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Dear Students of Brookville High School,

Welcome to Brookville High School for the 2018-2019 school year!  I encourage you to take advantage of the many academic, social, and extra-curricular activities our school offers.  The staff at Brookville High School is committed to providing quality instruction, a supportive learning environment, and many opportunities to get involved.  In return, we ask that you maintain good attendance, strive for good grades, show proper behavior, and demonstrate respect for others, as well as for school spirit.

This handbook has been prepared as a guide for the day-to-day activities of our school.  Please share it with your parents and refer to it when there are questions about school policies and procedures.  If there are questions unanswered by this handbook, please ask a teacher, counselor, or administrator.  Our doors are always open to you.

I challenge each of you to set goals for yourself and to work hard to achieve those goals.  I further challenge you to work together with your fellow students to make this the best year ever for Brookville High School.

Best wishes for a successful year!  


Tom Cole




“Campbell County Schools will provide a world-class education that enables every student to choose and pursue any Post K12 endeavour.”




09             Open House   10:00 to 1 pm or 5:00 pm to 8 pm

10             Fall Sports Pictures

13             Orientation for 9th graders – 8:05 am to 11:05 pm

14             First Day of School

16             Into the Woods Auditions (3-5 BMS Forum)        


03             Labor Day-School Closed        

08             Underclassmen pictures

14             2 Hour Early Dismissal

18             Parent/Teacher Conferences – 3 to 6pm

21             Homecoming

26             Senior (formals) Portrait Make Up Pictures

28             Underclass School Picture

28-29        Into the Woods Jr (BMS students perform at BHS)


05 & 06     Much Ado About Nothing – BHS Theater

11             1st Quarter ends

12&15       Fall Break (school closed)

16             2nd Quarter begins

18             Jostens-Senior Graduation Assembly – 1:30/Auditorium

20             Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat  

24             Jostens-Graduation Orders (Girls) Lobby during Lunch

25             Jostens-Graduation Orders (Boys) Lobby during Lunch

25-28        Virginia Theatre Association Conference

31             Underclass Make Up Photos


03&10       VHSL One-Act Competition (Advanced Acting)

        (or 17)

06              Election Day-School Closed

09              Club Photo Day

16              2 hour early dismissal

16              Jostens Visit-Class Ring Balance Collection (during lunch)

17              Ring Dance       8:00 - 11:30

19              Jostens Visit-Class Ring Adjustment (during lunch)

19              Parent/Teacher Conferences – 3 to 6 pm

21-23        Thanksgiving Break-School Closed

27-28         Cats Auditions – BHS Theater


6-9             NYC Trip – BHS Theater

19              2nd Quarter Ends

20-31         Christmas Break-School Closed


01              Christmas Break (cont.)        

02              School opens (3rd Quarter begins)

12              Miss Brookville

18              Lee/Jackson Day - School Closed

21              MLK, Jr. Day - School Closed

26              Shakespeare Competition

31              Individual Event Showcase (BMS & BHS)


01-03         VA Thespian Conference at Radford University

12              Parent/Teacher Conferences 3 to 6 pm

09,16,23    Winter Kids Camp (9 am to 3 pm)

22-23         Dinner Theatre – BHS Theater


02               Aristocats Kids – BHS Theater

06               Cap/Gown Photos

13               3rd Quarter Ends

14               4th Quarter begins

15               2 hour early dismissal

18               Jostens-Honor Student Stole/Tassel Collection (during lunch)

25               Jostens-Sophomore Class Ring Assembly

25               Jostens-Graduation Delivery (lunch – Multipurpose Room)

27               Jostens-Class Ring Orders (Girls–during lunch)

27&28        Jostens-Graduation Delivery Make-Up Date

28               Jostens-Class Ring Orders (Boys–during lunch)

28               Jostens-Class Ring Orders (family night-after school until 6:15 pm)

28-31          Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats – BHS Theater


15-19         Spring Break

26               Brookville’s Got Talent    


03             International Thespian Society Induction


17             Night of One Acts/Cabaret – BHS Theater

18             Prom

21             Thespian Club Picnic

25             BAG Awards/Senior Night

27             Memorial Day-School Closed

29             Last Day of School – 4th Quarter Ends

31             Graduation

(PLEASE NOTE: Dates, policies, procedures, and/or guidelines may have been revised after the printing of this document)


Computer Use

Computer network labs have been provided in order to enrich the education of all students at Brookville High School.  The following procedures and regulations will apply to students wishing to use the lab:

  1. Students may not use the network labs unless under the direct supervision of a faculty member.
  2. Students are not allowed to install software or change any software already installed.
  3. Students are to access only those programs the teacher instructs the student to access.
  4. Students wishing to print out research information should limit the printing to only the specific information needed to document the research.
  5. Students found using the computer inappropriately may be banned from any computer use in the building.
  6. Students who intentionally cause damage to a computer will be charged the repair or replacement cost.
  7. Students who wish to access the Internet must have on file Campbell County’s Users Agreement for the Internet. This document gives parental permission for the student to use the Internet and a listing of rules for student use of the Internet.
  8. Students using school computers must log in using their locker number for the User Name and their locker combination for the password.  Students should never share this information with others as each student will be responsible for how the computer is used when they are logged in to the network.

Daily Announcements

Announcements will be made daily.  Announcements are also posted daily on the Campbell County/Brookville High School website.

Emergency/Evacuation Drill

Emergency/evacuation drills are held frequently throughout the year.  Escape routes are posted in each class and students are asked to leave the school building in a quick and orderly fashion. Once students have reached their designated area, they are to remain quiet and orderly, answer roll call, and stay with their classroom teacher or designee.  No one will re-enter the building until given a signal to do so.  Any student who is not in the classroom when the alarm sounds should exit through the nearest door and report to a classroom teacher their name and class assignment.  These drills are necessary in case of an emergency.


The fee structure for Brookville High School is arranged in two categories:

Required Fees - those fees required of students enrolled in the following classes:


Computer Applications

Computer Information Systems


Carpentry/Cabinet making

Physical Education

Voluntary Fees - those fees which are not connected with the classes being taken, such as Student ID cards, Parking pass, club dues, publications, class dues, senior and graduation fees, insurance.

Field Trips

Students participating in field trips are required to have permission forms signed by parent or guardian.

Indebtedness Policy

When students are indebted to the school in any way - lost books, library fines, etc. - they are not to receive report cards for work done, or be registered for or return to classes in the fall until these obligations are met.  Seniors may not walk at graduation if indebtedness is not paid.


Students are expected to keep their lockers clean, orderly, and locked.  The school reserves the right to inspect lockers at any time.  Lockers are not to be shared.

Messages and Deliveries

The office staff will notify students of messages via the intercom at the end of the school day.  We will not deliver messages to students during class as such deliveries create disruption.  We cannot guarantee deliveries of messages or items except in an emergency.  We do not accept deliveries of flowers, balloons, etc. for any occasion. We will not accept delivery of outside food items for individuals or groups of students.

School Resource Officer

A School Resource Officer has been placed in the school in an effort to create and maintain a safe environment for our students. The SRO has three roles within the school: 1) as a law enforcement officer whose primary purpose is the “keep the peace” so students can learn; 2) as a counselor who provides guidance to students and acts as a link to support services both inside and outside the school; and 3) as a teacher who shares his expertise in the classroom.

Student Drop Off/Pick-Up

Traffic at dismissal time is very congested.  We ask for everyone’s cooperation to ensure the safety of our students.  Please observe a 10-mph speed limit on school grounds.  Campbell County school buses always have the right-of-way on school grounds.  Students who arrive at school in a private vehicle must be dropped off in the faculty parking lot near the flagpole.  Students should not be dropped off prior to 7:30 a.m.  Students should be picked up in the faculty parking lot.  Drivers are asked to form a double line (one-way) and they are asked not to leave cars unattended in that area.  Students should be picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal.  Students who are waiting for rides must remain in the main lobby or on the sidewalk in front of school.

Student ID Cards

ID cards for all students will be provided on registration day for the cost of $30.  This ID card will provide security as an identification tool that can be used during the regular school day and extra-curricular activities.  In addition to improving security, the card will be used for the following purposes:

admission to ALL regular season home sporting events:

  1. an ID that is required when registering for SAT or ACT Exams,
  2. payment of class dues,
  3. PTSO membership,
  4. a student discount card for local businesses,
  5. opening an account at the Bee Branch,

Student Portraits and Photography

Each student will have the opportunity to have his or her picture taken by a professional photographer contracted by the school.  Students wishing to appear in the yearbook must have their pictures taken by the school's photographer.  There is no charge for the yearbook picture, but students and parents will receive order forms enabling them to purchase additional copies of photographs.  The school chooses photographers based on the quality and cost of the pictures they produce.  Students are not allowed to distribute literature on school grounds advertising portrait packages produced by any photographer other than the one who receives the school contract.  The sale of pictures is a fund raising activity for the school.


Students may use the telephone in the main office only after obtaining permission from the office staff. Students will not be allowed to use the office phone during class time except in emergencies.

Wireless Communication Devices (Cell Phones, PDA, iPOD, Pagers, etc.)

Please refer to the Parent Notifications document on page 5 regarding wireless communication devices.  This document was distributed to each student and parent and is located at under Parent Notification. The penalty for violating the wireless communication policy is as follows:

Inadvertent violation (i.e. phone rings by accident).  First offense – Warning, device confiscated, parent must pick up.  Second offense – One day ISS, device confiscated, parent must pick up.  Third offense- Two days ISS, device confiscated, parent must pick up.

Deliberate violation (i.e. student is using the device to text message, make a call, etc.).  First offense – One day ISS, device confiscated, parent must pick up.  Second offense- One day OSS, device confiscated, parent must pick up.


All visitors must report to the main office immediately upon arrival at school and should be properly dressed.  Visitors will be asked to wear a visitor’s badge for the duration of their visit.  Visitors will not be allowed to eat lunch with students.  Visitors will not be allowed to meet with students unless they have permission from the principal or his designee.  Visitors will not be allowed to “shadow” students during the school day.  



Please refer to the Campbell County Policy Manual at regarding compulsory attendance procedures.  Good attendance is essential for optimum academic performance.  We ask for parental cooperation in this matter.  Please consult the school calendar and arrange vacations, college visits, out-of-town visits, etc. when school is not in session.

Absences from School

A student who is absent from school is marked “unexcused” until parental contact has been made with the attendance clerk.  Contact must be in the form of a written note.  The contact must be made within two school days of the absence.  For all absences, student will be required to make up work after school.  Office staff will not be responsible for obtaining missed work for absent students.  Parents/Students are urged to use Parent Portal to contact teachers.

Excessive Absences

When a student has been absent for a total of TEN days (cumulative) for the school year, (this includes unx/exc absences, tardies to school and early dismissals from school) the school may require that a doctor’s note or a court subpoena be presented in order for the absence to be excused.  The principal (or designee) will notify the parent or guardian of any student who is considered to have “excessive” absences.  A student who is deemed to have excessive absences will not be granted an excused, pre-arranged absence unless the principal decides that there are unusual circumstances.  

Cutting Class

A student is considered to be cutting class if he or she is out of class without permission from the classroom teacher or the administration.  If a student cuts class, the absence will be unexcused.  Additionally, a student who cuts class will face disciplinary consequences.

Early Dismissals

Students shall not be permitted to leave school prior to dismissal at the request of or in the company of anyone other than a school employee or parent or guardian, unless express permission of the parent or guardian is first secured.

Students requesting an early dismissal must take a written request from their parents to the attendance clerk prior to 7:55 am.  Early dismissals will be excused for medical appointments or court subpoenas.  A student requesting an early dismissal for any other reason must follow the procedures listed for a pre-arranged absence. Students are not allowed to leave the school grounds after they arrive without permission from the principal or his designee.

Senior Release

Students who are granted permission for senior release must only be present at school during their assigned class times.   If a student with senior release is present during non-assigned class times, he/she must sign in and out through the office.

Any student who participates in the senior release program will be expected to maintain passing grades in all classes.   Any early release senior, who is failing a class needed for graduation, will be required to stay additional period(s) until the grade is passing.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students who are present for fewer than four full periods on a given day will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities on that day.  This policy applies to excused and unexcused absences.  Any exception to this policy must be approved by the principal or his designee.


Students who become ill during school must report to the school nurse.  If the nurse determines that the student should go home, a parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the student. If a student uses “other” means to contact a parent to come pick them up, instead of the school nurse, the absence/early dismissal is unexcused.

Make-up Policy

Students are expected to make up all work whether the absence is excused or unexcused for instructional purposes and completely in a timely manner.  Students are responsible for obtaining make-up assignments from their teachers and completing it in a timely fashion.

Pre-Arranged Absences

Requests for pre-arranged absences must be submitted in writing at least two school days prior to the first day of the absence.  A student’s attendance record will be a primary consideration in determining whether a pre-arranged absence is excused or unexcused.

Student Injury

If a student is injured, he/she should report the injury immediately to a staff member. In case of extreme emergency, the rescue squad will be contacted, but only through the office.

Tardiness to School and Class

A student will be considered tardy to class if he or she is not seated before the tardy bell sounds.  All students late to school must come to the office for a tardy slip.  Tardies will be excused for personal illness, illness or death in the family and pre-scheduled court appearances.  Excessive tardies to school may result in the student being required to present a doctor’s note for any illness.  Tardies due to dentist or doctor appointments will be excused only when a note from the professional is presented to the office.  Excessive unexcused tardies will be handled through the school's regular disciplinary program.  Please note: a student has two days to bring an excuse to school for the tardy.

Tardies to school will be disciplined according to the following:

   1.  First unexcused tardy - warning.

   2.  Second unexcused tardy – warning.

   3.  Third unexcused tardy – one day of Lunch Detention

   4.  Fourth unexcused tardy– lunch detention per each unexcused tardy

   5.  Ten (10) unexcused tardies to school may result in ISS. Every third tardy from that point may be ISS assigned.

  Tardies to class will be disciplined according to the following:

   1.  First unexcused tardy - warning.

   2.  Second unexcused tardy – warning.

   3.  Third unexcused tardy – one day of Lunch Detention

   4.  Fourth unexcused tardy – two days of Lunch Detention

   5.  Fifth unexcused and additional – may result in ISS

The school day begins at 8:05 and ends at 2:50.  Students SHOULD NOT arrive prior to 7:30 and MUST BE picked up no later than 3:00 (unless under the supervision of a coach or teacher).  BHS is not responsible for unsupervised students prior to 7:30 or after 2:50


Pupil Conduct

Please refer to the Campbell County Student Discipline Policy beginning on page A1 of the Appendix.  In addition to the policies, rules and regulations listed there, please observe the following rules:

Students guilty of the following are subject to punitive measures.

  1. Failure to abide by the Honor Code
  2. Failure to pick up trash in the cafeteria or designated eating areas.
  3. Leaving class without permission.
  4. Receiving unexcused tardies or being tardy excessively.
  5. Skipping school or classes.
  6. Sitting on floors inside the building.
  7. Inappropriate displays of affection. (Defined as any action beyond holding hands.)
  8. Use of electronic listening devices during the school day.
  9. Not dressing out for Physical Education and related fitness
  10. Other misconduct which the Principal determines may prejudice good order and discipline.

In-School Suspension: ISS

The In School Suspension program provides for the retention of students within the school during the normal school day.  Students assigned to ISS are closely supervised; they receive basic tutorial assistance, and are counseled in an effort to bring about a more positive attitude toward education.  The objectives of the program are as follows: (a) to assist the student in academic achievement, (b) to help the student meet the goals of the educational system, (c) to remove the disruptive student from a classroom setting, thereby enabling the remaining students to realize greater benefits from the educational system, and (d) to modify behavior and bring about a more positive attitude towards education.

The operational procedures for the ISS Program follow:

  1. Students will be assigned to the program only by the School Administration.
  2. Assignments to the ISS Program will be made in accordance with procedures outlined in the Campbell County Discipline Flow Chart.
  3. While in the program, students will work on appropriate class assignments submitted by the teacher for whom they are assigned as well as other assignments by other instructors.
  4. Students will use the restrooms and water fountains under the direct supervision of the teacher, and at times other than regular class changes and regular lunch periods.
  5. Students assigned to ISS will not be idle.
  6. Students will be assigned to ISS on an all day basis; however, special cases might be handled on a part-time basis.
  7. Students assigned to ISS will be isolated from the rest of the school.  Assignments to ISS are for punitive and corrective purposes.
  8. Students assigned to ISS are excluded from extra-curricular activities for that day.  This includes practice, games and clubs.

The following is the list of rules and regulations that students must follow during their assignment in ISS.  These rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.  All students assigned to the ISS Program are expected to abide by these guidelines at all times.

  1. Students may be assigned an extra day to ISS for any unexcused absence or tardiness to ISS or failure to complete assignments.  Time missed due to excused tardiness or early dismissal must be made up.
  2. Students must bring ALL books, papers, pens, pencils, calculators, etc. necessary to complete assignments.
  3. Students will be seated as soon as they arrive.
  4. Students will remain quiet and remain in their seats.
  5. Students will not be allowed to sleep or waste time while in ISS.
  6. Students will not be allowed to bring snacks, gum, or drinks into the ISS room.
  7. Students will be cooperative at all times.
  8. Students who receive a discipline referral from the ISS teacher may face Out of School Suspension.
  9. Students who have been in ISS two (2) times for any reason or combination of reasons, he/she may be suspended from school.
  10. Students who violate any of the above rules may be assigned additional days in ISS or out of school suspension.  However, Out of School Suspension will not negate the In School Suspension assignment.
  11. All assigned work must be completed in ISS.  Failure to complete work will result in extended time in ISS.

Student Hours

Students should not arrive at school before 7:30 a.m.

Students are to leave school grounds by 3:00 p.m. unless they are under the direct supervision of a member of the faculty or staff.  Students could face disciplinary action if they do not leave school grounds when directed.


No food or drink is to be taken into the auditorium.  Only persons authorized by the principal or designee shall work the lighting and sound systems.

Bulletin Board Use

Bulletin boards are located in the main halls, and in classrooms.  Notices are placed on these from time to time for the convenience of the student body.  Permission to use the bulletin boards must be obtained from the principal or a teacher.


Students may not carry book bags in the cafeteria serving lines. Students are expected to help keep the cafeteria clean by disposing of all trash properly. All food and drink are to be consumed in the cafeteria or outside in the designated lunch area.

Food and Drink

Food and drink shall not be taken into classrooms, the library, or any offices with the exception of water.


The two gymnasiums are on the terrace level, along with the offices of all coaches.  Street shoes should never be worn on the gym floors.  Students are not to be in the gym area without permission.

Locker Rooms

Valuables are to be secured in locker room lockers.  The school will not be responsible for stolen, lost or damaged items that were not secured in lockers.


  1. The library is open from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  Special arrangements can be made for usage after these hours.
  2. Student usage of the library office and phone is not allowed.
  3. Book check-out is for three (3) weeks.  If students are habitually late returning books, check-out privileges may be suspended.  Overdue materials are treated as an indebtedness to the school and grades may be withheld.
  4. Reference books or magazines cannot be checked out.
  5. Food and drink are not permitted in the library.
  6. Students are required to have a pass to use the library at all times except before school, after school/during lunch.
  7. Students are permitted to use audio visual materials with classroom teacher's permission; if removed from the library, the materials become the responsibility of the teacher.
  8. Excessive noise will not be permitted and can result in suspension of library privileges; disciplinary action may be taken.
  9. Students are encouraged to return magazines and reference books to their proper places; all other materials should be placed on the circulation desk after usage.

Dress Guidelines

Please refer to Campbell County Standards of Student Conduct #1 in the Campbell County Policy Manual on the Campbell County website under Parents & Students.  The wearing of clothes, jewelry, or other apparel or personal belongings that are likely to lead to disruption, advocate violence, alcohol or other drug use and/or distribution; that represent gang activity and/or membership; that advertise obscenities; or that reflect adversely on persons due to race, gender, creed, nation origin, physical emotional, or intellectual abilities; or that are considered to be revealing, promiscuous, provocative, or otherwise inappropriate (such as see-through shirts) is prohibited.  Additional guidelines are:

  1. Shoes must be worn at all times.  Items intended for indoor use only are not permitted (i.e., bedroom shoes)
  2. No pajamas or sleepwear of any kinds will be allowed at school

All clothing must be of sufficient length and coverage. The following items are not permitted.  References to “tops” also include dresses:

Tank tops, halter tops, mesh or sheer tops, bare midriff tops, racer back tank tops, or tops with shoulder

straps less than the width of an index card (three inches).

Tops cannot have necklines that are lower than a straight line from the top of one underarm across

to the opposite underarm.

 Pants worn low on the hips that reveal underwear or skin.

Clothing must cover all undergarments at all times.

Holes in pants cannot be above the knee.

Dresses, skirts, shorts, and skorts may not be shorter than the longest fingertip

(even when worn with tights and leggings).

No form fitting skirts (ie. tube)

             No see-through tops or pants

  1. Sunglasses, hats, hoods, or head coverings of any kind may not be worn in the building until 2:50 p.m.
  2. Wallet chains, chains for jewelry, or jewelry which could be considered dangerous are not allowed.

Students who are dressed inappropriately will be required to change into appropriate clothing the first time addressed.  Time missed from class to get/change clothes will be unexcused.  Any offenses thereafter may result in the student being assigned ISS for the remainder of the day.  

Student Parking

Seniors and Juniors will have first priority; Sophomores will be reviewed on an individual basis.  All students will be assigned a parking spot and will be required to park in that spot.

The following are regulations pertaining to student driving and parking:

1.          Student parking on Brookville High School property is by permit only. Students must present a valid driver’s license to obtain a permit.  Students must sign an “acknowledgement concerning use of student parking lots” form before purchasing a permit.  Parking permits must be displayed on the rear-view mirror with tag number visible from the front of the car.  The cost of the parking permit is $20.  Permits are not transferable.

2.          The school administration advises that cars remain locked with the windows up.  The school is not responsible for items stolen from cars.

3.          The speed limit on the school grounds is 10 mph.

4.          Sitting in parked cars is prohibited at all times.  When the car is parked, all students must leave the vehicle.

6.      Any student parking on school grounds without a parking permit may be subject to disciplinary action.  

7.          Any student who parks in the faculty and staff-designated lot will also be subject to disciplinary action.

8.          Any unauthorized vehicles are subject to towing.

9.          Students who lose or misplace a parking permit will be issued another permit for a fee of $10.

        10.          Students may not return to their vehicles during the school day, unless they have secured permission from an administrator.

11.         Violation of any traffic offense on school property may result in loss of driving privileges; length of term is at the discretion of a school administrator or designee.

Club Meetings

1.        The sponsor must be present at any official meeting of a class or club or any representative group of a class or a club in order for the plan to be official.

2.        All decisions made by clubs or classes must be approved by the sponsor before they become official.

3.        All major activities of clubs or classes must be approved by an administrator.

4.        The eligibility to participate in class activities will be determined by the grade level of the student.


Students are expected to exercise reasonable care in the use of textbooks.  Students will be charged for lost or damaged books.  Lost books should be reported immediately to the assistant principal in charge of textbooks.  Students may wish to keep a list of their book numbers to aid in searching for lost books.  All books which are found should be returned to the office.

Honor Code

Brookville High School’s honor code incorporates its core values of the pursuit of excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility, and honesty.  Brookville High School’s vision is to provide the best education and to empower students to become lifelong learners and productive members of society in the twenty-first century.  In order to create the best environment which enables all students to become productive members in today’s society, each student is responsible for conducting him or herself according to the honor code.


To deceive by trickery or to violate rules deliberately (The American College Dictionary 245).  Such acts include, but are not limited to:


To use and pass off (the ideas or writings of another) as one’s own (The American College Dictionary 1063).  Such acts include, but are not limited to:


Falsification is to state untruthfully or to make false by altering or adding to (The American College Dictionary 501-502).  Such acts include, but are not limited to:


To take (the property of another) without right or permission (The American College Dictionary 1352).  Such acts include, but are not limited to:

*It is the student’s responsibility to check with the teacher if there are any questions about violations of the Honor Code on an assignment.

      The following shall be the policy on honor infractions:
Any student found to have violated the Honor Code may be dismissed from the National Honor Society or found ineligible for induction to the Honor Society for the remainder of his/her high school career.

First Offense: (Applied on a yearly basis) Teacher conference with student, Referral to administration, Administration notifies parent, Two days ISS.
Second Offense: (Applied on a yearly basis) Teacher conference with student, Referral to administration, Administration notifies parent, Minimum one day suspension from school.


I pledge to uphold the core values of BHS.

I will not cheat, plagiarize, lie, or steal

and I will not enable others to do so.


(Reference CC Website for information)


(Refer to VHSL Website for Information)

Brookville High School Fight Song

For Brookville High I yell and yell and yell

And for the team I am so very proud!

And as for those who say we cannot win,

It goes to show how very, very wrong they are!

We’re gonna fight, fight, fight for victory,

Until our name goes down in history!

We’re gonna put those (oponent’s team name) out

of sight,

Yes, tonight!

Brookville High, FIGHT!

(sung to the tune of the Washington & Lee Swing)


Privilege - Not a Right

It is a privilege, not a right, to participate on an interscholastic team.  Therefore, this privilege can be revoked for improper conduct of a student at school or in the community.


To the Athlete:

Brookville High School provides the opportunity for students to participate on a wide variety of interscholastic teams.  The privilege of membership on those teams also brings corresponding responsibilities.  As a team member, you represent your community, your school, your teammates and yourself.


Brookville High School's philosophy of athletics is to offer a wide variety of competitive sports so that every student has an opportunity to participate in athletic contests within the framework of the Virginia High School League.  In offering this opportunity, we strive to instill in our youth both a competitive spirit and a spirit of good sportsmanship so that their participation in athletic contests bring honor to the athletes themselves, to their school, and to their community.

Hard work on the part of the athletes, coaches, staff, and community will be needed to maintain Brookville's great athletic tradition.

Athletic Procedures

1.  Participants must abide by all Virginia High School League, Campbell County School Board and Brookville High School policies.

2.  In order for a student to participate in practice or a game, he/she must follow the school's attendance policy.  In order for a student to participate in practice or a game, he/she must be present for at least 4 full periods unless excused by the Principal or his designee.

3.  Proper dress and grooming is stressed.  Each coach will instruct his squad on this point so they will reflect the best image possible.

4.  Students should keep all valuables locked in lockers or give valuables to their coach for safe-keeping.  Students are encouraged not to bring excessive cash or other valuables.

5.  There must not be any unsportsmanlike conduct on the field of play, going to and from a contest, or in school.

6.  All athletes are expected to be on time to school the day following participation in an event.

NOTE:  Individual coaches of squads may have additional training rules that will be given to the players at the beginning of the season.

Administration of Violations

The coach may suspend violators from practice, from games, or from the team, or take any other appropriate action he deems necessary.  However, a committee composed of the coach, athletic director and principal can be called on to determine the penalty or an appeal of the penalty.  The principal retains final judgment in these matters on the school level.

To Try Out for a Team

1.  You must have a fully completed VHSL Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Form for each new school year.  This must be completed after May 1, 2017 to be valid for the 2017-2018 school year. All parts of the VHSL form must be completed and signed: page 1 by the student, page 3 by the doctor, and the last page by the parent or guardian.  It is very important for the student and parent to carefully read the info on page 1. You must be a resident of the Brookville school district.  All tuition and transfer students need to meet individually with Mr. Kidd to determine eligibility.

2.  You must meet all requirements for eligibility listed in VHSL Handbook.

                  The link to VHSL is:

                Fall Sport                        Coach

                Varsity Football                        Jonathan Meeks

                JV Football                        Dwayne Brown

                Varsity Volleyball                Ashley Wilson

                JV Volleyball                        Hannah Moore

                Cross Country                        Cory Armes

                Golf                                Kendra Turner

                Marching Band                        Matt Farley

                Theater                                Megan Emanuel

                Winter Sport                        Coach

                Indoor Track                        McKinley Johnson

                Wrestling                        Warren Stewart

                Varsity Boys Basketball                Scott Jester

                JV Boys Basketball                Kory Lovitt

                Varsity Girls Basketball                Warner Dyke

                JV Girls Basketball                Rachel McCray

                Boys and Girls Swim Team        Lee Lewis

                ACE Team                        TBA

                Spring Sport                        Coach

                Varsity Baseball                        Chris Glaize

                JV Baseball                        Warner Dyke

                Varsity Softball                        Gary Ferguson

                JV Softball                        Josh Daniels

                Girls Tennis                        Kendra Turner

                Boys Tennis                        TBA

                Outdoor Track                        McKinley Johnson

                Varsity Boys Soccer                Scott Bradshaw

                JV Boys Soccer                        Shane Stickle

                Varsity Girls Soccer                 Natalie Deacon

                JV Girls Soccer                        Alissa Williams

                Forensics/Debate                Bobby Markey                        

All coaches can be contacted through Brookville High School (239-2636).


Bible Club:  The Bible Club is composed of students who are interested in Christian fellowship and are committed to serving others.

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA):  FBLA is the co-curricular vocational student organization sponsored by the Virginia Department of education and organized on the local, state, and national levels.  The BHS Chapter is for all students enrolled in secondary school business education courses.  The co-curricular activities fall into five major categories:  service, education, promotion, social, and fund raising.  FBLA provides an opportunity for students to develop certain essential skills as they prepare for business occupations.  Members learn how to engage in individual and chapter activities; how to hold office and direct the affairs of the chapter; how to compete honorably with their colleagues on the local, regional, state, and national levels.

Future Farmers of America (F.F.A.): The Future Farmers of America is a national organization of young men and women who are dedicated to agriculture as a way of life, whether living in the rural areas or in the suburbs.  Membership is limited to all students enrolled in the horticulture classes.

Key Club: The Key Club endeavors to promote good citizenship and qualified leadership. It sponsors service projects for the school and the community.

Marching Band:  The marching band is open to any student in grade 8 through 12 who has prior musical experience.    The purpose of this group is to develop and enhance both organizational and musical skills.  The students perform at football games, community events, and compete with other bands in various competitions.

National Honor Society:  The purpose of the National Honor Society is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students of the high schools of the nation.  To be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society, a student must have the following:


In order to retain membership, members must maintain the standards of character, service, leadership, and scholarship, which were the basis for their selection.  Failure to do so will result in suspended membership and membership privileges.

The students who meet the specified requirements are then chosen by the Faculty Council, which is appointed by the principal.  This selection is based upon character and leadership as well as scholarship and service.  Membership is an honor bestowed by the faculty.  It is not automatic because of grade-point average and students can not apply for membership.  The local chapter is governed by the NHS national constitution, which specifies that the chapter must be involved in at least one service project per year and individual members must participate in at least one additional project.  Meetings are held monthly.

An NHS member who transfers to Brookville High School and brings a letter from his former principal or chapter adviser shall be accepted automatically as a member at Brookville High School upon presentation of this letter to the advisers.

Members who resign or are dismissed for violation of any NHS policies are never again eligible for membership or its benefits.

Red Cross Club:  The Red Cross Club is an organization of students who believe in service for others (country, community, and school) who practice the philosophy of health in mind and body to fit them for greater service and for better human relations throughout the world.  Its purpose is to discover needs and provide services to lessen these needs, thereby developing good human relations.  Membership is open to all interested students.

S.C.A.:  The Student Cooperative Association is a service organization made up of the entire student body at Brookville High School.  Each year students elect representatives for them at association meetings.  The purpose of the SCA is to provide leadership and services for the students and to act as a liaison between students and administration.

Green Team:  The “Green Team” is entirely dedicated to making Brookville and the surrounding community eco-friendly.  It is a student driven organization that works with the community to identify environmental issues and find solutions.


The school counseling is located in the 300's corridor and is open to students throughout the school day.  In this office, students will find resource materials, directories, and counselors ready to assist them in self-understanding, as well as in setting and attaining personal, educational, and career goals.

In order to arrange a conference at a time which best suits his/her schedule, a student should make an appointment ahead of time.  Should it become necessary to see a counselor without having made an appointment, the student should report to the classroom to which he is assigned and get permission to go to the school counseling office.  It is the student's responsibility to inform the classroom or study hall teacher of his whereabouts.


Director of School Counseling        Traci Daniels                (S – Z last names)

                        School Counselor                        Amy Sawyer                (H – R last names)

                        School Counselor                        Chris Schenko                (A – G last names)

Transferring/Withdrawing From School

Students considering transferring or withdrawing from school should contact their school counselor.

Any indebtness must be settled prior to withdrawal.

Class Rank

Rank in class is computed at the end of the school year following final grades on the basis of all courses completed.                      

Grade point values are listed in the Policies, Rules, Regulations and Procedures document located at under Parents and Students.

School Code for Brookville High School: 471-285

Preliminary SAT I/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT)

          Scholarship programs)

The SAT I  - The Test Center Code is 47430

    mathematics (M 200-800) and critical reading (CR 200-800)

                             admission ticket through the mail or online if they registered online.

SAT II: Subject Tests

American College Testing (ACT) Assessment

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

affected by the language difference

Web Sites to Know

There are two web sites worth knowing well.  The official NCAA Web site:, which describes the organization itself, includes topical articles, statistics on NCAA teams, and an easy search, by sport and division, with links to college information.  But the site you will use the most is that of the NCAA Clearinghouse:  The clearinghouse is an organization affiliated with the NCAA that evaluates students’ academic records to determine if they are eligible to play in Division I or Division II colleges.  The web site houses the 36-page “College-Bound Student-Athlete Guide” (a PDF version may be printed from the web site, or paper copies may be ordered for a modest fee).  It is a good idea to print out this PDF annually, as NCAA regulations do change.  The guide includes the following:

Database of Approved Core Courses

See your counselor or coach for additional information.


A variety of scholarships are offered each year based on available funding.  Please check with the School Counseling department to see which specific scholarships will be available.


Brookville High School rewards academic achievement in the following ways:

Academic Awards Banquet - Juniors and seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 or above, at the end of the previous year, will be invited to attend the Academic Awards Banquet.

Academic Letter - an academic letter will be awarded to all students in grades 10 -12 who have obtained a grade point average of 3.75 or better for the previous year.  Those students who have qualified more than once will receive a bar to be placed on their academic letter.

Honor Roll - Students who make A's and B's on all course work are named to the honor roll for each six weeks.

Senior Awards Assembly

This event is scheduled for May or June of every school year and recognizes the scholarship, citizenship and leadership of selected seniors. It is an official commencement activity and the following awards are presented:

BHS Award of Excellence   

BHS Award of Improvement   

BHS Service Award   

BHS Best All-Around Male   

BHS Best All-Around Female   

Brookville High School Faculty Award   Brookville High School Faculty Citizenship Award   

Certificates of Perfect Attendance   

James River Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award   

Paul Brewer Scholar/Athlete Award