Max D. Paukner

Curriculum Vitae

[Modified for Website (12/27/18)]

Teaching and Research Work Experience

New York University GSAS

Manhattan, NY

No advisor until Spring 2019

(Sep. 2018 - Present)

As a MAcCracken PhD student in the Graduate School of Art and Science, I have conducted research in synthetic methodology and the utilization of polymers as nanoreactors.  My ultimate research goals are to affect the growth in the field of green chemistry as well as provide more sustainable methodology/catalysts for the manufacture of complex natural products, pharmaceuticals, and chemical feedstock.

Albert Einstein Medical College (Montefiore)

Bronx, NY

Advisor: Michael Brenowitz, PhD

(Dec. 2016 - Dec., 2017)

As a volunteer research assistant, I designed, conducted, and analyzed experiments which used dye (fluorescein in various protein buffers) fluorescence as a proxy for hydroxyl radical production.  This culminated in the successful oxidations and analysis (mass-spectrometry performed at NYU) of HRAS (1-166), NS1 monobody, and a RAS-bound NS1 complex.  The first stage of this work involved identifying the range of physical and chemical conditions that yielded reproducible, dose-dependent hydroxyl-radical production.  The second stage consisted of adjusting the base-method in order to maximize its precision.  I wrote a large part of the introduction, methods, and discussion sections of our paper; submitted to ASMS in 2018.  

In addition to these central goals, I assembled our sample manager and programmed it to perform protein oxidations.  I also designed (in part with a former colleague) and constructed a sample mixer which improved mixing of <20 µL samples.  This mixer was modified to be compatible with the sample manager.  

Purchase College, SUNY

Purchase, NY

Customer: Maryann McEnroe, PhD

(Aug. 2016 - Sep. 2017)

Electronically mapped and replicated a ~15 year-old dissolved-oxygen controller, which I sold to Dr. McEnroe, Purchase College, SUNY.  This device was intended for research on physiological responses to hypoxia.

Supervisors as lab T.A.: Dr. Monika Eckenberg, Dr. Joseph Skrivanek

(Jan. 2016 - May, 2017)

Teaching Assistant in organic chemistry II lab. at Purchase College, SUNY.  Duties included: Lab grading, student assistance in and outside class, emergency management, as well as performing FTIR and 1H NMR analyses for most experiments.

Supervisor in “Einstein’s Corner:” Shaina Dymond

 (January 2015 - December, 2016)

I was a tutor for the students that came to ‘Einstein’s Corner’ for help in the General chemistry and Organic Chemistry courses; as well as some physics and cell-biology.  This study/tutoring center is provided to students for free by Purchase College, State University of New York.  


Brewster, NY

Supervisors: Tom Bisogno & Rebecca Rabinowitz

(Jan. 2014 - Aug. 2018)

CPR & First Aid instructor (formerly assistant instructor), teaching class sizes from 1 to 60.  For very large classes, we have assistant instructors to help with observing and correcting student skills.


Thermo Fisher Scientific - Corporate Marketing Division

Waltham, MA

Supervisor: Keith Bisogno

(Mar. 2014 - Mar. 2017)

Scientific consultant for Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporate Marketing Division - Waltham, MA.  Wrote the e-book for rollout of new analytical apparatus at Pittcon 2014.  I mainly advised the production/editing teams on their choice of language and their descriptions of certain research/instruments at Pittcon (2014-2016).  I also arranged interviews with presenting researchers, for Pittcon 2015 & 2016.  

Formal Education

Purchase College, State University of New York

Purchase, NY

Degrees earned: B.Sc. in Biology & B.A. in Chemistry

(Sep. 2012 - May, 2016)

Undergraduate education with a 3.74 cumulative GPA.  For my Senior Research Project I designed and built an automated, modular environmental control chamber and used it to conduct botanical research into the fitness of A. thaliana.  The primary goal of this study was to prove the function of the chamber as an inexpensive, open-source alternative to costly/large environmental control systems for small and/or tightly-funded research projects.   In order to achieve this goal, I learned how to wire and debug sensors/actuators (solenoid valves, Peltier elements, motors, etc..) on the Arduino platform, as well as  solder printed circuit boards.  For the research project, I designed and planned the biological experiment under the mentorship of my advisor, Dr. Mark Jonas.  The measurement of the desired fitness proxies was accomplished by light microscopy with post-workup, measuring plant dimensions, and the quantification of chlorophylls A and B by their visible light absorption (May, 2015 - April, 2016).  

Key research methods courses:

  • Coral Reef Biology and Ecology (3850)
  • This was a three week bio-research expedition to Roatan, recording reef fish activity and ecology (senior level) under the instruction of Jan Factor, PhD at Purchase College.  I became proficient in balancing Scuba Diving with various surveying methods for ecological research (transect, quadrat, roving diver,...) (Winter Semester, 2013).
  • Cellular and Molecular Techniques (3670)
  • I became familiar with the preparation and execution of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), bacterial cell culture, and the isolation/purification/digestion of DNA from salmon kidneys and soil samples (Fall semester, 2014)
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy (4770)
  • Became proficient in sample preparation including notable SEM skills like critical point drying; sputter-coating; and the capture of SEM images of arthropods with sufficient framing and quality for published research (Fall Semester, 2014).
  • Independent study 
  • I surveyed a local, protected, bald eagle nesting spot.  This project was done solely to search for evidence of a disturbance in their nesting by proxy of eagle activity over the surrounding reservoir; notified the NY Department of Environmental Conservation (stationary sampling) of my lack of positive sightings.


  • 2016 Student Science Entrepreneurship Award, from the Westchester County Association and Purchase College, SUNY.  I received this for my Senior Research Project. Link
  • STEM Merit Scholarship for two years, with additional awards in 2016

            (Sep. 2015 - May, 2016)

  • Dean’s List (x7 semesters; 2012- 2016)

Manhattanville College

Purchase, NY

Degrees earned: NO DEGREE

(Sep. 2015 - Dec. 2015)

Enrolled through the cross-registration program between this school and Purchase, SUNY.  I enrolled in order to take intermediate inorganic chemistry + lab.  This course gave me a love for inorganic and organometallic catalysts.

Westchester Community College

Valhalla, NY

Degrees earned: NO DEGREE

(Jan. 2011 - May 2012)

Enrolled through the cross-registration program between this school and Brewster High School in order to access undergraduate-level courses, and earn college credit.

Active Certifications

Service, Leadership, and Community Engagement

Brewster Fire Department (Southeast Joint Fire District)

Brewster, NY

Supervisors: Kada Frische, Albert Jacobs

(Jul. 2013 - Present)

Member of Brewster Fire Department and EMS Crew Chief. Duties include: weekly check-outs, 72 hrs CE/yr, 500 hrs duty crew time/yr, as well as training new members.  Additionally, I designed and printed two wall-mounted tool racks, then installed them on our district ambulances with the permission of the commissioners, chief, and EMS captain.  The racks were designed to reduce time-expenditure and eliminate certain hazards of searching for tools during transit (Sep. 2017).  I also built, proposed, and implemented an online, automated, duty-crew schedule for EMS (Sep. 2016).


  • Received the Class A Life Saving Award from Putnam County Bureau of Emergency Services, Putnam EMS council, Fire Chiefs Association and Brewster Fire Department (Jul. 2012).

Putnam Bureau of Emergency Services

Carmel, NY

Supervisors: Tom Lannon, Meg Miller

(2009 - 2012)

Volunteer assistant to trainers in EMT, CFR, and BLS classes.  Duties included: setting up practical exams, cleaning, as well as organizing gear and books.

 Chemical Laboratory & Computational Skills


  • Proficient at acquiring and interpreting IR, UV-Vis, 1H NMR, fluorescence, polarimetry, data.  I can also comfortably interpret data from Mass-Spectrometry.
  • Proficient in fundamental laboratory skills including titration, pipetting, centrifugation, melting-point determination, TLC, column-chromatography, and liquid distillation [fractional/simple].  
  • Familiar with measuring enzymatic activity and running gel electrophoresis (agarose & polyacrylamide).


  • Comfortable designing in CAD for additive manufacturing.  
  • Proficient in Java, Processing, and Python, as well as being comfortable in HTML.  
  • Familiar with a a wide range of UNIX and Windows systems/distributions.  

Invited/Attended Symposia and Conferences


Honored guest at Health Tech ‘16 in Tarrytown, NY.  Invited as 2016 Student Science Entrepreneurship Award.

2014, 2015, 2016:

Attendee, then finally a speaker at “School of Natural and Social Sciences Annual Student Symposium”, Purchase College, SUNY.

Mar. 2015-  :


Exhibitor at “Pittcon Conference & Expo”, New Orleans, LA, then Atlanta, GA through a contracted employer: Thermo Scientific.