The schedule is Wednesday and/or Thursday and Saturday, every week except for the ones we have off. Do I need to make all of the classes?

This is a collaborative process. Without maximum participation, the program doesn’t work. 2 classes per week are mandatory: one weekday and Saturday. We will make exceptions when necessary.

Can I just participate in the design portion of the program?

Yes, that is an option! You can sign up for the program here.

Does my solution need to be tech-related?

Nope. We recognize that impact is not created using a single tool, rather, we need a whole array of product-based solutions to move the needle on some of our greatest issues. We recognize those solutions as the following:

During the program, you’ll identify a problem, deep-dive, and ideate a solution (hopefully with a well-rounded team). Once you’re there, we’ll do our best to help you to further solidify the idea and push it forward!

Is there “homework”?

Yes. You’ll spend 1-2 hours/week reading, watching, or discussing material on program-related topics or working on your projects.

Do I need anything to participate in this program?

I think the design field guide is super cool and important, but I don’t think I want to commit to designing a solution right now. Can I just be a part of creating the design field guide?

Yes! Everyone should be a part of shaping the way Hawaiʻi designs for the future! Sign up for that here.

What if I don’t have a computer or laptop or access to internet?

We can help you out :)

If I apply, will I automatically be accepted?

No, but we want to work with you. There are only 40 seats in the program available.

Can I apply if I previously participated in a Purple Prize competition?

In most cases, yes, but you must work on a new project originating from the Ka Maka ʻĪnana process.

Do I need a team? How will I find a team?

No, you can apply as an individual and pursue a project as an individual, but we will encourage the formation of teams. This will take place in January 2020.

Do I need an idea to enter into Ka Maka ʻĪnana?

No. An idea will emerge through a collaborative process.

Do I have to participate in Ka Maka ʻĪnana to have a chance at competing for the Purple Prize?

No, but it will improve your chances. The 2020 Purple Prize will only be available for eight teams. At least two will come from Ka Maka ʻĪnana. Others will come from a mixture of partner programs and outside applications.

Do I have to be on Oʻahu to participate?

For now, yes, but we are expanding. All Saturday workshops will be live streamed, so you can participate virtually. Email us about other ways you can get involved.

I have questions. Who do I contact?

Alec or Kelsey at alec@purplemaia.org or kelsey@purplemaia.org