Putting the ”N” in News

  June, 2018

Outside, Looking ‘N’

By Mouse

Spring is in the air all over the Realms and people are coming out of their homes to enjoy the sunshine. Orcs like Mogar are preparing for tusking season while farmers are planting their crops and preparing to grow. Over in Neden warm weather means fun outdoor shenanigans are about to take place, but it also means that it’s time for Cornhole.

Cornhole is both a game of skill and luck, in which competing players take turns tossing bean bags at a slanted wooden platform with a hole in the far end. If you get the beanbag through the hole you typically get three points. If you only get the beanbag to land on the board then you get a mere one point. The goal is to make it to 21 or exceed 21 points. Numbers aren’t exact and can be adjusted depending on who you’re playing with and what the house rules are.

The Neden Boys told me that Cornhole is most assuredly the national sport of Neden, but when I asked who their reigning champion was I didn’t realize the trouble that I had started. Duke Syruss claimed that it was he who held this title, and that “everyone else has no proof and is a liar.”

Well, Secretary of the Press Dresden O’Leary certainly didn’t like being called a liar. He accused Duke Syruss of slander and challenged him to a Cornhole tournament to prove once and for all who was going be declared the real Cornhole champion.

They played for hours out in the hot sun; throwing, tossing, and retrieving. Things were getting heated and the match was close. Duke Syruss took an early lead, but Dresden’s practice with lightning throwing skills weren’t to be underestimated. He was a contender! It was down to the wire, the final three points, when suddenly the game was interrupted.

Priest Z and Xabi came out of nowhere and returned the beanbags to the All in the name of the Dark One. The game was over and nobody had won. Frustrated, Dresden and Duke Syruss shared a drink and put aside their differences. Perhaps a rematch could be scheduled for the upcoming Neden barbeque. If you want to know how this epic throw down will end, or if you want to challenge the Champion yourself…maybe you should show up too!

Happy travels!


I Can't Even



Can you guys even believe that it's been 7 months since last I told you how ridiculous you all look, smell, speak, and plate things? Haven't you missed my unsolicited life advice? Are you worried that you are walking around like an uncouth pleb with no one to publicly mention it at the worst possible time? Making something completely unpalatable for dinner and you're worried no one will notice mismatched silverware and improperly placed glassware? Or maybe you're just not sure exactly how awful that new hairstyle makes you look?


Well, my lovely acquaintances, never fear for I have returned from my hiatus to once again provide you with all of the services listed above, as well as new and exciting ones that I haven't even thought of yet. Running a business and writing a weekly article was eating up a lot of time and I needed to take a few months to focus on myself, which I am sure you can all imagine was quite difficult for such a selfless helper such as I. But, alas, I was able to lounge about and do quite a lot of nothing, and my dear reader, that eventually gets quite boring. I once again began to feel the desire to right the wrongs of the fashion and etiquette world, and what better place to do that than in this lovely publication that bears the name of an incredibly annoying instrument that you wish would just stop making noise?


So pass the salt shaker (that perfectly matches the pepper shaker, of course) and keep on eye on your local newsstand, because I'm back, dearies.


See you next month.

Pathing the Pathless

By jean Baptise

Pathing the pathless. Magic in our freeform system 1

Welcome to the brave new world folks. Gone is necromancers and sorcerers and abjurers now you just have the spells and can pick whatever you want.

Now rather than playing to type there is a utilitarianism to our spells. You can pick any spell that is worth having to you, it is up to you to make it fit your character.

This is both freeing and very confusing since if you want to play a wizard you don’t have that much to start with.

But don’t worry folks, uncle Baptise is here to help.

This series hopes to expand on several different builds, all with different roles to use and the various ways these builds can be justified by whatever character you are playing. A champion, for instance, would be a hard hitting one path using enchant armor and resist magic to strengthen how long they last but with a simple rebranding they can be a pitiless death knight reviving from death time and time again to wage war. Remember there are infinite why's and how’s but very few what’s (Except magic items but its very situational to build a character around a magic item, not worth writing about)

First however we are going to codify the spellbook itself, that way it’ll be easier to understand what kinda pathway you can go already.

There are 3 types of spells Support, Skills, and Splashes

Support are skills that primarily influence other players, often used to prolong the survivability of a group.

Skills are things that influence the player, often hostile skills or regeneration, these are good for self sufficiency

Splashes are big spells that affect a event, things like abjuration and seer spells that can change the pace of a game or fast pace a quest. These are situational skills and I’d personally keep 1 or 2 but never more than 4.

Support: Cure Disease, Fighter’s Intuition, Repair Armor, Strange Brew,  Alchemy, Heal limb, Repair Item, Beckon Corpse, Enchant Weapon, Raise Dead, Group Healing,  Cantrip Combat Raise Dead, Masterwork Hammer, Seed of Life

Skills: Ghost Blade, Heartiness, Immunity to Poison, Implement, Light, Pas, Protect Item, Protection from Boulder, Aura of Protection, Death Watch, Deep Pockets, Protection from Missile, Ward: undead, Animate Lesser Undead, Disease Weapon, Feign Death, Protect the Soul, Purity to Disease, Purity to Poison, Skew Divination, Soul Bane, Animal Companion, Animate Undead, Armored Cloak, Circle of Protection, Create Poison, Enchant Armor, Magic Missile, Transmute Self, Animate Undead General, Armor Piercing Weapon, Familiar, Regenerate the scalp, Regeneration,  Resist magic, Ward enchanted Being, Assassin Blade, Embrace Death, Lightning Bolt, Resist Death, Second Chance, Transformation

Splash: Detect Magic, Disrupt Light, Identify, Speak, Speak with Dead, Zombie Walk, Guidance, Commune with Spirit, Disenchant, Enfeeble Being, Fortune Tell, Precognition, Call the Soul, Deathwish, Disrupt, Divine Aid, Find the Path, Foretell, Mystic Forge, Séance, Shapeshifting, Circle of Healing, Reforge, Vision, Cry of Life, Intervention, Prophecy, Ritual of Banishment

As you see magic is very heavily on what helps YOU with supporting others taking a backseat even to the splash spells. Some of the support spells even do double duty as skill spells as well, so if you are a caster you aren’t going to want for your own self importance.

I’d advise that for a caster interested in supporting their nation to use a 7 2 1 split. So for a one path 4 spells in support (often repeats like alchemy), and one skill spell to just keep you safe like armored cloak. For a two path however you will only add 7 spells in support instead of 8, leaving one splash spell for good luck, you'd be surprised how handy guidance.

For seers and more proactive casters like sorcerers/assassins I’d swap the ratios accordingly. Whats important is that, unless you are mostly in it for feasts and your duke has to drag you screaming and crying to the battlefield (Me) you need to make sure you have more then one trick in your belt. You don’t want to be in a situation where you go “Well I’m a 3 path and Im out of spells, I guess I’ll just watch everyone play”. At least you don’t want to be there without a camping chair and some popcorn.

From the Lord's Desk


Lord Syruss O’Leary

*Opens door* A screaking can be heard as if the door was not oiled for some

time. A Large than life figure walks over to the desk and plays with the chair.

*Squeaking sounds can be heard from the wheels of the chair**

What does everything squeak here?

O Hey, I almost didn't see you there...In my office...How long have you been here? Did Nymbous usually let strange people in his office?

Anywho, loyal readers, this is my first ‘From the Lords Desk’ and man do I have some tough shoes to fill, seriously Nymbous was like a size 11.5 right shoe and 14 left, that is not an easy pair to find. But I shall endeavor to do my best.

A lot is happening in Neden least of which is our Good Lord and Leader has stepped down and passed off the reigns to none other than your favorite detective and all around good guy....ME SYRUSS...Well Lord Syruss now need to get used to that.

So what does that mean? In a nutshell for you, our loyal readers and event attenders, (that's a word don't look it up) not much will change.

For awhile Nymbous and I have been a team now it just looks like I will be shouldering more of the workload as it were.

Neden will continue to be there at least four times a year with fun adventures and new games and challenges for you to try.

We will continue to have a fantastic end of the year feast with award-winning cranberry sauce. We will still provide a traveling Carnival and Casino as well as now a Traveling Horse Race competition.

We will still be putting out issues of the Kazoo and MisAdventures of the Neden Boys  

We will certainly still be around having fun, causing shenanigans and helping out whenever we can and are able.

So please continue to support all our endeavors and we will continue to try and provide the Realms as a whole fun, merriment, and friendship.

If you have any questions about Neden or any of my boys please feel free to visit one of me and Naj's scrying circles to look in on us  ( not after 9 on Thursday if you know what’s good for you. Or you can reach out to me personally.

See you all on the field

Lord Sir Syruss O'Leary