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Mr. Oncay's Website Resources 22-23
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Language Arts


Links will be added as we reach new assignments.

Some links will be limited to CUSD students only (secure account).

Student Survey (complete this as soon as possible)

First day assignments ELA and Drama (you picked this up at school)

LA8: BTSN Extra info

1. LA greensheet (course description)

2. Free typing test page.

3. Proofreading #1.1

4. Proofreading #1.2

5. Vocab list #1

6. Vocab format and context clue help

7. Vocab list #2

8. "The Lie" active reading sheet

The Lie, full story.

9. Grammar #1 (parts of sentences)

Review lesson #1

10. Grammar #2 (nouns)

Review lesson #2

11. "The Apprentice" active reading sheet

The Apprentice, full story.

12. Narrative essay page (links and directions)

13. Grammar #3 Pronouns

Review lesson #3

14. Harrison Bergeron active reader

Harrison Bergeron full story

15. Grammar #4

introduction   |   worksheet

Review lesson Part 1   |   Part 2

16. Grammar #5

G#5: The review lesson

Drama: BTSN Extra info

1. Drama Greensheet (course description)

2. Sample script format

More links coming soon