848 Policy – Parental Do’s & Don’ts on Camp Outs

Parents are highly encouraged to participate in the Troop’s Campouts.  It is important to spread this responsibility to watch over these young men amongst all our parents.  If you need equipment, the troop can most likely loan you whatever you need.  We also need parents to help out with cooking and cleaning the parent’s area as well as other typical campout needs.  Participating on these campouts or helping out as a volunteer in some other way sets a great example for your scout and also shows them that you are vested in the program. It also is an excellent way to see how the troop operates first hand and helps us with transportation needs so we can get all the scouts to and from the campouts.  

There is a deliberate segregation between the parents and the scouts during the campouts.  The scouts are expected to take care of themselves and follow the Patrol Method.  Parents are expected to treat other scouts the same way they treat their scouts.  For example, if you go and check on your son, it is expected that you will check on the other scouts as well.  This way there will be no perceived favoritism, avoids potential teasing opportunities, and encourages independence.  There are some exceptions to this when it comes to safety, medical needs, or special need scouts.  Disciplining of the scouts, if necessary, will be conducted by the SM or ASMs but ALL adults are expected to immediately address any perceived safety issues at any and all times.