariner outboard that was just serviced. Also available was a new 4hp Mercury OB that Manfred also bought. It had cushions for cruising, and most ropes were recently replaced. It has a fast keel (made before the mold warped), and VC17M hard bottom paint. It did not have a Measurement Certificate. Enjoy your second 242, Manfred!  


SOLD - 3rd boat of 2020 to change hands - Kits Yacht Club, Vancouver (listed March 21, 2020): Figarwe, #233, originally listed for CDN$7800. It was sold by Norm Tsui to Yury Levkovskiy on April 25 who will continue to race it out of Kits YC, where it was located on a yard dolly and dry sailed. Yury raced on Electra in 2019, so he is quite familiar with 242’s. Figarwe had: race sails, an older spare sail inventory, cushions and boards, Yamaha 4HP OB, and an electric trolling motor. Welcome to the Fleet, Yury, and enjoy your first 242!


Welcome back to the Regional Fleet - Ben Gartside - 4th boat of 2020 to change hands

On May 9, the 4th boat of 2020 changed hands. Jim Vallance of Nanaimo Yacht Club sold Marty (ex-Mongoose, listed September 3, 2019), #260, to Ben Gartside, who will race it out of Sidney North Saanich YC. Ben previously owned a 242 back in the 90's. The light grey-hulled boat was originally listed for CDN$11,000 and came with a good road trailer, yard stand, lots of good sails, new jib sock and mainsail cover, new VC Offshore bottom paint, a 4.5hp Yamaha outboard, lots of extras, and a 2018 Measurement Certificate. Welcome back to the Fleet, Ben, and enjoy your second 242!


Welcome back to the Regional Fleet - Dave Pritchard - 5th boat of 2020 to change hands

On approximately June 5, the 5th boat of 2020 changed hands. Sebastian Fritz of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club sold Ruckus (listed February 19, 2020), #229, to Dave Pritchard of Gibsons YC. Dave previously owned a 242 until a few years ago when he sold it to a buyer in Ladysmith. He plans on racing Ruckus at Gibsons YC and also participating in the 2021 NA's, among other Regional events. The black-hulled boat was originally listed for CDN$14,000 and had a long-boarded white Interlux epoxy bottom with black VC Offshore bottom paint for the keel & rudder tips, and the keel had been templated to the new Class standard. It also had new standing rigging in 2016 with calibrated turnbuckles and new running lines throughout, 2 spin poles, new main halyard, a Velocitek, and numerous other upgrades, plus a Measurement Certificate. Welcome back to the Fleet, Dave, and enjoy your second 242!


SOLD - 6th boat of 2020 to change hands - Around June 9, “Don” of Castlegar sold Frostration(?), #7 (listed around June 1, 2020), to an unnamed buyer, probably also from Castlegar, for around CDN$4,000. With a blue hull it was in fair condition and needed some TLC. The boat came with older but usable sails, and a new 5 hp Mercury Sail Pro 4 stroke engine with less than 10 hrs on it and a charging system. No trailer or Measurement Certificate. Is located at Scotties Marina north of Castlegar on Arrowhead lake.


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SOLD - 7th boat of 2020 to change hands - On July 1, Canada Day, the 7th boat of 2020 changed hands. Ian Fraser of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club sold GNT (listed January 13, 2018), #221, to Heather Sloat, who is putting together a women's team to race it out of Saltspring Island Sailing Club and to participate in the 2021 NA's at Nanaimo YC, among other Regional events. Heather has raced 242's before, both in the RVYC Match Racing Series back in 2011/12, as well as the Women's National Championships in Vancouver in 2006 or so. The white-hulled boat was listed for about CDN$12,500, and came with 3 suits of sails, including a brand-new, never-used, North main and jib. The boat was in near race-ready condition and had: a Clint Currie-applied epoxy bottom; VC Offshore bottom paint; a new Harken traveller; a Mercury 4hp long shaft outboard motor. No yard dolly or road trailer. The boat measured in almost perfectly and now has a 2016 Measurement Certificate. Welcome to the Fleet, Heather, and enjoy your first 242!


SOLD - 8th boat of 2020 to change hands - In late April or early May, the 8th boat of 2020 changed hands. Brian Fitzsimons of Edenton YC in North Carolina sold Cinder (listed August 2017), #135, to an unnamed fellow member at the Club. The grey-hulled boat was listed for US$3,995. The boat needed a Measurement Certificate.

SOLD - 9th boat of 2020 to change hands - On August 1st, the 9th boat of 2020 changed hands (8th in the Region). Chris Bligh sold Thunderstruck, Hull #101 (Sail #161, listed January 15, 2018) to Chris Chart of Nelson, BC. Chris has raced for many years in the Nelson area on various PHRF boats, and he plans on racing his new 242 out of the Kootenay Lake Sailing Association against Anne & Gary Armstrong (who own Coal Dust, #45) and other PHRF boats in the Kootenay Lake area. The green-hulled boat was listed for about CDN$9,500, and came with 2 suits of sails and a road trailer. The boat measured in almost perfectly and has a 2016 Measurement Certificate. Welcome to the Fleet, Chris, and enjoy your first 242! (below is a photo of Chris Chart in Kootenay Lake standing beside his new boat, #101)



Reactivated - Jumanji (#263) - and welcome to the Regional Fleet - Brenda Van Fossen and Andrew Liebmann

Jumanji (#263) has been re-activated recently in Vancouver by Brenda Van Fossen and Andrew Liebmann, who are chartering the boat from Colin Jackson, and they plan on racing it in the North Americans next year in Nanaimo. Brenda is a past keen Melges 24 racer out of Seattle who was also the Fleet Captain. She’s raced for many years in the Pacific Northwest and recently moved to Vancouver. Andrew is a very experienced PHRF racer who used to race on a 242 many years ago, so it’s good to see him back out racing regularly on Jumanji with Brenda. Attached below is a photo taken on September 2 with Andrew at the helm and Brenda on the bow in the green jacket. Enjoy Jumanji, Brenda and Andrew, and we look forward to your continuing progress in the Regional Fleet.

Reactivated - Bella Rena (#127) - and welcome back to the Regional Fleet - Tim Singh

Bella Rena (#127) has been re-activated recently in Vancouver by Tim Singh, who returned from 3 years out of town in the Okanagan and Florida managing the VegPro Fresh Attitude Salad operation. Tim says he's having a lot of fun and is enjoying the support of his fellow racers, and he plans on racing Bella Rena in the NA's next year in Nanaimo. Attached below is a photo taken on September 9 with Tim at the helm. Enjoy Bella Rena, Tim, and we look forward to your continuing progress in the Regional Fleet.

Moved - from Alberta to BC - Scrimshander (#34) - Lane Romano - 4th Martin 242 in the Kootenay Lake Region

Anne Armstrong reported recently that Lane Romano of Sylvan Lake has moved his boat "Scrimshander" (Hull #34) to his summer home on Kootenay Lake, about 4.5 hours by boat from Nelson. He dropped in on the Gray Creek Regatta in Crawford Bay on September 5&6 and won 3 of the races he took part in. Lane is very interested in racing in some of the additional Kootenay-area events.

SOLD - 10th boat of 2020 to change hands - On September 15, the 10th boat of 2020 changed hands (9th in the Pacific Northwest Region): Bruce Maxwell sold Hull #195(?), sail number 46522 (was the ex-Water Girl from Kits YC, listed October 29, 2019) to Julien Traverse of Port Moody, BC. Julien has raced a little and cruised a lot. He's logged some good hours on Martins in the past but looks forward to getting to know the Fleet better in the coming seasons. Several Fleet members assisted him with parts and suggestions so he could get the boat activated. With a grey, newly-painted hull, and after having just gone through an extensive restoration, it was in great condition and was listed at CDN$7500. It came with a full set of practice sails, but no trailer, motor, or Measurement Certificate. Welcome to the Fleet, Julien, and enjoy your first 242!


SOLD - Sidney (listed October 12, 2020) - M242 road trailer, ex-Marty from Nanaimo - was listed for CDN$2500 by Ben Gartside of Sidney and sold on November 1 to James Volkers from Comox.


SOLD - 11th boat of 2020 to change hands - On November 1st, the 11th boat of 2020 changed hands (10th in the Pacific Northwest Region): Ben Pliska of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club sold Dingo (ex-Blackadder 2.0), #2092, to James Volkers, who will race it out of Comox. James previously owned a 242 back in the 1990's and has competed in prior North Americans, and he plans to race Dingo in next year's NA's at Nanaimo. This is excellent news, as it continues a recent string of inactive boats getting sold or chartered to keen new owners.

With a light grey hull, it has an excellent race record, coming 2nd overall in the 2016 NA’s. The boat was completely faired and refurbished by Ken Holland to an NA’s race-ready, competitive standard, with epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint. It came with: two sets of sails; a 2016 Measurement Certificate (the boat measured in perfectly); a new full canvas boat cover; and also a new main halyard and jib lines. It did not come with a trailer or a yard dolly, but James subsequently bought a road trailer from Ben Gartside in Sidney.

The one little glitch was that the bottom of the hull hadn't been cleaned for over two years, per the attached photos, so James is wondering if everyone would let him start 30 seconds ahead of the Fleet in the 2021 NA’s to give him a fighting chance. It seems like a very reasonable request :)


Welcome back to the Fleet, James, and enjoy your second 242!

(p.s: he did get the hull somewhat cleaned at RVYC, per this 3rd photo, so perhaps a 10 second advance start in 2021 would be acceptable)

Lastly, here's a photo of James on the right and Ben on the left, just before Dingo left RVYC for Comox:


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SOLD - 12th boat of 2020 to change hands - On November 12th, the 12th boat of 2020 changed hands: John Chittley of Ashbridge’s Bay Yacht Club in Toronto, Ontario, sold Fast Lane Fever, #67, to Brent Hughes and Alexandra Cox, both members of Frenchman’s Bay YC in Pickering, Ontario, and Trident YC in Gananoque, Ontario. They trailered her home on Saturday November 14 for a winter fluff and buff in their winter warehouse in Pickering.

Brent and Alexandra have both been avid sailors and racers their entire lives, growing up sailing only 8nm apart on Lake Ontario, but not meeting until well into their 40’s!

Between them they have owned over 10 boats throughout their lives including a 1974 C&C 35 Mark 2, which Brent has owned for 17 seasons now.

The C&C35 is now kept and cruised out of Trident YC in Gananoque, but they’d been looking for a fast, fun and affordable pocket racer to keep them active during the week at Frenchman’s Bay Yacht Club. They’ve owned a Kirby 25, a J24, and a J27, among other boats, and both of them have sailed against Martin 242’s throughout their lives, so they were THRILLED to find Fast Lane for sale on Wednesday night (Nov 11), only 25 km from home!

In only 2 days the boat was seen, purchased, untarped, and emptied out of all gear. The trailer was serviced in the yard first thing Saturday morning (Nov 14) and FLF was moved to their business in Pickering and tucked away, all in less than 48 hours.

Brent and Alex are looking forward to getting their Fast Lane Family of three teenagers up to speed over the winter, reading up on as much M242 information as they can on the M242 PNW Regional website. Brent says “Launch Day can’t come soon enough” and he’s “looking forward to 2021!!!!”

The boat was listed for CDN$9,500, and with a grey hull it is in very good condition and needs a 2016-version Measurement Certificate. The entire deck was redone in 2013 along with new windows, and new cabin cushions were made in 2018. The boat came with:

Welcome to the Canadian Fleet, Brent & Alexandra, and enjoy your first 242!




SOLD - 13th boat of 2020 to change hands - On November 28th, the 13th boat of 2020 changed hands (11th in the Pacific Northwest Region - the same volume as 2019): Jenn Potter and Gordon Tulip of Royal Victoria Yacht Club sold Dark Horse, #157 (listed October 2, 2020), to Hawk Attew, 14, and family, who will sail it out of Cowichan Bay - exploring the nearby islands with the family and racing.

Hawk worked long hours over the past two summers with tremendous energy and focus with the goal of saving enough to buy his first 242.  He plans to build on the sailing skills he developed while learning to sail in Lake Ontario as a pre-teen. Hawk’s dad, Jason, previously raced on a 242 back in the late 90’s and looks forward to his son gaining the same experience he did. They plan on racing Dark Horse in next year's NA's at Nanaimo. This is excellent news, as it continues a recent string of inactive or semi-active boats getting sold or chartered to keen new owners.

With a dark blue hull, Dark Horse has an excellent NA's race record, coming 3rd overall in 2019, 2nd overall in 2007, and 3rd overall in 1993. The boat was listed for CDN$8,000 and was previously refurbished by Jason Rhodes and Matt Kirk-Buss in 2007 to an NA’s race-ready standard, with epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint.

It came with:

It did not come with a trailer or yard dolly.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Hawk and enjoy your first 242! (The photo below shows Hawk standing beside Dark Horse on the 28th.)


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2019 Boat Sales - Historical Info

SOLD - Nanaimo - January 7, 2019: Mongoose, Hull # 260, to Jim Vallance of Nanaimo. Enjoy your first M242, Jim!

SOLD - Orcas Island - January 15, 2019: Chaos, Hull #252, to Ian Wareham, a top racer from Westsound, Orcas Island, who purchased it from Carl & Marianne Lewis in mid-January. Enjoy your first 242, Ian!

SOLD - 3rd boat of the year - Vancouver - January 30, 2019: Crown Royale, Hull # 281 (sail #272), to Tim Murphy, who purchased it from Dave Bogart. Tim also purchased Dave’s suit of new North sails and boat cushions, so it was a clean sweep. Enjoy your newer 242, Tim, and sorry to see you leave the Fleet, Dave!


SOLD - 4th boat of the year - Vancouver - March 24, 2019: Electra, Hull #37, to Joseph Pratile, a dinghy racer who is keen to get into the M242 Class and will keep the boat at Kits Yacht Club. He’s looking for crew and a helmsperson to get his program going. Enjoy your first 242, Joseph!

SOLD - 5th boat of the year - Vancouver - April 29, 2019: Silver Bullet, Hull #87, to Jo-Ann Heinz, a Vancouver racer and Commodore of Tiddly Cove Yacht Club, who is keen to get into M242 racing and will keep the boat in False Creek. This makes it the 3rd M242 at TCYC. Enjoy your first 242, Jo-Ann!

DONATED - 6th boat of the year to change hands - Portland, Oregon - June 9, 2019: Wild Women, Hull #89, to “On Your Mark, Inc.”, a non-profit organization that was formed to encourage women in the Portland, Oregon area to get more involved in the sport of sailboat racing. The organization was set up recently by Edie Felix and Karen Anderson, who have accepted the donation of Wild Women from Marianne Thompson. Board members are serious racers and coach and train women who have some sailing experience and want to learn more about the skills involved.

SOLD - 7th boat of the year to change hands - Sidney, BC - July 4, 2019 (listed June 20, 2019): White Rabbit, Hull #91, to Brian Simmons and Theresa O’Brien from Quadra Island, BC, who plan on racing it in the next Port Angeles to Alaska race. Was listed at CDN$7,500 by Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club. It was used extensively for club racing and casual day sailing, and came with a roller furling jib, two suits of sails, a Mercury 3.5hp, 4-stroke outboard that had been recently serviced and tuned, and a heavy duty road trailer.


SOLD - 8th boat of the year to change hands - Vancouver, BC - August 19, 2019 (listed August 24, 2018): Hawk, Hull #141, to Rick Saunders from Nanaimo Yacht Club. Was listed at $5,000 including the yard dolly by MacSailing. It was a prior NA’s 2nd & 3rd place boat before being used for training purposes, and came with two sets of cruising sails; wooden settee and v-berth inserts; v-berth cushions; a 6hp outboard engine; and numerous upgrades to keep the boat fast. Boat condition was rated at ok-to-great. Go-fast items like the hull bottom, boat hardware and trailer were rated at good-to-great. Overall boat, interior, decks, mast/boom were rated as good. Sails, hull sides and pulpit were rated ok. The yard dolly and a motor are still for sale - see the General Wanted or For Sale section below.


SOLD - 9th boat of the year to change hands - Anacortes, Washington, on September 1, 2019 (listed July 14, 2019): Area 51, Hull #51, to Stephanie Campbell from Anacortes, a top Washington State PHRF racer who owns Wild Rumpus, a Santa Cruz 27. The boat was sold to her by Ken Machtley and Chris White, who donated the proceeds to Sail Orcas (youth sailing). The boat was listed at US$6,000 and was in race-ready condition. It came with a: UK tape drive mainsail; UK tape drive jib; UK spinnaker; and many new lines and fittings. All deck fittings and windows were recently rebedded, and a 2.5hp Honda four-stroke outboard was included. Enjoy your first 242, Steph!  


SOLD - 10th boat of the year to change hands - Victoria, BC, on June 28, 2019: White Noise, Hull #257, to Marri Todd from Victoria, a long-time Martin 242 crew who bought the boat from Kirk Westergaard, her skipper. Marri then immediately went on to race the boat in the 2019 North Americans at Orcas Island where she placed 4th overall out of the 27 boat fleet and won the Seriol Williams Trophy for “Most Improved”. Below are two photos of her getting an excellent start at the NA’s on Day 1 and then rounding the weather mark in or near the lead. Well done Marri, and enjoy your first 242! (p.s. Sorry about taking so long to publicize your new ownership status - better late than never :)


SOLD - 11th boat of the year to change hands - Everett, WA, on December 31, 2019: Way, Hull #159, from Allen in Everett to Gord & Michelle Galbraith from Victoria, who have raced 242’s in the past (placing 3rd at the 2010 NA’s in Port Browning) and recently owned a Melges 24. The boat was listed on September 13, 2019, for US$4,000. With a grey hull, it was in good condition, with a nice interior, boat canvas, 2 sets of sails (old Dacron and club racing UK tape drives), and a low hour 6hp Tohatsu with charging unit. It needed bottom paint and came with a new mast as of early 2000's. No trailer. It did not have a Measurement Certificate. Welcome back to the Fleet, Michele & Gord!


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Final Thoughts

If you made it this far down the Buy & Sell page and are still wondering what you should do with regard to buying a Martin 242 or not, this “simple” Decision Tree may help you make up your mind (to buy the boat…)

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