CodeDevils Constitution


We the members of CodeDevils, and subscribing to the regulations and policies of Arizona State University, establish this Constitution to govern the matters within our organization.



Article I - Name

Section 1                  The name of this organization shall be CodeDevils.

Section 2                  This organization has no affiliations with national or regional groups.



Article II - Purpose

Section 1                  The purpose of this organization shall be to provide ASU students with an organization designed to foster and encourage involvement in coding projects and competitions through an online, virtual setting. CodeDevils welcomes all students of ASU with different technological backgrounds to come together and share their knowledge in support of building, sharpening, and honing their software skills.



Article III - Membership

Section 1                  Membership is open to any ASU undergraduate or graduate student currently enrolled in at least one semester hour. In order to be considered a voting member, candidates must be registered with ASU on orgsync.  Membership shall not be denied to any student because of race, religion, gender, color, ancestry, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status, or any other present or future federally protected status.


Section 3                  Associate member status may be granted to alumni, staff, faculty, or community members through a majority vote of the officer committee. Associate members may attend any meeting they choose, but are not granted voting privileges.


Article IV - Officers

Section 1                  The officers of this organization shall consist of:  1 President, 1 Vice-President, 1 Secretary, 1 Events/Projects Coordinator, 1 Treasurer, 1 Webmaster.


Section 2                  The qualification to become an officer is a student in good academic standing with the University and the ability to attend meetings regularly. An officer who misses four consecutive meetings without a valid reason will be removed from office and a re-vote process will begin. An officer whose overall attendance drops below 70 percent without a valid reason will be removed from office.


Section 3                  Term of office shall be from the start of the fall semester until the end of the spring semester as outlined by the ASU calendar.


Section 4                  Provisions for removal of an officer shall be, a majority vote of recall and removal during a regularly scheduled meeting. An impeachment request must be issued by a majority vote of the officer committee or a majority consensus during a regularly scheduled meeting. The impeachment request must be announced at least a week in advance of the actual impeachment. The impeachment proceeding will give the officer in question an opportunity to defend his/her position before a vote is taken. A two-thirds majority is needed to remove an officer. A removed officer relinquishes his/her office, but remains a member of the organization.


Section 5                  Officer specific responsibilities.

Presidential Responsibilities: prepare meeting agendas, call officer committee meetings, sign all official paperwork related to CodeDevils, have the power, with the advice and consent of the officer committee to appoint chairpersons of all standing and ad hoc committees, act as a spokesperson for the organization.

Vice-President Responsibilities: assist the president as needed, carry out the duties of president in the absence of the president, automatically assume the powers and duties of president if the position becomes vacant for any reason, serve as coordinator of all standing and ad hoc committees, be an ex-officio member of all standing and ad hoc committees.

Secretary Responsibilities: keep a proper record of all activities of the club, keep the minutes of every meeting, take attendance at meetings, authenticate by his/her signature all records and documents of the organization, give 72 hour notice of all meetings, share meeting notes via social media and through electronic communication with members.

Project/Events Coordinator Responsibilities: plan and organize CodeDevils events and competitions, overall management of official projects, coordination of recruiting and outreach. A vote may be called to appoint one or more additional temporary Project Coordinator(s) depending on the project load of the club. The temporary position can be voted permanent through the amendment process in which regular elections will then apply.

Treasurer Responsibilities: As a member of Fulton Student Organizations (FSO), complete the  FSO Treasurers Training and remain eligible to submit financial paperwork to FSO. Keep

records of expenses up to date and maintain a copy of all proof of purchases. Fill out forms related to

expenses for the club and ensure we spend funds in a way that is compliant with FSO regulations.

Maintaining the financial accounts of CodeDevils, and ensuring we have enough funding for expenses. Manage additional funding outside of FSO including individual donations and corporate sponsorship of club activities

Webmaster Responsibilities: support and perform regular maintenance on the organization’s website and git repositories, ensure usability within expected standards, maintain an error-free and professional appearance of all web footprints.


Section6                   Duties outlined in section 5 may be appended if the current officer of the position is in agreement with additional responsibilities and requires a majority vote of the officer committee. Original responsibilities contained in section 5 may not be altered without a unanimous vote by the officer committee and only after an amendment to the constitution is proposed through Article VIII.


Article V - Elections

Section 1                  Election of officers shall be held during the last week of the spring semester for all officer positions and announced at the final meeting. An online form will be open for no less than one week to allow any member to run for any office. This form will be announced 3 weeks before the end of the semester in both the weekly meeting and emailed to all members. This form will include the description of each officer’s duties (Article IV Section 5).  If an officer is unopposed in their position, an election for that position will not be held. The election will be be open as a form that can be submitted and verifies the id of the submitter by their ASU email. It is the responsibility of the Secretary to maintain the form and protect the identity of respondents as well as verify the votes are cast by members with voting rights.


Section 2                  In the event an officer tenders resignation or is removed, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy. The special election shall occur within two weeks of the vacancy. The officer committee may elect a member to serve as an interim officer in the vacancy until after the election. If a vacancy occurs outside of a normal ASU Fall or Spring semester, the election will occur two weeks after the beginning of the next semester.


Section 3                  The procedures for voting shall be electronic ballot through a secure portal on the CodeDevils website. An elections committee will convene five weeks prior to election. All interested candidates must provide notice of intent to run for an officer position to the elections committee at least 72 hours prior to the beginning of the election week. All members who’ve attended the required amount of meetings to have voting privileges may vote during election week.  



Article VI - Meetings

Section 1                  Regular meetings of this organization shall be held weekly at the beginning of the week. All times will be given in MST (Arizona) time. The current scheduled time is 6:00 PM on Mondays. Any change to the regularly scheduled meeting will be announced at least 72 hours before the scheduled date and communicated through electronic means. The link to the video conferencing software used to access the meeting will be announced at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting.


Section 2                  Meetings shall be conducted by the officer committee with all available members present. The order of a meeting shall proceed with current reports from officers, discussion of old business, proposals for new business, open discussion, and closing. All votes will be cast via the chat window of the conferencing software to avoid confusion. A member of the officer committee will call on members who wish to speak. The chat window will be open during the duration of the meeting for open discussion concerning the current topic of the meeting. The club will observe Robert’s Rules during all meetings.


Section 3                  A quorum shall consist of 6 voting members present at any meeting with the stipulation that at least three members must be officers of the club.


Section 4                  A special meeting may be called if at least two officers deem a meeting necessary and 72 hours notice must be provided via electronic communication to all members. Any member may request a meeting through an officer, but two officers must agree a special meeting is necessary.


Section 5                  The officer committee may hold special closed sessions pertaining to club activities and where special votes are required, however, meeting notes must be made public to the members in any meeting where a special vote in accordance with the constitution is held.  


Section 6                  During holiday breaks and the summer semester as defined in the ASU calendar no regularly scheduled meetings will be held, but the club reserves the right to hold meetings as agreed upon by available members. Regular quorum rules apply to all business conducted in these meetings.

Section 7        All club meetings conducted via  audio and/or video conferencing software are considered public interaction among the participants. By showing up, members are giving permission to record the meeting and make the recordings available to other members of the CodeDevils, prospective members of the CodeDevils, and staff of ASU via CodeDevils YouTube channel as an unlisted video that can only be accessed with the direct link. The video recording software will enable the participants to disable their camera and/or microphone for privacy reasons, though their name and/or username may be known.



Article VII - Advisors

Section 1                  There shall be at least one faculty/staff advisors who shall be members ex-officio with no voting privileges. CodeDevils may have more than one member of faculty/staff as an advisor with a limit of three.

Section 2                  Faculty/Staff advisors must be willing to participate in the club and be voted on by a majority during a regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 3                  Advisors should give direction and guidance in preparation for competitions and in selection and execution of CodeDevils sanctioned projects. Advisors should attend any meetings which fit into their schedule and be a positive influence on achieving the purpose of the club.

Section 4                  Advisors are to investigate any violation of Article X according to the guidelines set within.



Article VIII - Amendments

Section 1                  The constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote with the exception of the CodeDevils purpose in Article II which may only be amended by a unanimous vote. Amendments must be proposed during a scheduled meeting and voted on during the next scheduled meeting where a quorum is present.


Article IX - Group Projects

Section 1                  Group projects must be well thought out and documented. Proposals should be communicated to CodeDevils’ members and discussed openly. In order to be an official CodeDevils project a proposal must be made during a regularly scheduled meeting and voted on by a majority. The proposal must outline a clear plan and have a recommended project leader, who is willing to carry the responsibility for managing the project as well as two other club members willing to participate. An official project must be open to all members and be accessible via the CodeDevils official repository with the caveat the project leader may limit the amount of contributing members based off the need of the project.

Detailed instructions on how to propose a project is provided in the “CodeDevils Guideline for New Projects” (The “Guidelines Document”) document. This is a living document and changes may be made by a majority vote by the officers. Any changes made must be detailed in the version history at the bottom of the document. Any changes made to the Guidelines Document must be  announced to inform members of the change via electronic means. Projects that are approved through the proposal phase are locked into the rules of the current version of The Guidelines. Only if a project becomes inactive as defined in the Guidelines any new changes in the Guidelines take effect on that project if it becomes active again.


Section 2                  The nature of CodeDevils’ is for members to hone their coding skills, therefore each project should make every effort to ensure their code is original. Any use of existing code should be documented according to the stipulations of the code’s author and follow standard software practices. The CodeDevils MIT license must be included in all club projects.


Section 3                  Club projects should not be shared, sold, copied or used for personal gain without written permission from the project leader and two club officers with at least one being the club president or vice-president. Violation of this clause is justification for expulsion from the club.


Article X - Code of Conduct

Section 1                  CodeDevils’ members are expected to uphold all aspects listed in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures, Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications policy, and conduct outlined by the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities. Any violation of the aforementioned rules may result in expulsion from the club based on the recommendation of the club’s Faculty/Staff Advisor. Any official ASU sanctions for violations regarding ASU Academic Integrity Policy will result in immediate expulsion from the club.


Section 2                   Any member found using club resources in violation of the ASU Academic Integrity Policy will be brought before the officer committee. If sufficient evidence exist and is agreed upon by a majority of the officer committee, the member’s violation will be communicated to the club’s faculty/staff advisor and the member will be expelled from the club. Any officer suspected of a violation will be brought before the remaining officer committee with the Faculty/Staff Advisor present.


Section 3                   It is expressly forbidden for members to share any information pertaining to current or previous classes with another member to include, but not limited to, previous assignments, homework, test, and quizzes without the expressed consent of the CodeDevils Faculty/Staff advisor who will liaison with any necessary Faculty members.


Article XI - Communication

Section 1                  CodeDevils utilizes the messaging platform “Slack” for communication among members. To access the CodeDevils Slack, members must use their ASU email to create an account at “”.

Section 2        “Communications via electronic means” is defined as either an email to members or a post in the Announcements channel in the CodeDevils Slack.








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