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The Learning Forward India welcomes you to be part of second My Good School Conclave. Last April, Schools had started a journey of change, and this year we plan to celebrate the journey of My Good School.

Date: 27th April 2019 in Bali,

Venue: adjacent to The Fabindia School, Bali

P.O. Box 1, Bali, District Pali, Rajasthan 306701, India 

Phone: (+91-2938) 222168


My Good School Program aims to spotlight empathy and emotional intelligence to help schools deliver a more enriching and significant learning experience. The Happiness curriculum prepared by Mr Sandeep Dutt talks about creating Happy Children, Happy Teachers and a Happy School. Learning Forward India is an affiliate of Learning Forward and works for delivering excellent teaching and learning every day.

There is currently a growing movement in progressive schools around the world on developing soft-skills of students alongside digital abilities to deliver a more enriched and empowering learning experience. We’re delighted to have been able to gather experts to share insights and practical tips on how this can be achieved in classrooms across the country.

Learning Forward, Bali Chapter 2019:  Schools of the Future will focus on ‘Happiness curriculum’. 


What we plan to discuss and share, to launch Happy Schools!

  1. My Good School Program
  2. An Exhibition of My Good School
  3. Learning Outcomes
  4. Journey Ahead
  5. Special Guest: Lakshya Dutta from Launchora

Expenses towards the Conclave:


Please reach out to me or to Ajay by email or phone +918619408661for any queries regarding participating in My Good School Conclave 2019: Happy Schools!


Rajeshree Shihag


The Fabindia School, Bali

Mobile: +91 7300085842

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