CAP Rural Debt Centre

Kirsty Christmas (Youth and Community Worker)


This is our first APCM report for the CAP Rural Debt Centre.

In the past year we have gone from applying to set up a debt centre to being open and supporting clients on Journey to being debt free.

Spring/summer 2018 as a Church we were successful in apply for and receiving funding to support the running of year 1 of the debt centre. In Summer 2018 I completed training in Bradford to become the rural debt centre manager and I went on to train our team of 15 volunteer Befrienders.

We opened our doors in August 2018. Since then we have met with 12 ‘clients’ and we now have 11 active clients who are on their own journeys to become debt free. We are supporting our clients with practical support, delivering head office advice and emotional and spiritual support through myself and or befrienders.


Our challenges have included building a knowledge of our debt centre across our catchment area to build our client base. However, in recent months with a build up of knowledge a challenge has been keeping up with demand.

A further challenge that remains is ensuring we have enough befrienders based in the areas where we have most clients and managing our very large catchment areas.


We have had many highlights. The support from volunteers and members of the church has been amazing. To have a great, willing team is how the service can work.

It has been a real honour to be invited into client’s homes and trusted with their stories.

A further highlight is to see the utter relief on clients faces during visits when they see there is a way to help them though the debt issues and when we deliver budgets and there is an end in sight for the client and their family.

Please keep the Rural Debt Centre in your prayers and if you have any questions please speak to me or a member of the team.