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The Chimes—Staff Photographer Job Description
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THE CHIMES // Staff Photographer

Basic function and responsibility:  

A Chimes photographer is responsible for shooting assignments on a regular basis from the photo editors. This person is responsible for uploading some of his or her photos to the web. The ideal candidate is an experienced photographer with a strong work ethic and lots of creativity.


1. Ensure that all photographs used for the Chimes are of professional quality and reflect the professional standards of the news operation.

2. Work under the direction of the photo editor to make sure campus events are covered as needed.

3. Upload photos online for the photo editor to create into galleries.

4. If needed, be ready to cover breaking news events.

Supervision received: Chimes Photo Editor

Supervision of others: No direct supervision of others, although situations may call for guiding freelance photographers.


General:  Demonstrate working knowledge of photography and photography editing skills. Good interpersonal skills. Previous internships or jobs in photographer are a plus, and prior classes in photography are required.

Education and experiences: At the time of election or appointment, have completed at least one semester at Biola University with a full-time student status and currently be enrolled as a full-time student. Prior work or class experience in journalism is preferable. Prior work or class experience in photography is required.

This position receives a leadership scholarship. In order to retain their scholarship, the staff member must hold to expectations as outlined in a rubric.