Quizzing w/ Google Forms Workshop

March 15, 2019

  1. Google Forms Quiz Features:
  1. Question types that can be graded...
  1. Automatically- multiple choice, dropdown, and checkbox
  2. By the teacher- Paragraph (long answer and constructed response)
  3. Half and Half - Short answer (depends what the question is)
  1. Response validation can be used to...
  1. Require a password before the quiz can be accessed.
    * teachers can change the password at any time
  2. Require specific answers or minimum answer lengths before the form can be submitted.
  1. Feedback
  1. Teachers can attached feedback for correct and incorrect answers, and links can be added for students to review needed materials.
  1. How can the form results be viewed?
  1. Built-In Response section
  1. Graphs→ Can view a summary of the class results or student individual results
  1. Spreadsheet
  1. If a separate form is created for each class, all of the answers can still appear in one spreadsheet as different tabs for each class.
  2. If all classes use the same form, the teacher can sort the results in the spreadsheet
    * make sure to ask the class period as a question!
  3. New Explore feature- Ask an analysis question about your data.
  4. Can hide columns to ensure anonymity if you project the student answers for the class.
  1. Settings Options
  1. Color Palette
  2. General
  1. Require @grsu14.org email to access the Form.
  2. Limit to 1 response.
  3. Allow respondents to edit after submission.
  4. Allow respondents to see summary charts and text responses.
  1. Presentation
  1. Show progress bar.
  2. Shuffle question order.
  3. Customize confirmation message.
  1. Quizzes
  1. Turn Quiz options on.
  2. Choose when to release grades (immediately or later through email).
  3. Choose if respondents can see missed questions, correct answers, and point values.
  1. Add-Ons
  1. Flubaroo- Can be used if you want to create more complex quizzes in Google Forms. http://www.controlaltachieve.com/2016/06/forms-quiz-vs-flubaroo.html 
  1. Only real big difference is when grading a range of mathematical answers
  1. Email Notification for Forms
  1. Teachers can choose to receive an email notification every time a student completes a form. (Not likely to be used for daily, all-class assignments)
  1. Automastery
  1. Instant differentiation
  2. Allows you to preset assignments that are automatically given to student depending on score
  1. Form Scheduler
  1. Set a time and date range quiz is open
  1. FormRecycler
  1. Use questions from other forms created