Secular Prayer


Today, I decided to pray

          but not because I saw the light.

As a rational being I’m agnostic

          for two reasons:

We have no proof of life after death

          empirical or logical.

And suppose a higher order does exist,

          what makes us think we matter to it

      at all, except for our part in the art

of nature?

Good enough for the likes of us.

I’m praying now, decidedly me

          to keep this order as is,

          true evidence of a higher presence,

Little creatures of perfection, floral and fawning,

          massive Redwoods and great Blue whales

          who treat us well the way

            their mommas taught them.

Physic matter may not matter,

          but maybe it does.

No matter, I’m taking no chances

          I’m weighing in, I’m praying

          like there’s no tomorrow,

I’m weighing in with the weight

          of the spiritual that might be,

          with the hope that might matter.

To keep natural things

          the way they are,

          to right the balance.

I’m praying after all,

          every day now after all,    

          what else do we have to lose?