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AccessDoc_Healthcare Majors: Dr. Chris Moreland, Physician (signbite)
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“Healthcare Majors: Dr. Chris Moreland, Physician - Signbite” video

Video Description:

A man with red blond hair and a short goatee beard, wearing slim rectangular glasses and a dark blue business shirt with a matching striped tie, sits beside a computer desk. The desk is otherwise neat and bare, apart from a couple of family photos. There are multiple framed diplomas on the wall. He begins to sign.


I had to decide whether or not I would disclose that I was Deaf during the application process. I had to put a lot of thought into my essay. From my resume or CV, it was pretty clear that I was Deaf. My research interests, and the community I was involved with, implied I was Deaf.

I decided to disclose that information, explaining that that means I am intrigued with communication and therefore look forward to working with patients. I tried to tie my Deaf identity with my career goals. I was nervous about that, but apparently it was a successful approach, as I was accepted for several interviews.

Video Description:

Chris disappears and a circle full of red squares and blue lines animate on screen. Text appears: Healthcare Majors. Do you disclose your disability when applying for school or work?

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