Service and Submission application for MDSF

I enjoy meeting new pets, slaves, and subs locally and or abroad. If you want to serve Me, follow directions and your kinky dreams will come true...

  1. Subjects name / Nickname (twitter, kik, what app)
  2. Age:
  3. Where do you reside?
  4. Which city are you to apply for your training?
  5. Relationship Status:
  6. Subject Monthly income:
  7. Email address:
  8. Phone Number to be reached for text:
  9. What is the subject monthly cost of expenses (rent, grocery etc.)?
  10. What is your disposable income?
  11. What are your Fetishes, Kinks and submission interests?
  12. Your Soft limits:
  13. Your hard limits:
  14. Are you seeking a session while you or Myself are in town?  Local or abroad part time, full time, day to day or lifetime service & submission?
  15. Which services are you interested in? Just daily, weekend, monthly fetish and kink training or be My (My weekly nail shop pet, weekly 420/ cigarette smoking pet, My Amazon gift gimp (gift me an item from My list every pay period) I love gifts.

*Follow directions by filling this out and emailing it back to Me for consideration. . Once under consideration negotiations of your placement will determine by your tribute abilities.

All Tuition must be sent to Cash App: $MDeSade

 or Circle Pay: 

Once application, tuition and your name/ nickname of chat you desire to use

(kik, what app, twitter etc.) are sent. I can send you a message to negotiate what day and time to have our meet, training and the kink begin.