Mrs. Amirthavalli, Founder Trustee and the family members of the martyr, have established a Public Charitable Trust named " MAJOR SARAVANAN MEMORIAL TRUST " (Reg. No: 1593/2003/IV) in the memory of Major Saravanan, to Immortalize the name of the Great Martyr.

Aims of the Trust

1. Though the trust is meant for the welfare of the poor, indigent and needy to serve the society at large without any discrimination as to caste, colour and creed etc., the major object of the trust is to inspire the youngsters and imbibe in them qualities of selfless Sacrifice and Pure Patriotism and to motivate them to "JOIN THE INDIAN ARMY AND SERVE THE NATION".

2. To encourage and fire the patriotic fervor and spirit of nationalism in the hearts and minds of the youth to Join the Army and Serve the Nation with honor and dignity.

3. To uplift the students coming from the weaker economical sections of our society and to encourage them to pursue education as a vehicle of progress, hope and opportunity for a better quality of life.

4. To award scholarships for bright students in schools to serve as a motivation to excel with greater success and garnering Academic laurels.

Activities of the Trust

The members of Major Saravanan (Vir Chakra) Memorial Trust committed themselves to construct a War Memorial Cenotaph to honor the memory of Late Major M. Saravanan, Vir Chakra.

The War Memorial Cenotaph has been constructed in the heart of the city cantonment and stands as a remarkable landmark of the city.

The Construction expenses amounted to above Rs. 9.00 Lacs which has been contributed solely by Mrs. Amirthavalli and is being maintained by the Trust.